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Ask Cubby’ Category

ASK Cubby

“Closed Cell inserts for Bashing

Hi Cubby,
I really like the ProLine Trenchers for bashing, but less so after they filled with sand.
I made a few holes in the tires to let the sand out, but that’s not very good for the foams. I noticed the pre-mounted Trencher 2.8′s have standard white foam.
And there I thought that Closed Cell foams were the thing to have for bashing since they don’t take up water.
Seems silly that even though these are premium “bashing” tires (35 euros per set) they don’t come with Closed cell inserts.
Boiling tires off rims just to replace inserts is rather contrived. Can’t BSRC poke ProLine for shipping Bashing pre-mounts (Trencher, Masher, Big Joe, Badlands) with closed cell inserts?
Thanks for great website.
Seth M.”

Cubby- Yo yo to the yo yo Seth. Congrats on making the big time, feel free to hit up Brian for some sic BSRC stickers.

Ummmmmm…. after briefly, very briefly, scanning over your email here is what I have to say.

1. You mention something about closed cell foams not “taking up water”. I can see you’ve never driven closed cell foams in water before have you? “Regular” foams soak up a ton of water, closed cell foams also soak up water, just to a lesser extent. Regardless the type of foam that you are using, you need to give each tire several good squeezes to get rid of as much water as possible after river running.

2. There is a good reason why foam that doesn’t absorb water is not used in rc tires. That style of foam would not absorb water, nor would they absorb all those bumps/lumps/divots that you drive over. They would drive like an ATV tire with 25 psi of air in it, not pretty.

3. I can tell you first hand that the Pro-Line crew is all over the issues that bashers have with tires (like water retention, pizza cutting, etc). However, none of those issues are easily solved while still keeping the price of the end product in check. Willing to pay $200 for a pair of tires/inserts? If so, I’m pretty sure they could fix all the ills you have. Want to keep prices where they are? Give the PL crew some time to come up with proper, yet cost effective solutions.

Thanks for the props Seth, go fast, turn right, sweep what’s left up with a broom.

“Shoot out suggestions

Hi Cubby!

Your guy’s shootouts are great! They really inform me on what batteries, radios, SCT’s, etc. to buy. But one thing I noticed was that, well, they weren’t really budget minded. They sort of were with your 2nd radio shoot out, but that was a $200 budget- some rtr’s are cheaper than that. So I was wondering, would you guys do a budget shoot out? And I mean a heavy budget, like $50 max (maybe less) for lipos and $75 for radios or something. Heck, see who can build the best car from a slash roller for under $150 or something. I want you guys to do this because there are a lot of kid hobbyists out there like me, who have to save for 4 months just to buy a battery. And I’m certain that you could probably find $40 gear that works as well as $100 gear. Why not try hobby king stuff? I know I just keep going on and on and I may sound crazy, but I am serious! Try cheap stuff! It may surprise you, it may steer you away from it! I really think it would be cool.

Oh, and why not a 2wd sct shoot out?

Alec S.”

Cubby- Hey now Alec, if I remember correctly your email said something about you being from South Africa. If you didn’t already know, I am so all about zef style.

So… why no super-blow-out-uber-cheap shootouts? It’s because we haven’t gotten around to them. There are like a hundred great shootouts we would like to do, but each one takes a mountain of time, and we simply don’t have enough time in the day.

However… you bring up a great point, one that we, and many people in the industry, forget about far too often. There are a whole lot of hobbyists who are on super tight budgets and simply will not, or can not, crank out big bucks for rc gear. Being in the industry most things are “free”, or trades, and when they are not we typically have the cash sitting around to just buy whatever we want, but that is far from the case for many hobbyists. I’ll see what I can do about a super low buck shootout just for you Alec.

And… why not try Hobby King gear? Because years ago we made a stand. We could take Hobby King money, or we could refuse it, and we decided we would rather not be supported by them. Yes, as crazy as it might sound to some people, we actually refused advertising dollars because of our personal beliefs. We are not fans of what they (HK) have been doing to the rc industry, therefore we will not take advertising from them. Yes, we have reviewed some of their products here and there, but that was as a service to our readers to show them roughly where HK product was stacking up. IMO, while HK might be crazy cheap, you can still find “name brand” gear at roughly the same pricing when on sale/disco’ed/eBay/etc.

