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THE Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Brushless RTR Review

Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Review

Is there a hotter class than 4wd Short Course Truck right now? It seems that when we go bashing they are everywhere, and for good reason, they look good and can typically take a pretty hard beating. One of the newest trucks to enter the category is the Carisma M40DT Desert Truck. The M40DT comes with the brushless power and scale detailing that everyone is looking for now days, and it does it at a very affordable price point. After driving the truck for weeks (like escaped mental patients) what did we learn? Click the “Read More” to find out…


THE Carisma Porsche 959 Rally Car Review

Carisma Porsche 959 Rally Review

The bash world has been abuzz since news broke that Carisma was hitting the states, and at the front of that buzz was one car in particular, the Porsche 959 Rally. We got our hands on one and have been driving it like we stole for a few weeks now. To boil it down- is the Carisma Porsche a solid bash machine that is worth your hard earned cash? Click the “Read More” to find out…


Unboxing Carisma Porsche 959 Rally
Ever since we first laid eyes on the Carisma M48S Porsche 959 Rally Car, we’ve been biting at the bit to get our hands on one. Well, we finally got one in at the BSRC Bash Compound, and today we are posting unboxing pictures so you can see exactly what it looks like when you crack the box open.

In hand, the Carisma is a stunner, the pictures below do not do justice to how good it looks. The body is highly detailed, with the appropriate stickers already applied to give it the same look as the classic full scale rally car. The Porsche 959 is also the first car we’ve ever tested that has come out of the box with plastic, highly detailed windshield wipers, doors handles, and rear view mirrors.

Under the hood you’ll find a water resistant brushless power plant mated to a 4wd system. The 959 comes with a metal chassis and a big front bumper that should fend off some pretty gnarly hits. Our testing is fully underway, hopefully we’ll have the review done for next week to let you know if it can take a legit bashing.

If you don’t want to wait for the review, you can get your hands on one right now at This Link over on the Falcon Hobby Supply website.

Click Here for yet another BSRC Friday Mystery Link.

Hit the “Read More” button for two more galleries of unboxing pictures.

Carisma M40DT Unboxing

Carisma has finally landed here in the states and they are initially offering 6 different vehicles in their product line-up. One of those vehicles is a very affordable 4wd Brushless RTR called the M40DT. The M40DT is a desert style truck that comes in at a street price of $229. We are busy thrashing the truck right now for our review that goes up next week, but today you can view pictures of what it looks like to crack the box open.

While doing the unboxing pictures we noticed the Carisma is a very good looking truck. Part of the body is painted a flat “murdered out” black, while other parts are painted a glossy black. Throw in a bunch of light buckets, big bumpers, and other scale detailing, and you end up with a pretty trick looking truck.

If you are a consumer and are looking to purchase Carisma products, hit up This Link over at Falcon Hobby Supply. If you are dealer interested in picking up the Carisma line, hit up This Link to contact The Jeric Group.

Looking for more Carisma news? You can find some Right Here on BigSquidRC.

Hit the “Read More” button for two more galleries of unboxing pictures->


Carisma USA
Carisma vehicles are officially for sale here in the USA. We have learned that there will be 6 different models offered initially, and that both the vehicles and parts are on the ground here in the states and ready to go.

If you are a consumer and want to check out all the Carisma models available Click This Link that takes you over to the Falcon Hobby Supply Website. If you are part of a hobby shop and are interested in picking up the Carisma line, Click Here to contact their distributor The Jeric Group.

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Carisma Porsche 959
The Carisma M48S Porsche 959 won’t hit the states until March but it already has several staffers fighting over who gets to drive it first. To make it even worse, the folks over at Carisma have decided to wet our appetite even more by putting up a new video featuring the Porsche in action. The video shows the 959 tearing it up on the beach, throwing roost and generally have a good old fashioned bash session. Click to the video below to check it out yourself, and hit up This Link to visit the official Carisma website.

