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What's new: Friday, November 21st, 2014


I’ve never run an e-mail in this spot before, but reader “Pfuture” sent me a few questions that I thought would be better served to answer/rant here.

Hello Doug,

One suggestion I have would be doing a guide for new scalers going on rides if you haven’t made one already. I don’t mean to sound bitter, scaling is one of my favorite activities ever.  Maybe you already wrote such a guide and i don’t remember it?  I have been organizing friendly rides for about a year in Montreal, Canada.  That’s little experience compared to lots of other scalers.


I often had to give transmitter batteries or some common parts like plastic servo horns to help someone.  People often do not bring tools, forget to charge their packs properly and don’t check their trucks before leaving home.  Also, i would insist that showing up late to a scale ride is very bad.  Every time i organize a ride, there is a new person showing up more than 15 minutes late.  Yesterday we drove around close to the start point because someone told us he’d be 40 minutes late.  His batteries were not even properly charged when he showed up. If you have ideas on how to deal with late people without being too harsh, i’m all ears!


I probably shouldn’t have told you all this, you most likely have experience all the same and more.  Maybe this could inspire a squidink comic or two? Hope this was helpful, forgive my sometimes strange english (I’m from Montreal). Have a nice day, can’t wait to read your next articles.  Even those about F-1 racing.




I actually did a write a basic “what to bring to a trail run” piece a few months ago, you can check that out right here (more importantly, show your friends!). As for the part of your question dealing with event organization (people being late, unprepared), I’ll tackle that in detail. I’ve organized events for around 2 years now, including lots of trail runs, so I really do feel your pain. Click the “Read More” below to see my advice….most of which I learned the hard way.


RC4WD Genius Sem Limites 2 1.9 Scale TiresWhen looking for new tires for a scale/trail machine, there are two big factors- looks and performance. The new Genius Sem Limites 2 1.9″ tires from RC4WD bring both to the plate. They are officially licensed by Genius for a perfect scale look, while the use of RC4WD’s X2SS compound rubber is perfect for finding traction on slippery rocks.

The tires are priced at $29 a pair, have a part number of #Z-T0128, and these are shipping right now. For more details click on This Link over on the RC4WD website.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Take a chance on a BSRC TGIF Mystery Link.

Helion Impakt 12B BuggyHelion has a new 1/12th scale buggy called the Impakt 12B. Its smaller size makes it easier to drive in small areas and it comes with a very affordable price point. The 12B also comes with scale details like a drivers helmet, a roll cage, and light buckets. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Water resistant electronics
* Comes completely RTR with LiPO battery and charger, and AAs for the transmitter
* Comes with LiPO charge bag
* 380 brushed motor
* Wheelbase- 9.84″
* Width- 8.39″
* Length- 13.54″
* Full bearing set
* 2.4GHz radio system
* Speeds in excess of 20 mph

The 12B is street priced at $139 and you can scoot on over to the official Helion Website for more details.

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Matrixline Mercedes Benz GLK250 BodyYou don’t see a whole lot of Mercedes bodies on the market, but for all you Benz lovers you can get a GLK350 from the folks over at Matrixline RC. They have a pre-painted GLK350 body that is available in black or in grey, fits 195mm touring cars, and is highly detailed for a great scale look. The body and wing is molded from .035″ polycarbonate while ABS is used for the rear view mirrors.

The part number is #PC201308R-1A, they are available right now, and you can get more details over on the official Matrixline Website.

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What's new: Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Virtual Reality GlassesAt iHobby this year we got to check out in person the latest and greatest in virtual reality glasses, they were in the Cinemizer booth and they sure looked awesome. The Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED glasses that we tried were very comfortable and gave an absolutely amazing image when using them.

The folks over at Horizon Hobby have picked up the Cinemizer virtual reality glasses and they are now shipping. In our hobby they are used for FPV (first person view) flying or driving, and these are some of the best high-end units that you can buy.

* Hi-res 870 x 500 OLED display for each eye
* Adjustable side pieces
* Separately adjustable diopters
* In-ear headset w/ 3.5mm audio jack
* 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

The part number is #3DS1909127, they are street priced at $789, and they are shipping right now. Hit up your local Horizon dealer to pick up a set, or you can hit up the Official Horizon Website for more information.

Want to learn more about FPV? Check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

ASK Cubby

“Hi Guys,

My names is James. I work at Pacific Motorsports in Eureka CA, About 2 years back we decided that taking on RC to add to inventory. We also sell Honda, Yamaha, and Polaris vehicles and accessories. After the first year RC was so big here that we decided to build an indoor carpet track, and shortly after we got Mylaps and RCscoring Pro. We just picked up Horizon as a supplier as well. We stock Traxxas, Team Associated, Axial, Losi, ECX and many others. I would like to put Big Squid prints on our counter for our customers. I check your website daily for updates and have learned tons of valuable information from you guys. I really appreciate what you are doing for the RC world! Let me know what i need to do to get your prints in our store!

