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What's new: Friday, December 19th, 2014

Yuneec Q500 Typhoon RTF CGO2-GB CameraHave you been looking for a serious camera equipped quadcopter? If so the folks over at Horizon Hobby have announced they are stocking the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon with CG-02 Camera. The Yuneec is loaded with features for those people that take their quadcopter flying seriously.

* Easy to shoot high quality video and stills
* Shoots 1080P video and 12 megapixel still photos
* Self stabilizing, brushless motor equipped 3 axis gimbal
* ST10 2.4GHz transmitter/personal ground station w/ telemetry
* 5.8GHz digital video downlink for FPV flying
* Prop diameter- 13″
* Width w/o blades- 16.5″

The part number is #YUNQ500RTFUS, the street price is $1,299, and these should start shipping to local hobby shops next week. To get more details check out This Link over on the Horizon Hobby website.

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Every week we feature a different shop that sends in a photo with the Big Squid RC Monthly in it. This one comes from Hobby Express in Pennsylvania! This looks like the place to go for Axial vehicles for sure! Thanks for sending in the picture!

We have recently updated the Monthly page with more hobby shops! Click over to the Big Squid Monthly Page to find a shop near you! We are updating this page constantly. If you do not see your shop on the list, make sure to let them know they need to carry it!

Killerbody RC Marauder Crawler BodyNew for all you scale/trail/crawling fanatics is the Killerbody RC Marauder. Inspired by the Land Rover Defender, the Marauder brings serious amounts of scale realism to the crawling world. To help toughen up the polycarbonate body, Killerbody designers came up with an innovative plastic reinforcement plate and the body was designed to be a great fit on the Axial SCX10. There will be a ton of scale accessories so you can make it look exactly the way you like, many of them are shown in the pictures but don’t come with the stand-alone body.

We have not received any word on pricing or when the Marauder will hit the streets, but you can hit up the official Killerbody RC Website to check out all of their other products.

You can find more Killerbody RC news at This Link on BigSquidRC.

Rogue Element Components 1.9 alloy wheelsIf you are looking for some very trick (and very limited edition) wheels for your next build, the guys over at Rogue Element Components have some good news for you. The REC crew has announced they are doing a small run of 1.9″ Super Scale aluminum wheels. These are designed to fit most any 1.9″ tires and are being produced in 8 slot, 10 hole, and solid designs.

* Machined from 6061-T6 billet
* 12mm hexes
* Zero offset with 1.9″ bead
* 20 degree angle on faces
* Separate self-centered face-plates
* SS Acorn-head bolts
* Engraved axle nuts

These are priced around $109 per set, they are shipping at the end of January, and you can hit up This Link to visit the official REC website.

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Pro-Line Prime Buggy TiresThe new Prime slick tires from Pro-Line Racing can be good for the track or for bashing. At high-bite tracks they can save the time it takes to prepare/grind down a normal set of tires, while for bashing they can give you great traction with very little wear when driving on pavement or other hard surfaces. The Primes come with long lasting closed cell inserts and are available in a wide variety of tire compounds and sizes to fit virtually any 1/10th scale buggy.

The Primes are priced around $20 per pair and Right Here is the link to full details over on the official Pro-Line Racing website.

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What's new: Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Serpent Natrix 748 TQA snowy winter’s day might not be the best place for a high-end nitro touring car, but spring will come, and when it does the need for speed is sure to come with it. When your trigger finger gets itchy this spring the new Natrix 748 TQ from Serpent just might be the best cure. It is a 1/10th scale 4wd nitro touring car that is sure to have some serious speed. Some of its notable features include-

* New 748 gear-differentials used front and rear
* New XLi 2-speed gearbox
* Centax TM clutch
* Laser engraved 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
* Carbon fiber 2mm radio plate and 3mm shock towers
* Super short RCM-SS shocks
* Ball bearing equipped sway bars

The part number is #804008 and you can get complete details over on the official Serpent Website.

Want to learn about more Serpent products? Have a look at This Link right here on BigSquidRC.

Duratrax Onyx Brushless SystemThe fine folks over at Duratrax have announced a Special Offer on select Onyx Brushless Systems. From now until February 28, 2015 you will receive a merchandise certificate for up to $25 when purchasing a Duratrax Onyx brushless system. These systems feature good power, greater efficiency, exceptional speeds, longer component life and less maintenance than other brands on the market, and can help turn your brushed RTR from mild to wild.

