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Archive for January, 2013

helimax md-530 helicopter
If you’ve been holding back on picking up a new Heli-Max helicopter, now might be the time to snatch one up. Announced today were rebates on three of their popular models-

* MD-530 TX-R: Pictured above, this is an “intermediate” level heli that comes set-up to use your own transmitter and sports a $30 rebate which brings the price down to right around $90.

* Axe 100 CP RTF: Pictured below, this is an “advanced” level heli that comes RTF with radio gear and has a rebate of $50 that brings the price down to about $150.

* Axe 100 CP TX-R: Also pictured below, is the same as the RTF except it uses your own transmitter. The Axe 100 CP TX-R sports a street price of about $99 after a $60 rebate.

All of these are available right now, the rebates last through the end of January, and you can get more information on the official Heli-Max Website.

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Thunder Tiger Volans Trimaran Yacht KitSpring will be here before we know it and Thunder Tiger has a new reason for you to get out on the water, their new Volan Trimaran Yacht Kit. This new Thunder Tiger includes the Yacht Kit, sails, rigging, masts, booms, and instruction manual. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Hulls: Factory painted, pre-assembled ABS plastic
* Sails: High performance tear resistant
* Mast and Booms: Extruded Aluminum
* Display Stand: Plywood
* Length: 39.4″ (1000mm)
* Beam: 21.6″ (549mm)
* Height: 59.25″ (1505mm)
* Sail Area: 514.6 sq in (33.2 sq dm)
* Weight: 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)

You can plant this Yacht in your rc garage for a street price of $260 and they are available right now. Hit up the official Thunder Tiger USA Website to take a look at some of their other fine products.

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rpm rc products
The good guys over at RPM RC Products have just released a list of their existing products that will bolt right up on the new Traxxas Nitro Slash 2wd. The list is long, filled with RPM products that can make a rather boring stock Nitro Slash into a much tougher customized rig.

Here are the part numbers-

70322- Shock Spring Clips Black
70325- Shock Spring Clips Blue
73152- Spring Cups Black
73155- Spring Cups Blue
73157- Spring Cups Yellow
73158- Spring Cups Purple
80242- Front Arms Black
80244- Front Arms Green
80245- Front Arms Blue
80332- Body Savers Black
80341- Body Savers White
80372- Front Bearing Carriers Black
80401- Shock Shaft Guards White
80402- Shock Shaft Guards Black
80404- Shock Shaft Guards Green
80405- Shock Shaft Guards Blue
80430- Medium to Heavy Shock Pistons
80511- Long Rod Ends White
80512- Long Rod Ends Black
80515- Long Rod Ends Blue
80712- Caster Blocks Black
80732- Rear Bearing Carriers Black
80862- Rear Shock Tower
80882- Front Shock Tower
80922- Roof Mount Light Bar Black
80923- Roof Mount Light Bar Chrome
80925- Roof Mount Light Bar Blue
80952- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Black
80953- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Chrome
80955- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Blue
80982- Light Canister Black
80983- Light Canister Chrome
81122- Adjustable Front Body Mounts
81142- Adjustable Rear Body Mounts
82322 – Front Wheel
82323 – Front Wheel
82332 – Rear Wheel
82333 – Rear Wheel

For more information on all of the RPM’s outstanding products visit their official website HERE.

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After reading some information on rctech I am confused as to which is the best way to break-in a lipo battery, can you clear this up?
Charley D.

Cubby- Yo hey what’s up Charley, and thanks for taking the time to write in.

What is the best way to “break-in” a Lipo? Actually, I think I have a better question than yours, how about “Do I actually need to break in a Lipo?”.

Doing battery tests take a lot of time, seriously. For example, lets say I wanted to truly see if there is a need to “break-in” a Lipo. IMO, that would take at least a sample size of 10, meaning I’d be doing some sort of break in method on 10 packs, while also testing control packs that were not broken in, just run normally for comparison. Lets say during the break-in process you are only using 1 or 2C charge rates, so that’s between 35-70 minutes charge time per pack, and lets say you are only discharging at 2-5C (12-30 minutes per pack) during the break in process. And lets say we test them out to 100 cycles to measure long term effects. You can do the math here, even if using 5 chargers (and dischargers) you are looking at hundreds of hours here.