And that is all she wrote for this weeks ASK Cubby. Don’t be shy, hit me up with your emails at Cubby at Most likely I will never read your email, or even if I do it is incredibly unlikely it will ever see the light of day on our front page, but if it does you will get a free sticker pack. Oh and, for that one lucky person that wins “Letter of the Month” they get hooked up with a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“Hello Guys, okay?
I am a lover of your site, mostly I read your review. One suggestion: How about doing a review of the Airtronics radio m12? I’m from Brazil
thank you,
V. Hugo”

Cubby- Hey now Hugo, thanks for the mad love and be sure to hit up Brian for a free sticker pack. You can plaster your car/truck/buggy with BSRC stickers and then shoot us some pics so we can see what Brazil basher style looks like.

Why no Airtronics reviews? This one is pretty easy, they don’t/won’t talk to us. Maybe they hate us, I have no idea, but I do know that after multiple attempts to talk to them, they have never replied. So while you might like to see an Airtronics review, and while we might like to actually see how their products stack up now days, it just isn’t gonna happen. I must also add, if a company won’t even talk to one of your favorite rc websites, you might want to take your cash and spend it elsewhere, but that is just me.

“Hey BSRC, just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciated your (long ago) SCTE review. You bashed the living hell out of it, drove it off roofs and such, and you even put an insane motor/ESC combo because why not? So I figured that since the roller was $192, i should probably buy it. It’s the SCTE 1.0, but for what it is, it’s great.

So here I am, writing to you from the pile of parts that is the vehicles that were in front of me. WERE.

-Zach P.”

Cubby- Hey nowwwww Zach P, thanks for email, and thanks for reading the site.

The Losi SCTE 1.0 still lives on in RTR version here in the states. It was a rock solid and affordable platform then, and still is. The 2.0 has a host of improvements, but for bashing, the original version can still take a beating and keep on ticking. We still have 3 of them around the office that are called into service from time to time for some bashing action.

About your last sentence… sounds like you are either doing some serious wrenching, or you went bashing with Craig “The Uber Ramp Builder”, either way, have fun transforming all those parts back into rc cars/trucks.

That’s it for this weeks ASK Cubby. Read your letter here by shooting me an email, Cubby at Letters that hit the big time win you a free sticker pack, our “Letter of the Month” wins a free BSRC t-shirt. Catch ya next week freaks.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“Hey there…Just looking for some advice/ Opinions/ Guidence…. I’m looking to buy a new Electric Monster Truck…I have been looking at the HPI Savage XS and the Vaterra Halix….what are your thoughts on these two and what would you recommend? I’m a newbie and have a large grassy park across from my house with a skate park and a couple of Dirt fields for softball games.

Also, what Batteries would you recommend for long run time and what charger would you recommend for good fast charging?

Thanks for your time and help!

Cubby- Oh yes Santiago, the age old question, “which one should I buy”.

I found your letter interesting in the fact that you are stuck between two vehicles that have many things in common, yet are sooooo much different.

Both the Vaterra Halix and the HPI Savage XS are 4wd, monster trucks, and have enough raw, unadulterated, brushless power to do all the crazy stuff you see in the videos on U-tube. And… most importantly, both are capable of providing lots of good times.

However, just like everything else on the planet, they both have up and down sides. The biggest downside to the Savage is its size, it’s somewhat smaller than the Halix. This can be a downside when attempting to blast over extremely rough terrain. On the plus side, we’ve found the Savage XS can take some serious beating without breaking. Because of its size, the Halix can blast right over big dirt clods that would be tough to even get over with the XS, but you’ll have to do some upgrades to keep the Halix from breaking if you bash it hard.

Enough of the mumbo jumbo, which one should you buy? That’s up to you, but I would buy the Halix. It’s bigger, it has AVC, and most people are gonna mod-out their scoot to bulletproof it anyways. There is your answer, now go cut the check.

Oh and… for a battery and a charger, we had good luck with the gear we used in our Halix Review, which was a Dynamite 3S 5200 and Hitec X1 Touch.

“Part Number

Do you have a part number for the Kimbrough servo saver for the Carisma m40dt?

