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Archive for November, 2012

THE Durango DEST210 RTR 1/10 Stadium Truck Review

We have already reviewed the Durango DEX210 buggy and the DESC210 short course truck, so it was time to wrap up the group and review the DEST210 Stadium Truck. Since the DEST210 is still a bit low to do any backyard grass bashing, it was time to hit the parking lot, dirt paths, and the local track! Keep reading to see how it did…


Schumacher CAT K1 Comp 4wd Electric Buggy
The guys across the pond at Schumacher put out a teaser today about their new CAT K1 4wd Buggy that is close to release. The new K1 is slated as new uber high end 10th scale racing rig, but we’ll have to wait a while longer to learn all the juicy details. Will it have shaft drive? Will it have an aluminum chassis? Time will tell. Till then, hit up the Official Schumacher Site to see what other fine products they have.

Looking for more Schumacher news? Take a look right HERE.

BigSquidRC at iHobby 2012
Reminder- We have something BIG kicking this Wednesday night at 10 PM CST, jot down a note because you will want to be there. We’ll be announcing a new product that has made our Basher Approved list, as well as giving away a brand new truck! That’s all we can say for now, more info coming SOON!

Pro-Line 2.8" Masher Tires
The crew over at Pro-Line Racing have brought back their popular Masher tread design for a new 2.8″ tire made to fit right on your Traxxas wheels. Masher’s have a great rep for providing good traction off-road while resisting wear when used on the occasional on-road excursion. These chevron tread tires should be a great replacement tire for your Stampede or Monster Jam Replica and have a street price of $20 a pair (part #1192-00). For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s product hit up their Official Website.

Have you read our Pro-Line Pro-2 Performance Chassis review yet? If not, check it out HERE.

We have a winner in our Pro-Line Monster Body, Tires and Swag Contest. I want to thank everyone for all the awesome photo entries! Our readers rock! We loaded all the names of valid entries into a list, used a random number generator, and it picked the winning entry.

Our winner for this contest is Gilberto! (theoriginalgarelano@) Congratulations!!
Here is his winning entry: (remember they were random.. so please don’t send us emails saying you sent a better picture.

An email will be sent to you shortly to get your shipping information so we can get the prize pack out to you.

Thanks again to the awesome folks at Pro-Line for being a contest sponsor! If you didn’t win this time, maybe head over to their page and buy something. Also, don’t worry, we have another contest coming VERY soon!

Cyber Monday Sale at Pro-Line Racing
Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing are having a Cyber Monday sale today. Hit up THIS link to save yourself some cash on all that Pro-Line loot you’ve been wanting.

After you do that, hit THIS link to enter our Uber Pro-Line Give Away Contest to score even more!

TBR Rear Side Panels for Axial EXO
We’ve busted up a half dozen sets of the stock polycarbonate side panels on our Axial EXO Terra Buggies. The crew over at T-Bone Racing have announced a new product to fix that problem. TBR now has .06″ thick Delrin side panels that are a perfect replacement for the weak stock parts. Their new side panels come in black and have a street price of $10. Hit up the official TBR Website for more information.

Have you read our Axial EXO RTR review? If not, check it out HERE.

Still looking to score some deals on RC stuff? Check out the Hobby Dealer Cyber Monday SALE – CLICK HERE! They have all sorts of deals on radios, chargers, vehicles, tools, you name it!

Don’t forget some of the Black Friday 2012 Sales we have posted are still good till today.

What are you waiting for, get some new RC gear and start saving some cash!

THE Cub Report 11.26.2012Hello everyone, I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving and are ready for another big week in the rc world. Also, I hope you got a chance to catch the final F1 race of the season from Brazil, it was an epic display of why F1 is so much better than NASCRAP. Congrats gotta go out to the Red Bull team for once again pwn’in the world, to Alonzo for being such a gracious loser, and to the Iceman for having the balls to cruise the outer reaches of the Interlagos circuit looking for the nearest pub (during the actual race!).

Ya, so the BigSquidRC crew has big news for ya. We’ve got something all new, different, and way-uber-dope coming your way this Wednesday evening at 9 pm CST. We’ll be posting complete info the day of, but till then I’ll just tease that we’ll be entertaining you in an all new way and we’ll be giving away a brand new Durango at the end (around 9:30′ish CST). So make some time for us that evening, you’ll be glad ya did. Yes, seriously.

Also for your calender, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our Tuesday Review, our Wednesday Interview, and ASK Cubby on Thursday, as well as additional reviews and various rc news throughout the week. If you are look’n to keep dialed on the rc scene, BigSquidRC is the place to bookmark on both your laptop and your mobile device.

On a different note…

A buddy of mine from England posted on Facebook how he thought that his country should have more indoor clay tracks instead of running on carpet. My homie had just made a tour of the grand ole’ U S of A and had visited some of our indoor facilities and I guess he was bitten by the high bite dirt indoor scene. However… from having spent far too many hours on both I don’t think he has any idea how superior indoor carpet tracks (yes, off-road) are to dirt.

