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Thanks for joining us tonight! The show is now over, but you can catch the replay below on our YouTube Channel.

Thanks again to our friends at Pro-Line for the sweet giveaway!

Want to be part of the live show? Catch us every Wednesday night at 9pm cst!


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  1. Brian said:

    Hey Guys.. sorry no chat tonight. Guess we’ll need to look into some backup stuff. We were digging that chat software too. :(

  2. Dave opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Hi All

  3. Dave's mouth spewed forth:

    So what kind of runtimes can you get with the Twin Hammers if you cant get a full size lipo in it?

  4. Chevis said:

    Howdy, bummer about the chat. Oh well, we’ll live.

  5. Dave opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Proline rules!

  6. Brian broke a vow of silence to say:

    Posting to “test the waters”

  7. Eric said:

    So how you gonna do giveaways with no chat?

  8. Eric commented thusly:

    Wow, about time

  9. Pete's mouth spewed forth:

    What do you guys think of the new Gens Ace LiPos and what’s the status of the latest LiPo shoot out?

  10. Justin B's mouth spewed forth:

    How do we enter the contest?

  11. Brian said:

    S TRYK R Pro Brushless version $299.99???? That seems expensive.

  12. Omar's mouth spewed forth:

    Good evening.

  13. sean fredericks's mouth spewed forth:

    love the show. sorry Im late. lol.

  14. Omar's mouth spewed forth:

    4×4 digger

  15. Pete said this nonsense:

    Traxxas is becoming just a huge marketing machine looking for any way to shake the consumer’s pockets emtpy!

  16. Omar said:

    Go ninja go ninja go!

  17. sean fredericks said:

    got my dx4s and am loving it!!

  18. sean fredericks said this nonsense:


  19. Omar proclaimed on this day:

    drifter body

  20. Omar attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Speaking of cool stuff, I want the 1/8th Carisma Porsche 959.

  21. Omar opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Gens ACe costs are creeping higher and higher

  22. Omar commented thusly:

    I’m down.

  23. Omar commented thusly:

    Just wait. I feel Tamiya are going to re-re their 959. That would be Rothmans, cigarette company.

  24. Justin B opened their gaping maw and spake:

    How do we enter the contest, if there is no chat?

  25. Rick said:

    Hello again.

  26. Chevis opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Pick me I’ve been here from the start.

  27. Justin B said:

    Hahaha that is how I won last time. Remember the Team Durango DEX210?

  28. Pete broke a vow of silence to say:

    The Corally and Speed Passion F1 cars are cool.

  29. Dave opened their gaping maw and spake:


  30. Brian's mouth spewed forth:

    Ready to go Pro-Line

  31. jerry proclaimed on this day:


  32. Eric said:

    I got an e-revo the other day, also would like some stuff for my stampede.

  33. Omar proclaimed on this day:
  34. sean fredericks said this nonsense:

    pro line prize pack would be awesome!!

  35. Brian said:

    Anyone experience the broken chassis issue with the new LCG Slash? Looking to go 4×4 SCT, but that makes me nervous.

  36. Pete said this nonsense:

    Keep covering anything and everything! I love all the info you guys put up on your website. Keep up the great work!

  37. Dave commented thusly:

    Hey , wheres Cubby?

  38. Thomas Smith proclaimed on this day:

    That pro-line stuff would be awesome! *cough cough*

  39. Eric proclaimed on this day:

    Just get the STRC LCG kit for the slash 4×4

  40. Omar commented thusly:

    RC is RC, and fun is fun. I hate the fragmentation of the hobby. Racer, basher, flyer, boater, we are all grown people playing with awesome toys.

  41. Justin B said:

    Does Brian remember the Team Durango Dex210 giveaway, because I won that.

  42. Eric opened their gaping maw and spake:

    that sounded cool until i heard nitro…

  43. Justin B attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Hahahaha yeah I know I’m just here to have fun.

  44. Eric attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Running my stampede and e-revo this weekend.

  45. Omar said this nonsense:

    Supercross and F1! Amazing weekend coming up. Cubby would appreciate that comment. ;)

  46. Justin B said:

    Close your eyes.

  47. Brian commented thusly:
  48. Jake Walker proclaimed on this day:

    contest winner

  49. Chevis's mouth spewed forth:

    Whoo!! That’s me. You got the name right.