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As Cubby mentioned this morning, our second issue has shipped! We can’t thank the hobby shops for all their support! The list is growing every day, and it’s actually a little overwhelming. As you can see, next month we are going to need a van to get to the post office!

mail_bagAfter a few trips into the post office with a dolly full of boxes, the guy behind the counter offered up their cart! This saved a ton of time, but the look on his face when we walked back in was like ‘uh-oh’. LOL

Expect them to hit shops Tuesday/Wednesday depending where you are at in the country compared to Chicago. Australia, Japan, Europe and Canada may take a little longer.

Click Right Here to see what shops are carrying the new monthly. If you are a hobby shop owner, click that link to see what information you need to send over. The list isn’t complete, but we are doing our best to keep up with the additions, so if you have sent us your information in the last week, and your shop isn’t up there yet, hang tight.

Thanks again to all the hobby shops for their support!
Show them a little love and stop in this week!

BS Squidink_08_Special Order_10_31_2014

Happy Halloween! As your treat this week, we give you a new SquidInk! Sadly, we hear about this scenario all the time. Support your local shops guys!

Remember you can click the pic above for the full size art! Don’t forget to hit those share buttons to show your friends and shops your support!


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We are putting the finishing touches on the second issue of the Big Squid RC Monthly! We recently updated the monthly webpage with locations of hobby shops that will be carrying (Or are already carrying) our print edition. Is your local shop on the list? If not, make sure to drop in, call them, whatever it takes to let them know they need to sign up. It’s free for them and FREE for you!

Click over to the Big Squid Monthly Page to see if you can pick up a copy soon. We still have a bunch to type in, but wanted to do a quick update. We will be updating the page often as shops roll in, so make sure you check back.

BS Squidink_07_Rescue at Sea_10_24_2014

Nothing like a new SquidInk to carry us through the weekend! This one strikes the funny bone on a few levels! You have to love the old school and new school of RC.

Remember you can click the pic above for the full size art in all it’s glory, and hit those share buttons to show your friends.


Want to see the previous comics? Click Here to see all of them to date.

Big Squid RC 10 Year Anniversary Bash

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to our 10th Anniversary Bash event this past weekend to show their support and have a fun day of bashing! We had a record turnout of entries and spectators! Every time I’d look up from announcing the play by play for one of the events, the amount of people standing and watching was staggering. We had almost 50 individual entries with over 130 vehicles! And here I was worried there would be leftovers from that giant cake! That thing was gone in minutes! We had people from 4 surrounding states that I know of, there may of been more! Thanks for making the long drive!

The obstacle course event ran a little longer than expected, but that was mostly due to us never having run that many entries before. We will be better prepared for next time, thanks for your patients. The great thing about our location was people waiting on the next event could run on one of the available tracks so there didn’t need to be any downtime. Sadly, our Sumo Table was left in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got broken beyond repair shortly before the event was supposed to start. Doh! The figure 8 and demo derby events were not only a blast to watch, but the amount of carnage was cringe worthy. Congrats to Xerxes who won BOTH demo derby events that started with over 20 vehicles! He is on everyone’s radar for the next one. The long jump event was a blast as always, with people going HUGE! The amount of landed back flips was an impressive number for sure.

One of the highlights of the bash was the money we raised for charity. All proceeds after the track rental fee’s are going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Between the entry fees, raffle tickets and auction we raised $1038! That’s One Thousand Thirty Eight Dollars! Thank you all!

I’d like to thank the Big Squid RC Crew for help making it all possible! Everyone had multiple jobs to make sure things went smooth, from setting up the events to entries and organization! Thank You to Kevin ‘Tomato Sauce’, Tim Mohr, Bill ‘Wrench’, Tiffany, 3DBill, and Adam the Intern!

We would like to thank our prize sponsors:
Hobbico and Futaba for the Futaba 4PX, T-Shirts, and other small items.
Pro-Line Racing for the awesome bodies, pit mats, t-shirts, glue and stickers.
Axial Racing for the incredible opportunity to give away the first Axial Yeti XL to a consumer! (Congrats Adam B!)
RPM for the Chrome Engines, camber gauges, parts trays, Banner and all sorts of other miscellaneous stuff.
Team KNK for the hardware kits and t-shirts.

I had so many people come up to me during and after the event to thank me for everything that we are doing for the RC community, and it really means a lot! It’s great to hear stories about how someone found our site, and our articles got them back into rc, or how our reviews influenced their last few vehicle purchases and they couldn’t be happier! We really love meeting and hanging out with all the fans, and hopefully we can do this more often in the coming years!

Special thanks to Leisure Hours Raceway and their crew for letting us host the event at their location. They were very helpful and accommodating with anything we needed. It was great to be able to take some of the events inside and get out of the cold Chicago weather.

Ok, enough chit-chat, this isn’t a Cub Report! :) Press the Read More button for a ton more photos from the day.

BS Squidink_06_doggy_10_16_2014 (1)

Woo Hoo! It’s time for another edition of SquidInk! This one gets a little deep while tying in some recent headline news. We will see who gets it, or if we need to keep it to tree and porta-poty destruction. :)

Don’t forget to click the pic above for the full size if you can’t see the text that well, and hit those share buttons to show your friends.