Aaron W.”

Cubby- What, seriously? Google search doesn’t work on the planet you are from?

Hey Aaron, welcome to BSRC, where everyone gets their balls busted from time to time.

Ok, so maybe you haven’t been in the hobby since the Earth cooled like us. Kimbrough Racing Products has made rock solid servo savers for years. They come in a few different styles and mount right to the output shaft of your servo. The spring inside takes all the abuse, while your servo lives on to fight another day.

During our Carisma review we broke the stock servo arm and just happened to have a Kimbrough #121 in our pit box, we popped it on and the truck was up and running in less than 2 minutes. We highly recommend Kimbrough servo savers if you want to bash hard without blowing up the gears inside your servo.

That’s it ya lunatics, shoot me your questions, wedding announcements, dirty secrets, and ex girlfriend pictures to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If I pick your letter to hit our front page you’ll get something cool and free.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“One Request


Can you randomly pick my name for the Losi 5ive T?

BTW, as a retail store owner, I liked the format of the contest. Making people look at videos and reviews, liking Losi on Faceypage, etc. is a great idea. I read so many reviews and watched so many videos…

If I ever do a give away, I hope you don’t mind that I blatantly steal your format.

Keep it up. I think you guys have the best RC rumor/porn site. The look of the site and newbie navigation is super easy.

Thank you,
Ronald D.”

Cubby- Congrats Ronald you’ve won! No, you haven’t won the Losi 5ive-T, but yours has been named “letter of the month” so we’ll totally hook ya up with a sweet BSRC t-shirt. Maybe not a great consolation prize, but we’ve got plenty more kick ass contests coming up soon.

Thanks for the props, we seem to get a lot of that now days, which is a good thing, we certainly put a lot of work into the site/reviews/columns, etc.

And no, the contest “format” for the 5IVE-T isn’t ours to steal, it’s been used on numerous websites before. And ya I agree, it is a great way to get readers to check out your social media and various parts of your website.

As far as being a rumor site… I hear the second “big” nano sized quad is about to be announced, a pretty trick scale MT is just a couple months from being announced, and that a certain “big” name has a super sized crawler ready to drop. But of course, don’t say you heard any of those rumors here… :)


I was wondering if you guys plan on reviewing the Ofna Hyper SSe? It looks like an interesting buggy, but I can’t find a decent review anywhere on the web. Thanks.


Cubby- Yo hey ya Bill, shoot Brian your info so he can shoot you a rather uber sticker pack.

Ofna had some awesome glory years with their low-end buggies during the nitro years, since then, well, you don’t hear too much about them. They do seem to be making a push lately, and with the Hobbico distribution, they seem to be making a small come back. Too bad they don’t do much marketing, people can’t buy your gear if they don’t know it even exists.

We posted about the SSe a couple of months ago, it’s an affordable brushless 8th scale buggy, that if it can take a beating, would make a good bash machine. The people from Ofna don’t really “talk to us”, but we might be able to swing one for a full review from some of the other powers that be. We’ll see…

Hey, that’s all I have for ya this week. Got questions? Sure ya do, email me, Cubby at is the addy ya want. If you are like Ronald and Bill and your letter hits the big time, you’ll get a free sticker pack, or maybe even a t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby


I have to say without a doubt what you said about FB is the best thing I have ever read in the R/C world.
Amazed at what level people need to partake in voyeurism of other’s lives. Never been on it, never will. I will cheer loudly the day it runs out of use with society, I do not really care for what reason.
Thanks man, you got a great site,
James C.”

Cubby- Yo hey James, thanks for the email and for the props, be sure and hit Brian up for a free sticker pack. Yes indeed, I am not a fan of FB at all, to me it has become one huge sham, for both users and advertisers. But… we have a whole lot of readers who are big fans of FB, so we opened a BigSquidRC Group over there. “Groups” are what FB introduced to kill off the old school forums and they have taken off quite well. As far as our Group goes, thus far we’ve got some cool people posting some good material, lets hope it stays that way. And… it has become a sort of underground hotbed for industry types to check out whats going on in the basher scene.

Hit the “Read More” button for the second question this week…


ASK Cubby

“Spektrum dsmr

Will you be reviewing any of the new Spektrum radios coming out? I’m interested to see if the new dsmr modulation has better range than its predecessors.

