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Breaking News: Axial, Team Durango and ARRMA to Hobbico

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Talk about huge industry news!! We have just been informed that Axial, Team Durango, and ARRMA have all been acquired by Hobbico! All three companies will stay where they currently are, so no need for anyone to relocate or anything, but they are now all owned by Hobbico.

This seems like good news for all four companies. I’m sure it ads some deeper pockets to help fund future development. And with all these companies having some hot new vehicles coming out, it’s good for Hobbico as well. Congrats to all involved.

A quote from the press release:
“I’m excited about this new affiliation with Hobbico,” said Jeff Johns, General Manager of Axial R/C Inc., “This will give Axial additional resources to continue our rapid growth”

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Posted by in Hobbico on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 2:00 pm