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Latrax Rally Car 18th Scale Traxxas
Traxxas has just announced their new affordable line-up of vehicles called LaTrax. You might remember the name LaTrax from wayyy back in the day, Traxxas has now revived it and their first vehicle is an 1/18th scale Rally Car. All the new LaTrax vehicles are said to have pricing under $200 and their new Rally Car comes in at just $149.

For features the LaTrax Rally Car is waterproof, comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system, and a brushed motor. The new LaTrax is 4wd making it easy to drive, and it comes with everything you need to get going right in the box.

Some quick specs on the LaTrax Rally Car include-

Wheelbase- 6.5″
Track- 4.23″
Height- 3.5″
Length- 10.4″
Weight- 19.5 oz

The part number for the new LaTrax Rally Car is #75054 and it is expected to start hitting hobby shop shelves in mid-July. For more details simply follow THIS LINK to the official LaTrax website.

Looking for more LaTrax news? We don’t have any, they are brand new! However, check out THIS LINK to see what else Traxxas has been up to.

Want to see the new LaTrax Rally Car in action? Check out the video below!


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  1. Riley commented thusly:

    I think Traxxas is going to go a long way with this affordable new lineup.

  2. Brother of Xerxes said:

    Who would have thought that Traxxas would have gotten so expensive that some day they would need a low end line?

    I’m not a rallly car fan, I hope a 4wd short course truck is up next.

    • Riley broke a vow of silence to say:

      I actually like the looks of this one over the 1/10 scale one. Less exaggerated body lines. A SCT will be a nice investment also.

      • Brother of Xerxes opened their gaping maw and spake:

        Yes it does look a little better than the traxxas branded rally cars.

        I wonder if LaTrax is ever going to be able to do a brushless car for under $200?

    • Riley said:

      Probably, but it will be ARTR more than likely. I think Losi has some competition!

  3. Jennifer opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Love the Big Squid Live shows! First I heard of the LATrax rumor was last week on the show and surprise surprise look what came true! Way to go Big Squid!

  4. ArnieH attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Good looking affordable package. Aimed at the entry-level rally(?) market. Looking forward to the BigSquid bashability test. Wondering? Why is ground clearance never included as part of any r/c car specs? Seems an important thing.

  5. Cory said:

    IM fine with another entry level option, but I think releasing a 1/18 scale rally in the heat of summer is just bad marketing. These are best left to basement racing in the dark of winter. If this is the best they got in a new line, Ill pass. (Till Christmas at least, stocking stuffer it will be)

  6. matt said:

    Thank God a new layout. I only need one battery. And it’s a 370 motor who makes a 370 brushless setup? Or is it a 380 shortened can? But it looks like fun and for the price y not try it out.

  7. Eric said:

    Wait a whole new chassis design!????? Never thought I would see a new mini.

  8. Gabe's mouth spewed forth:

    hmmm, very interesting, probably get one for that price.

  9. lukedeem said:

    But still, where is the 1/8 buggy traxxas?

    • matt proclaimed on this day:

      Good question.

    • jon said this nonsense:

      but still, where iss the 5th scaler, or petrol powered, or solid axle anything?

      im not sure this is what people were expecting or wanting…

  10. Eric broke a vow of silence to say:

    Looking at it more the shocks really worry me. They look super cheap.

    • madmax96's mouth spewed forth:

      That’s because they’re “friction dampers” meaning not oil filled. Booo.

  11. David commented thusly:

    Seems like Traxxas is taking a couple steps back by releasing these vehicles and creating a new brand.