Thanks, Jonathan”

Cubby- Heyyyyy now Jon, congrats on making our front page, be sure to hit Brian up for a free sticker pack. We’ve even got some new stickers, really tiny ones that work great on smaller scale vehicles and quads. Hopefully one day we’ll get’em posted in our BSRC shop.

First off- we have definitely noticed that the range on the RTR vehicles that we’ve tested with Spektrum is muchhhhhh longer than before. The Vaterra Halix is a good example, it has at least twice the range of earlier Spektrum systems. A few weeks ago one of our reviewers Hawaiian Chris had to make a couple walks of shame to get back in range of his older Spektrum radio, but he could basically drive as far away as he wanted to with the Halix and still had perfect control. Thankfully, after all this time, it appears Spektrum has their range issues figured out.

Secondly- yes, we’ve got a review for the DX4S with AVC coming up next week. And yes, we’ve noticed very good range on it as well. We’ll be actually measuring its range this weekend, look for the measurement in the review.

“Viper vx4

Hey my name is Jeff. I’m a basher from St.Louis. Was wondering if you have a store locally to me. I read on your review of vx4 that you bashed it in Collinsville was hoping you had a store, let me know if you do. Would like to get a good store to buy my parts for my customers. Repairs (been burnt bad by my local favorite) and want to find new favorite thanks for your time.

Stampede with viper vx4.

Jeff H.”

Cubby- Interesting email there Jeffery, I have no idea what you were getting at so I’ll just ramble for a while….

First off, there are a couple of good hobby shops in the STL. Checkered Flag Hobbies is located in the southern metro, while a shop called Mark Twain is a solid shop in the north just off I-70. Both carry decent inventories and have knowledgeable sales staffs. Both are also HRP dealers, meaning they have access to all the Viper goodies that you might want.

Btw, for all you local Chi-Town and STL bashers, we are working on a type of calender so you’ll know where we are on the weekends so you can meet up and bash with us, but like most other projects, there is so much to do, and so little time.

Congrats, you made it through another “ASK Cubby”, why not get even crazier and shoot me an email. Cubby at is the addy you need, if your letter hits the big time you will get free stickers or maybe even a t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“Advice for RC
I found your website while looking for a rc for my kids and I to play with. A few years ago when my youngest was 5 I bought a mini mauler. The thing was awesome. It was fast, would drive over any terrain in the house or yard. It seems that is no longer made and I am looking for something similar. Not too fast so a kid could learn it but not so weak that it can’t make it through thick carpet.
Any advice? There aren’t a lot of hobby shops nearby….

Cubby- Yo to the yo Dkrad, shoot Brian an email at the “contact us” link so he can send you a free BSRC sticker pack.

Oh my, the old Horizon/HobbyZone Mini Mauler. I never had one, but they did look like fun.

So ya, I have a couple of recommendations for you. The first being one of the Dromida vehicles that are available from Tower Hobbies. I mention Tower because you said you don’t have an LHS close, and I mention Dromida because they are still fairly small in size like your Mauler, they can take a decent hit, and they won’t break your wallet (street priced at $99). The come in three different versions, a monster truck, an SCT, and a buggy, and while they aren’t crazy fast, they have a lot more rip than your old Mauler. Oh and, they can definitely get around well on carpet.

If you want to go a bit larger to do some outdoor bashing, I am going to recommend a brushed ARRMA Granite or an ECX 2wd Brushed Ruckus. The Granite has a street price of just over $200, while the Ruckus comes in at around $170. Both can easily get around in your backyard, both can take some hits, and you and your kids will have blast with them.

I’m trying to buy some bandito 2.8 st for my jato I’m looking for advise with the offset front rear. Thank you guys for everything you do!
Tucker M.”

Cubby- Heyyyy nowwww Tucker, thanks for the email. You too can hit up Brian for some stickers.

