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Archive for December, 2012

Edam Zoom 8th scale buggy
Taiwanese car manufacture Edam has just released information on their new belt driven 8th scale electric off-road buggy called the Zoom. Going with belt drive is quite a departure from the traditional shaft drive, making the Zoom a radically different design than what is on the market right now. Some of the other features and specs include-

* Adjustable wheelbase for quick conversion from buggy to short course
* Multiple battery layout options
* 5mm aluminum motor mount
* 5mm shock towers

No word on a possible release date or price point for America, but you can hit up the Edam Website for more information on all their products.

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Cubby grabbing the Bull by the tail, not the hornsHey gang, welcome to Christmas week. My how time flies, it seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the start of 2012, but here we are and it’s almost over. I sincerely hope you guys get a few extra days off work and that your Christmas is a very merry one.

We won’t be taking any days off here at the BigSquidRC offices, that’s just how the internet game works. The internet game is 25/8/366, we don’t work dinosaur media hours here. You guys are on-line every moment of the day, therefore we have to be ready to post big news regardless of when it might pop up. This week we’ll be doing our normal compliment of articles/news/reviews, plus our Wednesday night Google + Hangout Live Show. We hope to totally hook you guys up with rc based entertainment while you are at home enjoying your holiday. There may not be “loads” of news till after the new year, but we’ll be here to report any important stuff that might surface.

On a different note…

I’ve told this story before, some of you TCR (THE Cub Report) aficionados will remember it, but while I was growing up I raced motocross nearly every weekend during the fair weather months, and rc during the winter. For whatever reason, my departed father never watched me race, nor lifted a finger to help me in either of those endeavors. Which, as I get older, I find stranger and stranger. He was constantly chastising me for my love of man and machine, yet if he truly hated it that badly he could have instantly brought my racing to an end, but he never did. I would like to think he had some “master plan” behind his hatred of my racing, but I’ve yet to figure it out.

As many of you know I’ve got a young son. This year I feel like he’s finally old enough to get his first ever hobby grade rc truck. Like many of you dads out there, I’ll be placing a hobby grade rc truck under the tree for my youngster and I can’t believe how stoked I am about it. There is a certain pleasure that comes with passing down one of my life long passions that I have never had the opportunity to experience until now.

I spent a good deal of time thinking about which truck was going to be his first, then prepping it to be ready for its first run on Christmas day. The first car/truck/whatever you get in this hobby is an extremely memorable event, ask any hobbyists and they will go on and on for hours about their first car, so I took picking the right vehicle extremely seriously. I ended up going down to my LHS and picking up a new ECX Torment for my son. We’ve had probably a dozen of them around the office and they’ve proven themselves as a capable noob bash machine. I have no doubt the Torment will bring my son as many hours of fun as it has brought to myself and the other staffers here at BigSquidRC. The Torment has been our “go to” vehicle for over a year now when we just want to grab a truck and play some demo derby in the parking lot or hit some small ramps.

But of course, being the noob rc dad that I am, I couldn’t leave the Torment stock, I mean I am THE freak’n Cub Reporter. My son is still fairly young so he’s still big into things being his favorite color, this necessitated a new Pro-Line Flo-Tek and painting it a bright red. Maybe this first red body will morph into his personal “paint scheme” in the years to come. Next up was water-dipped his motor, a “must do” if you are looking for any kind of life from an RTR brushed motor. The stock cast pinion leaves a bit to be desired, so I picked up a new Robinson and dropped one tooth. A drop in pinion size will help motor temps and run-times, plus the more precisely cut Robinson pinion will be less likely to burn up the spur. Next up was loosened the slipper a bit, at my sons age I’m quite certain he’s not gonna let off the gas when up against a wall and I’d rather him burn up the slipper than some of the other drive-line parts. Finally, I charged up and installed a new 6 cell 1800 mah sport pack, set all the trims, then wrapped that sucker up. It’s ready for a drive as soon as he opens it on Christmas morning, and I’m ridiculously stoked to say I am looking forward to my very first bash session with my son.

Now… I totally realize I may be creating a monster here. In the years to come my son may become an rc freak like me, spending entirely too many hours of his life truing tires, adjusting camber, rebuilding diffs, then putting in countless hours wearing out the local track.

