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Archive for November, 2012

AJS Machine Scale Looking Off Road Trailer Version 2.0

The crew over at AJS Machine have just updated their uber scale looking Off Road Trailer, calling it the V2.0. The version 2.0 features light weight CNC cut out sidewalls allowing you to add painted Lexan or wood panels to give it a one-off custom look. Some of the other features include-

* Constructed from heavy duty 6061 Aluminum
* Light bucket tabs for mounting Axial’s light buckets
* Includes a front spare tire mount
* Has a fully functional tailgate
* Comes with license plate decal
* Each unit has its own engraved serial number
* Unique axle design for 3″ of ground clearance
* Trailer box dimensions- 2.25″ x 4.” x 6.5″
* Works with AJS Machine #ajs3001 trailer hitch
* Lexan, paint, wood panels, and lights not included
* Requires Axial Parts: Front Axles ax30366, 10x15x4mm Bearings axa1230, 5x11x4mm Bearings axa1221, M4 Locknuts axa1045, Hex pins set screws ax30427, Beadlock Wheels ax8088, and Proline Flat Iron Tires 1147-14 or similar 1.9 size wheels and tires.

The MSRP price for the new scale trailer is $170 and you can get more information by visiting the AJS Machine Official Website.

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West Mountain CBA Battery Charger
The guys over at West Mountain Radio have announced a new battery charger for their CBA battery discharge unit. The new CBA charger allows you to do long cycle life battery tests without having to remove the battery from the CBA system, thus saving time and effort. Maximum current during charging is 10 amps at 24 volts, and the unit has a street price of $99. For more information on this one hit up the official West Mountain Radio Website.

Have you read our latest Lipo battery shootout? If not, check it out HERE.

axial scx10 jeep

We just got our hands on the Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2012, and wanted to share some unboxing photos before we start the testing (beating) for our review process. Out of the box first impressions, it looks good, and we are happy that there are not 35 body pins keeping us from getting to the guts on the inside! Looking forward to hitting the trails soon.

Keep reading to see more pictures after the break! READ MORE

Thunder Tiger e-MTA 8th scale brushless monster truck
We are all about bashing here at BigSquidRC, and when it comes to hardcore bashing Monster Trucks are kings of the hill. In the last couple of years Thunder Tiger has built a strong reputation around their MT4 G3 monster truck, and we’ve just received information on the newest big truck from them, their e-MTA. The new e-MTA comes with all the essentials of a hardcore bash machine, plus some pretty trick suspension for soaking up the really ugly stuff. Here are some of the features and specs-

* Horizontal mounted 17mm piston big bore shocks
* Shaft driven 4wd
* Cougar 2.4 GHz radio system
* Ace BLC-150C brushless speed controller and 2000 kv brushless motor
* Uses up to 6S Lipo power
* Waterproof Ace high torque servo
* Innovative integrated chassis design
* 17mm wheel hexes
* Single battery compartment w/ quick release door
* Low CG design
* New, more durable transmission
* Weather sealed receiver box
* Wheelbase- 370mm
* Weight- 4820g
* Length- 620mm
* Width- 445mm
* Height- 220mm
* Part #6403-F

We have no official word on when (or even if) it is going to hit the states. Till then, hit up the official Thunder Tiger USA Website to view some of their other fine products.

HERE is the link to even more Thunder Tiger news right here on BigSquidRC.

Kraken Class 1 TSK for HPI 5B/5T/5SC
Looking to turn your HPI 5B into a truly scale looking buggy? If so Kraken RC has a new true scale kit to turn your 5th scale HPI into a Class 1 buggy.

Street price is said to be right around $300, and the kit is rumored to be hitting the market in the next few weeks. Hit up the official Kraken RC Website for more information.

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THE RPM RC Products A-Arm’s For The Axial EXO Terra Buggy Review

RPM A-arms for the Axial EXO Terra Buggy

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the RPM front and rear upgrade a-arms for the Axial EXO Terra Buggy. Since first getting the EXO it has been one of the most driven vehicles in our entire stable of test-mobiles. And being wired the way we are, over time our EXO has suffered some pretty serious beatings. Most recently we used the EXO in our BigSquidRC demo’s at the iHobby Cleveland track, which basically means hucking as huge as we possibly can for 4 days straight while landing to a thin layer of carpet over concrete. After iHobby we noticed all the stock arms were basically taco’ed out and needing replacment, luckily RPM had just sent us some of their uber-basher arms for review. Are the RPM arms better than the stockers? Are they worthy of your cash? Let’s find out…


It’s time for another awesome contest around here! This time we are giving away a few things to give your monster truck a new look! In this prize package we have a new Pro-Line Chevy Silverado body, two pairs of Trencher Tires mounted on Desperado 17mm wheels, Extended Body Mount kit, a Pro-Line Hat, Pro-Line T-shirt, and finally Pro-Line and Big Squid RC stickers to help complete the new look!

