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Blade Nano QX RTF and BNF
Today the “big” news in the nano quadcopter world comes from the guys over at Blade with the announcement of their new Nano QX RTF and BNF. At first look it’s easy to see that the Nano QX features rotor protectors but inside is where the bigger news lies, SAFE Technology. SAFE Technology is sophisticated flight control software that keeps the quad ultra stable and easy to fly. In fact, if things get out of hand while flying just let off the sticks and the Nano QX goes straight into a stable hover.

The Nano QX weighs just over a half ounce and has a width of just 5.5 inches. Two bodies and extra rotors come with the quad and everything you need to get flying comes right in the box.

The RTF (ready to fly) version of the Nano QX has a part number of #BLH7600 and a street price of $89. For the BNF (bind and fly) the part number is #BLH7680 and the street price drops to $69. To get more information on the new Blade Nano QX’s hit THIS LINK.

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