So… you have a Traxxas Jato and want to mount up some Duratrax Bandito ST 2.8 wheels/tires on it. I’ve got some time in on a set of them, and they work fairly well on-road. The Jato uses the same offset front wheels as the front Nitro Stampede and front Nitro Rustler. On the rear the offset is the same as a bunch of different trucks like the F & R of the Pede 4×4, the rear of the Nitro Pede & Nitro Rustler, and the front of the electric 2wd Pede & Rustler. So as this applies to the Duratrax Bandito ST pre-mounts, for the rear of your Jato you will want “rear wheels with 1/2 inch offset”, like part number #DTXC3544 (for black wheels). For the front of your truck you’ll want something like part number #DTXC3540 for the black front pre-mounts.

Oh and hey, shoot us some pics of that bad boy when you get them mounted up.

That’s it for this week ya lunatics, shoot your emails to me at Cubby at If your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you’ll get a free Big Squid t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“Have you guys done a review or shoot out with the SC10.2 Factory team and Losi SC22?
Ryan W.”

Cubby- Yo to the yo yo Ryan, thanks for taking the time to write in. Shoot Brian your snail mail so he can hook ya up with a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt. Yes, yours is the letter of the month.

No, we haven’t reviewed the AE SC10.2 FT or the TLR/Losi 22SCT (although we did review the original SC10 Here). Although their parent company Thunder Tiger is cool with us, Associated hates us with a passion, so you can count on us never, ever, reviewing another AE vehicle unless we go out and buy one, and I seriously don’t see that happening. However… I have driven multiple SC10s and was never a fan. Their rear end tends to be loose, and they seem to be far too sensitive to tiny track changes. Oh ya, I am not a fan of their box stock set-up either.

As far as the 22SCT goes, I’ve also driven a number of them. Generally I was a fan, they carried speed really well in corners, and I really liked how far sideways I could land with them off of jumps. If you are thinking of pulling the trigger on one go ahead and bust that wallet out.

“Does anyone at BigSquid RC answer their emails?
I am looking to purchase for the Corvette GT2 body made by killerbody for my Traxxas XO-1. I am having trouble finding a seller. I’d also like to purchase the entire light kit as well. Do you have a source or a link you could point me too?
James G.”

Cubby- No, nobody ever answers emails here. LOL. One of my minions ran across yours, and I have no idea why they went ahead and forwarded it to me. So here, let me make up some sort of an answer.

Actually, we talk with the Killer Body RC quite frequently and they’ve got a bunch of new stuff getting ready to hit the market. However, what we do not do is manage their inventory. What little I do know about their distribution is that quite a few HobbyTown USA locations carry their products, so you might start by calling the one closest to you to see if they have what you are looking for in stock.

If that doesn’t work I would contact them directly. You can get their contact info at This Link.

That’s it for this week, shoot me your questions, opinions, and lightly used Tag watches to Cubby at In the very unlikely event that I actually answer your question you will get a free sticker pack, and if yours is proclaimed “Letter of the Month” you score a free t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

“Halix build
I am very interested in your Vaterra Halix project. This has been one of my all time favorite trucks. I’ve upgraded the wheels, tires, and shocks. It is much better than stock.
You may ask why, but I wondered if you had any suggestions for upgrading the motor?
Any input is appreciated.

Cubby- Yo Dave, just like you we are big fans of the Vaterra Halix. It looks cool, drives awesome, and has good yank right out of the box. But… “good’ is never enough, therefore we started a hop-up series on the Halix. You’ve probably already seen the first couple of installments and we’ve got several in the can on the way.

Yes, later in our hop-up series you’ll see us throw in major power. We did so to have the ability to rip off massive backflips (on the ground and in the air), and to generally overpower it just like every good basher should.

What would I recommend for you? First, upgrade to MIP CVDs, they are a must on big power with the Halix. Then… the Halix comes stock with a 540 sized motor, it could really use a longer 550 for more torque to turn those big tires over. There is plenty of extra space for a longer can, and it will bolt right up. To get specifics on brand, gearing, cell count etc, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for our hop-up article. :)

Hit the “Read More” button for the second letter of the week, one that asks how to go high speed running with an 8th scale buggy on a $70 budget.


ASK Cubby

“Regarding the Carisma 959-

What’s the ideal battery for this car? Lipo 2S 70C? This is my first car RC (but have a few multirotors) so I don’t know much about the hobby yet.

Erik D.”

Cubby- Yo yo to the yo Erik, you have officially made the front page of BigSquidRC, hit Brian up for a killer sticker pack.

