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Fantom IONv5 Brushless Motors
Fantom Racing wants the world to know about their new IONv5 brushless motors. These feature all the latest in brushless technology and are designed to give you the extra power you are looking for. The IONv5s are available in a wide variety of winds and are ROAR legal. Some of the updates on the version 5 include-

* 8 grams lighter than previous model
* New stator and infinite timing adjustment
* New 3 piece can with an improved endbell
* The bearing on sensor end is now open for easier cleaning
* Large cooling vents
* High temp pure copper wire w/ certified wire gauge

Prices range from $95 for their Spec Edition motors up to $167 for their high zoot works edition motors featuring ABEC 7 hybrid ceramic bearings. Get full details at This Link over on Fantom’s website.

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Scorpion Mini-Z Brushless Motor
Is your Kyosho Mini-Z lacking the ridiculous power you crave? The folks over at Scorpion can help you out. They have a new 1410 sized brushless motor that should take your car from boring, to holy cow. With 8500kV and a heat resistant magnet, the Scorpion Mini-Z brushless motor was designed for serious power.

The part number is #Z_1410_8500, it is priced at $39, and they are available right now. Get full details by hitting up This Link over on Scorpion’s website.

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scorpion power systems brushless motors
The latest name to jump in the brushless motor game is Scorpion Power Systems. They have just announced their new line-up of RS-3420 Series 540 sized brushless motors for 1/12 and 1/10 scale vehicles. The line-up is available in a wide variety of winds ranging from 4.5 turn (7170Kv) to 21.5 turns (1470Kv). Some of their features include-

* Built in cooling fan
* Patented rotor surface that increases flux density and cooling
* Metal sleeve over rotor for durability
* Built in temp sensors
* 200% more cooling surface than comparable motors
* High grade silicon steel used in stator assembly
* Motor can is machined from 7075 aluminum

The motors are priced at $89 and you can get complete details at This Link over on the official SPS website.

TGIF, HERE is a mystery link just for our beloved Cubby.

REDS Racing Brushless Motors
While REDS Racing is best known for their nitro engine prowess, they also do brushless motors for the flashlight crowd. For you truly power hungry types, 3.5, 4.0, and 5.5 turn motors are now available from REDS. These are 2 pole sensored 540 sized motors which are intended for tenth scale applications, and are part of REDS VX motor line-up. Their cases are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and have large vents for maximum airflow. Balanced sintered rotors and low resistance copper solder tabs round out the package. Simply hit up This Link to head over to the official REDS website.

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Fantom 545 Brushless Motor
The crew over at Fantom Racing have released information on their new 545 sized brushless motors for 4wd short course trucks. A 545 is longer than a normal 540, but shorter than the more commonly used 550s, giving it perfect power while allowing it to fit in more vehicles. The 545s are available in three different kV (3200, 4000, 4850) and use a standard 540 mounting hole pattern. A 4 pole rare Earth magnet is used with a 12 pole stator for smooth power.

* Length- 57.44mm
* Diameter- 35.8mm
* Weight- 214 grams
* 5mm output shaft
* Adjustable timing and rebuildable
* Comes with 180mm long sensor cable

The Fantom 545s are available right now for a street price of $129, hit up This Link for complete information.

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LRP Vector K7 Brushless Motors
The folks over at LRP have announced some new brushless motors for their Vector K7 line-up. You can now get 6.5, 8.5, and 10.5 turns in the Vector K7 line which is known for offering top of the line performance at a reasonable price. The Vector K7 540 line was also designed for good durability and the ability to work in a wide variety of applications.

* Can be used on sensored or non-sensored speed controllers
* Aluminium motor housing for better cooling
* Handwound
* Oversized bearings
* High-power sintered magnet
* PreciSensor System for smoother response

The part number for the 6.5 turn is #50431, for the 8.5 turn it is #50441, and #50451 is the number for the 10.5 turn. To get more information hit up This Link.

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Castle Creations 0808 4 pole brushless motor for mini
Castle Creations has just announced a new 20mm brushless motor for your mini car or truck. For more torque Castle uses a 4 pole design and it is available in three different kv’s- 4100, 5300 and 8200. The 4100 and 5300 are rated for use up to 3S Lipo, while the 8200 is rated for 2S. The MSRP is $50 and HERE is the link that takes you to more information on Castle’s webpage. Click on THIS LINK for more Castle news on BigSquidRC.

Just found this ad for Castle’s final stab at World ESC Domination! After years and years of all of us hardcore basher types whining about not getting their Castle ESC wet, it seems like they are finally starting to get the hint. All the info we have so far is what’s in the Ad… Looks like there will be a new Mamba Monster 2 and a Sidewinder 3 coming soon!

For all sorts of Big Squid info on other Castle related items click on the ANY key!

Kershaw Savage Mount
Kershaw Designs now has an updated version of their popular universal HPI Savage motor mount. For you guys that are converting your nitro Savages to electric this updated motor mount makes the switch a breeze. The updates to the Kershaw universal mount include a stiffer lower plate and more reinforcements for better pinion/spur mesh. Street price is only $25, and they are available right now. THIS is the link you want for more information.

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Fantom Bearing Oil The bearings inside our brushless motors are subject to untold abuse. They are exposed not only to dirt and water, but also to high temperatures and incredible rpm’s. Fantom Racing has some premium bearing oil to help prolong bearing life. Fantom Go Go Juice utilizes a special blend of lubricants to keep drag down and corrosion protection up. Cost is under $6 for a half ounce bottle and you can get complete information HERE.

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upadted Dynamite Fuze brushless Combo's
Dynamite has announced that they will be releasing updated versions of their affordable sensored and sensorless Fuze brushless combos. The updated ESC’s are all 3S lipo capable, and several motor winds will be available.

Keep an eye on the Dynamite Website for more details.

Kickstart My Heart! Aquacraft has just announced their new Motley Crew Brushless FE Catamaran. This thing is sure to attract all the Girls Girls Girls with its fiberglass hull, water-cooled 6-pole 1800kv brushess motor, 60A brushless ESC, and Tactic 2.4GHz radio system. This boat has Looks That Kill with the official graphics from Ron & Scott Roman’s world champion offshore racer. This boat is sure to make you feel like Dr. Feelgood while driving on the Wild Side when it is avaliable this May for a street price of $349.99.

Check out Aquacraft for more information. And yes, I realize this boat isn’t actually licensed after the band. However, I was able to work five song references in there :) Not bad, if I dare say so myself.

Welcome to day four of DuraTrax Evader DT week here at the Squid.  Today I’m taking out the stock electronics and dropping in some mad power and control.  The stock Sprint 2 ESC, a fine system for beginners, gets the boot in favor of a Castle Creations Sidewinder ESC.  The Photon 2 brushed motor is taken out and put aside in favor of a Castle 4600kv motor.  The Tactic 27Mhz radio is shown the door and replaced with a Futaba R603FF 2.4GHz FASST 3-channel receiver that is compatible with the Futaba 4PK uber transmitter.  Just wait until you see what this combo does for the Evader DT, my initial testing regimen puts the overall speed rating at just above STUPID FAST.  That’s scientific people.  But you’ll have to wait for another video to actually see it in action.  For now, let’s get on with the show.

If you haven’t already done so go read our review of the Evader DT.  As a quick recap, on day one I installed a full set of DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks, day two saw me installing a few chassis mods with some aluminum parts and the graphite chassis, and on day three I put a full set of ball bearings in the truck and an aluminum idler gear in the transmission. To follow this feature week just bookmark this link.  For a full list of optional accessories that are available for the DuraTrax Evader DT be sure to check out the DuraTrax web site.