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“Going large


I’ve got a Halix and my son’s got a Yeti. Now we want to go large. I know you’ll review the X-Maxx soon but the question is are you going to compare it to the Yeti XL and maybe a few others? We’d love to see that shoot-out.

Cheers, Gary”

Cubby- Ya know what Gary, I think a whole lot of consumers are gonna push the envelope in ’16 and get their feet wet with a large scale machine. Btw, props on the Halix and the Yeti, both are primo, yet very different, bash masters. My personal Halix is truly insane and I have a very hard time from holding it WFO while running over anything/everything in its path. I use my personal Yeti (that I paid actual money for) to roam the trails at my local public parks.

Oh ya, so when are we gonna do a large scale electric shoot-out? I’ve got your vote noted in my log-book here, but that is a hard shootout to hold. While the Yeti XL (have a personal one of those too that I paid real money for, I only keep mentioning that fact because a vehicle has to be pretty freak’n good before I actually pay for it instead of asking for a free one) is a gnarly basher, it is a whole lot different than the X-Maxx. While both are “sorta/kinda” in the same size range, one is a rear solid axle scale buggy, while the other is an ultra-wide monster truck. From looking at our other shootouts I’m sure you’ve seen we like to use vehicles that are close as possible to each other, like brushed 1/10th short course trucks, etc.

But… and if you know me, you know how much I like to use buts, I personally would love to put the Yeti XL against the X-Maxx. Let me see what I can work out…. (insert evil grin here)

P.S.- Yours is letter of the month, congrats! Shoot us your snail mail and sizing for your free BSRC t-shirt!

“Viper rc

Hi Cubby,

Is Viper RC still in business? This may well have been asked before but I missed the response if it was. If it hasn’t been asked before, it should be, their web page has been undergoing an evolution for about a year now! My experience with their products has been nothing but positive, their motors are smooth and responsive, the pro gauge is easy to use, even creating new profiles isn’t hard once you put a little effort in. I like their stuff and want to keep supporting them, so can you use your Cubby skills and find out what’s the story with Viper RC. Inquiring minds want to know!

Genghis Ken”

Cubby- Hey now Ken, thanks for reading and thanks for a question that I bet a lot of people are out there wondering about.

Ya know… companies sure get a lot of press when they are started, but rarely do they get a lot when they pass away. Such is the case with Viper. Like you, I was a big fan. I liked how smooth their throttle response was, heck, I even liked their marketing approach. But… things happen and Viper is no more. If you are that big of a fan you can still find their product here and there, I suggest you snatch it up before its all gone.

One more note…. liking Viper as much as you do, might I suggest you look into the new Maclan electronics when they hit the market. No, they are not the “new Viper”, but they might be right down your alley.

Yup, that’s it for this week ya mongrels. Start mashing that keyboard and shoot me a question, answer, or your favorite rant. My email is thecubreportrc at Gmail dot com, until next week- go fast and turn right.

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