What is the ideal battery for the Carisma Porsche 959? On the low end of the spectrum I would say its a pack that meets your runtime requirements and has enough current that the brushless system doesn’t cog. On the upper end of the spectrum, it would be a pack like we used in our review, a TrakPower 2S 70C 6800. While not cheap, the TrakPower gave the Porsche nearly 30 minutes of runtime, tons of power, and never come close to getting hot. We can definitely recommend that pack first hand for the Carisma. Oh btw, the Porsche is set-up for a 2S pack, its battery tray doesn’t leave extra room for a “normal sized” 3S.

As far as other packs go, people tend to pay wayyyy too much attention to those mysterious “C” ratings. We’ve seen time and time again lower “C” packs outperform higher “C” packs, but that isn’t something you will know for sure unless you buy both and test them. The best rule of thumb I can give you is to only buy packs that you’ve seen tested by a reputable source. That is really the only way of knowing what you are plunking your hard earned cash down on.

“you know its strange ive been in this hobby for close to 30 years my first truck was a mauri big bear with a 6 volt NiCad. seeing these “new” losi universals kinda makes me sigh a little. these were all the rage until mip came out with the cvd which at the time were leaps and bounds beyond the universal, so is the cvd obsolete? its strange to see this hobby come full circle. ive seen the aluminum chassis get upgraded to carbon fiber, then to composite and it appears were back to aluminum. every 4×4 1/10 scale still shares the same layout as the xx4 which is almost 20 years old. well theres my rant of the day.

Jeremie H.”

Cubby- So Jeremie, are CVDs dead? LOL, no, they are not dead. But ya, I totally get your point on how everything goes out of fashion, then years later is promoted as the latest hot thing. You mention driveshafts and chassis materials, but it’s true for a million of other things.

I will make a comment about driveshafts in the rc world though. In one of our G+ live shows several months ago someone asked the question “What makes CVDs so much better than dogbones?”. So what is the biggest upside? CVDs don’t go flying out of your car at 40 mph to never be found again like dogbones do, LOL. Seriously, if you are a super uber competitor that runs on the same track week after week you can notice a difference in driveshafts. If you are a Joe Blow like you and me, you really only need two things- 1. long wear, and 2. CVD or universals that don’t get lost when a camber link comes off.

So there ya have it for this week folks, shoot me your snotty answers, unreadable gibberish, and moronic manifestos to Cubby at If your letter hits the big time you’ll get something free, no kidding!

YOUR Cub Reporter

ASK Cubby

I have a “team Durango” DESC210 and I want to run my 12mm wheels on it (it comes with 15mm hex) and have been looking EVERYWHERE for a conversion.
Have you heard of any or have any suggestions for me?
I only found one so far and it was in a blog that named a company that is not on the internet (M+M RC products)
Please help
“Sent from a Pirate ship somewhere in the Caribbean”.”

Cubby- Hey now Fred, thanks for somehow getting me an email from that Pirate ship in the Caribbean, LOL.

I have never converted a Durango 2wd SCT over to the smaller, but much more common, 12mm hexes, so I can not give you first hand info on the best way to do it. I have heard that you might be able to do it with Losi 22 hardware, but I have no idea if that will actually work or not. If you have a kick ass local hobby shop, you should be able to take your truck down and test fit a bunch of different parts to see what works and maintains the proper width. I for one am still amazed that none of the bigger aftermarket companies have made adapters for the Durango 10th scalers (hint hint Pro-Line, Exotek, etc).

Hit the “Read More” button to read the second question for this week (it’s about a Helion Dominus 10SC)…


ASK Cubby

“redcat terremoto
You have reviewed the monsoon xte, and that was utter crap, But ive seen from some owners say its pretty good? maybe give it a shot?
Ari R.”

Cubby- Congrats Ari, your email has just won the A-Main for being letter of the month. Shoot Brian your snail mail so he can hook you up with a BSRC t-shirt.

