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As the Big Squid Bash Crew prepares to name it’s coveted Basher of the Year in the very near future, I figured that our resident scalers, Adam the Intern and myself, would name our (slightly less coveted) favorite scaling releases of the last year. There were a lot of cool kits that released over the last 12 months but these two were our particular favorites. The only criteria we used was this: “If you are going on a big trail run which would you take?”. That’s it. So yeah, not scientific or anything. These are the trucks that we enjoy wheeling the hell out of, nothing more! So without further adieu, click the “Read More” to see what we picked.

T-Bone Racing Lower Link Guards Axial YETIFor all you hardcore rock racers out there, T-Bone Racing now has Lower Link Guards for the Axial Yeti. The guards hang 2.5mm below the lower links to take all the punishment so your links don’t have to. Made from tough .125″ Delrin, the lower link guards come with everything you need for a perfect install.

The street price is $9, it has a part number of #12013, and these are available right now. Click Right Here to get more details over on the TBR website.

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Recently got our Axial Yeti Kit in hand, time to open it up and see what’s inside. Glad to see the skull heads in there, always a favorite! Lots and LOTS of parts in these bags. The weight of the box felt like a RTR, can’t wait to get started.

Click Right Here get more details on the kit over at the Axial website.

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When the original Wraith was released a few years ago there was nothing else like it on the market. It combined size, speed and scale appeal into a package that instantly made it a hit. Fast forward to late 2014 and the platform has been updated with the release of the Axial Wraith Spawn. The scale 4×4 genre is now ultra competitive with many quality kits vying for your dollar. Is the Wraith Spawn worth your cash? Click the “Read More” to see what we thought.

Axial Yeti KitYou asked for it, you begged for it, you demanded it, now Axial is offering the Yeti as a kit. With a plethora of aftermarket goodies now available for the Yeti, imagine building a brand new one from the ground up customized just for your needs. The kit Yeti also comes with high-zoot aluminum shocks for smooth action and consistent handling.

* Adjustable Icon aluminum shocks
* Aluminum lower link plates
* 2.2″ officially licensed Falken Wildpeak tires
* Fully licensed Method IFD beadlock wheels
* Heavy duty spiral cut bevel gears
* Universal axle set
* Dual slipper clutch
* Aluminum M4 turnbuckles
* WB8 heavy duty center CVD
* WB8 heavy duty rear driveshafts
* Comes with decals, clear body, interior tray and 3 driver helmets

The kit has an MSRP of $329, a part number of #AX90025, and Here Is The Link you want for more details over on Axial’s website.

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SSD Scale Diff Cover Axial AR60 AxleThere is a new rc parts manufacturer based in the UK called SSD RC. SSD are making some cool scale gear for Axial trucks and the Vaterra Ascender. First up out of their factory is a Scale Diff Cover for Axial AR60 axles. The diff cover is easy to install and helps give your Wraith or Yeti an added touch of scale looks. Machined from aluminum and anodized black, the diff cover is a low profile design that should work just as good on the trail as it looks.

The part number is #SSD00001, these are available right now, and Here Is The Link to more information over on the official SSD website.

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A few years ago the Axial Wraith made a ton of waves when it was released. It was the platform (along with the SCX10) that helped make Axial a household name with hobbyists. Up until the Yeti release over the summer, it had long been the king of the 2.2 wheel trucks. The combination of the release of the Yeti rock racer and fact the kit hadn’t been updated in about 2 years left many wondering if the vehicle was poised to ride off into that big hobby shop in the sky.

That was not to be though, as Axial recently announced an updated version of the platform, the Axial Wraith Spawn. We just got our mitts on one and are currently working on the review. While you can expect to see it go live sometime over the next couple of weeks, here’s what you’ll find in the box. The truck has a street price of $369 and you can get a proper rundown of features right here courtesy of Axial’s website.

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T-Bone Racing Skids Axial YetiWhile the Axial Yeti is a pretty good climber out of the box, a slicker surface underneath can help it get over obstacles more easily. To help slide right over those tough spots, T-Bone Racing has introduced a chassis skid plate and a-arm skids. Both are made from ultra-tough nylon and come with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. The chassis skid plate helps to provide a smooth surface under your Yeti, while the a-arm skids will help keep it from getting hung up on branches or other pointy objects.

The TBR chassis skid plate has a part number of #12014, a street price of $17, and you can get more details at This Link. The a-arm skids are priced at $18, have a part number of #12016, and Right Here is the link to more information over on TBR’s website.

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axial-yeti-diff-lockThe Axial Yeti is a capable “do it all” type of truck, what-with a plush suspension, 4wd and a solid locked rear / open independent front setup. This works great for someone looking to do a bit of crawling but still maintain a vehicle that performs reasonably well at high speeds and/or in the air.

I didn’t buy this thing to use as a “do all” type of rig, though. My Yeti is being built as dedicated trail machine, and as such that open diff just isn’t going to cut it. I need full time 4WD at all times. It was time to lock it.

Before locking the front, lets talk limited slip. Some people use very heavy 1/8 buggy silicone diff oil which lets it spin only under heavy duress. This (in theory) gives the best of both worlds. You keep the front locked but if it gets really nasty it’ll have some give. You’ll also have a bit of easier handling given that the front will open up under hard cornering. I’ve never really seen this work out well. When crawling you almost always wind up just spinning the tires on the rocks. I saw that a lot with the Vaterra Twin Hammers last year.

So yeah, if you are wanting to really do any crawling with it you will have to lock the diff. There are several lockers available on the market but due to the fact that I have no need to ever unlock the front I figured I’d go with a very cheap and reliable method – JB Weld.