So how do you enter? Well, we are going to mix things up a little bit here and make you do a little work. You need to send us a picture of your Monster Truck! We want to see what sort of abuse our readers rides have been taking. Show us why you need a new body for your ride! A winner will be randomly chosen from all valid entries. Send your truck picture to pics(at symbol) and make sure you put ‘contest’ as the subject line. When you think about it, it’s pretty easy to enter. Just go snap a picture, and mail it in! We will post a bunch of the entries here on the front page for others to enjoy as well. All Entries must be in by Monday November 26th at 8pm, and a random winner will be chosen on Monday November 26th at 10pm cst.

The contest is limited to USA and Canada residents only. Sorry to all our overseas readers, but sending a giant box like this costs is just too expensive.

Ok, so what are you waiting for? Go get your camera or phone and send us a picture! You know you need a new body and tires!

Special thanks to the awesome folks at Pro-Line for being a contest sponsor! They really do rock, go buy some of their stuff!

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VP Pro Compact clutch tool No. RS-614
Working with the clutch on your nitro engine can sometimes be a pain, but the guys over at VP Pro are looking to change that. VP Pro has just announced their new compact clutch tool RS-614 made specifically to make your life easier. The tool folds down to take up less space in your pit box and it is super easy to operate. Hit up the official VP-Pro Website for more information on all of their products.

Looking for more VP-Pro news? HERE is the link you want for more VP Pro news on BigSquidRC.

Find CubbyHello everyone, it’s Thanksgiving week and hopefully you get at least Thursday off of work. The BigSquidRC crew tends not to take any days off, if we aren’t posting we are at the track or in the parking lot trying to break parts. Which brings me to…

On the flight back from COTA (outstanding track don’t ya think?) I got to thinking about a comment a consumer made to me at a couple of weeks ago. We were at a track testing some gear, meaning purposely ramming into each other, jumping off the nearest roof etc, and one of the locals came up all freaked out wondering what the heck we were doing. I went on to explain that we work for BigSquidRC and that it was our job to break rc cars. After my spiel the local made the comment that we had his “dream job”. At the time I didn’t think much of his comment I guess, but being uber-bored on the flight back from Texas it crossed my mind again.

So… seriously, some local thought working in rc media was a “dream job”? First off- the first check you collect from doing anything instantly means it’s a job, thus meaning a whole lot of the fun factor has flown straight out the window. Yes, running two trucks into each other WFO does tend to put a smile on your face, even the thousandth time you do it, but I can assure you the thousandth time you drive around in little 5 mph circles just so the photographer can get a certain shot is fun in no way, shape, or form. I am a huge fan of driving rc, back in the day I was the guy always using the highest mah packs on the market just to get longer run-times (and even then I couldn’t get enough) but now days spending 40+ hours at a track driving some truck that I’d normally not even touch with a ten foot pole falls pretty low on my “ways to have fun” scale.

And once the truck driving is done, that’s just when the “real” work begins. Photo’s have to be edited, which to me isn’t such a big deal, but the actual writing of a review/column can be rather torturous on the mind. A buddy of mine has a rough day at work when his back goes out at 4 hours into a 10 hour shift while working bridge construction. I can have just as torturous of a day when I’m in a staring contest with a blinking cursor because my mind has just hit low voltage cut-off from the solid 6 hours of writing I had already put in that day. Just like any other job, there are a lot of hours to be put in, whether you feel good, or bad, or verbose, or have terminal writers block, the show must go on.

And… then there is the endless politics. Just like any other job on the planet, politics is a huge deal in rc media. My buddy on the bridge job might be in a war of poltics with a colleague over a job promotion, or in a war of politics hoping to win a contract over a competitor. We’ve received some pretty nasty emails from manufactures over slightly negative things we’ve written about them just in passing. We’ve received some pretty nasty emails from manufactures about things we’ve said that were too nice about their competitors. We’ve received emails from manufactures about how their review was too short, or it was too long, or it didn’t touch on certain sales points. And then, we’ve received certain monetary offers to change reviews, not just on their own product, but also reviews of their competitors. We are lucky around here that Brian is a good guy, he works well with companies keeping most of the politics out of my hair, and he isn’t afraid to stick to his morals.

