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ASK Cubby, A Weekly Q&A Session, Version 05.27.2010

ASK Cubby, A Weekly Q&A Session, Version 05.27.2010

We get letters, all kinds of letters here at BigSquid….


“Just an FYI, in todays CUB report you wrote “Jess Alessi” when its
actually Jeff Alessi. The JBRL race was at ARC Raceway in SoCal… I was
sitting next to Jeff in the pits on sat and hes a good driver for sure.
Anyways, just thought id let you know about the typo!


Cubby- Thanks for the heads up on the typo, it seems the 85 year old former school teacher that we use to edit our columns is blind in her left eye and can’t see out of the right. But hey, she’s got a nice rack for her age, so she can keep the job.

But seriously, you pitted next to Jeff, yet you didn’t fill us in on if he’s gonna race any nationals this year (moto or rc)? Is he still dialed with the MotoConcepts crew? Where’s the pics? Where did he finish? What was he driving? Whoops, wait a minute, you aren’t on the payroll, LOL, but feel free to shoot us more info if you have it.


“I would like to invite you to our track in Ohio. This track has been around for 18 years. It is in a city park, open to the public 6 days a week and on Saturday we have organized racing. We are the home track for Tamiya’s Ryan Lutz (when he’s not in California). This is also home to
one of your sponsors, JGBRC, he has supplied us with batteries for years. I go to your site everyday just to keep up with news and current events and it would be great if you could stop by and make some laps. I know you don’t like to race that much but if you are in the area I am sure you will have fun.

Cubby- Ya, thanks for the invite Big Steve, and good to see you spreading the word about your track. Most of the BigSquid crew (ok, everyone except for me) pretty much considers formal tracks to be Kryptonite, but out next trip out your way we’ll have to drop by and bust out some laps.


That’s it for this edition of “ASK Cubby”. Send your questions, hate mail, and lightly used underwear to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.

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