$25 Merchandise Certificate

DTXC3194 1/8 120A ESC/2200kV Brushless System- $249.99
DTXC3195 1/8 120A ESC/2650kV Brushless System- 249.99

$10 Merchandise Certificate

DTXC3164 1/10 80A ESC/3930kV Brushless System- $149.99
DTXC3165 1/10 80A ESC/4420kV Brushless System- 149.99
DTXC3166 1/10 80A ESC/5900kV Brushless System- 149.99
DTXC3172 1/10 80A ESC/3650kV 4-Pole System- 159.99
DTXC3174 1/10 80A ESC/4550kV 4-Pole System- 159.99

You can hit up This Link for more details on Onyx brushless systems over on the official Duratrax website, or you can Click Right Here for more Duratrax news on BigSquidRC.

ASK Cubby

“Hey guys do u know of a 120mm+ shock similar to gmade zeros. I was searching for some for my scale monster truck build and I couldn’t find any in stock so I emailed gmade directly and the response I got was the zero shocks are no longer in production. It seems there is a big phase out of a lot of rc parts lately when it comes to aftermarket support for solid axle monster trucks.


Cubby- Yo hey Spud-ster, thanks for the email.

You don’t mention the size of your scale monster truck build, thus making an answer a bit tough. So… I’m gonna boil it down this way. If it’s a tenth scale build (with Stampede sized tires) I’d go with Pro-Line Powerstrokes if you are looking for performance. These use the same diameter shafts as the G-Made and are 118mm in length. They look cool and perform even better.

If you are looking for a bit more “scale” look I would probably cut the check for some King Series Shocks from RC4WD. These truly look scale, come in a 120mm length, and have beefy 3.9mm shafts.

However… if your MT build is 8th scale (using E-Maxx/Revo/Clod sized tires) I would go with heavier shocks than any of those listed above. The bigger/heavier tires require some significantly beefier shocks, in this case I would buy a set of 8th scale truggy shocks and never look back. Heck, if I was looking for an extra gnarly look on a tenth scaler, I would use them there too.

“exceed rc 6×6 mad crawler?

My name is chris my girlfriend is buying me the exceed rc 6×6 for christmas. obviously haven’t gotten it yet but looking already for some simple hop ups, my question is i have searched countless hours for a scale body that will “fit” with very little moding please help me as far as bodies for that beast please

by the way I want to replace all motors with 45 turns will the esc handle it you think? And one last question wanting to go with bigger tire/wheel setup, what do you recommend thanks again for your help look forward to hearing from you

thank you so much for your help


Cubby- Ya know Chris, normally when I see Exceed RC in an email I instantly hit delete, strangely my eyes could not keep from rambling down your email and here you are, on the front page of BSRC. Shoot us your snail mail for a way-uber-dope sticker pack.

Oh and… props on the GF, she sounds like a keeper. Most guys would die for a chic that buys them rc gear for X-mas.

Also normally, I would say if you have an Exceed you are just plain screwed for aftermarket hop-ups. However, you are just asking for rather general items like wheels/tires/body, so here ya go…

You are screwed, I hope you like the stock gear. JK bro, how about I tackle the speedo thing first. So… will the stock speedo burn up if you install hotter/faster motors? I have absolutely no idea, Exceed doesn’t talk to us because we are the devil, we’ve never received one for review, and I’m not gonna make up an answer or repeat internet hearsay. What I will recommend is for you to just go for it. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, it should provide quite a fire/smoke show AND give you a perfect reason to get a new speedo.

About wheels/tires… best of luck finding direct replacements that have a crawler/scale look. The Exceed uses a 2.8 wheel with a 17mm hex, which isn’t uncommon if you are looking for replacement Traxxas gear, but to get a direct replacement with a true crawler look might be a PITA.

Lastly… about that body. I wouldn’t expect to be able to find an aftermarket unit just sitting on the shelf at your LHS. I am going to recommend not even looking for “6×6″ body. Instead, find a cab that looks good on the truck and build something custom in the rear. I mean it is a crawler, it would only be fitting to put a lid on it that looks insanely better/more custom than the stocker.

Have fun, go fast, and shoot us pics when you get your beast done.

Hey that’s it ya bunch of punks. You can submit your questions to Cubby at It is highly unlikely I will ever read them, but one of my interns will at least briefly skim over your emailse. If your letter does happen to hit the big time you’ll get a BSRC sticker pack, and if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” we will totally hook you up with one of our sweet new BSRC t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

hrp distributingWe have just received the press release with news that HRP will have the exclusive rights to distribute Thunder Tiger products in North America starting on January 1st. As some of you may already know, Thunder Tiger has been distributed by Great Planes here in America for several years, but that is about to change, check out the press release below for the full scoop.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – December 17th, 2014 – HRP Distributing was recently awarded exclusive distribution rights for Thunder Tiger products in the North American market, effective January 1st, 2015. HRP recently announced their exclusive North American distribution of TTRobotix, Thunder Tiger’s new multi-rotor brand. Thunder Tiger is one of the largest and most tenured RC manufacturers in the world, offering a wide variety of high performance RC cars, boats, aerial vehicles and accessories.

