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Hey guys, Adam the intern here with a review of Axial’s 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Kit!¬†I put it though some serious tests to see what it was made of and had some interesting results… ¬†Press READ MORE to see my complete thoughts.

STRC ST Racing Concepts hop up parts axial SCX10 Wraith
The crew over at STRC/ST Racing Concepts have some trick new aluminum hop-ups for the Axial SCX10 & Wraith.

First up are Heavy Duty “H” Chassis Braces for the SCX10. These are CNC machined out of aluminum and are used to strengthen the chassis, reducing twist on tough trails. The “H” brace is available in four different colors, has a part number of #STA80026HBK/GM/G/S, and has a retail price of $15.

Next up is an Aluminum Off-Axle Servo Mount & Panhard for the Wraith. To get the ultimate in scale realism, Wraith owners often times move the steering servo off of the front axle. The new STRC CNC machined servo mount does just that. It also comes in four colors- black, green, gun metal or silver. The part number is #STA30792PBK/GM/G/S and it has a retail price of $40.

Also new from STRC are Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Towers for the SCX10. These CNC machined towers look trick and come with the same geometry as the stock pieces. Also available in multiple colors, the part number is #STA80025FBK/GM/G/S for the front towers, #STA80025RBK/GM/G/S for the rear, and they both have a retail price of $25.

For more information on everything STRC simply click on This Link.

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Unboxing Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Recon G6
What does it look like to crack the box open on the brand new Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Recon G6? Here ya go, it looks pretty cool. The latest SCX10 from Axial comes with loads of scale detailing in the spirit of the ultra tough Recon G6 series.

As you can see from the pictures, the Axial Recon G6 is a kit. The body comes clear and you get to assemble the truck from raw parts. If you really want to get to know a truck, and make sure it is set up for you from the very start, a kit is the way to go.

Our full review on the Axial Recon G6 is just a couple of weeks away, until then you can hit up This Link for more information.

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STRC Axial SCX10 Upgrades
The crew over at ST Racing Concepts keep coming up with cool new products for the Axial SCX10, here are their latest upgrade parts-

CNC machined aluminum shock upgrade kit. This kit comes with a pair of threaded bodies, a pair of aluminum shock collars, and one pair of aluminum lower shock caps. The upgrade kit uses the stock internals from the SCX10 shocks to help save some cash. These are available in four different colors, have a part number of #STA30130BK/GM/G/S, and have a street price of $16 per pair.

To go even more uber, you can add a set of CNC machined aluminum faux shock reservoirs. These have a part number of STA30131BK/GM/G/S and a street price of $12 for a set of four.

Also now available is the new STRC aluminum rear upper link mount. The mount is CNC machined, available in four different colors, and is generally a lot more beefy than the stocker. The part number is #STA80043BK/GM/G/S and it has a street price of $21.

Hit up This Link to head over to the STRC website, or Click Here for more STRC news on BigSquidRC.

ST Racing Concepts option parts for Axial SCX10 Jeep
The friendly folks over at ST Racing Concepts have announced new aluminum hop-up parts for the Axial SCX10.

First up are new heavy duty front & rear bumper mounts. These are CNC machined from aluminum and features a longer side bracket which offers better clearance for the steering servo during suspension compression. Available colors are black, gun metal, green and silver. The part number for the front mount is #STA80125FBK/GM/G/S, the part number for the rear is #STA80125RBK/GM/G/S, and they both have an MSRP of $22.

STRC also has uber new heavy duty side rail mounts for the SCX10. These are also CNC machined out of aluminum and are also available in black, gun metal, green and silver. The part number for the side rail mounts is #STA80041BK/GM/G/S and they have a MSRP of $13.

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Gear Head 1/10 Scale Receiver Hitch for Axial Poison Spyder Rear Bumper
Looking for another way to add scale realism to your Axial scale machine? The crew over at Gear Head RC have a new receiver hitch that fits Axial Poison Spyder rear bumpers and the stock bumper on the Axial SCX10JK.

