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Archive for February, 2013

thunder tiger emta monster truck

We just got word that the Thunder Tiger eMTA 8th Scale Brushless Monster Truck is heading to the USA! Woo Hoo! We have had our fingers crossed about this one for a while. We posted a bunch of details HERE about it, then even a video of it in action HERE!

Looks like it’s going to run around $499. Stay tuned for more news on this truck when we get our hands on it!
Stock Numbers are:
TTRD8111 for Red
TTRD8112 for Yellow
TTRD8113 for Blue

Might want to start saving up for some 6S Lipos!

Need more Thunder Tiger News hit that link for all the latest from Big Squid RC.

integy winch
 Integy has a new scale winch for scale crawlers! The winch features a machined billet case, realistic cable, metal hook, outboard pre-wired toggle switch, and an optional wireless remote. The winch is available in black, green, gunmetal, red, or silver to match your rig. It costs about $40 which by the looks of it will be worth it.

There aren’t many companies that sell scale winches so its nice to see Integy stepping up and putting out some competition! The part number for the winch is INTC24659 and the number for the optional wireless remote is C24659.

You can checkout Integy’s site for more info here HERE.

Want to see more cool Integy news on Big Squid? Follow this link.

Team Azarashi Redseal Buggy
Team Azarashi have released a photo of their new prototype Redseal 10th scale 2wd off-road buggy. As we’ve seen over the last couple of years, 2wd buggies have remained strong at local tracks and a multitude of companies have been putting out new cars for the class. Overseas Azarashi is known for their lexan bodies and uber Grayseal 4wd buggy conversion, the Redseal should make an impressive addition to their product line-up.

As of this time there are no plans for the Redseal to come to the states, but you can check out all of Team Azarashi’s trick products (in English) by hitting THIS link.

Have you read out latest transmitter shootout? You can check it out HERE.


“Scale” short course comments

As a long time – 30 years – RC enthusiast and racer, I feel that you guys are way off the mark with your “scale” comments lately regarding short course. The class will never grow if we don’t move it more and more towards performance. We cannot go back to Slashes and hard “realistic” tires. Do that, and the best selling RC kits in a long time will wither and die.
Also – dish wheels are not only scale and realistic – they look cool.
Tony F.

Cubby- Yo hey Tony, thanks for the email and congrats, I’ve just proclaimed yours as “letter of the month”, thereby entitling you to a free (and quite uber) BigSquidRC t-shirt. Be sure and shoot Brian your snail mail and shirt size so he can hook ya up.

Don’t ya just love America? The land where everyone can have their very own opinion, one that can never be swayed.

There is a reason why DE Racing and JConcepts are selling “dish” short course rims, people like you Tony. You dig that look and that is totally your right, it’s part of the beauty of America.

However… my view is different than yours. I regularly “quiz” muggles on things like “How does this truck look to you?”, and I’ve found they immediately warm-up to a scale looking SCT, and come up with some pretty baffling answers when shown an 8th scale buggy or 10th scale “stadium truck”. It only goes to reason that if most “outsiders” find SCT’s attractive and inviting then that’s what we should be racing.

And… going to scale looking tires has absolutely nothing to do with going to a rock hard compound tire. On the full scale side of things, I don’t know if you’ve held a full scale SCT race tire in your hands lately, I have, and I can assure you
it was not composed of a rock hard compound. On the small scale side of things, a tire in M4 compound doesn’t “look” any less scale than one molded in the rock hard stock Traxxas compound.

On that subject, do you think it’s impossible to have a great performing rc tire in a “scale” tread? I can tell you from first hand experience that the stock tires on the Axial EXO Terra Buggy are phenomenal. They provide great mechanical grip on blue groove and drive like champs out in the fluff. Nobody talks about the EXO tires because they are rarely raced, but I’ve driven them on well over a dozen tracks from coast to coast, and while they do not give quite the traction of the preferred tire at each track, they are Amazing on a wide variety of surfaces. Given some development time I have no doubt that a company like Pro-Line could put out scale looking tires that would amaze you. Based on this I see absolutely no reason why scale looking tires are not mandatory in the SCT and SCB classes.

You say “The class will never grow if we don’t move it more and more towards performance.”. Here I think you sound like some sort of hard-core long time rc racer. Racing isn’t about knocking tenths off the track record, it’s about beating the guys you lined up against. Rc racing is horrible about it all being about knocking out faster lap times at any cost, not about actual competition, and really that’s one of the many reasons rc racing has become the joke that it has. And you say you’ve been in the hobby for “30 years”, but if you actually knew anything about rc racing you’d know that faster does not mean more fun or higher turnouts, far from it.

Lastly… you mention that dish wheels look realistic? Realistic to what, cars running on the Bonneville Salt Flats? In case you’ve never seen a full scale SCT wheel/tire combo in real life, HERE are three pictures. The pics are representative of what every truck in the TORC and LOORRS series are running. The photos were taking by me at a TORC race last season and I can absolutely assure you I didn’t PS them to remove a dish (LOL). If you still think I’m full of it simply Google Image search “TORC Racing” and see how long it takes before the first “dish” wheel pops up.

