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Big Squid RC Weekend Locator

We get a LOT of emails asking when and where we are going to be, and even more saying ‘Aww man! If I knew you guys were gonna be there…’ So we thought we’d give everyone a heads up. This Saturday (Jan 28, 2012) Wrench, myself, and possibly 3DBill will be at the RaceWorld Raceway. My guess is we will arrive sometime after 4pm. We have a few things to test, and a a bunch of BigSquidRC stickers to give away, so if you are in the area, and feel like hanging out.. stop on by!

If Wrench and I aren’t cool enough for you, Cubby and uber Pro Driver Tim Mohr will be attending the St. Louis Auto Show also on Saturday (Jan 28, 2012). My guess is you will find them near the Ferrari’s or Booth babes. They plan on hanging out most of the day, and will get there early morning. I’ll see if I can talk Cubby into wearing a BSRC shirt to make him easier to spot.

Hope to see ya there! (comments on.. feel free to check in and let us know if you are planning on being in either spot.. or anywhere else doing RC)

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Posted by in Big Squid RC on Friday, January 27th, 2012 at 12:02 pm