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Carisma M10SC
Also new in the Carisma booth at Nurnberg is the M10SC. The M10SC is a 2wd 10th scale short course truck that comes in ready to run form. The M10SC features a 2.4GHz radio system, it is waterproof, it comes with 3000kV brushless power, and is set for a release date of this summer. That’s all the information we have on it right now but you can Click Here to check out the official Carisma website.

Click Here for yet another TGIF Mystery Link.

Carisma M10DB Buggy
We released the news that Carisma is Coming to America on March 1st, now we get to post their latest creation, the M10DB off-road buggy. The M10DB is a 1/10th 2wd buggy that comes pre-built for your bashing pleasure. For power it utilizes a 3000Kv brushless motor and comes with waterproof electronics. To top it off, the radio is 2.4GHz so you never have to worry about changing out crystals. That’s all the information we have for now, but you can hit up This Link to check out the official Carisma website.

For more Carisma news check out This Link on BigSquidRC.


Since getting our hands on some of the recent Carisma vehicles, and telling you about them, we have received weekly emails and Facebook messages asking people can buy them, and when they are coming to the US. Well, that question (that we have had the answer for little while now, but couldn’t share) is that YES they are indeed coming to the US! Officially March 1st 2014 they will be available from The Jeric Group will be their official distribution channel in the US, so you will most likely be able to get the vehicles in local shops, or online at several retailers. Carisma mentions that they will have vehicles AND parts readily availalbe on March First. This is pretty huge news, as we know there has been a large group of people drooling over their new vehicles for a while now. If you are a hobby shop owner, we recommend giving the Jeric Group a call because we know a lot of people looking for these, and they will be happy to find them on your shelves. At least give a few of them a try!

iModel_France_carismaCarisma also let us know that will be their official distributor for France.

We are happy to see Carisma make it’s way over to the USA. Their vehicles have been really great (Check the reviews at This Link) and we are looking forward to some part support as well.

Check the Official Carisma Website for more info.

Video Carisma M10DT
Our friends over at Carisma have just posted a new video for their M10DT Volkswagen Beetle Desert Edition. Check out the video below to see what it looks like to bash on the beach with the Desert Beetle. Also keep an eye on our front page as our full review should be done very soon.

To check out the official M10DT Desert Beetle page all you have to do is click This Link.

For more Carisma news on BigSquidRC just Click Here.

Carisma M40DT Video
Are the rumors true that Carisma is headed back to the States? We have no idea, but we do know that the last two Carisma vehicles we reviewed held up like tanks.

Carisma has just released a video for their 10th scale M40DT brushless ready to run truck. Check it out below to see the 4wd M40DT jumping, shooting roost, and even getting in some water action.

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THE Carisma GT16MT Brushless 4wd RTR Review

Carisma GT16MT Review

Nope, you can’t buy Carisma here in the states. However, you never know when they might get picked up, so to stay “ahead of the curve” we are busting out some reviews of their products. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the GT16MT, a 1/16th scale, 4wd, RTR, off-road truck. The first Carisma we reviewed was arguably the toughest truck we’ve ever tested, could our second review truck possibly live up to our expectations? Does the brushless powerplant in the GT16MT have plenty of rip? What do we really think of Carisma? Click the “Read More” to get the party started…



While the new Carisma vehicles haven’t made their way stateside (quite yet), their line-up of bashing vehicles continues to grow. Check out the new Carisma M10DT as we unbox it for the first time.

We were nicely surprised by the flat paint on the outside of the vehicle, as it takes an interesting twist to being also on the tires, the bumpers, and anything else exposed. It’s almost as if there is a artist on the Cariama assembly line painting them as they go by.. or at least we like to imagine it that way.

Another interesting surprise was the parts tree in the box for the accessories. There are actually two of them. Our resident model painter was digging this for sure, and is looking forward to getting started.

We will have a full review in a couple weeks after we get some serious wheel time in. For now, check out our unboxing pictures. To get more information on all the products that Carisma makes simply hit This Link.

Make sure you hit the “Read More” button below for more unboxing galleries under the hood of the M10DT, we took plenty of pictures. Click Here to read more Carisma news on BigSquidRC.