And finally… have you ever thought about what you can do for your hobby? Just because you can run UFO looking dish wheels on your SCT does that mean you should? How many muggles see you driving/racing each year? Do you want to leave them with the impression “OMG what the hell are those things?” or would you rather leave them with “OMG those trucks looked awesome!”?

Hey Cubby, I have a question to you I have an hpi blitz with all stock.. im looking
to upgrade it with a brushless system Im thinking about buying the castle creations
sv2 4600 So here is my question: Can I use this brushless system with the stock hpi
radio and receiver??
Thanks! (no name given)

Cubby- Hello Mr No Name. I’m about all written out after Tony’s email so I’ll keep it brief. Yes, a Castle system will work with your stock HPI radio gear, but I’d recommend the 3800kv SCT system for your Blitz. Why? Because it has a bit more torque and it’s a lower kv, meaning it’ll be easier to gear properly, it will run cooler, and it’ll have more low end snap.

That’s it for this week folks, shoot me your questions, answers, comments and various rants to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. Get free stuff (read stickers) when your email hits the big time, and maybe even win a free t-shirt if your email is extra kick-a$$.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Hey everyone, welcome to tonight’s show!! We go live around 9pm CST, so if you are not seeing a video below, that means we have not started yet, hang tight, it will be starting soon.

As soon as the show is over, you can catch the replay right here, or over our YouTube Channel.

As always, we will be discussing all sorts of the latest RC news like the R.O.A.R lawsuit, our Quadcopter Shootout, some new releases, as well as taking questions LIVE from our viewers in the chat box below! Half the fun of the show is chatting below and asking us stuff, so make sure you sign in! Who knows, you may win something!

Special thanks to Duratrax for beign this evening’s sponsor!

Traxxas Battery Charger AccessoriesTraxxas has just announced some new battery charger accessories to go with your Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus (or other compatible chargers).

Pictured to the left is the new Traxxas XH Balance Board for making sure your Lipo batteries get an optimal charge. The part number is #2947 and it has a retail price of $10.

Pictured below are the Traxxas #2946 charge lead, retail price $6 and the new Traxxas Temp Sensor. Part number for the temp sensor is #2928 and it has a retail price of $11.

For more information on these and other fine Traxxas products hit up their official Website.

Looking for more Traxxas news? We have loads more right HERE.

bigsquidrc live show
Tonight at 9 PM CST we’ll be doing another one of our LIVE shows. We’ll be going over the rc news and taking all your rc questions so feel free to check out it. Will Cubby be making an appearance? Will Jeff be in his living room or his bathroom? Will Brian be giving away more free stuff? Will the wall behind Craig still be green? What will Adam being eating? Tune in LIVE to find out, all you have to do to watch is view our front page.

Click HERE to view previous BSRC LIVE shows.

Kyosho Space Ball
Do not let Cubby get a hold of one of these. The Kyosho Space Ball Flying Sphere is for you guys that like flying into walls, furniture, people, or simply like playing demo-derby in the air. The Space Ball uses a cage to protect all the vital operating parts so you can pretty much slam into anything and live to fly another day. Two unique features are its “aroma function” that can let off a scent while it flies (I can only image what Cubby would put in there), and it has an LED light to help you with orientation (which way is forward on the stick in relation to the sphere). Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Colors: black, orange
* 360-degree flight
* 3ch control, infrared handheld controller
* Size: 200 x 200 x 200mm
* Durable design
* Flight time: roughly 5 minutes
* Charging time: roughly 50 minutes
* Li-Po battery for Space Ball
* 6 AA batteries for controller

Expect a street price of around $70 and they are available here in the States. To view all of Kyosho’s products HERE is the link to their official website. Hit up THIS link for more Kyosho news right here on BigSquidRC.

Check out the video below to see the Space Ball in action!

Trinity Sues ROARAfter a recent ROAR ruling banning the previously legal Trinity D3.5 17.5 turn brushless motor (also known as WireGate on the forums), Trinity have just announced they (along with Fantom Racing, EAM, and Putnam Propulsion) are bringing a class action lawsuit against the sanctioning body. Here is the press release from Trinity-

It is with great regret that I must inform the racing community that lawsuits have been filed against R.O.A.R. this morning the 26th day of February 2013 in the State of Florida. Case # CA-13-976-16W and ROAR and Plaintiffs to appear before Judge Dickey for resolution. A class-action suit pending involving Trincorp, EAM, Fantom Motors and Putnam Propulsion is now in place with the Court System and will have to be defended. We as a group have done everything in our power to negotiate with ROAR, asking for a time period for new specifications using this new protocol testing to allow time for manufacturer’s and consumers to adjust to their new protocol yet using the same vague rules but we were denied! Our goals are to protect our good names and our customer base from purchasing new motors for a season that has not ended due to the precocious and what we feel irresponsible behavior of ROAR to change the “testing protocol” which has been used for over 30 years, terminate both Independent Labs, keep a rule “with no maximum tolerance listed in the rule and be arrogant enough to still leave it “as is” have left us no alternative at all than to allow a “fair and equitable” court system to decide the “fate” of all involved with the D3.5/17.5 it’s customers both National and International and it’s race organizers and promoters.

