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Monster Truck Madness #3 – Lock & Load

Whether you have a Clod or shaft truck, differential preference seems to be the super important subject that no one really talks about. It’s just not as sexy as discussing, say, brushless options or what tires to use. Locked, open, one axle locked and the other open, limited slip…so many choices! Before getting into the r/c discussion, let’s talk about how [...]


Monster Truck Madness #2: Shaving a Set of RC4WD Rumbles

One is not a true monster trucker until they experience the taste of burnt rubber, at least once, by way of cutting/shaving a set of tires. Monster truck tire cutting is an art that dates back to the late 80’s, but it came into vogue during┬áthe early 90’s when modern racing began. The then-standard 66″ flotation tires that companies like Goodyear [...]


New Bi-Weekly Column: Monster Truck Madness

Heya folks. Doug here. I write the Everybody’s Scalin’ series that runs Friday afternoons. Now I’m writing this as well! Yes, that’s right, I’ve finally begged and pleaded enough for the brass to let me have a regular monster truck column. I love scaling, but monster trucks have always been the thing closest to my heart. I’ve been hardcore into them [...]