Thanks Brian”

Cubby- Yo hey James, thanks for the kind words and good luck with your investment in the rc hobby.

I don’t have to tell you that we are big fans of local hobby shops here at BigSquidRC. Mostly because… we are totally selfish and want to be able to drive to an LHS and get the stuff we need the same day instead of waiting for mail order. But yes, we also realize that hobby shops are a requirement for our hobby to even exist. Without local hobby shops offering up first hand advice to noobs, our hobby is a goner.

So… what does it take for you (or any other hobby shop out there) to stock our FREE Big Squid RC Monthly publication? Not much, just an email. After you send us your brick & mortar addy we’ll promptly ship you out a bunch of copies at absolutely no cost to you. Click Right Here to shoot us an email, it really is super simple.

“Monster truck slicks

Do you know where I can get the monster truck slicks? I’m good at finding things but I have had no luck!!

Jon K.”

Cubby- Hey ya Jon, you’ve got a few options here.

Option 1- legit slick MT tires. The 3.2″ Mega Maxx tires from Panther are slicks, are legendary for their performance, and are in stock right now on Tower Hobbies for a measly $20 a pair.

Option 2- go with Road Rages from Pro-Line. While slicks rock for perfectly smooth surfaces, Road Rages will kick their ass in a typical (dirty/bumpy) parking lot.

Option 3- this one is easily my favorite, bust out the Dremel tool! Insert a sanding drum, grab an old set of tires, and let’er eat. Give yourself a half hour per tire (ok, maybe an HOUR and a half for MT size) and voilà, you’ll end up with a custom set of slicks at a cost of zero dollars.

“E-revo 5608

Was wondering if the V3.1 Basher Edition chassis (Ed note- from Kershaw Designs) are for the 1/10 scale models. Thank you

Hermann N.”

Cubby- Yes.

Oh no you haven’t, oh yes you have, made it through yet another ASK Cubby. Feeling extra frisky? Send me an email, Cubby at If your letter makes the big time you’ll get a free BSRC sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” we’ll totally hook you up with a free t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

PPR Reptile Wheel GripsSome people like foam on the wheel of their transmitter, while others like soft rubber (and everyone just plain hates hard plastic). For you rubber fans, Reptile Wheel Grips is having a sale! For a limited time you can get one of their very cool looking grips for the low price of $8.99. Click Right Here to get more information and to see all the different styles that are available.

Click Here to read the BigSquidRC review of the Reptile wheel grips.

INTECH Racing ER-14 BuggyShipping soon is the ER-14 1/10th scale 4wd buggy from Intech Racing. The ER-14 is loaded with carbon fiber goodness, big bore shocks, and even has a center diff. Like some of the other buggies on the market, it can run normal saddle packs or a single shorty LiPO. More details are coming soon on this one, until then you can hit up This Link for a few more pictures over on the official Intech website.

Click Right Here for more Intech Racing news on BigSquidRC.

What's new: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Team KNK Vaterra K-5 Blazer Screw KitAre you getting ready to build a new Vaterra K-5 Blazer Ascender kit? Why not build it with high quality (and trick looking) stainless steel hardware? The Team KNK screw kit contains 204 pieces, everything you need to build a new Ascender, or to simply have plenty of spares.

The screw kit is priced at $22 and you get one on order at This Link over on the official Team KNK website.

Get More Team KNK news right here on BigSquidRC.

QX3-POSo maybe I’m excited that principal photography is done for the new Star Wars movie, but it was nice to see that Blade Helicopters announced last week the new 350 QX3 and 350 QX3 AP Combo for all to enjoy even more precision in their quadcopter flying and aerial photography. So the question must be asked: “What is new to this quad that makes it different from the other two?”  as well as “What if I already have a 350 QX(QX2) and don’t want to buy new?”

The great advantage the 350 QX3 has compared to its predecessors is the GPS setup. That ‘My Favorite Martian’-esque antenna on that quad is a GPS mast, separating the GPS antenna away from the rest of the electronics, keeping interference limited (as best as possible) to solar flare activity from the sun. This will help in faster GPS lock as well as a consistently stable lock after takeoff.

The other feature of the QX3 is the new programming interface. Now you can play with some settings on your quad, check your calibrations, as well as update the firmware on the quadcopter all from an easy to use interface. This is not NEW, per say, as you see this on DJI Naza and Phantom systems, but it’s new for Blade and takes the guesswork out of calibrations and settings on your multirotor.

