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Pro-Line Football Video

Video – Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Football RC Battle

Are you ready for some football? To help kick off the football season here in the states, Pro-Line has posted a cool new video. Their new video “Football RC Battle” features the hard charging PRO-MT 4×4 monster truck, along with a few members of the Pro-Line crew. Watch below to see just how fun it can be to come up [...]


Firebrand RC Terrafire-MTX Mud Tread Pre-Mounts

FireBrand RC Terrafire-MTX Mud Tread 1/10 Pre-Mounts

The folks at FireBrand RC continue to release cool new products, with their latest being 1/10 Terrafire-MTX Mud Tread Pre-Mounts. The Terrafire-MTX combo is perfectly suited to heavy mud conditions and sport a cool off-road look. * Standard 12mm wheel hex to fit a wide variety of trucks (Shown on a Traxxas TRX-4 above) * Fracker directional mud treads * Tire size- 4.5″ [...]


Green Traxxas Land Rover Defender Body

Now In Green – Traxxas Land Rover Defender TRX-4 Body

Already one of the best looking bodies on the market, Traxxas has announced that the Green version of their Land Rover Defender Body is going to ship here in the states. That’s right, now you’ll be able to get your hands on a Land Rover Defender body in that awesome green color to help turn heads out on the trail. * [...]


Yokomo YZ-2T Stadium Truck

Yokomo YZ-2T Stadium Truck

New from Yokomo is the high-end YZ-2T stadium truck. The 2T comes in kit form and was designed to be competitive at any level of competition. * New longer aluminum chassis * Wider stance for increased corner speeds * Longer shocks with wider mounting locations * New Ackermann plate * Improved battery hold down system * New ESC/receiver mounting tray * New 3-gear lay-down style transmission * Single [...]


Traxxas Cadillac CTS-V

Traxxas Cadillac CTS-V Bodies for the 4-Tec 2.0

Just announced by Traxxas is a Cadillac CTS-V Body for their 4-Tec 2.0. The body will be available in clear, silver, or blue, and comes with injection molded side mirrors as well as a rear spoiler. * Fully licensed by Cadillac * Comes with fixed body mount * Pre-cut, ready to mount * #8391A, Silver, Suggested Price: $75, (painted, decals applied) * 8391X, Blue, Suggested [...]


Traxxas Stampede VXL Red Green Video

Video – New Colors For The Traxxas Stampede VXL

To show off some new colors for the Stampede VXL monster truck, Traxxas has posted a new video. Traxxas has announced that the 2wd Stampede VXL will now be available with a new red or green ProGraphix body. The video below gives you a good view of the new bodies, while also showing off the bashing capabilities of the Stampede [...]


Carisma Subaru Brat 1/24 RTR

Carisma 1/24 Subaru Brat & MSA-1E Coyote Pup Scale Crawlers

Being teased now by Carisma are the 1/24 scale Subaru Brat as well as the 1/24 Coyote Pup. Both ride on Carisma’s MSA-1E scale off-road chassis and are expected to start shipping in October. As you can see in the teaser shots, both trucks were designed to bring serious scale realism to an affordable price point. More details are coming soon, [...]


RC4WD RC Components Drag Racing Wheels

RC Components Billet Aluminum Drag Wheels From RC4WD

The folks over at RC4WD wanted us to let you know about their latest licensing pardner- RC Components. RC Components makes some insanely trick drag racing wheels for the full scale crowd, now thanks to RC4WD, you can buy a fully licensed set for your rc dragster. Check out some of the specifications for the all new RC4WD front and [...]


Exotek LST 3XL Aluminum Carbon Fiber Upgrades Accessories

Exotek Racing Losi LST 3XL Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Upgrades

The crew over at Exotek Racing have announced 6 new upgrades for all you Losi LST 3XL-E owners. Exotek made their name in the mini-racing scene over a decade ago, now days they are best known for making high-end upgrade parts. Now all you 3XL-E owners can bolt on some aluminum or carbon fiber goodness to your bash-beast. #1854- Alloy rear [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Lift Kit Video

Video – How To Install A Traxxas TRX-4 Long Arm Lift Kit

Since its release, the Traxxas TRX-4 has become a favorite among the scale crawling scene. For you TRX-4 owners looking to get a bit more extreme, Traxxas has posted a new video showing how to install a Long Arm Lift Kit. The lift kit (#8140, $199) raises your TRX-4 by over an inch to improve off-road performance, or to simply [...]


RC4WD ARB Diff Cover Traxxas TRX-4

RC4WD ARB Scale Diff Cover For The Traxxas TRX-4

New from RC4WD is an extremely scale looking ARB Licensed Diff Cover for the Traxxas TRX-4 scale crawler. These fully licensed ARB units are anodized in black for a perfect scale appearance. * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Smooth black anodized finish * Weight- 0.48oz * Width- 1.38″ * Length- 1.50″ Street pricing for one of the covers is $21, it has a part [...]


Kyosho Plum Crazy Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Kyosho Goes Plum Crazy With The Dodge Challenger Hellcat!

Here you go Dodge fanatics, have a look at the new Plum Crazy Purple 2015 Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat from the good folks over at Kyosho. Not only does the Hellcat have that awesome purple paint, but it also receives a newly updated chassis. * New chassis reduces parts and is stiffer than previous design * New chassis material for improved [...]


Xray XB2C Buggy 2019

2019 Xray XB2C Buggy Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2019 XB2C competition buggy kit. The “C” version of the XB2 was designed to be a premium, professional, high level competition rc car, more than ready to take on your local indoor track. Here are the highlights- * All new mult-function rear hubs for more traction * Super low profile shocks and shock towers * New spur [...]


Kyosho Rage 2.0

Kyosho Announces The Rage 2.0

New from Kyosho is the Rage 2.0 readyset. The BigSquidRC Bash Crew were big fans of the original, but the 2.0 is all new from the ground up for improved performance. Here are the highlights- * New, more realistic body * New, more realistic tires with improved grip * Factory finished readyset * Lightweight, simplified chassis design * Slipper clutch * Gear diffs front and rear * [...]


Tamiya Comical Grasshopper

Video – Tamiya Comical Grasshopper In Action!

Just posted by Tamiya is an action video for their new Comical Grasshopper. The Comical Grasshopper is all about fun and you can watch the video below to see it driving. The video has an old-school Tamiya feel to it, featuring retro music and light paced driving, which is perfect for the Comical Grasshopper. The new Tamiya is expected to start [...]