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acer_racing_saleFor those of you not going out bashing, or to your local shop for parts today, there are a few online LABOR DAY sales going on! ACER RACING has a bunch of bearing kits on sale, so if you are in need of the following, check them out at the ACER Racing Website.
LABOR DAY SPECIALS through September 2, 2013 11:59 PM Los Angeles time:
Team Associated T4.2 Ceramic Nitrde Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Team Associated B44.2 Ceramic Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Team Durango DEX408 Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Hot Bodies TCXX Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $77.99
Kyosho Mini Z Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $49.99
Team Losi 22SCT Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
Scumacher K1 Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Kit $79.99
3/32″ Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Differential Balls 12 pack $6.99
Traxxas Slash 4×4 DSPS Bearing Kit $39.99

Also, running a big sale, our friends over at A Main Hobbies! You can go to the A Main Website or click their banner over on the right side and use coupon code 20LABORDAY13 to score 10% off your purchase over $100.

acer girl Word from Acer Racing SuperWorm is that they have a few new bearing kits ready to go! They have new kits for the Losi TEN SCTE, Team XRAY T4, Team Durango DESC210, and Yokomo DRB. If you use coupon code E10 you can get 10% off and FREE shipping world wide.

Head over to the Acer Racing webpage for details.

For more Acer Racing news here on Big Squid, click that link.

acer superworm wire

I know a few people that have been digging the Acer Racing SuperWorm wire, and they have just announced that it’s now available in 10 Gauge 1000 strand 5 foot sections. You get 5 feet of black, and 5 feet of red for $9.99. It’s also available in 12,14, and 16 gauge if you are looking for something different.

Head over to the Acer Racing webpage for details.

acer bearings In the market for a new RC vehicle? One of the first things on your hop-up list a bearing set? Well the people over at Acer Racing want to help. Acer Racing is now selling vehicles at comparable prices and are including their bearings with the vehicle at basically no cost! They have a bunch of vehicles to choose from, and say they are adding more to their list. We checked their prices against a few other sites, and they are pretty close, and their bearing kits usually cost around $90+ ! So this seems like a decent deal. The vehicles they list for sale as of this post are HPI Baja 5SC, HPI Baja 5B SS, Mugen MTX5, Team Associated B44.1, Tamiya TRF201 Buggy Kit, Team Associated TC6.1, RC8.2 Factory Team Kit, Axial Racing 90022 Axial 1/10 SCX10 Trail Honcho Electric 4WD RTR, Traxxas Slash 4X4 VXL RTR, Team Associated SC10 Factory Team Kit, and a Mugen Seiki 1/8 MBX6R Nitro Off Road Buggy Kit.

Head over to this Acer Racing webpage for details.

Huhblugha… What? Press release? Yeah… something about wire… and a hot red head…  Acer Racing… hot red head… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… hot…. red… head… superworm…. wire… 12 gauge… hot chick… 14 gauge… nice legs… 16 gauge… flexible… I mean the wire (and hopefully the hot chick…)

Just click this link to the Acer website… I’m… busy.

Gooooooooooooooood Lord! What I wouldn’t give to be that piece of popcorn… I’m glad my girlfriend isn’t a frequent reader. I digress… Acer Racing is having a summer sale where you can get 10% off any order $100 and up. Just use promo code sum10 at checkout!

Head on over to Acer Racing and check out the deal…and the eye candy 8-O

I think Acer sent an email with something about a ball bearing kit for the Tamiya F104/F104 Pro.  And I think that email said something about them being Acer’s high-end ceramic bearings, which Acer says offers better performance than your typical steel bearings.  But really, I don’t know, because I got distracted by the Acer Chicks (NSFW) section of their web site.  Hold on, let me look again…

Ok, yeah, Tamiya F104/F104 Pro Ceramic Bearing Kit, now available for $79.99 with free worldwide shipping.  Check out the Acer website for more info.

Now, back to the Acer Chicks section…

Our editor/publisher/boss, Brian, is out of town for a while, so I have total control over the site (insert evil laugh here).  With that, I’ve decided to let you all in on a little secret.  The only reason we post news about ACER Racing introducing some new sizes of ball bearings is so we have a reason to post the pics of their hot promo models.

With that out of the way ACER has a bunch of new boobieshot chicks … sizes of their super high-end, extremely smooth blondes, brunettes, and red heads … Ceramic Nitride bearings.  They are now available in all of the following sizes:  B, C, D, DD … 15x28x7mm, 10x22x6mm, 35x47x7mm, 30x42x7mm, 25x37x7mm, 25x37x6mm, 17x26x5mm, 12x28x8mm, and 10x26x8mm.

For more pron info be sure to check out the ACER Racing website.

Acer Racing Girl We just received word from ACER Racing that they now have a Ceramic
Nitride Pro Series Ball Bearing Kit
for the Traxxas 1/16 Slash VXL 4×4. If you are looking to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of your ride, this might be a way to do it.

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for info.

Acer Racing Girl ACER Racing just announced a new bearing kit for the Traxxas Slayer 4×4 Short Course truck. If you are looking to squeeze every last ounce of speed out of your truck, and you have a lump of cash burning a hole in your pocket, this will probably be your next step.

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for all their kit info.

Acer Racing Girl ACER Racing recently sent out an email reminder of all the new products they have been putting out lately. There are a ton of individual bearings, but I’ll post the kit’s here. So if your looking for a new Ceramic Ball Bearing kit for your RC, here’s a start of what they have to offer: Traxxas E-MAXX Brushless Kit, TRAXXAS SLASH 4×4 Bearing Kit, HPI Racing BLITZ Kit, HPI VORZA Bearing Kit, Jammin SCRT-10 Kit, Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 FS Ceramic Bearing Kit, Kyosho Mini Z AWD Bearing Kit, Kyosho Mini Z AWD Bearing Kit, SERPENT 811 Kit, Tamiya TRF 416X Bearing Kit, Team Durango DEX410 DEX410R Ceramic Bearing Kit, Traxxas E-REVO VXL 1/16 Ball Bearing Kit Polyamide Sealed and more!

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for all their kit info.

Acer Racing Girl Even more Labor Day Goodness! ACER Racing is offering 20% off any order over $100 until September 6th, 2010! Use code LD20 at checkout!

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for savings.

Acer Racing Girl Recent news from ACER Racing is that they are now shipping Kyosho Mini Z size 2x6mm and 3×6 Ceramic Ball Bearings. You can buy as a set, or individually.

Head over to the ACER Racing Website for info.