Want to update your 350QX or 350QX2? Look no further! I have the parts (and numbers) for all of you current owners (like me) who want to know the difference and how much it can cost to update.

350 QX Owners:

Main Board: If you didn’t already with the QX2, the new main board for the QX2 is the same as the QX3, and features that extra antenna wire for better radio reception. The part number is BLH8101 and retails at $200.

USB Interface: Many of you QX owners have it if you updated to the 2.0 firmware, but if not the USB Multirotor programmer is BLH7840 and retails for $15

(The parts listed in the 350 QX2 section will also apply to 350 QX owners)

350 QX2 Owners:

Body: Thanks to the addition of the Antenna Mast for the GPS, there is a new body for the 350 QX3. The part number is BLH8104  and retails for $35.

GPS: Since the GPS is moving, you need to pick up the new GPS antenna as well as the GPS Mast. The part numbers are BLH8103 and BLH8102 and can be picked up for $30 and $17, respectively.

For the 350 QX owners, the total upgrade price will be around $297, where the QX2 owners can upgrade for around $82 (not including USB Programmer).

With the price of the new quads starting at $450, current owners can rejoice it won’t take eBay, Craigslist, and lots of overtime to get to the current technology.

In other news, the Ares  reviews are getting final touches with a few more flights getting snuck in between the strong winds and extreme cold here in the midwest. I am also getting close to wrapping up my Goblin 570 to show off for you as well as getting the last few components to discuss my FPV Quad Racer in the coming weeks.

Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

Xpert WR-4401 Servo ReviewPeople still want fast servos with a a lot of torque, however, now days waterproofing is nearly a “must have” feature as well. Some of the latest high-end waterproof servos to hit the market come from Xpert RC. We been beating on one of the WR-4401 (.08 speed and 255 oz-in at 6v) waterproof servos for over a month. What did we find out?

* We found the brushless motor used in the Xpert to give exceptionally smooth performance. Whether quickly rotating from side to side, or slowly sweeping, the Xpert was one of the smoothest servos that we’ve tested.

* No, we didn’t drop the Xpert to the bottom of a swimming pool to check its waterproofing, but we did hit numerous mud-holes and subjected it to a lot of snow. So far we have seen no ill effects to the servo.

* We installed the Xpert in our review Pro-Line PRO-MT 2wd monster truck. The WR-4401 was super fast and had torque to spare in that application.

* The Xpert uses a 25 tooth servo horn and a 2.0mm bolt to secure it on. Both of these are very easy to find in a pinch.

* Metal gears are standard and we found the Xpert could take a good hard beating without stripping out its gears. We purposely tightened up the servo saver on our PRO-MT and started slapping pipes with no ill effect to the Xpert.

Overall, we are big fans of the Xpert WR-4401. The Xpert gave us top notch performance and is easily one of the top 5 best servos we’ve ever tested. If you are looking for a high performance waterproof servo we can highly recommend the WR-4401 to you. The Xpert is street priced at $99 and Here Is The Link to its product page over on the Xpert website.

Like reading our reviews? Find more at This Link on BigSquidRC.

T-Bone Racing Skids Axial YetiWhile the Axial Yeti is a pretty good climber out of the box, a slicker surface underneath can help it get over obstacles more easily. To help slide right over those tough spots, T-Bone Racing has introduced a chassis skid plate and a-arm skids. Both are made from ultra-tough nylon and come with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. The chassis skid plate helps to provide a smooth surface under your Yeti, while the a-arm skids will help keep it from getting hung up on branches or other pointy objects.

The TBR chassis skid plate has a part number of #12014, a street price of $17, and you can get more details at This Link. The a-arm skids are priced at $18, have a part number of #12016, and Right Here is the link to more information over on TBR’s website.

Want to see more T-Bone Racing products? Click Here to see more on BigSquidRC.

Losi XXX-SCB Brushless Buggy UnboxingThe Losi XXX-SCB has been a favorite among the bashing crowd for years, it has a cool scale look and its legendary XXX geometry makes it a great handling machine. Now there is a new version, a XXX-SCB that comes standard with a Dynamite brushless power system and AVC stability control.

Have a look at the two galleries below to see what it looks like when you open the box on a new brushless XXX-SCB. As you can see, it comes RTR with everything you need right in the box. A 2S LiPO battery, a charger, and even AA transmitter batteries come standard.

Our full review will be finished up in the next couple of weeks. The brushless SCB has a street price of $349 and you get more details over on the official Losi Website. Want to see more unboxings? Click Here to see more right here on BigSquidRC.