Or… I may be setting myself up for a huge let down. My son may take one look at the truck and go “Meh, what were you thinking dad? Where is my Kindle Fire HD with Angry Birds on it?”. Of course being an rc’er I’d like to see him enjoy the hobby I’ve spent a gianormous portion of my life on, but I’m mentally prepared for the opposite as well. Any which way, whether my son becomes an rc-a-holic or ends up dedicating his entire life to the Halo franchise, I fully intend to support whatever hobby he may end up with. My only real wish is that he finds one that he can be passionate about. I know the time I spent fanatically wrenching and racing a gold tub RC10 (and YZ Yamaha’s) kept me out of trouble in my youth, with any luck a good hobby will do the same for him.

That’s it for this week folks, have a very Merry Christmas with your families and/or friends, and… support your local hobby shops and bash spots if ya can!

YOUR Cub Reporter

castle creations sidewinder 3

A while back we posted that Castle Creations would be upgrading their Sidewinder and Mamba Monster line to waterproof versions. Well the Sidewinder3 and Mamba Monster 2 have been officially detailed and are ready to go. We aren’t sure what took Castle so long for their in house product line to catch up to their OEM line, since that’s has had waterproof versions for a while, but many people will be happy it finally showed up.

The Sidewinder3 can handle up to a 3s LiPO, is designed for 1/10th scale crawlers, short course vehicles and other similar sized stuff. The ESC alone is $79, and in a combo with a motor of your choice for only $129. (Motor choices are 4600kv,5700kv, 6900kv, or 7700kv).

The Mamba Monster 2 can handle up to an insane 6S, ideal for larger monster trucks, and is only $169! Castle does mention the fan is NOT waterproof, and recommends you remove it before running in water. You can also buy it in a combo with a 2200kv or 2650kv motor for $349.

mamba monster 2

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Ofna GT-V2e 8th scale on road electric car
If you haven’t noticed yet, more and more companies are coming out with “XO-1″ killers, 8th scale electric on-road cars built to take huge power and be stable at insanely high speeds. Ofna has a new big on-road car called the GT-V2e, built to take on all comers at your local bash spot. The GT-V2e comes as an 80% roller, the car is fully assembled but you’ll need to install your own electronics. It looks like the perfect car to slap in 6S of Monster power and go for some speed records. Some of the features and specs of the GT-V2e are-

* Full bearings
* Front, center and rear CVA’s
* Dual battery trays w/ adjustable battery straps
* High density front bumper
* Big bore, nitride coated, aluminum bodied shocks
* Hard-coated 7075 3mm thick aluminum chassis
* Aluminum center diff mounts
* Center spool
* Front and rear gear diffs
* Rear diffuser bumper
* 5mm thick hard anodized shock towers
* Captured hinge pins
* Front and rear sway bars
* A choice of 2 different clear lexan bodies
* Length: 23.2″
* Width: 12.2″
* Wheelbase: 14.2″
* Weight: 5.7 lbs
* Part number: #14283 or #14284

Street price is $530 and they are available right now. Hit up the official Ofna Website for more information.

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Hobao Hyper H2 Pro Buggy
New from Hobao is their Hyper H2 Pro 2wd electric buggy kit. The old school 2wd buggy class is still popular at certain tracks and the new H2 should be a nice option for those looking for something different. Some of the features and specs include-

* Rear or mid motor configurations
* 3 or 4 gear tranny
* CNC machined hard coated chassis
* 12mm Big bore aluminium oil filled shocks
* Aluminium inboard suspension mounts
* Rear CVD driveshafts
* Gear differential
* Dual pad slipper assembly
* Fully sealed ball bearings
* Adjustable turnbuckles
* Inline battery placement
* Accepts normal sized packs, shorties, and end-to-end saddle packs
* Clear lexan body
* 12mm Hex for wheels
* Metric hex screws throughout
* Fully adjustable suspension
* Length: 411mm
* Width: 250mm
* Height: 145mm
* Wheelbase: 285mm
* Front Track: 247mm
* Rear Track: 250mm
* Weight: 1250 grams
* Part number: #HBH2ES

The H2 Pro is being distributed by CML in the UK, but no word on a price or release date for the states. Hit up the official Hobao Website for more information on the H2 Pro and all their other fine products.

We made it to yet another TGIF! Care for a Mystery Link?

hobby pro usa

Our friends from Hobby PRO USA have sent word of their ‘end of the world sale’. So if you are sitting around trying to figure out how you are going to apologize for all those things you told your boss to do yesterday, might as well get some deals right?

Here is the press release:
As we peek through the blinds to make sure that our world hasn’t “ended”, we’ve felt the need to express our gratitude towards life, liberty and the pursuit of nitro burning in the morning with our Worlds End Sale. Indulge in our free shipping and reduced pricing on select Beta Tires and products for a very limited time.
So head on over to the Hobby PRO USA website for details and sales.

