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ASK Cub Reporter- 01.26.2012- Wild Questions, Wacky Answers


could you maybe do a 3s lipo shootout, possibly 5000mah? and could you do a newer lipo charger shootout? and then maybe a 2.8 monster truck tire shootout?
Johnathon E.

Cubby– For you readers out there, here’s just a sample of a typical “Would you please do an x/y/z shootout?” email. I’ll take a guess and say we receive 20 or so of these a week. Btw, we welcome each one of these, our shootouts are worthless if we are doing the wrong ones.

So John, could we do a 3S 5000, newer charger, and 2.8 Monster Truck shootout? Sure we “can”, but will we? Well… you’ll definitely be seeing a another Lipo shootout from us in the near future. I hear we are going to see how the Traxxas Lipo’s stack up to the comp this time which should make for some interesting reading. 🙂

As far as another charger shootout… that one is still get’n pitched around the office, so I’ll give you a rock solid “maybe” on that one.

And lastly… while I’m not a Monster Trucker, a MT tire shootout sounds cool to me. Like… check’em to see which tire gives the best traction in mud, sand, pavement etc, and see which one lasts the longest etc. Sounds like a lot of fun to me, and hopefully very informative when finished, so who knows? Hit me back with a list of tires you’d like to see go head and head and we’ll see what we can pull off for ya.

hi guys i m from brasil,and my wife let me buy just one more rc….. i want this wiil be the best basher ,racer ,rtr. i think in this 3 models mt4 g3,hpi vorza,hpi savage flux. what do you think guys whats the better choice?
very thanks
Jonas T

Cubby– Thanks for the email Jonas, and I’m quite jealous you’re in Brazil this time of year.

First off, you wife doesn’t “let” you buy a new rc, you are a man therefore you go get what you want, when you want. When she comes home with with 3 pairs of new shoes you don’t complain, right? If she does have a problem with you buying a new rc car- come home with a new full size car the next time, that should help quiet her down a bit.

So you are gonna buy a new ride and your criteria are….
1. RTR
2. Best Basher/Racer’ between the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3, the HPI Vorza, and an HPI Savage Flux

This one is easy Jonas- While Thunder Tiger is the best basher of those three (IMO), the best basher/racer combined would have to go to the HPI Vorza. Why? The Vorza is a respectable bash machine, yet can throw down fast laps on the track. The Tiger Thunder owns the bashing arena, but would be several seconds a lap slower than the Vorza on the track. So go out and get yourself a new Vorza, it won’t disappoint. Put 4S in it if you are looking for really fast, go 6S if you are look’n for utterly stupid.
Very your welcome.

ECX Torment waterproofing

Hi, my name is Justin and i have an ECX Torment. My Torment is wonderful in every way but one. It isn’t waterproof. Now i know you guys do a lot of reviews and stuff but i was wondering if there was anyway to waterproof my truck. It isn’t very useful in the Chicago area in the winter because it would get wet and short circuit the esc and motor and other vital components. I was wondering if you could suggest anything that i could do to make it more waterproof. I really would like to drive it and not worry about it getting wet. Please email me back with idea’s or suggestions or solutions. Thank you
Justin F.

Cubby– Ya know Justin there are a lot of people in this predicament. Luckily Brian and Bill did a full write up on “Getting Ready for Winter Bashing”. Brian and Bill are both core bashers, so the article was written in a manner that (hopefully) everyone can easily understand and emulate. You can find this write-up in the HobbyTown USA on-line magazine called Hobby Outlook. HERE is the link, the article starts on page 18. If you follow the directions in our write-up your Torment will be ready for the worst conditions mother nature can throw at it.

But… personally I’d just run it without any prep. Why, LOL? Because it would give me the excuse to upgrade to new electronics as soon as the stock ones blow up. But that’s just the way I’m wired, LOL.

Either way, have fun with your Torment. Oh and Justin- I expect pics of your Torment buried in snow. 🙂

Your welcome.

That’s it for yet another uber edition of ASK Cubby. Shoot me your questions, answers, rants, pics, broken transmitters, bald tires, etc, to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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