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Freqeskinz Axial RR10 Bomber skin(z)

FreqEskinz dropped us a line to let us know that they are currently offering custom vinyl wraps for Axials newest scale darling the RR10 Bomber. The Bomber is a great looking truck but who wants to run it stock looking like everyone elses? FreqEskinz can fix you up with a pre-made design or a fully custom livery to give your [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – The RR10 Looks Badass

Whether we are talking about the scaling genre or r/c landscape as a whole, 2015 has been pretty slow on the news front compared to many of the big announcements that took place in 2014. Well, at least that was the case about a month ago. Holy cow has the news started coming in fast and furious! If 2015 was [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Is Axial the Top Dog?

Hola everyone. Welcome to the 2nd Anniversary of Everybody’s Scalin’. Yeah, I can’t believe the Squid crew has put up with me for two years either. The best part about doing this each week? My wife has an English degree from a top flight, hoity toity university while I’m just a doofus that plays with toys….yet I’m the person with a weekly [...]


Axial Racing Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck

Everybody’s Scalin’ – Scale Short Course Truck Cometh

So it has arrived, the first scale short course truck. Axial’s big announcment last week was the Yeti Score Trophy Truck, based on the aforementioned Yeti platform. While many (myself included) are excited about the release, their was quite a bit of discontent on the message boards that I frequent. “Axial is just slapping a short course body on the [...]



Axial Wraith Spawn – Let the upgrades begin!

Hey Squidders, sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, had some family issues that needed attending to. I’m back with some updates on the Wraith Spawn build thats been on my bench for a bit. When we left off I was getting ready to take it for it’s first spin and see how things play out. Which [...]



Axial SCX10 Mud Truck Conversion: Part Two

Before we get started, you can click here for Part One if you missed it. Building the trucks? Easy. Building the mud pit? PITA. This is the numero uno thing I’ve learned about racing r/c mudders. And of course the day we picked to build the track and run these vehicles just so happened to be 95 degrees with high humidity [...]



Axial SCX10 Mud Truck Conversion: Part One

I’ve always been one to champion the Axial SCX10 for its versatility. The truck can be counted on to do a bunch of stuff with minimal work. For a personal example of this, I recently wrote a couple articles showcasing how easy it is to turn it into a pulling truck. With that in mind, a product recently hit the marketplace that [...]


GPM Front Bumber Plate

Bringing the Bling to Axial Yeti XL

The kind folks over at Asiatees have added some Yeti XL bling from GPM Racing. A few notable items recently released to add some strength and or color to your XL are a new Aluminum Front Bumper Plate, Aluminum front C –Hubs. Along with a with those items come some nifty gear to get some extra width in that track, [...]



Axial SCX10 Pulling Truck Conversion: Part Two

Before we get started, you can click here for part one of this series if you missed it. The Central Illinois R/C Pulling Association (CIRCPA) holds their events in the town of Jerseyville, IL. It’s about 45 minutes north of St. Louis, MO. They have a very nice track setup under a pavilion so they can do business rain or shine. [...]



Axial SCX10 Pulling Truck Conversion: Part One

The Axial SCX10 is the most popular scale 4×4 crawler of all time. It’s the main reason the genre is so popular today. But did you know the versatile SCX10 is also partly responsible for the surge in r/c pulling? Due to the massive popularity and ease of modibility of trucks like the Axial SCX10, scale off-road clubs are starting to [...]



FreqEsKinz – Axial Wraith Spawn Wraps

Have an Axial Wraith Spawn but not big on the stock color scheme? Let the folks at FreqEsKinz help with that. They have their full line of vinyl wraps now available for the Spawn body. In addition to their standard wraps I’ve also seen their custom handiwork at big scale meets. I contacted them about a month ago to see if [...]



Vanquish Products centered rear axle for Axial Wraith and Ye…

One of the coolest scale upgrades in recent years for the Axial Wraith (and now the Yeti) are the Currie Rock Jock Axles from Vanquish Products. As scale realistic as they are, a common complaint from the hardcore scaler community was the lack of a centered differential version to run on the rear of the rig. (The original Currie had [...]


Hot Racing Yeti XL Motor Plate

Hot Racing Heat Sink Motor Plate for the Axial Yeti XL

For you hardcore bashers looking to keep the temps down on the motor in your Axial Yeti XL, the crew over at Hot Racing has a new product for you. Their new Heat Sink Motor Plate for the Yeti XL is said to help pull heat out of the motor to allow for extended runs on 6S LiPO. The heat [...]


Axial Yeti Pre-Painted Body

Axial Pre-Painted Body for the Yeti

Axial has announced a new pre-painted body for the ever popular Yeti. Featuring a white, blue and pink paint scheme, the pre-painted body makes it easy to give your Yeti a quick face lift. The Axial crew knows you guys like to bash hard so it is molded from .040″ polycarbonate. Pre-drilled mounting holes help save time and a decal [...]



Everybody's Scalin' For the Weekend - Favorite Scalers of 20…

As the Big Squid Bash Crew prepares to name it’s coveted Basher of the Year in the very near future, I figured that our resident scalers, Adam the Intern and myself, would name our (slightly less coveted) favorite scaling releases of the last year. There were a lot of cool kits that released over the last 12 months but these [...]