JB Weld is a two part bonding epoxy that can be had on the cheap (about $6) at most auto supply stores. I started using it in differentials around 15 years ago (I’m getting old, yikes) when I took my first foray into the world of r/c pulling and it’s never let me down. It’s still really popular with hobbyists as when allowed to cure properly it’s basically like welding your gears together.

Before I show you how to do it, remember that the big downside with the stuff is that it is permanent. If you ever want to unlock the diff you’ll need a brand new set of parts. It can also be messy if you aren’t careful. Another thing to be aware of is that if you roast the ring and pinion you can’t open up the front to salvage the internals…again, you’ll need all new parts for a new one. So yeah, in general a dedicated, removable locker is a more elegant solution. Ok, without further adieu hit the “Read More” and let’s get to it.

Hot Racing Axial Yeti UpgradesIs the Axial Yeti the new T-Maxx? It is selling like hotcakes (even to people not into the scale/crawling genre) and it has been getting tremendous love from the aftermarket.

Some of the latest aftermarket goodies for the Yeti come from Hot Racing. They have a bunch of new aluminum upgrade parts to make the Yeti even tougher while upping its bling factor.

First up is an aluminum transfer case. It has a part number of #YET38TC01 and is said to guard against torsion flex when using the two speed tranny.

Next up is an aluminum motor mount. It has a part number of #YET1806 and comes with “3 heat buttons” to help pull heat away from the motor.

Also available is a new aluminum center motor gear mount. This piece has beveled edges and is laser etched with the HR logo for a cool look. The part number is #YET38A01.

To help keep heat down in the slipper, HR has a new vented double hex slipper. This 6 star design has a polished aluminum look and a part number of #YET15H.

If you are looking to take some slop out of your Yeti’s steering, Hot Racing has a pretty slick looking carbon fiber steering drag link. To help keep from stripping out wheels they also offer hardened aluminum wheels hubs. These allow you to bash even harder and have a part number of #YET10A06.

Check Out This Link for all the upgrades that Hot Racing offers for the Yeti.

Click Right Here for a very HOT TGIF Mystery Link.


Happy Halloween to you and yours! This week we are looking at things that go bump in the night!

Running your scaler at night is extremely fun and if you’ve never tried it you really should. It’s becoming more and more popular for clubs to take to the trails after the sun has gone down. The difficulty factor is upped considerably for both truck AND driver (it’s pretty easy to get whacked in the face when you can can’t see the trees in front of you!) and terrain that was easy before can seem much tougher when the visibility is low.

The rise in scale, high quality, affordable LED vehicle lighting is responsible for the boom. The folks at Gear Head RC, Vanquish, and Axial make some killer pieces to brighten the night. The above shot is my brand new Axial Yeti sporting a Gear Head Trail Torch mounted to their new low profile roof rack. I’ve been using this bar atop my SCX10 for close to 2 years now so, for me, installing it on the Yeti is a literal passing of the torch to my new main vehicle. (SCX10, we’ve had some good times buddy…*pours a 40 on the ground*). The delrin mount is pretty trick and protects the bar during a rollover. I plan on writing up a detailed mini-review on both products in the near future.

Anyways, if you are hardcore about running when it’s dark, a simple bar or few buckets won’t suffice; you’ll need to look into rock lights. Rock lights are LED’s that mount either under the body or somewhere on the chassis to illuminate the whole under carriage. When I first got into scale crawling I saw these lights and thought it looked completely stupid. “This is the r/c equivalent of a kid heading to Auto Zone and putting neon running lights on his Honda Civic”, I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

The Axial RECON G6 series is infamous for doing a night stage, and it was here that I discovered the importance of illuminating the actual terrain under the truck. You see, a light bar will shine straight ahead leaving a big deadspot/shadow in front of the tires. This makes wheel placement extremely difficult to see. A good set of rock lights coupled with a bar will turn your vehicle into an all seeing glowing orb, much like Mr. Burns in the woods after a life of working in the Springfield nuclear powerplant:

So yeah, rock lights in tandem with a good light bar are a must if you want be fully capable of taking on anything the dark throws at you. The trucks in the shots below are outfitted with Nickelfab rock lights…which I soon hope to have plumbed throughout the Yeti. Again though, that’s for another time :)

One last thing to consider before taking on the night: make sure you aren’t running illegally! National and county parks are traditionally popular spots for crawling and trailing, but pay attention to park ordinances before attempting to run after sunset. Many local parks around me close an hour after sunset so you don’t want to be ticketed by an angry ranger. It’s best to just call the Parks Department office for permission to put on a “night hike” OR just wait for a designated special day where they stay open late. To give an example, one of the biggest parks in St. Louis stays open until 10pm and permits night hiking/mountain biking one Wednesday a month so this has become the go to spot for big r/c scaling night meets.

Whatever you do, be safe and remember to bring friends…a long line of illuminated r/c’s is a real sight to see. Scaling doesn’t have to stop at sunset!

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend and be sure to snag lots of candy tonight! Happy Halloween!

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Dash Offroad Products Hard Top Axial YetiIt is impossible to leave an Axial product stock isn’t it? One of the latest upgrade parts for the Axial Yeti comes from Dash Offroad Products. They have a new Hard Top that helps make the Yeti stronger while adding a scale authentic look to it.

The hard top comes in two versions. The long version has a part number of #DASH006 and is street priced at $10, while the short version has a part number #DASH005 and is priced at $9. You can hit up This Link to get yours on order from, or you can Click Here to visit the official Dash Offroad Facebook page.

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Asiatees Hobbies Axial WraithThe Axial Wraith has become a favorite among crawlers, trailers, and bashers alike. To beef up or to uber-it-out, the folks over at Asiatees Hobbies have a bunch of aluminum upgrades in stock. These are available in a bunch of different colors from brands like Boom Racing, TopCad, and GPM. To check out all the different parts available simply follow This Link over to the official Asiatees website.

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