Now I’ve seen a bunch of rocket surgeons who absolutely cry up and down that you must “break-in” a Lipo pack. But… out of all those guys, I’ve yet to see any of them show scientific proof that indeed it results in higher voltage, longer run-times, or longer cycle life. Some of them may post a few discharge graphs here or there, but only of small sample sizes (like 2), and they never show graphs of their “broken in” packs compared to control samples. Oh and they never show this data out to a bunch of cycles, like 100+. As stated earlier, it takes a lot of time to do these things, so I certainly don’t blame them for not doing extensive testing, however they shouldn’t be shoving the “you gotta break-in your Lipo” propaganda down peoples throats unless they honestly know it’s worth the time and effort.

What I do know from first hand experience is this- your Lipo’s are only good for a certain amount of cycles, the more cycles you use “breaking them in”, the fewer you will have for actual driving.

So… to get down to your original question, “what is the best way to break-in a Lipo?”. I personally wouldn’t waste my time until it has been proven to be worth it. But… if I had a gun to my head and was forced to break some in, I’d recommend three cycles at a 1C charge and 2C discharge. This method wouldn’t waste much time, it wouldn’t put much strain on the pack, and well, I’m just making this up, so why not.

But seriously, some day when I come up with a couple hundred hours to play with, I’m firing up the CBA and truly finding out if “breaking in” a Lipo is worth it.

So “Santa” brought my youngest son a new Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 this Christmas. And, after being away from RC for 20 years I have been plunged back into the hobby head first trying to learn about brushless, lipo, etc… Along with the technology advances this ride has 3 gear difs, which of course you know (saw the review), and I have been battling trying to get him a set up that will drive through
the corners.

My question pertains to gear dif set ups as I believe this will be the key to making this thing work. What are the typical effects of stiffer/looser difs in both front and rear of 4wd buggies? I noticed in the review you only added dif oil to the center, why? I have been given a couple of different ideas and feel a little confused about it. Also, with the center dif is there any great effect to the front or rear by heavier or lighter there? Thanks for the help!!

Mark S.

Cubby- Yo hey what’s up Mark, be sure and shoot Brian your snail mail so he can totally hook ya up with an uber BSRC sticker pack. Oh and hey, hope you are having a blast with your new K-car, the DBX is an animal no doubt.

Why did we put oil in the center diff of our Kyosho DBX buggy? Putting oil in the center diff ensures more power makes it to the unloaded end of the buggy. For example, if there is no oil in the center diff, every time you punch the throttle the buggy will tend to lift the front end, and once the front tires leave terra-firma all the power would get transfered to them, which of course does no good because they are in the air. Putting oil in the center diff helps to transfer more power to the rear wheels that are still on the ground where it can actually be used.

There is of course a major downside to running too heavy of center diff oil- jumping. Lets say you were to lock the center diff in your Kyosho. When jumping your buggy would be extra sensitive to throttle and brake inputs, making it harder to jump. A vehicle with a properly set-up center diff is easier to jump than anything else, easier than any 2wd, and easier than a 4wd with no center diff.

About oil in the front and rear diffs- to really boil it down for bashing, the heavier the oil you use, the less “traction” that end will have. For example, lets say you are having massive over-steer and you are looking to tame the steering down a bit- you would put heavier oil in the front. Lets say the rear of your buggy is sliding all over the place and you would like to have it more planted- install lighter oil.

As far as a set-up that will be easier for your son to drive- that depends a lot on his driving style. Many new drivers put too much steering input into the transmitter, resulting in them over-steering and darting all over the place. Taking out some steering, whether it be with heavier front diff oil, heavier front springs, or simply turning down the amount of steering on the transmitter (or a combo of all of the above), can help these drivers. However, some new drivers have a hard time steering because they never lift off the gas and push going into corners. Taking out steering won’t help these drivers, only learning some throttle control will.

That’s it for this week folks, submit your questions, answers, and whatever else is oozing from those sic brains of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your email makes the big time you get free stickers, if I deem yours as “letter of the month” we’ll totally hook ya up with one of the new BSRC t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Team Durango Gear Differential For DESC210, DEST210R, DEX210
Whether you are looking for an extra tuning option or for a diff that doesn’t require quite as much attention, the new gear differential from Durango for their 210 series of vehicles will come in handy. This new Team Durango gear diff comes with precision machined gear internals and even comes with a custom fit diff case. You can tune the Durango gear diff by putting in different oils and the part number is #TD210034. Street price is $30 and they are available right now for your driving pleasure. Hit up the official Durango Website for more information.

