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ECX Barrage Scale Crawler

Everybody’s Scalin’ – Baby Barrage

I’ve been running hot around here the for the last month or so and just realized that I had never discussed the 1/12 ECX Barrage 1.9 RTR Crawler. The Barrage, scheduled to be released early November according to our friends at A-Main Hobbies, is interesting to me as it’s trying to appeal to the budget crawler crowd with a small platform, just [...]


Lipo Batteries

Bashers Basics — Upgrading Batteries

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics! In this post, we will look at batteries, and what you need to know before upgrading. I fondly remember the days where I rocked that 7 cell Nimh battery, trying to extract every last ounce of power out of my “rtr” battery. Hard core guys will say that is nothing, and tell you [...]


Rockstar Cubby

ASK Cubby- You Ask The Questions, I Make Up Silly Answers

Axial “For Heaven sake” Hey Cubby, Thanks for providing a platform for all the amplification needed by Rc Enthusiasts. Will you be kind enough to show some insight on : What’s the purpose or advantage of buying these new lines on axial monster jam trucks (SMT10-Grave digger/max D) since they are painfully slow hence you can’t get the performance of a monster truck [...]


Big Cubby

THE Trump Report – Version 10.17.2016

Regardless of what the title to this week’s Cub Report may read, I am not voting for Trump. Yes, the title is simply click bait of the worst kind and I should be ashamed of myself (but of course I am not). So who will I be pulling the trigger for on November 8th? That would be… wait for it… [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – California Dreamin’

This past week has been a great one as my wife and I flew to California, rented a sports car and drove up and down the coast. As luck would have it, one of her relatives lives in Paradise, CA, a stone’s throw from Chico. So while she was visiting her uncle I managed to sneak into A-Main Hobbies retail [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby- Yet Another Week With Your Questions

“Losi Baja Rey I just want to share my frustration with someone who might care I bought my Baja Rey about 4 weeks ago and for what it is it’s great but as far as getting parts for it is terrible I’ve been told 2 months for a driveshaft is that crazy or is it just me? Ryan H.” Cubby- Yo Ryan, guess [...]


Cubby Booth Babe

THE Cub Report, Version- Movin On Up

Happy Monday to one and all, it’s about time to kick off your week with yet another Cub Report. If you are not blind, then you’ve probably already noticed the large A Main Hobbies banner all along the left hand side of our website. We are pretty stoked to have A Main Hobbies on board and look forward to working with [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – You Don’t Have To Go Your Own Way

Whether I’m discussing a club I run with on here or some other corner of the Internet, there always seems to be a few people that chime in with “I wish there were people near me that did this.” I know the feeling, as I used to carry that thought around when I first tried to get into scale crawling. I started with scalers in [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby- So You Wanna Be A Sponsored Driver

For ask cubby Cubby, I am an aspiring rc racer with a question just for you. I work hard, I race hard, and I have some good finishes. I don’t have to tell you how expensive rc racing has become, what are my best options for getting sponsored? If I get sponsored I promise to always show off the products and help [...]


Cubby with big woman

THE Cub Report, Version- Endlessly Qualifying, Rarely Racing

Well hello there friends, my name is Cubby and this is my report. Welcome to yet another week in our beloved hobby of rc. To start off with… If you have read my column for any length of time, then you already know how I feel about IFMAR world’s events. In case you haven’t heard, a bunch of the world’s best are [...]


Free Scale Realism

Bashers Basics Quick Tip — Free Scale Realism

We all want our trucks too look as close to the real thing as possible, but it usually takes a significant pile of dough before people will be doing double takes on your face book pictures. Bashers Basics is to the rescue however, with a tip on the cheap!The easiest way to add scale realism to your rig is paint the [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Brings a Tear to My Eye

The above picture, shot last week at my LHS, may not mean much to some people, but it was definitely a cool sight for me. The two biggest names in monster trucks, each represented by two of the biggest names in r/c, sitting right there in the display case as two of the hottest items on the market. Brings a tear [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby- Your Questions, Me Mashing More Keys

“Long overdue shootout! Stampede 4×4 VXL vs Losi Ten MT Vaterra Halix ECX Ruckus 4×4 HPI Bullet Flux HPI Jumpshot MT Flux Helion Invictus Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Pro Team Magic E5 Monster Truck FS Racing Victory Brushless JLB Racing Cheetah Either out-the-box, lightly modded, or fully upgraded and in terms of value and all-out performance. Who comes out on top from this list of 1/10 scale brushless 4×4 monster trucks? [...]


Cubby Smile

The Cub Report- Wipeout 2097 Edition

Hello there fellow rc fans, it is Monday and welcome to this week’s Cub Report. Up first… hummmm…. how about that new Drone Racer from Kyosho? Ok, so you are a “surface guy” and just skipped that post on our front page, so Here Is The Link to help bring you up to speed. You know, I hate quads/drones/multi-rotors, but even I [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Basic Paint Type Advice

I was recently painting my RC4WD Blazer body when I had the thought that it was time for a paint PSA. One of the most common noob questions is “Can I use spray paint on my body?”. I sometimes see experienced hobbyists (those who don’t do any body work) fall prey to this erroneous misconception as well. The answer, of course, is [...]