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RC Bash

Back To Our Roots Bash!

RC Bash
Attention Bashers! Here are the details for our
Back To Our Roots Bash!‘ The idea behind this bash is to do it like we used to do, hang out, grill some food, break some vehicles and just chill out with our fellow bashers. There will be a few events, just to keep things entertaining, but for the most part it will probably be fairly anything goes style.

There are no guarantee’s that the field will be trimmed that weekend, but we will try and corner off a good section of the parking lot as well for people who don’t have vehicles that can handle the taller grass.

We highly recommend that if you plan on attending, try and get your vehicles on 2.4ghz systems. There can be a lot of people at these bashes, and it’s difficult to keep everyone on the honor system when it comes to FM/AM radios. We will have a frequency tree present, but rather then press your luck, or wait for someone to finish, go get yourself a nice cheap Tactic 2.4ghz.

We will be bringing some food and drink, but we encourage others to bring some as well! In previous years, people have volunteered to bring specific things, plates/cups/napkins, or ketchup and mustard, or hot dogs, buns.. etc. So we are going to turn the COMMENTS section on for this post. If you are planning on attending, please comment so we can get a decent idea of how many hot dots/hamburgers we need etc.. if you can or want to bring something to share, please post what you will bring, so we don’t end up with 30 bashers and 900 hot dogs.

We will have a few ramps of course, and you are welcome to bring your own as well. We will plan for a few events like the parking lot wars, demolition derby, jump and aim, etc.

It’s tough to score picnic tables, so if you can, bring some folding chairs, or tables to make it easier for you to pit.

The date for the event is June 18th, 2011, and people can start showing up around 10am.

The location is what some people call the Berwyn Bash spot. It’s in a forest preserve area, off Harlem avenue, and 40th street. You can see the Google Map Link here. Check the green arrow on the flyer for exact location.

Any questions, feel free to post in the comments as well, so we can answer them and everyone can see what’s up. The event will be rain or shine, hopefully more shine than rain. Unless it’s a total downpour, we will be out there.

Hope to see you out there!

PS: Also, don’t forget to LIKE or TWEET this so your friends know you are attending, so they can join us out there!

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