Is it Friday already? It really just sneaks up on you!

TBR Bumper Wheelie Bar Duratrax VW Baja Bug
All you bigtime Duratrax VW Baja Bug bashers should be interested to see the latest from the crew over at T-Bone Racing. TBR has just announced a new rear bumper/wheelie bar combo for your bug. This not only protects the rear of your chassis and motor, but also helps you hold longer wheelies for maximum bashing fun.

Longer screws are supplied to mount the bumper and its made out of tough nylon to withstand your serious abuse. It also comes with the TBR B205 T-Bar and 1-1/4″ solid tires w/aluminum wheels. Lifetime warranty is included, street price is $25, and they are available right now. Hit up the official T-Bone Racing Website for more information.

TGIF, we never thought we would make it, but alas, the world actually didn’t end. To celebrate hit THIS BSRC mystery link.

Serpent 977 Viper
The guys over at Serpent have been teasing their new 977 Viper for a while now, but they have just released 2 pictures and some basic info on what is sure to be one of the trickest 8th scale on-road cars to ever hit the market.

Serpent 977 ViperFirst off, the new 977 Viper uses approximately 80% all new parts, thus ensuring it isn’t just an updated 966 model. Parts held over from the older design were those that are proven rock solid- the Centax TrueMotion clutch, the 2-speed gearbox, the wheel/axle-sets, the driveshafts and the bumper. The new 977 Viper will be available in February 2013, and judging from the pictures it looks every bit as uber-high-tech as we’ve come to expect from Serpent. More information to come on this one, until then, check out the official Serpent Website.

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Hey Cubby
So the question I have is, why can I run a LIPO on a car for 20-30 minutes but a plane only get 5-7 minutes? What is causing this large runtime difference?

Cubby- Yo what’s up Sean? Don’t forget to send us your snail mail to get some free stickers to plaster your rig with.

Perhaps a more relevant question for readers of BigSquidRC might be- why do some people only get 5 minutes of runtime when another guy with the exact same truck and battery can get 20? We all hate going bashing and being the guy whos truck dies first.

Let’s say “Iron Mike” and “Wrench” Bill both have identical Castle powered Traxxas Slash’s and use the exact same 2S 5200 mah Lipo battery. Iron Mike might only get 8 minutes of runtime while Bill gets nearly 20- there are a lot of factors at work here.

Iron Mike drives WFO all the time. The only time he lets off the gas is when his finger finally tires out, he might as well zip tie his trigger wide open. Iron Mike also likes to gear his truck for 189 mph, thus pulling more current through the power system, and chances are his Slash is covered with mud making it heavier and creating more drag in the drive-train.

Bill drives pretty normally, he lets off before corners, rolls on the throttle out of corners instead of just pounding it, etc. Bill tends to gear his trucks for a reasonable top speed, not for the salt flats like Iron Mike does. Bill also tends to take good care of his trucks, meaning there is no unwanted binding anywhere, thus wasting less energy from the battery.

The way a vehicle is geared has a huge effect on its runtime, as does driving style, as does how free its drive-train is.

In your case Sean, you are comparing apples and oranges. Your airplane may have a much different BL power system in it than your truck, thus yielding a drastic difference in runtime, or you might be running a comparatively larger capacity pack in the truck compared to the plane. Generally, the biggest difference is airplanes consume energy in a more continuous manner, where surface vehicles briefly pull power in spikes. In an airplane you might slowly go from 70-90% throttle during most of your flight, while an rc truck is quickly (and constantly) blipping from zero to 100%. But, given a few changes, it would be easy enough to switch those runtime figures of yours. You could mount a smaller prop on your plane, shave some weight, and install a pack containing more energy to boost its runtime. You could then gear the truck to death and throw some huge/heavy tires on it (or install a very small capacity battery) and get its runtime down to 5-7 minutes (or even much less).

To boil it down- runtime is easily changed for the better or the worse, regardless if its an airplane or a surface vehicle.

I have been in the RC hobby/Addiction since I was 13, that was 1995 and I have to say it has been a fun ride. Starting with a Losi JR t and owning something from almost every brand and style since then has been a great time. I have taken my breaks as most of us do, but never really left the hobby. My most recent come back was about 2 years ago, brushless had me interested so I started to bash a bit, and wanted to race but just couldn’t get the jump start I needed. Then I went to The Bobby Co. RC track and hobby shop in north central Illinois and it was the boost I needed. All the employees and fellow drivers were great. They asked what I had, showed me what they were racing, lent me tools, knowledge and sometimes even a part or two. It is the pinnacle of RC club racing. These guys do it for the fun, for the competition, and more recently because one of the “Race Teams” female member has been making and selling the best nachos we have had in a long time.

