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Raging Rotors: Not a Confession, But Declaration of Intent

It may sound cliche, but I feel like a true pioneer. On many occasions in the past year or so that quadcopters/drones/multirotor technology, flight, and regulations have been compared to the early days of the internet, calling it a ‘wild west’ phase for the technology. That pretty much nails the current situation of the whole multirotor hobby right on the [...]



Raging Rotors: Whirlwind, or How the ImmersionRC Vortex (Mig…

  I’M BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKK! Sorry for falling off the planet RC, but I needed to go into hiding until I could remake my tinfoil hat ūüėČ This is an exciting time for FPV Racing:¬†ImmersionRC¬†has released the details about its new racer, the¬†Vortex recently. This is a game changer, and there are a lot of nitty-gritty details about this quad that can be missed [...]



Raging Rotors: NOT. A. DRONE.

Let me make this explicitly clear:¬†I HATE quitters. Whether it is on the RC track, on my game of Battlefield, or even when playing Monopoly, quitting means a few things to me:¬†You are a jerk, spoiled, or will not stand up against opposition (read: idiots).¬†So let’s just say that when¬†major hobby companies started using the word ‘Drone’ to categorize their [...]



Raging Rotors: Ask Cub…Mato Sauce?

Hey guys, Cubby was sifting through his emails and shipped this one my way, which is a great observation/question from¬†S. Kayess: “I have a rather unique question for you. I would like to purchase a Proto-x FPV and I noticed in picsures that I’ve seen, that the two front translucent white rotor blades look really cool lit up in the pale [...]



Raging Rotors: HAM it up!

I have mentioned on a few occasions that a specific FCC license is required to use high powered FPV transmitter systems (like a 600mW Immersion RC TX system). The license I refer to is an Amateur Radio License, or Ham Radio License. This license gives you the ability to stay out of trouble when the high powered transmitters accidentally cross [...]



Raging Rotors: FAA and the Rules, and an Amazonian Outcry

This past Sunday the FAA announced their proposed set of rules for commercial ‘drone’ use. Now we all know that ‘drones’ is not the correct term, but I am NOT getting black bagged by the government again. Here’s the skinny for those who want to use multirotors to earn some extra money:Pass an exam to prove proficiency Visual Line of Sight flying [...]



Raging Rotors:, Helpful or Wishful Thinking?

The fallout from the ‘fall out’ on the White House lawn from a week ago is still ringing true in the ears of many, and now there is a new level of protection for the masses afraid of the loss of privacy or danger of commercial, personal, or recreational drones. There is a new website in town called¬†, designed as [...]


FPV Racer Build (8)

Raging Rotors Build Report: 250-Size FPV Racer

Spring is just around the corner, and my fellow coworkers and I are starting the process of getting FPV Racing going at our local flying field. First, I needed a quad! Ok, that might be an overstatement. I have already modified my 200QX for a more FPV ready setup, and I am practicing my racing on a NanoQX FPV. Regardless, I wanted a properly sized, [...]



Raging Rotors: Beware the Goblin, or, Things I Learned Build…

All the way back in August, I got my hands on a Goblin 570 from SAB Helidivision thanks to my friends at PrestigeRC/HeliDirect. Over the past few months, I have been diligently working on it while getting more and more excited for flying season to start this now snowy 2015. I have only built a Baja 5B SS in all my time in RC, [...]


Hot Sauce

Raging Rotors: Yo, Quad Daddy-O!

Again, the news is filled with so much trouble in regards to Multirotors/Quadcopters/Drones. Brian just saw someone follow highway traffic, a man in the Illinois suburbs is being investigated by the FAA for rule violations when doing a quadcopter video of Christmas lights, and a government employee has now crashed on his boss’s White House lawn.¬†Ideally I’d love to send [...]


NanoQX Flight

Raging Rotors: ‘Inspired’ for 2015

Happy New Year to you all. If 2015 is anything at all like 2014, it will be another multirotor, APV (new term: Aerial Photography Vehicle), and FPV dominated year. Already new tech is starting to come out of the woodwork: the DJI Inspire1 is about to start shipping out everywhere, as well as the ThunderTiger Robotix Ghost+, and at the CES (Consumer Electronics [...]