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Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra Boat
The latest boat from Aquacraft is a Mini Hydroplane called the GP-1 Ultra. What makes the GP-1 Ultra special is that it comes with brushless power and is Lipo ready right out of the box.

A 6-pole 2200kv inrunner and 30 amp watercooled speed controller provides the power on up to 3S lipo batteries, while a break-away rudder system prevents breakage when you hit those hidden treasures at your local lake. For size, the GP-1 Ultra has a hull length of 16.4″ and it weighs in at just 14.4 oz.

There are two versions of the GP-1 Ultra, the RTR (part #AQUB1820, street $179), and a receiver ready Rx-R (part #AQUB1821, street $139). The expected release date on both boats is later this month. For more information on everything Aquacraft check out their Official Website.

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