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Just a quick reminder, our 10th Anniversary Bash is THIS SUNDAY! Click that link for details!
In case you haven’t heard, we are giving away an AXIAL YETI XL! That’s right, you could win one and be driving it weeks before just about anyone else on the planet! How awesome right? We will also have a Futaba 4PX in the raffle, and a TON of other awesome prizes from Pro-Line, RPM and more!

For all the details CLICK HERE! Hope to see you there!

BS Squidink_05_porta_10_11_2014

It’s time for another edition of SquidInk! Not that we see a lot of porta potty destruction, we have run into a few of them. (Wrench, I’m looking at you!) It’s also amazing the amount of people we see texting while trying to drive their RC. Seriously, put the phone down!

Don’t forget to click the pic above for the full size if you can’t see the text that well.


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First Pro-Line Pro-MT Owner
Doesn’t the young man in the picture above look happy? He sure does, he is the first owner in the entire world of the new Pro-Line Pro-MT monster truck. We ended up giving away a second Pro-MT as well, you can see its happy owner in the second gallery below.

We were very fortunate to be able to give a lot of cool gear this year at iHobby. We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Pro-Line for letting us debut and give away the first two Pro-MTs off the production line. Our full review of the Pro-MT goes up Tuesday October 14th.

We would also like to thank ARRMA for letting us give away a Fury and a Vorteks. Big thanks go out to the folks over at Dromida who hooked us up with numerous Ominus quadcopters, and to Axial for letting us give away one of their Ram trucks. More thanks go out to Heli-Max for the 230Si quads we gave away and to Kyosho America for the Mad Bug. Estes let us give away a bunch of their Proto-X quads, they might be tiny but they sure put a huge smile on peoples faces.

Congrats to all our winners at iHobby, next up is giving away a brand new Axial Yeti XL at our 10 Year Anniversary Bash in Joliet Illinois on October 19th. If you want be the first person in the world to own the Yeti XL, join us at our biggest bash ever for a chance to win! We will also be giving away one of the super high-end Futaba 4PX transmitters along with tons of swag!

Click Here for more iHobby 2014 news.

Big Squid RC Monthly
As you can see in the picture above, Big Squid RC is now in print! The premiere issue of Big Squid RC By Bashers for Bashers Monthly was all over our booth at iHobby 2014. Even though our first issue was a small “get our feet wet” edition, we received loads of compliments about it.

How do you get your hands on a copy? The premiere issue was only available at iHobby, all future issues will only be available at local hobby shops. If you own or work at a local hobby shop, simply click on our “contact us” link to request future issues. If you are a consumer, please drop by your LHS and ask them to carry Big Squid RC Monthly. By the way, in the true tradition of BSRC our monthly is FREE for your LHS to stock and free for consumers to pick up.

BS Squidink_04_workbench_10_02_2014

Yep, it’s the 3rd comic for SquidInk! I didn’t have exactly this call, but I have had several that were VERY close. It’s amazing the amount of people who are hearing about quadcopters (drones), and even more amazing the people that want to fly them!


Looking for previous comics? Click Here to see all of them to date.

iHobby Expo 2014
We would like to cordially invite you to visit our booth at iHobby Expo 2014. The show kicks off tomorrow morning in Schaumburg Illinois and we are located near the rc demo track in booth #1527. Thursday and Friday morning are for industry people only, but Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon are for consumers.

When visiting our booth you can pick up free stickers and the premiere issue of Big Squid RC Monthly. On Thursday morning at 11:00 am central time, we will be world premiering a hot new truck release. On Saturday at 11:00 am we will be premiering a second hot new vehicle. Both are HUGE new releases that we will post to the web shortly after we premier them at the show.

The BigSquid Bash Crew will be putting on two truck demos daily, and for the first time we will also be doing demonstrations in the flying cage. During our demos on consumer days we’ll be giving away a ton of cool stuff, including new vehicles, t-shirts, and more.

Of special note- we will be giving away two of the hot new vehicles that we announce on Thursday at our demos on the weekend. These are vehicles that nobody can buy, if you win, you will be getting yours weeks before anyone else!

Like in previous years, we’ll be posting a live video feed from the show. For those of you that can not make it to the convention, this gives you a chance to see what the floor traffic is like and what is going on in our booth. We will also be posting tons of pictures and information about the show on our front page and to our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Tumblr pages.

We love getting to meet our readers in person, we hope you can drop by and say hello. For complete details on the show, hit up the Official iHobby Website.

Soon we will be posting some new job listings for positions at Big Squid RC, but we need this one sooner than later. We need a video guy! (or gal) Someone that can not just shoot video, but edit and create awesome stuff! We could REALLY use someone for this week’s iHobby Expo! So if you are in the Chicago area, have some camera skills, and can get the video to a finished product, drop us an email!
Even if it’s just a quick temporary thing, (like, you are free this weekend only) if you are a Videographer, and have some time, send an email to Brian.