Changing the layout of an indoor dirt track is a huge PITA, not only from the standpoint of having to drive a BobCat around indoors (and rollers, and watering, and all the other tools required), but also from all the dust created and the massive amount of time involved. Changing an off road carpet track is literally as easy as grabbing one of the local hangout guys and asking for some help moving the pipes and re-positioning the ramps.

And… the reason we mainly have indoor dirt tracks here in America is “certain” racers don’t think it’s off-road unless the track is made out of dirt. These are the types of schmoes that haven’t actually raced a full scale “off-road” event in their life, thus having no idea what real off-road is about. High bite indoor dirt tracks are really nothing different than carpet tracks except they are a hell of a lot more work and cover everything around them with a fine layer of dust. Clay tracks give lots of traction, so does carpet. Clay tracks require little to no treads on the tires, as does carpet. Clay tracks are glass smooth, just like carpet. However, a “true” off-road track is quite the opposite. True off-road tracks are rough and bumpy as hell, and even more so on the next lap. True off road tracks require big knobs to dig into the loam or the mud. True off-road tracks are more about balls and throttle control than chassis set-up.

So to my little friend from the UK, if you are going to race on glass smooth high bite surfaces please just stick to your tried and true carpet my friend, they are a whole lot better overall than all the indoor clay tracks we have kick’n here in the states. Too bad so many American’s have such large ego’s that they can’t see past all that dust and install carpet, or better yet, to go True freak’n off road with loamy dirt and no track maintenance during the race weekend, thus allowing the track form naturally like a “true” off road track does.

Rant over.

One last note for this week guys… you may have never heard of Google Plus before, but it is a type of competitor to Facebook. This week we are starting to update our G+ page on a regular basis, so if you have a G+ account put us in your circle of friends and look for some exclusive content over there that we won’t be posting on our FB feed or on our dot com.

That’s it for this week folks, thanks for reading and as always, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Mugen Seiki MBX7 8th Scale Nitro buggy Kit
Mugen Seiki are known for producing some of the most elite 8th scale off-roaders on the market, and today they have officially announced their new MBX7 Kit. This is an 8th scale, 4wd nitro buggy that should offer world class performance on the track, or be one tough customer while busting huge tricks at your local bash spot. It utilizes a lighter drive-train and features a lower center of gravity than previous models to gain corner speed and generally be a better handling machine. Some of the features and specs include-

* 3mm A7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Straight cut conical and ring gears
* Lightweight spur gear
* Lightweight conical gears
* 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower
* 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower
* 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
* Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and ackerman plate.
* 15mm hard anodized threaded shocks
* 3.5mm shock shaft with rubber shock boots
* Specialized brake system with new brake cam front/rear brakes
* Small composite molded receiver box & low center of gravity battery holder
* Special designed fuel tank with an internal fuel clunk pick up
* E0710 heavy duty aluminum clutch shoes
* Stylish mid-cab body
* High down force wing

The MBX7 has a December 2012 release date and you can get more information on all of Mugen’s products on their Official Website.

Hit up THIS link for more Mugen news right here on BigSquidRC.

Yokomo B-MAX2RS 2wd Electric Buggy Kit
Are you “one of those guys” that likes driving something different than the rest of the people in the pits? Check out this new Yokomo B-Max2RS 10th scale 2wd buggy kit. The new B-Max2RS is a lower priced alternative to Yokomo’s high end B-Max2, making it a bit more attractive to the bashing crowd. Check out some of the features-

* Newly developed 3 gear tranny for rear motor set-up
* Gear differential
* Full ball bearings
* Plastic bodied oil shocks
* Newly designed molded main chassis for mid or rear motor mounting
* Newly designed aluminum rear suspension mount  
* Cab-forward type body shell
* Steel turnbuckles
* Dual pad slipper clutch
* Aluminum front brace
* ‘C-clip’ universal shafts
* Gokuraku off-road wing
* Pinion gear and wheels included
* Tires not included

Look for a release date of late December and hit up THIS link for more information on the official Yokomo website.

Looking for an affordable 2wd buggy than can handle some serious bashing? Check out THIS review.

As you should of heard by now, we are GIVING AWAY a bunch of awesome Pro-Line stuff! We have been receiving a ton of awesome pictures of people’s monster trucks that look in need of a new body and tires for sure! :)

Just wanted to share a handful of pictures from the ones pouring in as a reminder that you only have 2 days left to send us a picture to enter!

If you have not entered yet, CLICK HERE FOR THE RULES.

Thanks to everyone that has entered so far, keep them coming!

Unboxing the Durango DESC410R V2
The latest truck in Team Durango’s line-up for world domination is their DESC410R V2 4wd SCT Kit. Included in the box is the body, wheels, manual, sticker sheet, window masks, and all the parts of the truck. The DESC410R V2 should be not only a lap time killing machine, but also a capable basher, find out how it really stacks up on Tuesday December 11th for our full BigSquidRC review.

HERE is the link to the official Team Durango website, and if you click HERE you’ll find more Durango news here on BigSquidRC.