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Pro-Line ION 2.2" Off-Road Buggy
One of Pro-Line’s most popular indoor clay tires, the Ion, has proven itself time after time on 8th scale buggy’s and SCT’s. Recently the good guys over at Pro-line announced they are now making the Ion for 10th scale 4wd buggy’s. They are now making them for both the rear #8222-17 and for the front #8223-17, and they come in Pro-Line’s MC (Clay) tire compound.

Expect a street price of around $15 per pair, and you can get more information by visiting Pro-Line’s official Website. Hit up THIS link for even more Pro-Line news right here on BigSquidRC.

Horizon Hobby

The folks from Horizon Hobby have started to tease us with a completely brand new product line! They posted a short teaser video, with the text “Adventure Driven” next to a pile of rocks that makes up some sort of logo. There is also a date 1-30-2013, which coincides with the German Toy show in Nuremberg. And yes, we will have complete coverage of that show! So stay tuned for that.

We discussed it a little bit on our last Big Squid RC Live Show, and we have confirmed that this is a new surface line from Horizon, so we are all excited to see what they have for us!

Check out the video for yourself here:

Of course we will have more details as they become available. Need more Horizon News? Hit that link.

[Update: Live show is over, but check out the replay above.]

Hey everyone, we are getting ready for Big Squid RC Live! We start at 9pm CST 10pm cst.

Join us won’t you? It’s Big Squid RC Live #9! We take questions from our fans live in the chat box, discuss that hottest RC news of the moment, and all sorts of other surprises.

Today’s show is sponsored byDuratrax Onyx Chargers! And we are giving away an Onyx 235 Charger!! Watch live and make sure you are in the CHAT window to qualify to win.

Team Orion Carbon Pro 8000 90C
The guys over at Team Orion have a new Lipo that is quite interesting- you can get it with two pairs of 12 gauge wire that terminates in a Dean’s, or you can get it with four 4mm bullet outputs. Orion states that this helps lower resistance, thus giving you more power. Another interesting feature of their latest pack is its capacity- 8000 mah from a standard ROAR form factor (138mm x 46mm x 24mm), to give you more run-time. Part numbers for the Orion Carbon Pro 2S 8000 mah 90C Lipo packs are #ORI14056 for bullets and #ORI14057 for Deans.

No word on a street price or release date yet, but you can hit up the official Orion Website for more information. For more Orion news on BigSquidRC, HERE is the link you want.

Elangears Dual R-X2 AC/DC Charger
The new entries coming into the battery charger wars never seem to end, and one of the latest is an offering from Elangears. Elangears is quite popular in Europe, and their R-X2 Dual AC/DC Charger should be a hit. The R-X2 does up to 15 amps on one channel and 10 amps on the other, and it features a 7 amp maximum discharge rate. The built in power supply keeps you from having to lug around an extra piece of equipment, and its built in USB port comes in handy for charging mobile devices. Hit up the official Elangears Website for more information.

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Team Orion Advantage One 406 AC/DC charger
The latest battery charger from Team Orion is their Advantage One 406. The 406 can charge up to 6 amps and is capable of charging Lipo, NiMH, and NiCd cells. Some of its other features are-

* 2-4S Lipo
* 1-8 Cells NiMH/NiCd
* .1 to 6 amp charge rate
* Length: 135mm
* Width: 125mm
* Height: 53.3mm
* Weight: 399g
* Part #ORI30221

Hit up the official Team Orion Website for more information, and click HERE for more Orion news right here on BigSquidRC.

BigSquidRC LIVE Show
Join us tonight at 9 PM CST for our BigSquidRC LIVE show. There is a big new product release being announced later this afternoon that we’ll be going over, as well as our normal rc bench racing. All you have to do to watch is look at the post at the top of our front page at 9 PM. And who knows, we just might have a couple of surprises for you tonight. :)

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carisma m40dt ready-set
The very latest from Carisma is their new M40DT off road truck. As you can see from the pictures, it’s made for some rough and tumble off road action, and styled like a tough off road truck. While Carisma is known for their small scale offerings, the M40DT is a 10th scale, meaning the extra size will come in handy in really rough conditions. Here are some of its features-

* 10th scale 4wd Desert Truck
* Readyset/RTR
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* 540 Brushless powered
* Oil shocks front and rear
* High traction tires
* Metal gear differentials
* High impact front and rear bumpers
* Not included- 7.2 volt batter and charger
* Part #70268

No word on pricing or a release date, but for more information on their other products hit up the official Carisma Website.

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