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Archive for February, 2013

PROTOform PFL128 PRO-Lite 8th Scale Nitro On-Road Clear Body
PROTOform has just announced their newest body, the PFL128 clear body for 8th scale nitro on-road cars. The PFL128 takes some of its styling cues from one of the new LMP2 full scale race cars and was designed with proper air management and body rigidity in mind. Some of the primary features and specifications for the PFL128 include-

* Made with Genuine .025 (lightest weight) Lexan®
* Fits all IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR body specs
* EFRA LEGAL #31531
* Revised molded-in stiffening contours
* Latest in aerodynamic features and contemporary LMP2 styling
* Length: 19.8″ (503mm)
* Width: 10.6″ (270mm)
* Wheel Base: 11.5″ (293mm)
* Part #1533-25 .025 (also available in Lite .030 and regular .040 weights)

The newest PROTOform should have a street price of right around $37 and you can click over to the official PROTOform Website for more information.

Interested in more news from PROTOform? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

THE Cub Report QuadcopterHey guys, welcome to THE Cub Report, your weekly dose of rc bench racing and shoot’n the rc bull.

25 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes until the cars roll off in Melbourne, “sigh”. It seems like it takes forever for the F1 season to get started.

The “big” story from Dallas last night (Saturday) was why rookie Honda/Geico rider Zach Bell was allowed to race after literally crashing his brain out in his qualifier. Bell’s crash in his qual was one of the worst crashes I’ve ever seen (massive face plant after a triple), and from my big-screen it looked like he was knocked unconscious. Yes, racing is important, but not as important as actually breathing, remembering your name, etc. Seeing crashes like that (and Bell’s other big crash in the main) makes me feel good that I’m only climbing drivers stands now days, not swing’n a leg over a 450.

And on to rc…

WireGate 2013 rages on, last week Jeff from Fantom sent out another response to the ROAR banning of Trinity D3.5 based 17.5 motors. It seems Fantom sent out a wire sample to an independent lab who used a Smart Scope MVP OGP and it was determined the diameter of the wire was .031556″ (.8015 mm). ROAR posted a now infamous pic showing they measured .84173 mm. One of the two doesn’t know how to measure the diameter of a piece of wire, and at this point it doesn’t really matter who, Trinity is the big winner here regardless of how thick the wire might or might not be. Congrats ROAR, the exposure you’ve given Trinity on this one is priceless.

In more rc news…

It seems a lot of consumers believe that the Champaign based behemoth Hobbico has “bought” HPI USA. We first “broke” the news a few weeks ago during one of our Google+ LIVE shows, but the news is that Hobbico/Great Planes is the exclusive distributor for HPI in North America, not that they own the entire HPI USA company. We’ve spoken to multiple Hobbico people at length (in person) on the subject and they assure us they did NOT buy HPI USA, they simply bought up their inventory and got exclusive distribution rights. It sounded like HPI USA was having some financial ills so Hobbico stepped in and bought their inventory to shore them back up. That is the official word right now folks, but we can expect to learn more on March 1st when the “official” PR goes out.


Last week we posted our BigSquidRC Transmitter Shootout #2. If you haven’t checked it out HERE is the link. We certainly dig shootouts as we feel they are the best way of truly finding out how a product stacks up. Who won? The Futaba? One of the Turnigy’s? The Spektrum? Hit the link!

We’ve been working on a Quadcopter Shootout for some time now. We grabbed the Traxxas, HeliMax and Ares quads and have been bashing them like escaped mental patients (all in the name of science of course, LOL). We finished up our testing at Slot and Wing Hobbies in Champaign Illinois on Saturday. Our categories were- 1. Price, 2. Looks, 3. Durability, 4. Payload, 5. Ease of Flying, 6. Run-time, and 7. Features. The quadcopter shootout goes up Tuesday February 26th, even if you are a surface guy you’ll have a blast reading this one.


Another big week here on BigSquidRC, we’ll be posting our review of the Vaterra Kalahari and TrakPower DPS power supply (plus another surprise review), we’ll be posting all sorts of cool rc news during the week, and of course we’ll be talk’n the rc smack on our BigSquidRC LIVE Google+ show at 9 pm CST on Wednesday night.