To boil it down- is destroying rc cars a “dream” job? I don’t think so, I think for anyone to make that statement just shows they haven’t thought much about what the real job would be like. Working the rc media scene is pretty much like any other job, lots of long hours, lots of hard work, and it still has all the little issues that would bug the crap out of you whether you are working at Wally World or at Ferrari.

But ok… I gotta admit running a brand new truck into a concrete wall can still be a LOT of fun. :)

On a different subject…

We have something All new to the rc scene and insanely cool coming up on Wednesday November 28th. More news to follow, but mark your calender now. Yes seriously, it’s a big deal in the net media game.

We are hosting another give away of some sic Pro-Line product this week. It’s free Pro-Line stuff, meaning register now because you can never have enough trick Pro-line gear. Look for more info on the front page.

Here is this weeks schedule-

Monday- THE Cub Report
Tuesday- Review Tuesday, from what I hear the Pro-Line Pro 2 chassis review is finally ready, as is an RPM a-arm review and perhaps even a Helion truggy review.
Wednesday- This weeks Wednesday Interview is with Horizon/Pro Boat’s Kevin Hetmanski, should be a great read
Thursday- ASK Cubby, yes even on Thanksgiving, we don’t take days off around here.
Friday through Sunday- The normal PR’s and news of the day.

That’s it for this week guys, as always, hit up your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Caster Racing V3 US Spec S10B Perfect 10 Pro Kit
Winter is the time that many rc drivers grab their favorite 10th scale 4wd buggy and head to their nearest indoor track. Caster Racing USA has a pretty trick 4wd 10th scale buggy, the V3 US Spec S10B Perfect 10 Pro Kit. The crew over at Caster have bullet proofed the Perfect 10 buggy and it should be quite a weapon for racing or hardcore bashing. Some of the features and specifications include-

* 4wd shaft drive system
* High grade T6 aluminum chassis
* Super low center of gravity Lexan cab forward body
* Adjustable slipper clutch
* Center diff
* Uses saddle pack batteries
* All new captured CVD’s
* 13mm big bore shocks
* 2mm pin, pro hexes
* Hardened out-drives
* Gear diffs
* Metal ring and pinion gears
* Part #S10B V3

Street price for the 2013 Perfect 10 buggy kit is $360 and you can get even more information on all of Caster Racing USA’s products by visiting their Official Website.

Looking for more Caster news? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

We have a winner in our Custom Parma Body Contest! Congrats to Kenneth Anders! You have been randomly chosen by our automated software and a message will be sent to you to get your mailing info!

Special thanks to Parma/PSE for the contest, and making a cool looking body.

Didn’t win?? Don’t worry, another contest will start this Monday, so come back and see what’s next! (Hint, you may have to work for this one)

Hitec H4 Battery Charger
Looking for a powerful 4 channel charger? Hitec has just announced their new H4 Multi-charger. Inside its aluminum case is an easy to read backlit display and four high powered computer controlled outputs. Some of the specs and features include-

* All four outputs capable of 120 watts of charging power (up to 8 amps)
* Outputs can be paired (mono’ed) for two 240 watt charge ports, or two 120 watt ports and a single 240 watt
* Upgradeable firmware
* PC-interface capability via HPP-22 PC Interface
* Charges Lithium, NiCd/NiMH and lead acid chemistries
* Part #44186

Expect a street price of $290, hit THIS link for more information on the official Hitec website.

Yet another TGIF mystery link? Oh YES!

Axial SCX10 Poison Spyder Rear Bumper Tire Carrier
Poison Spyder makes some pretty uber full scale off-road hop-ups. Axial has now released some official licensed Poison Spyder gear to put on your SCX10 series truck. To take your scaler to another level Axial now has- Poison Spyder JK Crusher Front Flares, JK Crusher Rear Flares, JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper, and JK RockBrawler Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier. All the pieces come with the hardware you need, and were designed to be easy to install.

The part numbers you’ll need are-

* AX80121 for the front flares
* AX80122 for the rear flares
* AX80125 for the front bumper
* AX80126 for the rear bumper/tire carrier

Street price for front flares, rear flares, and front bumper is $16 each, while the rear bumper/tire carrier has a street price of $24. Hit up the official Axial Website for more information.

Everyone has been working hard all week, TGIF, hit this LINK to have a lucky weekend.