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THE Cub Report – Going Hard At March Bashness!

So here we are, just you and me (and a few thousand other people), for this intimate, March Bashness edition of THE Cub Report! Seriously, we are stoked that you are here, and even more stoked that the fuse for March Bashness is about to be lit! Weeks before March Bashness all us knuckle-draggers at BigSquid start our own predictions. Just [...]


Speed Run Cubby

THE Cub Report – Back In Action

Well hey there rc fans, glad to have ya here at BigSquidRC. I am Cubby, and after a week “off”, I am back and ready for another fun filled week in rc. Here we go… First up I gotta talk about BigSquidRC’s March Bashness! As you long term readers know, March Bashness is one of our biggest “events” of the year, [...]


Cubby Optima

THE Cub Report – This Week In The RC Hobby

Well hello there rc fans, my name is Cubby and this is BigSquidRC. Every Monday I sit down at my computer (OK, sometimes it’s a Sunday night) and bust out some of the happenings around the world of rc. What are we waiting for, lets dive right on in… So ya, literally the “biggest” news from last week was Primal RC [...]


Cubby Crawler Shootout

THE Cub Report – Here Comes The Hotstepper

Well hello there rc fanatics, welcome to BigSquidRC and to THE Cub Report. My name is Cubby, and well, I love talking ’bout the hobby, shall we jump right in? I am gonna start off this week with some Pro-Line love. For those of you that like to travel, P-L’s By The Fire scale crawling event is coming right up. By [...]


Fort Cubby

THE Cub Report – Reminiscing The T-Maxx Era

Ya know, there was a time not all that long ago when our industry was growing. Growing like crazy in fact! The time period goes from right around 1999 when the original T-Maxx was released, to around 2007 where a general economic downswing in America put a big damper on the runaway growth of our hobby. The other day the [...]


cubby typhon

THE Cub Report – This Week In RC

Hello there rc people, welcome to a brand spank’n new week in the lovely hobby of rc. I am Cubby, and this is my report… So how about Nuremburg? Like most (read- all) of the other rc trade shows, the Toy Fair wasn’t nearly as busy as it was just a scant few years ago. And while companies like Tamiya, Traxxas, [...]


Statue Cubby

THE Cub Report – Here Comes The Toy Fair

Hello there fellow rc enthusiasts, I am Cubby and this is my report. This week is a big one for our industry as the Nuremburg Toy Fair kicks off in just a matter of hours! Many of the biggest names in rc are in Germany this week to show off their latest and greatest, while a number of other big [...]


Road Trip Cubby

THE Cub Report – RC Des Nations 2020

That’s right folks, RC Des Nations is what I am laying out for you guys this week. Some people (motocross riders) will know exactly what I am talking about already. For those that do not, well, keep on scrolling down... I guess I should probably start off with what Motocross Des Nations is. Every year, lets say around 20’ish countries send [...]


X-Mas Party Cubby

THE Cub Report – Well Hello There 2019!

So hello there friends, hobbyists, industry insiders, etc, welcome to THE Cub Report. As is my “norm”, we are early here in 19′, a time when I’ve been talking to other industry people to try and get a feel for what the marketplace might be like this year. So what might the industry have waiting for us in the coming [...]


Sunset Cubby

The Cub Report – Lost…

I had a big “What to expect in 2019” Cub Report planned for this week as I traditionally do on the first week of a new year, but it will have to wait another 7 days. You see, I lost a reader last week. Actually, you know me, I probably lost us hundreds of readers last week alone, but, I [...]


Rugged Cubby

THE Cub Report – Well Hello There 2019!

WOW, 2018 will go down as arguably the craziest year ever for the rc industry! From start to finish, 2018 was filled with awesome highs, and absolutely terrible lows. I won’t beat around the bush here, 2018 will mostly be known as the year that industry leader Hobbico was snatched up by long time rival Horizon Hobby, but there were [...]


X-Mas Cubby

THE Cub Report- Ho Ho Ho, Time For Holiday Fun

Well hello there party people, a very Merry Christmas and a very happy Holidays to you! I hope you are having some great food and spending time with friends and family. So, as all THE Cub Report super-fans know, I always do a “What the Bash-Crew wants for X-Mas if money were of no consequence.” Cub Report every year. Not being [...]


Flying Cubby

THE Cub Report – Time To Get Rugged!

Ya, so last week I had planned on doing a write-up on the all new Spektrum DX5 Rugged, but due to a snafu on the press release front, that turned into this week! Any which way, this is THE Cub Report, thanks for joining us, lets jump right in shall we...? Ya, so how about that all new DX5 rugged? Have [...]


THE Cub Report- Lessons Learned Vs Lessons Earned

Well hello there party people, thanks for dropping by BigSquidRC for THE Cub Report. Last week brought a number of cool announcements for our hobby, shall we jump right in? Perhaps my favorite part of Christmas in the rc community is Pro-Line’s Big Give. Pro-Line has been putting on their Big Give for many years now, helping both charities and hobbyists. [...]


THE Cub Report – ISO Oscar Goldman

Happy Monday fellow hobbyists, welcome to BigSquidRC and THE Cub Report. This is my little corner of the internet, glad you are able to join me. So… electronics behemoth Amazon dropped a new race car of-sorts last week. Amazon, a company that started out as an on-line book retailer, has expanded into just about everything, and now they are blazing a [...]