The receiver hitch is machined right here in the good old USA from 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized black for that perfect scale appearance. It doesn’t come with a drop hitch, but works with hitches that are 1/4″ x 1/4″.

The part number for the receiver hitch is #GEABOD010, they have a street price of $19, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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THE Axial Deadbolt AX10 RTR Review

Axial AX10 Deadbolt Review

Axial has been kicking some major butt, their products are solid, their scale looks turn heads, and they have brought rc crawling (and scaling) from obscurity. Their latest release, the Deadbolt AX10, isn’t radically new from them, rather it’s a truck with smart updates with a cool looking off road body. We’ve been putting our test unit through its paces, click the “Read More” button to see if it stacks up to Axial’s reputation…



Axial has announced the new SCX10 Jeep Wrangler G6 Edition Kit.
The kit comes with:
* 2-door Jeep¬ģ Wrangler Rock Racer Body
* Aluminum links
* Icon Vehicle Dynamics coil-over aluminum shocks
* Poison Spyder Rock Brawler front bumper
* Dove-tail universal bolt-in cage and a roof mounted light bar (You’ll need to supply the LED’s)
and a ton more..

We have always heard great things about the Recon G6 Events that Axial holds, and hopefully one of these years we can make it out there to compete.

The part number for the Axial Jeep Wrangler G6 is AX90034.

Check out the video of the SCX10 Jeep Wrangler G6

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axial heads
The other day we posted some custom painted heads that showed you what it looks like when you paint up the new heads that come with the Axial Deadbolt. Here are some pictures that show you what they look like when installed in the truck. Here is the link to the Axial Deadbolt unboxing.

For more info on everything Axial hit This Link.

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Axial AX10 Deadbolt Unboxing
Everything Axial is super hot in the scaler world and deservedly so, they look good and work well out on the trail. The latest machine from Axial? The Deadbolt.

The Deadbolt uses the ever popular AX10 platform and has a body that is a bit reminiscent of an old Bronco II. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Three battery configurations
* Adjustable battery/receiver/ESC positions
* Three different driver helmets included
* 20 turn brushed motor
* 4 link suspension
* Licensed Raceline Renegade wheels
* Licensed 2.2″ Maxxis Trepador tires
* 87 tooth spur, 20 tooth pinion
* Slipper clutch
* 132 oz/in digital servo
* 2.4 GHz radio system w/ 3 channel receiver
* Axial/Castle AE-2 ESC w/ drag brake
* WB8 Wild Boar driveshafts
* Heavy duty diff locker
* AR60 OCP-Axle off center pumpkin
* Requires battery, charger, and 4 AAs for transmitter

Our full review goes up next week, until then check out all the unboxing photos to see what it looks like when you crack open the box. The part number for the Axial Deadbolt is AX90033. Click the “Read More” button for 3 more unboxing galleries.

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BigSquidRC Axial Exo TERROR Buggy
For a long time THE Cub Reporter and I have been wanting to buy some tanks, hop them up, and do some serious bashing. The tanks had to be durable, go at least 20 mph, and be able to huck big ramps. Needless to say, we didn’t find any that would work for our demands.

What do we do when we can’t find something that will work? We make our own, here is our BigSquidRC project vehicle – the Axial Exo TERROR Buggy.

Our project started life with our well worn review machine, an original Axial Exo Terra Buggy kit. Its life has seen lots of ugly, from our normal torture tests to 2 tours of duty as an iHobby demo vehicle. Thankfully it is up to full combat status with mods from ST Racing Concepts and RPM Products.

Next up was a call to the crew over at RC4WD for a set of their Predator Tracks. RC4WD does not make an adapter kit for the Exo, so we knew it was up to us to make them fit.

The Process -

With all parts in hand, it was time to spin some wrenches. Step 1 was a rough test fit. We found out the input hex on the Predator tracks was the same size as the wheel hex on the Exo, 12mm, but we needed wider/thicker hexes for clearance reasons. The fix was easy enough by simply bolting on some wider hexes from an RC4WD Predator adapter kit for an Axial Wraith.

Step 2 was to limit the articulation of the tracks. Without limiters the tracks would just spin around the axle like an extremely unbalanced tire. The fix for articulation was actually fairly simple. In the rear we threaded cap head screws into the pre-existing holes in the hubs, and longer grub type screws into the front. The screws, front and rear, went into the holes normally filled with grub screws to keep the hinge pins from falling out. A bit of grinding and bending was needed to tweak the articulation on these.

Next we had some binding issues. We installed some shims behind the axle cross pins of the wheel hexes, which helped in one aspect, but we also had to do some Dremel work on the inner supports of the Predator tracks. We also had to ditch the end caps on the tracks. All in all, the project wasn’t super hard, but there is a heavy dose of custom work involved.

Results -

We were told be multiple people that our project just would not work. In the end our 3S Dynamite Lipo, Castle 1410 powered TERROR buggy topped out at 26 mph and could indeed pound big wood ramps. It tore across grassy fields and threw huge rooster tails on dirt.

Turning was not nearly as bad as we expected it to be. The TERROR Buggy basically drove like an Exo with very hard tires. Because of the track system, our TERROR buggy got very little mechanical grip on dirt or pavement, drifting around corners. On soft surfaces it didn’t dig in and bury itself, it stayed on top and simply hauled butt.

One of our biggest concerns going into the project was being able to keep the tracks on. That turned out to be a non-issue, at least for us up to 26 mph. We did throw a track twice, but that was at lower speeds and caused by the loose mulch we were driving in, not by the tracks de-railing themselves or by them stretching at speed.

We did have one recurring problem, temperature of the power system. Even when rolling freely for a track system, the tracks present a lot more resistance than a normal set of wheels and tires. We were thermalling out in just over 5 minutes, a problem that could most likely be fixed by running 2S instead of 3, gearing down, and/or installing a Mamba Pro with a 1415 motor.

Overall -

Our “Exo on tracks” project massively exceeding our expectations. The TERROR is a total animal on pretty much any surface and it was shocking that it could make short work of the double jumps on the local racetrack. It took some time to get the bugs worked out, but once done it turned out fast and handled better than we expected. A normal Exo is faster and handles better, but it certainly isn’t the beast, or the head turner, that the TERROR is.

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Check it out in action! Make sure to watch it HD!


We recently posted a teaser about a scale paint project we were working on. We received a envelope, and inside a parts tree that said Choose Your Head Wisely. We stuck our best model painter on the project and here are the results. Keep in mind these heads aren’t much bigger than a US Quarter. The skeleton came out amazing! The shading and the texture looks awesome.

So letting the cat out of the bag, this new parts tree is from Axial Racing, and we are pretty excited about them.

Now you may be saying to yourself.. “Ok, these look cool, and I want them. But what the heck am I supposed to put them on?” Well.. we will have that answer for you on (MESSAGE REDACTED). Lets just say.. very soon!

Hit the Axial Website for more awesome scale goodness, and very soon more info on the heads.

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What do you guys think?

STRC Axial suspension links
Changing out the suspension links on your Axial SCX10 or Wraith is pretty common. Changing over to aluminum links makes your truck stronger and look a whole lot better.

Our friends over at STRC/St Racing Concepts make some very trick aluminum suspension links for your Axial. Made from CNC machined 6mm & 7mm high quality aluminum, the STRC links are extra tough and come anodized in different colors to suit your taste. Some of their suspension link sets include-

* STA80043UBK/G/GM/S Front & Rear Upper kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $19.99
* STA30518BK/G/GM/S Front & Rear Lower kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $13.99
* STA30516BK/G/GM/S Precision Steering Upgrade kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $8.50
* STA80083BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD Upper & Lower for Axial Wraith (w/hardware) $13.99
* STA30792BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD (Wraith Replacement Lower links) 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30791BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD 25.5 deg. Bent (Wraith upper links) 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30441BK/G/GM/S SCX10 Rear Lower, 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30792LBK/G/GM/S SCX10 Rear upper or front lower, 1 pair. $7.00

To get more information on all the fine option parts from STRC simply click This Link.

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