HRP will make Thunder Tiger products available from three warehouses, leverage free freight programs to over 1000 hobby dealers, ensure parts support, and employ a dedicated Thunder Tiger customer service staff. HRP will also work with Thunder Tiger in the research and development process to bring state-of-the-art products to the North American market.

For dealer inquiries or to find a local retailer, visit or call 800-622-7223.

About HRP

HRP Distributing is a leading RC distribution company in North America. Over thirty years of sales and distribution for multiple product lines coupled with excellent customer service and support has led to our enhanced growth. Our professional and experienced sales and support team strive to deliver superb customer service and distribution of all our products. Reliable quality and a highly trained and knowledgeable team are at the heart of HRP.

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What's new: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

THE Hitec Lynx 4S Transmitter Review

Hitec Lynx 4S Transmitter Review

It’s been a long time since Hitec put out a high-end surface radio, that is why a whole lot of people in the rc world were stoked at the announcement of the new Lynx 4S. The Lynx 4S was touted to be the best surface radio Hitec has ever produced and comes with features like telemetry, a drop down wheel, and the ability to be set-up left or right handed. Is the Lynx 4S truly a high-end radio or does it fall short? Hit the “Read More” to find out…


Ragu Quad CollectionAs of today, it is 7 days until Christmas Eve. Stores are full of people, and shelves are getting empty of all the great buys for this season. Never fear, for I have the Raging Rotors Holiday Gift Guide full of great buys for your favorite pilot!

Dromida Kodo: For the new multirotor pilot, I’m a fan of the Dromida Kodo. Including all the trimmings like a camera and optional prop guards, this quad is medium in size (between a ProtoX and LaTrax Alias), but has all the fun stability and auto flipping features of its smaller and larger compatriots. Find this guy for $60 at your local shops (Part #: DIDE0005). [Direct Link]

Ares Ethos Series: Granted the Ethos line of quadcopters range from micro size (Ethos PQ) to the larger 300ish size (Ethos FPV/HD), but the whole line can get any person into the hobby. The Ethos PQ was the first micro to offer a flip mode ($50), the Ethos QX130 features neat accessories (squirt gun, missile launcher, camera, and more)($100, accessories separate), and the Ethos FPV gets you on the front lines of multirotor photography without breaking the bank ($300 for an all inclusive package). These are available at HobbyTown and direct on Ares RC. [Direct Link]

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S: The best way to get someone new into the airplane flying game or into indoor flying during the winter months is to introduce them to SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope), the great technology found in the Sport Cub S. Featuring a ‘leveling-up’ system to help a pilot grow, this plane also has a panic recovery button to help save them from an ‘oops’ moment. Find it on the shelf for $130 in a Ready to Fly package. [Direct Link]

Blade Pico QX: Looking for a micro quad for your small space that is safe near your other toys (TV, vases, etc)? The Blade Pico QX is a nice micro quadcopter that has prop guards built into the frame to keep your stuff safe, as well as the aircraft. This quad is available in shops now for $50. [Direct Link]

Now, this isn’t the ONLY list you need to follow, but can start as a guide to take to your local shop and open a dialogue and get their opinions and make a final decision. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via kevin (at) bigsquidrc (dot) com, or stopping by my place of employment (also a hobby shop). Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

horizon fpv challengeThe folks at Horizon Hobby have put out a cool video featuring the new Blade Nano QX FPV quadcopter. In the video below you’ll see “The Steve”, Horizon’s version of The Stig, going to head to head against “The Red Giant” on a very cool quadcopter course that even includes a bowling section. Yes, the video shows bowling with rc quadcopters! The video is short and worth a watch so check it out to see what kind of fun you can have with FPV quads.

The Blade Nano QX FPV with Fat Shark Teleporter V4 5.8GHz headset shown in the video is available right now with a street price of $419. To get more details hit up This Link over on the Horizon Hobby website.

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RC4WD Wheel Adapter for Toy BlocksIt isn’t uncommon for rc hobbyists to also be big fans of Lego toy blocks. To help make your latest Lego build even more uber, the folks at RC4WD are now making Wheel Adapters for toy blocks. These adapters allow you to bolt up some pretty trick RC4WD wheels and tires to your new Lego truck.

* CNC machined from billet aluminum
* Fits an M4 wheel nut
* Has black anodized finish
* Weight- .25oz each
* OD- .89″
* Length- 1.05″

The wheel adapters are priced at $29 per pair, they have a part number of #Z-S1361, and they are available right now. Give This Link a try for more details over on RC4WD’s website.

Want to read more RC4WD news? You can find more Right Here on BigSquidRC.