We look forward to a reasonable and quick decision by the Court so we can all get back to enjoy racing the way it should be. We also hope that the Executive Committee of ROAR can see and understand the misfortunes of this case and the wrongful action by a select few of their own and rectify this situation as quickly as possible to restore the “independent and equitable atmosphere” ROAR should exhibit to all it’s members and affiliates will ultimately restore the confidence again to the ‘buying public”. It is obvious that ROAR holds a great responsibility not only in rule-making but also in confidence for consumers to purchase products on their approval which is why rescinding an approval after 10 months (when there was no change in the motor) for the personal gain of some of it’s directors and or manufacturer’s they are aligned makes the action of ROAR so profound and must be heard in a court of law!


Ernest N. Provetti
Managing Director

We will be bringing you more information as we receive it, until then HERE is the link for Trinity, and click HERE for ROAR’s website.


We have been getting so many people asking us what our thoughts are on the ‘best rc quad’ lately. Mostly they have been looking for answers on the micro or mini quadcopters, so we decided it was time to sit down and get some true answers. We have reviewed all the quads, but as we have found out in the past, a direct comparison can be a real eye opener!

Participating in this shootout was the Traxxas QR-1, Ares Ethos QX 75, and Heli-Max 1SQ. All are similar in size, priced pretty close and released recently.

So what are you waiting for, click here and go read our First Quadcopter Shootout!

Atomik RC 36” P1 Brushless Racing Boat
Atomik RC has just announced the follow up to their very popular King of Shaves and it is called the 36″ P1 Racing Boat. The new deep-v P1 was designed for awesome scale looks and to be a great performer on the water. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Fiberglass Composite Hull with scale graphics
* Secured top hatch with pin and Neodymium magnets
* CNC machined aluminum adjustable drive with ball bearings and drive angle markings
* CNC machined aluminum motor and servo mounts
* Composite nylon propeller
* Laser cut and sealed plywood battery tray with integrated receiver mount
* Laser cut and sealed plywood boat stand
* Hull Length: 31.25 in. (794mm)
* Beam: 7.25 in. (184mm)
* Overall Height: 4.6 in. (117mm)
* Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.54kg)
* Radio: Atomik 3-Ch 2.4Ghz Transmitter
* Motor: V500 2600kv Marine Brushless Motor
* ESC: Atomik Pro-Marine Brushless 60AMP ESC
* Battery: Suggested-3S 11.1V 5400mah LiPO (VEN-1581)
* Prop: 3 Blade Composite Propeller
* Part #18002

Retail price for the new P1 is $450 and you can get more information about all of Atomik’s fine products on their Official Website.

Looking for more Atomik news? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

Atomik™ Barbwire 17” RTR Brushless RC Boat
The 17″ Barbwire RTR is one of the latest and greatest boats from the guys over at Atomik RC. The Barbwire was created to be a slightly smaller version of Atomik’s larger V hulls and to offer strong brushless performance in an affordable RTR package. Some of the features and specifications of the Barbwire include-

* Self Righting Deep V Hull Design
* Ready-To-Run
* Included 2-Channel 2.4GHz Tx/Rx
* Included Venom 2s 1250mAh LiPO Battery
* Included Venom 2-3 Cell Balance Charger
* Nylon gasket sealed hatch
* Three Blade Nylon Prop
* Adjustable Trim Tabs and Turn Fins for easy tuning
* Age Rating: 14+ with adult supervision
* Hull Length: 16.5 in (420 mm)
* Beam: 4.75 in (120 mm)
* Weight: .92 lbs (415 g) w/o Battery
* Motor: Water-Cooled 3300Kv Brushless Outrunner
* Speed Controller: 20A Water-Cooled Brushless ESC
* Transmitter: 2-Channel 2.4Ghz Tx/Rx
* Battery: Venom 10C 2S 1250mAh 7.4V LiPO
* Charger: Venom 2-3 Cell Balance LiPO Charger
* Part #18004

Retail price for the Barbwire is only $150 and you can get more information at the official Atomik RC Website.

Thinking about getting a new boat this spring? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.


New from Flyzone is the Tidewater EP Seaplane video. you get a chance to get some info and details about the plane as well as see it in action. This is one of those times, where if I had some actual ‘flying skills’ I think it would be really cool to fly one of these.

Check out the video below.

Looking for more RC Plane News?