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Black Friday 2012’ Category

Cyber Monday Sale at Pro-Line Racing
Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing are having a Cyber Monday sale today. Hit up THIS link to save yourself some cash on all that Pro-Line loot you’ve been wanting.

After you do that, hit THIS link to enter our Uber Pro-Line Give Away Contest to score even more!

Still looking to score some deals on RC stuff? Check out the Hobby Dealer Cyber Monday SALE – CLICK HERE! They have all sorts of deals on radios, chargers, vehicles, tools, you name it!

Don’t forget some of the Black Friday 2012 Sales we have posted are still good till today.

What are you waiting for, get some new RC gear and start saving some cash!

proline black friday

Adding to another big sale, Pro-Line has just announced theirs! If you enter the code BLACKFRIDAY25 when you order, you can get 25% off your entire order! This is only good on November 23rd, so remember to get those orders in!

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UPDATE: GH Racing had just upped it to 30% off! Need some hop-ups? Now’s the time!

Looking to save some cash on RC stuff? GH Racing has just sent word about their Black Friday Sale! From 11/23/2012 to 11/26/2012 save 20% 30% off everything! Head over to the GH Racing website and start saving!

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