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[Update: It’s over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel. ]

Yep, live show tonight at 9:30 pm CDT. We will hopefully be joined (equipment and user ability permitting) by our special guest from Pro-line, who will probably want to talk about that new Pro-2 thingy. I’ll be there trying my best to take your questions from the chat box and get answers for them. No promises though. Brian will be there, but it’s going to be his fault that we’re doing it late. He couldn’t get an earlier appointment for his Botox injections. I think Tim is going to be there. Unless he’s still playing volleyball. I’d bet on Craig being there cause he’s cool like that. Adam might come late and leave early. Cubby’s mustache making an appearance is highly doubtful.


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  1. wrench attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Should I stay up for this? lol

    • Jeff said:

      No, you should go to bed like a good little wrench. I think it’s already past your bed time isn’t it?

  2. savagefan said:

    You guys should talk about the losi lst line being discontinued, and whether or not you think they’re goig to realease a replacement vehicle

  3. Evan broke a vow of silence to say:

    And she said……………….. WHOA OOOHHH OOOHHHHHH!!!!!