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JConcepts T2 Truth 2 UTV Body Video

Video – JConcepts Truth 2 UTV Body

Recently uploaded by JConcepts is an action video for their new Truth 2 UTV Body. The T2 can give your short course truck the look of a hardcore UTV, watch the video below to be blown away with how cool it looks while driving. Click Right Here to get full details on the T2 over on JConcepts’ website, or Click Here [...]


ARRMA New Horizon Teaser

New ARRMA Teaser Video – A New Horizon!

Whoa, here ya go ARRMA fans, the ARRMA crew has just sent us a new teaser video! ARRMA has a new release for all you ARRMA Army members! The release date is next Thursday July 16th, watch the video below to get some clues as to what the new release may be. Hit up This Link to visit the official ARRMA [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ Mud Bog!

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have that little kid inside of us. Being dialed into your inner child and this hobby go hand-in-hand; playing in the mud is no different. Yes, it is extremely messy, but the joy you get out of it is well worth it. If you have never been to a Mud [...]


Fenix Racing 1960s F1 Race Body

Fenix Racing 1960s F1 Race Kit

Being teased now by Italian company Fenix Racing is a new 1960s F1 Race Car Kit. The kit comes with an incredible looking old school F1 body, one that would look great on the track, or on the shelf. However, that shiny body isn’t all of the story, the car comes as a kit featuring an ultra-narrow carbon fiber chassis, [...]


Vaterra 1968 Ford F-100 Ascender Review

Vaterra 1968 Ford F-100 Ascender Review

The newest truck to be released in Horizon Hobby’s Vaterra line is a 1968 Ford F-100 Ascender. With bold scale looks sitting on the ultra-capable Ascender platform, the F-100 should make for a great trail rig. How well does it hold up under hard bashing? Is it easy to set-up as a bind and drive? How well can it rock [...]


Kyosho Ultima RB7

Kyosho Ultima RB7 Race Buggy Kit

Kyosho has just announced a new flagship 1/10th race buggy called the RB7. The RB7 is based off the RB6.6, but features a number of updates to make the RB7 even faster and more consistent. * 4mm shorter wheelbase * Lightened main chassis * New aero body w/ high downforce wing * New arms and knuckles * Lowdown mid-ship layout * Fits shorty packs * Tungsten diff [...]


Vaterra Ascender Price Drops and Future News

Vaterra fans, we have news that the Vaterra Ascender line is getting a price drop. As many of you know, we have been fans of the Ascender line for a while, and as bashers, we can for sure appreciate a price drop! All 3 models in the Ascender line are getting the price drop, the Bronco, K-10 Pickup and the [...]


Carisma 1976 Ford F-150 Scale Crawler

Carisma 1976 Ford F-150 RTR – With Video

Here ya go scale fans, Carisma has officially announced their new 1976 Ford F-150. The F-150 is fully licensed by Ford and is covered with scale realism from bumper to bumper. To make it easy to get out on the trail, the F-150 comes as a RTR with everything you need to get driving included inside the box. Here is [...]


Rockstar Cubby

ASK Cubby – Another Week Of Your Astute Questions

“X-MAXX TIRES Cubby, Hi Cubby, how ya doing? I am a huge fan of the Cub Report! Before I spend all my money on a new set of tires for my X-Maxx, I wanted your opinion. I know you have one, what kind of tires are you running on yours? Chad P.” Cubby- Yo hey there Chad, good hearing from you again. You know [...]


Rage RC RZX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing The 1/6 Rage RC RZX Buggy

It has been about a month since Rage RC announced the 1/6 RZX RTR Brushless Buggy and we are stoked to finally have one in our hands. The first thing we did once it arrived was to grab a camera and get some all important unboxing pictures. As we pulled the RZX out of the box we took a bunch of [...]


Unboxing- Axial Racing SCX10 II 1969 Chevrolet Blazer

New Toy!! We have the new Axial SCX10 II 1969 Chevrolet Blazer. Last winter there was some rumors flying around about Axial releasing a 1969 Chevrolet Blazer, and thankfully the rumors were true! As a Chevy and Axial fan myself, The release of Axial’s 1969 Chevrolet Blazer is a RC fantasy come true. We will have a full review and [...]


Integy Billet Servo Mount TRX-4

Integy Billet Servo Mount For The TRX-4

New from Integy is a Billet Aluminum Servo Mount for the Traxxas TRX-4 scale crawler. The aluminum mount is much stronger than the stock unit and was designed for a factory fit. Also, you can get the mount in various colors like silver, blue, gunmetal, or red. Pricing for the mount is $26 and its part number is #C28046. Use This [...]


Blackbox 800Z/Sonic 540-M3 25.5T ROAR Spec Combo

Reedy Blackbox 800Z/Sonic 540-M3 ROAR Spec Combo

Just announced by Reedy is a Blackbox 800Z/Sonic 540-M3 ROAR Spec Combo. The combo combines a Reedy ESC with a Reedy 25.5 turn brushless motor to give racers the power they need to own the podium. Here are some of its features and specifications- * Fully ROAR approved * Motor features the ROAR minimum resistance value * Precise control, sensored system * Excellent throttle [...]


Traxxas Ford GT Body Assembly Video

Video – How to Assemble the Traxxas Ford GT Body

Recently uploaded by Traxxas is a new video showing you how to Assemble The Traxxas Ford GT Body. The Traxxas Ford GT is a great looking body, and also quite high-tech. The video below shows you not only how to paint the Ford GT, but also how to assemble its various parts in the proper order for a perfect build. After [...]


TheToyz Adjustable Height Pit Stand

Product Spotlight- TheToyz Adjustable Height Pit Stand

Everybody needs a good work stand. After a hard day’s bashing, your rig is gonna need some work, or at a least a quick once over, and that task is best accomplished on a sturdy pit stand, not on a greasy tailgate. The crew over at TheToyz is always looking for ways of making the hobby easier, their latest is [...]