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Archive for July, 2012

durango rtr

We always love it when we get a rumor floating around inside the industry because it usually turns out to be true. Then again, we always dread the phone call we get from the next day asking what we know, who we know, and how we found out. Oops.

That being said, adding to our rumor mill category, we have heard from a pretty good source that Team Durango will be announcing 3 RTR vehicles VERY SOON. We also heard that these three vehicles in question will also be shipping before the end of the year! That’s exciting news for us basher types who don’t want to build a kit, but still want the Team Durango quality! We will post more as soon as we hear.. or get official news from the Durango folks.
Fingers crossed that one of the RTR’s is a short course.

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Kyosho Ultima RB6
For all you buggy fanatics, Kyosho has just announced their new 10th scale EP 2wd Ultima RB6. Some key points of the new Kyosho buggy are-

Rear or Mid engine design
7075 aluminum chassis
All new transmission
13mm longer wheelbase
Ball diff

Expect to see the new RB6 on American shores in late September, just in time for indoor season. Full retail price is $630, and you can get more information right HERE.

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Associated Wheel Hexes
Team Associated has some exciting news about wheel hexes for the front and rear of your B4.1, SC10, and B44.1. Announced today, Associated’s new Factory Team 6061-T6 12mm aluminum clamping wheel hexes are said to speed up wheel changes as you no longer have to worry about the hexes getting stuck in your rims. The new hexes are CNC machined, and while most are in stock, some won’t become available until sometime in August. You can expect a street price of about $10 a pair, and HERE is the link for complete information.

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Futaba 4PK Super R
There is some hot news out of Futaba today with the announcement of their new 4PK Super R 2.4GHz radio system. The Futaba 4PK series radios are generally regarded as the best of the best, yet Futaba has decided to make some upgrades taking the 4PK Super R to the next level. Upgrades include-

5% faster response speed
Dual compound foam on steering wheel
Overall lighter weight
The ability to mix dual ESC’s
Gyro mixing
Data transfer via cable

Street price is expected to be $550 with a release date of late September. Hit THIS link for more information.

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For those of you who haven’t read the ARRMA Granite Review yet, you missed a embedded video we did during some of the testing of the truck. You will be amazed at what we did to this thing. We seriously ran it into, and jumped it off everything we could find.. twice! And it drove away.. if you watch one RC video today, it should be this one.

Head over to the ARRMA RC for details on the truck, or go read our review.

THE ARRMA Granite Monster Truck RTR Review

arrma granite

The ARRMA line is aimed squarely at our favorite people, us, the basher crowd. Today we’ll be taking a look at the ARRMA Granite, their entry into the 2wd monster truck class. Is it tough? Is it fast enough to have fun? Is it worth the cash? Let’s see…


The folks from ARRMA RC are on a roll with the videos lately! They just released another one, this time for the ARRMA RC Vortex Stadium Truck. Check out the embedded video below..

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I received a set of Atomic’s new wheels for the Mini-Z Moto. I hadn’t put much thought around it but I realized that these are in fact aluminum wheels while the stock Mini-z Moto wheels are cast out of a heavier metal. On a Mini-Z, switching to an aluminum wheel you rarely end up saving weight. Would the weight savings translate to lower rotational mass and quicker acceleration? Would a motorcycle’s handling greatly be impacted by lower the weight of the wheels? Let’s find out!


Rampage Bumper for Axial From RC4WD
The guys over at RC4WD have outdone themselves this time with their new Jeep JK Rampage Recovery Bumper for the Axial SCX10. This new RC4WD front bumper is officially licensed and has a long list of features.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
CNC Machined Bumper
Hand Welded
Black Powder Coat Finish
Bulldog Winch Mounting Holes
5 mm LED Light Openings
Raised Ends for Better Articulation
Better Clearance for Over-sized Tires
Built In Tow Shackle Mount
Corrosion Resistant

Street pricing is expected to be $50 and look for them to be available in early August. Click right HERE for complete information.

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Gear Head RC ENK Wheels
Do you want to have the coolest looking scale truck on your block? These all new 1.55″ ENK wheels from Gear Head RC would be a good start. They are made out of 6061-T6 aluminum and have a removable gold anodized insert. The new Gear Head RC wheels weigh 1.8 oz each and the price for a set of four is right at $100. HERE is the link you want for more information.

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Red Anodized Traxxas
Traxxas has some trick new red anodized aluminum accessories for your Revo, Summit, Slash 4×4, and Stampede 4×4. These new parts are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and are said to bolt right up with no modifications. Prices range from $4 for the antenna crimp nut, up to $45 for the castor blocks. Click THIS link for more information.

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THE HPI Bullet Monster Truck Flux Review

What seems like a long time ago, HPI announced the Bullet MT Flux in Europe, and it finally made it’s way to the USA. From the first announcement we were interested due to it’s size and power. While bigger is always better, sometimes you just don’t want to drive a huge truck like the Savage Flux, and something smaller is what you are looking for. Was the Bullet what we were looking for? Keep reading to find out..


Cubby We have a big week ahead here on BigSquidRC, we are calling it Review Week. This week we’ll be posting a brand spank’n new review each day for your viewing pleasure. Monday we start off with Brian’s review of a hardcore bash-mobile, the HPI Bullet ST Flux RTR truck. Tuesday brings the review of another big-time bash truck, the ARRMA Granite 2wd RTR Monster Truck. Wednesday we’ll be posting our review of the much talked about MIP Pro4mance tuning package for the Losi Ten SCTE. For you guys that like battery reviews you should enjoy Thursday, that’s the day we’ll be posting a full review of one of the new Pro-Match Racing Lipo packs (with discharge graphs up to 60 amps). Friday, well that one is a surprise for right now. :) Any which way, we are going huge this week with all the reviews and we hope you enjoy reading them.

Over the weekend I was at an rc event and one of the local guys came up and asked me this question, “Cubby, I’d do anything to work in the rc industry, can you hook me up with a job?”. I actually get asked that quite often, and I always (at least lately) give the same response. Right now there are lots of open jobs in the rc industry, if you’ve somewhat got your life together, you’ve got a half-way decent resume, and you are truly into the hobby, there is already a job waiting for you. Most of these jobs are based out of Champaign, Plano, or SoCal, but they Are there for the taking. Think I’m just kidding? One look at the “career” section of the more prominent rc companies will prove that I am not. To boil it down, to get a job in the rc industry isn’t some impossible goal, with the right qualifications you’ll have multiple companies banging on Your door to work for them, you certainly don’t me to get your foot in the door.

Let me ask you a couple quick questions. Did you know the IFMAR 12th scale and TC on-road worlds just concluded from the Netherlands? Do you know who won? Do you know who won 2 years ago? I know a few industry and racer types that could easily ramble off the winners (and everyone else in the top ten), but… the other 99.9% of the population would have had 3 no answers to my questions. So where am I going with this? The amount of interest (and participation) for on-road in the United States right now just might be at an all time low. Congrats guys, you guys know who you are, you have finally succeeded and ruined on-road in this country. “Facepalm”

That’s enough water cooler fodder for this week ya’ll. Support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter