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[Update: It’s over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel. ]

Yep, live show tonight at 9:30 pm CDT. We will hopefully be joined (equipment and user ability permitting) by our special guest from Pro-line, who will probably want to talk about that new Pro-2 thingy. I’ll be there trying my best to take your questions from the chat box and get answers for them. No promises though. Brian will be there, but it’s going to be his fault that we’re doing it late. He couldn’t get an earlier appointment for his Botox injections. I think Tim is going to be there. Unless he’s still playing volleyball. I’d bet on Craig being there cause he’s cool like that. Adam might come late and leave early. Cubby’s mustache making an appearance is highly doubtful.

matt_wallace_proline Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, that our LIVE show Wednesday night will feature special guest Matt Wallace from Pro-Line! He will be stopping by to hang out and chat about the release of the Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course among other Pro-Line things. We will be taking your questions from the chat window! So if there is anything you’d like to ask Matt while he is with us, get your questions ready! We will be turning the thumb screws to see if there any hints on future releases, new products, opinions on other stuff.. the usual things that make our guests squirm a little. :)

Also, because we have a special guest, we will be starting a little later than normal. So watch for a 9:30pm cst start. (Normally 9pm). Only a 30 minute delay, but we want to make sure we have everything working.

For all those people that asked for us to do another special guest… ask and you shall receive!

The show is now over.. thanks for watching! Catch the replay below.

Miss some of the other shows? You can catch up right here!

Update 2: Sorry, we temporarily removed the video so we can cut out some of the technical difficulties we had and clean it up a little.
It will be back up soon!

[Update: Show’s over, but we had all kinds of great stuff this show with a few special guests from HPI (hint: one of them is the Savage Octane) and Pro-Line stopping by to chat with us. If you only watch one episode of Big Squid RC Live, this is it.]

With any luck, Brian and Tim will be connecting live from the HobbyTown USA show in Nebraska. If not, you can expect a lot of dead air and awkward silences as the rest of us try our hardest to waste 30 – 45 minutes of your night. The show will be kicking off at 9:00(ish)pm CDT on this very night, on this very web page. The chat room is open now, so go ahead and get your chat on, one or more of us will be popping in and out while preparing for the show.

The Live show is now over, but make sure to catch the replay on Youtube below.

If you see a black square, or nothing below, we aren’t live yet. If it’s past 9pm cst, hit refresh to watch us live, or catch the replay!

If you haven’t seen any of our shows, or know what we are talking about, check out the Big Squid RC Live link. Last week we had special guest Scott Hughes from Horizon Hobby / ECX / Pro-Boat, and everyone had a great time.

[Update: The live show is over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel]

Wanted to put up the early reminder about the Live Show Tonight because our Mystery Guest has confirmed he will be attending this evening. Woo Hoo! So if you have some questions for someone who works for a major RC manufacturer, tonight’s a chance to ask them live! No guarantee about the answers though. LOL

So make sure you are back here at 9pm CST! If you’re impatient, the chatbox is now open below, go ahead and make up your own show while you wait. One or more of us may be in and out over the next little bit before the show starts.

If you haven’t seen any of our shows, or know what we are talking about, check out the Big Squid RC Live link.

[Update: Live show is over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel.]

Guess what. We’re doing a show tonight! Huzzah! Last week’s failure to launch was all Brian’s fault. Even though he tried to blame it on Kevin and that kid with the floppy hair. The real story is Brian’s tea cup poodle, appropriately named “Little Princess,” got stuck in the dryer vent somehow, he was an emotional wreck the rest of the night. His face was much redder than usual. And he was crying like a little girl. Anyhow, there’s a lot of good tv shows on tonight, so I’m probably going to be watching them while Brian does all the talking. Be sure to hit the chatbox up with questions that may or may not be asked and answered. The chat is open now, we’ll let you know when the video is up. Thanks for tuning in tonight and not watching all those great shows on tv tonight.

It sounds like Adam the Intern and Kevin are both without power due to the storms this evening, so we are going to have to push off the show for this evening.. pretty sure you guys don’t want to watch ‘The Brian Show’.

So stay tuned as we figure out a good makeup date.

It’s been about 167 hours since we last hung out. Many new things have happened in the last week, but we’ll probably ignore all of them and talk about Adam’s hair, my cat, whatever we’re blaming Brian for this week, and Craig’s hats. All that talk about RC stuff is just a ruse to get a bunch of people to watch our nonsense. But join us in the chat anyway and we’ll all have a grand ol’ time in the Grand Ol’ Opry. The chat is open now, the show will start at 9:00 CDT… ish… probably more like 9:02 or 9:07.

The show is now over.. you can catch the replay on YouTube right here..

We are going live at 9pm CST! So hang out, chat, ask questions, and enjoy the weekly chit-chat!

The Live show is now over, please enjoy the replay below on YouTube. There was some good stuff this evening.. even a teaser video!

Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years, rockin ours peers and puttin suckas in fear.

The show is now over.. thanks to all the viewers for hanging out! Catch the replay on Youtube here:

Enjoy the show!

jeff_eyes A reminder that tonight at 9pm CST we will be live! We’ll talk about recent RC news, answer questions from viewers, the usual train wreck, but to ease the pain, we will be giving away a Durango Vehicle tonight! Must be present and watching the LIVE show for a chance to win! Watch for more details as we get closer to 9pm cst.

Hey all,

Sorry.. we won’t be doing a live show tonight. A few people had some stuff going on tonight, and Google plus changed all sorts of stuff around on us earlier today.. mostly for the worse.. :( So rather than bring you a limited 1 or 2 person show, we’ll re-schedule and aim for another date.

Have you seen all the shows? Here’s a early one to keep you entertained this evening.