That’s it for this week guys, have a fantastic week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when you can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

We are still here at Slot and Wing Hobbies in Champaign Il. and most of the testing we wanted to do is now finished. So now it’s time for the fun stuff! We are going to have a little demolition derby… Quad Style!

Turns out they are very difficult to crash into each other. As soon as you get the prop wash from the other, your out of control. lol.

Check the video below, it will either be LIVE or the Youtube replay.

Today we are hanging out at one of our favorite hobby shops, Slot and Wing Hobbies in Champaign Il. We are testing some products and working on a upcoming shootout. We will be broadcasting LIVE now and then, so if you see a video linked below, click on it and check it out.

THE Vaterra Kemora 14th Scale 4wd Brushless Rally Car Review

Vaterra Kemora 4wd Brushless Rally Car Review

Vaterra made quite an impression when they introduced their entirely new line-up of vehicles at Nuremberg a couple of weeks ago. People went gaga over their uber scale looks and impressive specs. For our first Vaterra review we’ve been thrashing the heck out of the Kemora, a 14th scale rally car. Vaterra is a brand aimed right at bashers, what kind of first impression have they left on the BigSquidRC Bash Crew? Read on to find out…


Carisma GT16MB Desert Beetle
Check out the latest from the crew at Carisma- the GT16MB Volkswagen Desert Beetle Wide Edition. The Bug comes with a nicely detailed scale looking body and big tires for going off-road. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 4WD
* 2.4G Radio
* Carisma Brushless System
* Full Assembled
* Ready to Run
* Oil shocks
* Officially Licensed body
* Gear diffs
* 370 brushless motor
* Front and rear bumpers
* High traction tires
* 6 cell battery pack
* Part #57268

We have not received any pricing information, but the anticipated release date is sometime this summer. Unfortunately we have not heard if the GT16MB will be available here in the states. Head over to the Carisma Website for more information on this and all their other new products.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, why not go for it and click a TGIF Mystery Link?

Check out the video below to see the new Carisma GT16MG in action.

Ken Block WR8 FLUX HPI Europe Video

HPI Racing has just released a new video of their Ken Block WR8 FLUX in some wild action at their European warehouse. Watch the video to see not only some sweet drift action, but also what rc is all about, having some good old fashioned fun. Don’t forget to check out the HPI Website for more information on all their products.

While you are surfing the web today, why not check out a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link?

THE Radient Origin AC/DC Battery Charger Review

Radient Origin Battery Charger Review

Every day more and more people make the jump into the wonderful world of hobby grade rc’s. Most of these people end up walking out the hobby shop door with a RTR and low-end Ni-MH battery. New people to the hobby don’t really need some high-zoot uber charger, they need a charger that is easy to use with enough power to get the job done. Today we are taking a closer look at such a charger, the Radient Origin. Is the Origin easy for a noob to use? Can it stand up to the day-to-day beating of a basher? Most importantly, is it worth the cash? Read on and find out…


JConcepts Finnisher 1/8th Wing
JConcepts has a new rear wing for 8th scale buggy’s called the Finnisher. This wing has an adjustable gurney and comes with radical new styling to make your buggy stand out in a crowd. Some of its other features include-

* JConcepts high-attack, V-angle Finnisher design
* Radical, edgy design which compliments, Finnisher and Silencer body designs
* Screw-in type and body-clip type wing button choices
* Blue anodized aluminum washer for screw-in wing button
* Gurney and winglet options with hardware
* Die-cut decal sheet for ultimate looks, performance and ease of use
* Light-weight design and materials
* Pre-dimpled markings for 6 popular vehicles with instruction sheet
* Part number #0128 (plus W for white, B for Black, or Y for Yellow)

Expect a street price of right around $18 and you can get more information on the official JConcepts Blog.

Another work week is in the books, how about trying a TGIF Mystery Link?


Hey guys I check your site quite often for great reviews on new RC vehicles etc. I am in the market wanting to buy an electric 1/8th scale basher and when I saw the new Thunder Tiger E-MTA I fell in love. This is what I want to get. Do you guys know where I might possibly be able to get it as I am unable to find any dealers in the US that has this. I don’t mind purchasing over seas but I need to find a hobby shop or store that has this baby in stock and can ship it to me. I am emailing you guys because I believe you did a review on this truck. I tried contacting Thunder Tiger America and the guy on the phone said he has never heard of this truck and doesn’t know what I am talking about. I found that to be a bit funny buy oh well. Hopefully you guys can help. Thanks.

