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ASK Cub Reporter- 06.02.2011- Your Comments, My Jerky Boy Responses


I just purchased a Slash 4×4 ,sand tires and a 3lipo 11.1 to take to the beach and have some fun. I was driving it around and started to show off and gave it full throttle. It was doing a wheelie for about 100 yds then I let off the throttle. Started to drive the car back and it wasn’t working so well. I walked over to get it and I twisted the differential output yokes (6828) on the rear of my Slash. I was wondering if the steel drive shafts and out put yokes would work with the stock parts or do I need to upgrade some other parts.
Thank You
Jason H.

Cubby– Whoa, with a Slash 4wd on 3S and paddles you are planning on a lil’ more than just normal fun, you are planning on plain wicked azz gnarly roost action. But, as you already found out, with that uber adrenaline rush comes an awfully big load on your drive-train.

A lot of people have already experienced your pain with the Slash drive-train when used in heavy duty applications, so luckily for you the good guys over at Moore’s Ideal Products have a cure. You need MIP part number #10130. This replaces your stock plastic drive-shafts and output yokes with uber metal pieces and they are what it takes to live at the higher power (and traction) levels you are running. The MIP’s are the best on the market, and while they aren’t cheap (around $60), it’s money well spent. They’ll bolt right on very easily, then you can enjoy plenty of sand wheelie time until your power system starts to overheat. Then email me on how to keep your temps down. And yes, you’re welcome!

dear friends
I´m waiting arrive my evader dt and I have some a simple doubts about the rc:
– the original esc (sprint 2) accept 7,4v lipo pack? accept 11,1v lipo pack?
– the original differential and gears support a brushless motor? have all
metal gears to substitute?
thanks and sorry because my bad english!!
Lawrence M.
San Paulo, Brazil

Cubby– As DJ Lance Rock would say, “Hello friends!”. I am SOOOO Jealous of you. Why? Because you have arguably the best road course on the planet in your backyard- Interlagos!!!! If only every rc racer could get a few laps in at Interlagos, maybe, just maybe, they’d understand what a True road course is supposed to be like. It still amazes me how so many rc on road racers in America think a road course should be perfectly flat, perfectly smooth, with perfect traction all around the course. Clueless I tell ya, freak’n clueless…

Now to get to your questions…

I don’t think you should have a lot of doubts about the Evader DT. Why? Because you are going to have a blast with it. You won’t be able to help yourself, it’s just a fun truck to bash with right out of the box.

Does the stock Duratrax Sprint 2 speedo come with built in Lipo cut-off? No it does not, so if you chose to use the stock speedo with Lipo packs you’ll want to install an LVC to keep from discharging the battery too far. (although we ran 2S Lipos in our test truck without one, but that’s just the way we roll)

Will the stock speedo work on a 3S Lipo? I can’t say first hand because we didn’t actually try it, but- that speedo is really intended for use on 6 cell Ni-mh on stock brushed motors, I very highly doubt its going to like seeing all the voltage of a 3S Lithium based pack. I do not like giving out information that I have not tested personally first hand, but from years of experience I would not chance it hooking up a 3S Lipo to the stock speedo.

The stock tranny consists of a metal top gear, plastic idler and plastic diff gear. The spur is also plastic, just fyi. The idler is an easy fix with the Duratrax part #DTXC8081- Evader series aluminum idler (about $16 US). Most serious bashers are installing Associated B2 diffs as the diff gear. The Associated diff if capable of handling a lot more power than the stock unit.

To boil it down, if you are running stock power, the stock tranny works fine, but if you are wanting to go brushless/Lipo with the Evader DT you will be looking at buying a new speedo, brushless motor, aluminum idler, and AE B2 diff. We have run mild 2S brushless set-ups on our test Evader DT without problems on our stock tranny, and that’s what I recommend you do as well. If you are truly looking to go huge power (3S +) I’d recommend you buy another platform.

That’s it for this week, submit your questions, answers, underhanded jabs and rimshots to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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