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We got our first look at the Ethos PQ Quadcopter at the Hobbytown Convention a few weeks ago, but now we have the official info. This micro (or pico) quadcopter will feature two types of flying offering a very stable flight, or super agile flight. It has a built in automatic flip by using a button on the controller, comes RTF with everything you need including the AA batteries.

Product Specifications
Overall Length: 63.48mm
Height: 1” (26.5mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 29mm
Weight with Battery: 12 Grams
Motors: Coreless
Battery: 1s 3.7v 100mAh LiPo
Charger: 5v DC 120mA USB
Transmitter: 4 Channel 2.4GHz
On-Board Electronics: 3-in-1 control board
Available in both Blue and Red color options

The part number for the Ethos PQ is #AZSH1500, it has a street price of $49, and it should start hitting your local HobbyTown USA very soon. Hit up This Link for more information.

Check out the video of it in action below!

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Just got our hands on the Ares Exera 130 CX. This heli claims to be their most advanced and easiest to fly 4-Channel helicopter yet, and we are looking forward to putting it to the test. For now, enjoy the unboxing photos.

More information on the Exera 130CX can be found on the Ares Website.

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Ares has just announced a new heli. The Ares Advantage Exera 130 CX is their most advanced and easiest to fly 4-Channel helicopter yet. It features a coaxial counter rotating blade design that makes the heli very stable, but the best feature is their Altitude Assist Technology.
It uses sensors above and below to tell if you are getting too close to a ceiling, or too close to the floor. More about that later..

Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Length: 9.6 in (245mm)
* Height: 6.3 in (160mm)
* Main Rotor Diameter: 10.5 in (265mm)
* Weight with Battery: 4.8 oz (135g)
* Main Motor: N40 (2 installed)
* Battery: 700mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo (included)
* Charger: 1S 3.7V LiPo AC (included)
* Transmitter: 4-channel 2.4GHz (included)
* On-Board Electronics: 4-in-1 receiver/2 ESCs/mixer/gyro, 2 servos, Altitude Assist
* Technology module and sensors (installed)

It comes RTF, and has 3 modes to make learning to fly very easy.

Mode 1 – Has auto take off, hover, and auto landing. All you need to do is keep moving around the room.
Mode 2 – Gives the user throttle control but activates ceiling avoidance and dynamic throttle limiting
Mode 3 – Allows you to fly unassisted without any of the ultrasound sensors help.

The part number is #AZSZ2000 and the street price is only $119. You should be able to find it at your HobbyTown USA soon, or you can order from the official Exera 130CX Ares Website.

Here is a video to explain all those cool features and show them in action:

Ares Winter Video Challenge
If you own an Ethos QX130 quadcopter or a Chronos CX100 helicopter, the folks over at Ares have a contest for you. They want to see videos of your Ares in action, and the top three will win HobbyTown USA gift cards. The gift cards range from $50 to $200, and the winning videos will be posted up on the Ares Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. If you win your video might even make the front page here on BigSquidRC. :)

Submissions are due by February 10th and you can get more information at This Link.

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Ares P-51D Mustang 350
Scale looks are all the rage and the new Ares P-51D Mustang 350 is a sweet looking flying machine. This classic warbird has all the scale details you want, plus it packs a punch under the hood with its included brushless powerplant. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* EPO foam airframe
* 350 sized brushless motor and 15 amp ESC
* Includes 2 and 4 blade props
* 4 channel control
* Unique airfoil design
* Length: 25.6″
* Wingspan: 29.5″
* RTF Battery: 3S 600mAh Lipo
* RTF Transmitter: 2.4GHz 6 channel
* Weight: 12.2-12.8 oz

The RTF version comes with everything you need to get up in the air and has a part number of #AZS1400 with a street price of $189. The Ready For Receiver version has a part number of #AZS1402 and the street price comes in at only $119. Both styles should start hitting your local HobbyTown USA in early December, or you can order one on the official Ares Website.

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Ares Ethos QX 130
There are quadcopters, then there are quads with loads of options. The Ares Ethos QX 130 just might be kind of the hill for cool add on accessories.

The QX 130 is a bit larger than the micro quads you are used to seeing. It has a length (including rotor blades) of 12.2″. The QX 130 comes completely RTF, ready to fly right out of the box. It also comes with an LED light package and automatic flip mode. Where the QX 130 really gets fun are the add on accessories (available separately)-

* On-board digital camera
* Water blaster
* Bubble machine
* Rocket launcher
* Winch unit

Brian is biting at the bit to get his hands on the bubble machine and fly around the office, while Adam “The Intern” is more of a winch type of guy. Personally, I want the rocket launcher, I have a score to settle with Cubby. :)

The part number for the Ethos QX 130 is #AZSH1300, it has a street price of $99, and it should start hitting your local HobbyTown USA later this month. Hit up This Link for more information.

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ares chronos cx 100
Our friends over at Ares have just announced their new Chronos CX 100 RTF helicopter. The counter-rotating blades, fully proportional controls, and computerized gyro make it easy to fly, even for noobs, while its ultra-micro size allows it to be flown in small areas like indoors.