To sum it all up I travel for work, Seattle Wa, Dallas Tx, Fontana Ca, Pulaski Va, and Reno NV. The best part about the traveling is by far being able to find a club, or shop where great people are working and racing. Everyplace I go an attempt is made to find a track or club and drop in to watch, same story every time people are great, and I have even been “loaned” a car or truck to make some laps with.

So sites like this, and people who race are what keeps me coming back.

Donnie S.

Cubby- Hey what’s up Donnie, thanks for taking the time to write in, shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with an uber sticker pack.

I also do a lot of traveling, not only for BigSquidRC, but for other work, and I agree with ya, there are some incredible people in the hobby. For every low-life-scumbag-cursing-transmitter-thrower there are about a dozen good guys willing to bend completely over backwards to help someone out. Like yourself I’ve been all over the country and walked into places where I’ve been blown away with hospitality, and not because I’m with BSRC because they didn’t recognize me, it’s the fact that they were hospitable to every person walking through their door.

Have fun, go fast, and thanks for reading BigSquidRC Donnie.
Thank you Big Squid and the RC world.

This next one is a bit long.. so keep reading for the whole story…

hang on2 ur handlbar musstash & 20 (fixed it for ya xerxes- Cubby) empty bottls of dom uv acumulated inda past 5yrs, xerxes da gawdking aka presidant of J.H.H.A. has arrivd wif a response 2 ur ask cuby report colum thnig. aktualy, a repsonse 2 ur last weeks ask colum question regardin 1 of many savage flux hp design flaws.


SpeedMerchant OR-18
Winter brings on the indoor carpet racing season, and with that more people start driving their 18th scale on road cars. SpeedMerchant has a fresh new body for your 18th scale pan car called the OR-18. The OR-18 looks much like a shrunk down 12th scale body, featuring a dorsal fin to aid in straight line tracking, and more rear down force for higher corner speeds. The body has a street price of $20 and they are available right now. For more information, hit up the official SpeedMerchant Website.

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traxxas dakar

traxxas dakar We finally got some official news/specs on the Traxxas Robby Gordon Edition Dakar Slash. We have made a few posts about this vehicle now. We first reported HERE about a very trick Speed Energy Robbie Gordon Traxxas truck, and then we posted a bunch of pictures here. This time around we have a picture of a second body, and some details.

The truck is actually available right now, it comes with the new TQ 2.4GHz radio, 7 cell NiMh 3000mAh 8.4v battery, metal gear transmission, speeds of 30 mph+ with optional 23 tooth pinion gear (included), Titan 12T 550 motor, XL-5 ESC, and is brushless ready with their new slipper clutch system.

Traxxas Model number is #5804.

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Yes it’s that day of the week! Are you ready for Big Squid RC Live? Tonight at 9pm CST we will be doing a live web show where we discuss the latest RC news, reviews, and answer your questions!

Other big news tonight? We have a NEW TRAXXAS announcement! We are pretty sure nobody has posted this news yet. We will take a look at several upcoming reviews, discuss recent hot news, and all sorts of other stuff.

Other HUGE news.. You, yes YOU could be on LIVE with us as a special guest!! All you need to do is have a G+ account setup with a webcam and mic! Around 9pm cst will will tell you where to send an email with your G+ webapge info! Then around 9:10 we will pick someone at random and ask you to join us LIVE! We will even give you a special surprise for being the lucky viewer that gets to join in.

Update2: Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! It was a crazy ride bringing random viewers on live, lol.

The replay is now on our YouTube Channel, or watch it here.

Special thanks to this evenings sponsor, Duratrax for all their support of Big Squid RC!

BigSquidRC Google Plus Live Show
Just a reminder that the BigSquidRC Live show starts at 9pm CST tonight. All you have to do to view it is visit our front page and we’ll have a post that shows the live stream and a comment box so you guys can post at your leisure.

Of note tonight- we will be including one viewer in our broadcast. To be eligible you will need to have already set up your own Google + account and have a working web cam with a microphone. At around 9pm we will have you email us a link to your Google + page, then around 9:10 we will pick one person to join us live on the air. The lucky winner will not only get to join in the fun, but we also have a very cool surprise for them. :)

Want to check out the BigSquidRC Google Plus page? HERE is the link you need. Want to check out our previous shows? Click right HERE.