Ya ya, I used to lump all RedCat product into one category, junk. A RedCat received the lowest review score we’ve ever issued, but since then we’ve used other RedCat products that weren’t quite as bad. However, RedCat isn’t sending us any review product, I presume because I have bad mouthed them in the past. So… we sure as heck aren’t going to waste perfectly good American currency on them, so you can quit holding your breathe for a review, it just isn’t going to happen. And if we are unwilling to spend money on them, that should tell you something about what you should do with your cash. Just say’n…

“B-list shootout
You guys have reviewed so many vehicles from newer, cheaper brands. I was dead-set on a Helion Dominus but your CasterRC 4WD SCT review led me to their website where they had a roller version listed; pretty much what I’ve been looking for.

However, I don’t really know how it would fair against the other 4WD SCTs you’ve reviewed. I mean I could reread all the articles, but it seems like they were written in comparison to someone buying a Slash or an SC10. Which makes sense but I ain’t got that kinda money. I’m on a HobbyKing sort of budget. It would be nice to do a shootout between the HK sct and all the other “B-list” brands.
Derek C.
PS, I apologize if you’ve already done this. I am drunk at a bar and your blog keeps crashing my Chrome.”

Cubby- Yo to the yo Derek, your email is amazingly readable, even though it was written in your altered state. Sadly you failed to mention what you were drinking. “Sigh”

A B-List shootout, yup, I totally dig that one.

I think it can be argued that people tend to only think in their own price point. People with 200k sitting their bank accounts tend to forget about the guys that don’t really want to spend over $200 on a new truck. While the $200 truck guys tend to forget about the guys who can go buy a couple of 5th scalers, with all the uber trimmings, and not even notice the cash missing from their account. And… I think us guys here at BigSquidRC are guilty of the same thing. We tend to test/review/shootout more mid-range products, and not very many on the extreme low and high ends.

Thanks for the wake-up call Derek, we’ll see what we can do about your shootout.

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ASK Cubby

“Hey Cubby,
What do you think about the Tarmac TIRE D COMP which is being used on the HPI WR8 Flux? Does it have good grip on the asphalt? Their pattern doesn’t seem fit for such surface.
Thanks man
Omar D.”

Cubby- Yo, hey now Omar, thanks for email.

We’ve gotten in a bunch of time with an HPI Ken Block WR8 Flux and I do have one comment about the stock tires- because of the monster power available, they don’t last long. LOL. As far as traction goes, they weren’t bad, but any time you mash the gas they became pizza cutters, and as you know, any tire twice its normal diameter isn’t going to get much traction. I would highly recommend belted tires as a replacement, but that’s just me.

Live long and prosper my friend… oh and shoot Brian your snail mail for a sticker pack.

“1/8 4WD Monster Truck
I am thinking about getting a 1/8 scale Monster truck. I think I have narrowed it down to the Savage Flux HP, or the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3. I have seen the shootout you have done with the 2wd monster trucks but have not seen any thing similar with the 1/8 4WD. Was wondering if you guys were planning to do a shootout? Maybe it would help sway my decision on which rig to pick up. Im sure many others would enjoy reading up on the reviews/testing as well.

Cubby- A 4wd, brushless, RTR, monster truck shootout is what I consider to be the “Holy Grail” of shootouts for BigSquidRC. It is my belief that for the majority of BSRC readers, that particular class of machinery is their preferred weapon for bash destruction. If we were bust out that shootout, I’m quite certain it would be a huge hit among our readers, and do a dern good job of melting down the servers.

So… why haven’t we done the shootout? We’ve had all the trucks needed for the shootout, the MT4 G3, the Savage Flux, and the E-Revo. However, we’ve never had brand new units all at the same time in the same place. To do a legit shootout we can’t use beat up or modified trucks, they all need to be equal, right off the assembly line, and we just haven’t been able to pull that off yet.

But… 2014 is looking to be the “Year of the Monster Truck”. There are a bunch of new units hitting the market, big, nasty, and overpowered, so the time is right to do our big MT shootout. Yes, it will happen, it has to happen. It’s who we are, it’s what our core readers want, it’s just a matter of time until we get our Ps and Qs together.

Oh and yea.. I’m pretty sure you’d be happy with either of those trucks you have narrowed it down to, they are both great bashers!

That’s it for this week ya lunatics, shoot me whatever is floating around in that deranged mind of yours to Cubby at Get a free sticker pack if your letter makes the front page, and win a t-shirt if I proclaim yours as “letter of the month”.

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