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Atomik RC Transmitter Bags for Traxxas TQ TQi

Atomik RC Transmitter Bags for Traxxas TQ and TQi

A good transmitter bag comes in quite handy, they help keep your transmitter clean, they can help pad your transmitter when chucking it into the back of your truck, and they can act as a “catch all” bag for tools, glow plugs, etc. The crew over at Atomik RC have just announced custom formed transmitter bags for both the Traxxas [...]


Cubby at quadcopter shootout

THE Cub Report, 02.25.2013, Version- THE Fig Leaf Edition

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another week in the wonderful world of hobby grade rc. Whether you work at a manufacture or an LHS, or you are simply a hardcore enthusiast, I hope you have a great week. Brian’s favorite Supercross rider (lol), James “Bubba” Stewart, took the win last night (Saturday) in Hotlanta. Using his proven recipe of “holeshot [...]


Steerix rc STRX-9 Micro RC Speedboat

Steerix RC STRX-9 Micro RC Speedboat

The days are getting longer and warmer, it won’t be long until it is boat season. The crew over at Steerix RC have just announced a new micro sized rc speedboat called the STRX-9. The STRX-9 is a great boat for the first timer and comes with a very attractive price point. Some of the main features and specifications of [...]


Vaterra Kalahari Review

Vaterra Kalahari 14th Scale 4wd Desert Raider Review

THE Vaterra Kalahari 14th Scale 4wd Desert Raider ReviewVaterra is the newest name in the rc game and today we’ll be taking a closer look at their Kalahari 14th Scale Desert Raider. The Kalahari comes with detailed scale looks, a brushless power system, and Spektrum 2.4 GHz radio gear, all the makings of a great bash machine. How does the [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 02.22.2013, Version- A Day Late But Better…

Hello, sorry I didnt know who else to ask, so maybe you know. Will the carisma M10DT volkswagon beetle desert edition come to the U.S? I sure hope so, it really looks sick.Thanks for your time, oh I love your website. JA Sugar Cubby– Hey what’s up Sugar? The Carisma crew has introduced a bunch of new trucks lately, all of them look [...]


The Cliche RC Action Chase Video

If you haven’t caught the awesome rc video going around called “The Cliche RC Action Chase” you should really check it out. It was very well done, and much better than a few we have seen lately. We have been wanting to do one of these ourselves for a while, but just haven’t had the time. Which reminds me, we [...]


Kershaw HPI Savage Flux 5SC Chassis

Kershaw Designs HPI Savage Flux 5SC Chassis

The crew over at Kershaw Designs are known for coming up with innovative and affordable large scale products. Their latest creation, a new chassis for the HPI Savage Flux 5SC, is a good example of their creativity. The new Kershaw 5SC chassis is designed to not only be stronger than stock, but to also allow the use of larger motors [...]


RC4WD Armageddon Hydraulic Dump Truck

RC4WD 1/14th Scale 4×8 Armageddon Hydraulic Dump Truck

Scale realism is great for our hobby and one of the leaders in putting out scale looking product is RC4WD. Their latest product, the 14th Scale 4×8 Armageddon Hydraulic Dump Truck, is an outstanding example of just how cool scale appearance can be. The Armageddon is styled after a European dump truck and is engineered to be tough as nails. [...]


Hobbico/Great Planes Exclusive Distributor for HPI Racing

Official HPI Racing Press Release Announcing Great Planes Ex…

We were the first to break the news a few weeks ago on our Google Plus show, Cubby then talked a little about all the details we had. Then again when all the other websites were claiming HPI was bought, we assured people that it wasn’t the case. HPI has now confirmed what we have been saying all along since [...]


Duratrax Camaro ZL1 .18 Nitro 2.4GHz RTR

Duratrax Camaro ZL1 4wd .18 Nitro 2.4GHz RTR

Duratrax is a favorite among the basher crowd and they’ve just announced a new and very scale realistic Camaro ZL1 Nitro RTR. Combine the very realistic Camaro body with features like a .18 nitro engine and 2.4 GHz radio gear and it looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of these at our local bash spot this [...]


2013 XRAY XB9 1/8th Scale Buggy

XRay 2013 Spec XB9 Nitro 8th Scale Off-Road Buggy

XRay sent out teaser information on their 2013 spec XB9 8th Scale Buggy at the first of the year, now they’ve released full information and photo’s. The 2013 XB9 is a culmination of years of testing and research, surely it will go down as one of the most elite 8th scale racers ever produced. The changes for the 2013 XB9 include- * [...]


Pro-Line Pro-Cap 17mm Wheel Nuts

Pro-Line Pro-Cap 17mm Wheel Nuts

Have you ever noticed the wheel nuts for your 8th scale buggy tend to “go missing” a lot at the track? They either go flying off your wheel at 30,000 rpm down the main straight (never to be found again) or one of your racing buddies like to “permanently borrow” them. Pro-Line has some good news for you, they have [...]


Pro-Line Desert Militia Truck for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo

It’s awesome to see Pro-Line coming out with some new original bodies! Their latest is the Desert Militia for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo. Similar to their Rat Rod body, the Desert Militia body is going to have people dusting off their 1/16th scales and show them off with a whole new look! I can’t wait to see the hardcore [...]


Pro-Line Rat Rod Body for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo

Pro-Line caused a serious stir among the rc community earlier in the week when they teased a picture of their upcoming Rat Rod body for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo. It was cool to see Pro-Line take a small step from their normal stuff and put out such a cool scale looking body. Painting the tires to look like white walls [...]


Adam The Intern BigSquidRC LIVE Show Google +

Big Squid RC Live – Show #13

Welcome to tonight’s show! We go live around 9pm CST, so if you are not seeing a video below, that means we have not started yet, hang tight, it will be starting soon. As soon as the show is over, you can catch the replay right here, or over our YouTube Channel. Tonight we will be discussing all sorts of the [...]