The CX 100 comes with a digital on-board camera that can be used to shoot video or stills. A 2GB MicroSD card comes standard, large enough to hold up to 90 minutes of video. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 2.4 GHz radio system
* 1S 250mAh Lipo w/ charger
* 2 coreless main motors
* 4-in-1 receiver/esc/mixer/gyro
* Two color choices- red or blue
* Length: 10″
* Height: 4.5″
* Main Rotor Diameter: 8.9″
* Weight with Battery: 1.9 oz

The CX 100 has a part number of #AZSH1350, an affordable street price of $69, and should start hitting your local Hobbytown USA early next month. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Ares Taylorcraft 130
The latest flying machine from the fine folks over at Ares is their Taylorcraft 130 RTF airplane. The ultra-micro sized Taylorcraft 130 is quite stable, making it easy for first timers to fly, yet has enough performance to make it fun for experienced pilots. Its small size also makes it easy to fly in smaller areas like a park or backyard. The airframe is 100% assembled and is ready to hit the air right out of the box. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Weight w/ Battery: 1.9 oz
* Length: 16.0″
* Wingspan: 22.2″
* Battery: 3.7v 200mAh LiPo
* On-Board Electronics: 3-in-1 receiver/2 servos/ESC
* Battery charger included in box
* Transmitter: 4-channel 2.4GHz
* Designed to be easily upgraded to brushless
* Also available in WOT form (Without Transmitter)

The part number is #AZS1350 for the RTF version and #AZS1351 for the WOT. Prices start at $89 and they will be available by the end of the month. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Ares gamma 370 pro
The Ares Gamma 370 has been quite popular with the flying crowd and now it is being offered in a Pro configuration. What makes it a Pro version? Now the Gamma comes set up for 4 channel use, allowing more intricate control over the aircraft. Some of the features and specs include-

* Wingspan- 37″
* Length- 30.6″
* Weight w/ battery- 16-17.5 oz
* Factory assembled
* On board electronics- brushless motor, speed controller, and 3 servo’s
* Requires- battery, battery charger, 4 channel transmitter and receiver
* Part #AZS1252

Street price for the Gamma Pro is $99 and they are available at your local HobbyTown USA dealer right now.

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Ares RC Ethos QX 75 Quadcopter Review

ares ethos

Quadcopters have suddenly become all the rage. Everywhere you turn, someone is releasing a new one to the market. The Ares RC Ethos QX 75 has thrown it’s hat into the ring, and is ready to take on the competition. Turns out this one has a few tricks up it’s sleeve, and we even have a video showing off a few of these tricks. Keep reading to find out how this rc quad stacks up….


Ares Ethos QX 75 Quadcopter
The crew over at Ares (pronounced air-eez) have announced their new QX 75 Quadcopter. The nano-micro size Ares is said to be flyable by both first timers and experienced pilots. The small size make it easy to fly in smaller indoor spaces, while its fully proportional 4 channel control makes it flyable outdoors in light wind conditions. The QX 75 comes completely assembled and ready to fly right out of the box, some of its other features and specs include-

* 4-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter w/Built-In USB Port
* AA Batteries for the Transmitter
* Dual Port DC USB Charger
* 300mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery
* Length: 3.7 in (95mm)
* Length w/ Rotor Blades: 5.5 in (140mm)
* Height: 1.7 in (44mm)
* Propeller/Main Rotor Diameter: 2.2 in (56mm)
* Weight with Battery: 1.3 oz (37 g)
* Main Motor: Micro coreless (4 installed)
* On-Board Electronics: 4-in-1 receiver/4 ESCs/mixer/3-axis gyro (installed)

Street price is $79 and you can find it at your local HobbyTown USA dealer. For more information hit up the official HobbyTown USA Website.

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Ares Nano Micro Chronos CX 75 RTF Helicopter Review

ares chronos

It seems like all bashers have a place in their heart for some sort of flight. Either with foam plans, or nano helis, most of us own at least one. We recently got our hands on the new Ares micro heli, and decided to put it to the test. Would it satisfy our need for air time? Keep Reading..


ares gamma

New from Ares RC (pronounced air-eez) is the Gamma 370 Plane. The plane is light weight, durable, and arrives factory assembled and just about ready to fly out of the box! It is available in two forms, the RTF (Ready to Fly) version that has everything you need in the box, and a RFR (Ready for Receiver) version that needs you to supply your receiver and radio.

One of the best features about the Gamma 370 is the easy upgradability. The plane comes with a brushed motor system, but Ares already has a brushless upgrade kit available for it when you are ready for a little more power and speed. They also have a full 4-channel control upgrade with a aileron-equipped wing set that replaces the stock wings for when you are ready to start a little more aerobatic action!

The wingspan is 38 inches and the overall length is 30 inches. That’s a lot of plane for the under $130 price tag!

The Ares line is a HobbyTown exclusive, so you will need to head there to pick one up, or buy it online.
Check out the Ares RC website for more info!