Sujal P

Cubby- Hey ya Sujal, thanks for the email.

So where is the Thunder Tiger E-MTA? I have no idea, and I’m with ya that I’d reallyyyyy like to see it hit the states. For you readers who might not have heard of it, it’s a new brushless monster truck from Thunder Tiger that comes with extra sic suspension.

We posted information from the European press release a few months ago on the E-MTA and since then we have asked the Thunder Tiger guys if it would ever make it to the states. So far the info says no, so Sujal, if you really want a E-MTA (which will instantly make you the coolest guy at any bash spot in America) you will have to buy it from over-seas. And yo sorry, I’ve got zero leads for ya on tracking one down. I can only suggest that Google is your friend. Good luck and shoot us pics when/if you get one in your hands. Till then, we’ll keep bugging the TT people about importing them stateside.

This next one is a big long for the front page, so I’ll get it started here.. but you’ll need to hit the ‘READ MORE’ button for the rest and the answer..

Can we give up on RC racing EVER going mainstream?

I was REALLY bored the other night and read some old Cub reports. A consistent theme of those reports were your ideas to get RC racing mainstream such as DC shoes or Red Bull sponsorship. It got me thinking and below are my 10 reasons (in no order) RC racing will not go mainstream:

1. Size. Racing small several thousand dollar 8 lb vehicles on tracks not much larger than a studio apt compared to multi-million dollar race efforts in full size vehicles on full size tracks. Same reason 1/8th racing is more popular than 1/24th.

2. Injury risk. It’s sad but true that anticipation of crashes is a top attraction at racing events. RC racing – one of the racers goes down due to trigger finger cramping (the nefarious relative of arm pump)?

3. Crazy factor. In most forms of racing people watch and say “Wow, what they do is crazy.” RC racing doesn’t have that.


Racers Edge Twin400 Battery charger
The latest battery charger from Racers Edge boasts serious power and unique features. For power the new Twin400 can charge at up to 10 amps (200 watts) per channel. For unique features it has a small rack on top to place your batteries while charging, and it comes with a sturdy aluminum carry case for hauling it from track to track. Some of the Twin400′s other features and specifications include-

* DC Input: 12-18 volts
* Max Charge Power: 2 x 200 watts (up to 10 amps)
* Max. Discharge Power: 2 x 25 watts (up to 5 amps)
* Current Drain For Balancing: 200mA/cell
* NiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1 – 15cells
* LiPo/LiFe/LiIon Cell Count: 1 – 6cells
* Pb Battery Voltage: 2-20volts
* USB Port: 5volts – 1amp
* Display: Blue Backlit LCD
* Net Weight: 3.08 lbs
* Dimensions: 195mm x 92mm x 140mm
* Warranty: 5 year Manufacture Defect
* Part #RCESC2200

Expect a street price of $180 for the Twin400 and you can get more information at THIS link on the Racers Edge website.

Want to learn more about Racers Edge? Try THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

AKA Medium Black Closed Cell Inserts for 8th scale and short course trucks
AKA has some new medium density closed cell inserts for 8th scale buggy and short course trucks. These new inserts are fluted on the inside making them a bit softer and allows air to escape more easily through vent holes in your rim. The part number is #34001MFG and they have a price of $19 for a set of four. Check out the AKA Website for more information on these and all their other products.

Want to learn more about AKA? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line Teaser Rat Rod
Pro-Line Racing has long had the reputation of being an industry leader and of putting out only the trickest new gear. Pro-Line’s latest teaser picture has jaws dropping all around the BigSquidRC offices. The car pictured has a very trick looking scale body, big white wall tires, and an aggressive street stance, perfect for making a statement at the local bash spot. More information is coming soon, but until then hit up Pro-Line’s official Website to view all their other fine products.

Are you a big fan of Pro-Line? Find more Pro-Line news right HERE on BigSquidRC.