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Gun Range Cubby

THE Cub Report, Version – IFMAR, Wheelies, Anger

So… there was a video that got the internet all riled up last week, one that even I can’t resist but to comment on. Ya, you’ve probably seen it already, it was a video of Josh Cyrul pulling trigger on a 2S powered 1/12th pan car and he makes some controversial remarks about IFMAR. It seems that IFMAR has now [...]


LiPo Cubby

THE Cub Report – All I Want Is… Everything

Hello there friend, you have found yet another edition of THE Cub Report. This week is my annual “What the BSRC Bash Crew wants for Christmas” edition. Yes indeed, each year I shuffle around the office to find out what vehicle all the members of our bash crew would want if price is no object. Why do I do this? [...]


Full Metal Cubby

THE Cub Report, Version- It’s Becoming A Small World

I am soooo looking forward to a short week, hopefully you are too. Although, I still imagine I’ll be driving (or flying) some sort of rc every single day this week. As I write this Iron Mikeee is charging up packs so we can work on our Tekno MT410 review, one of several new vehicles we’ll be abusing this week. Oh, [...]


Cubbys harem

THE Cub Report, Version – Jaded

So here we are, just you and me (ok, and a few thousand other people) for this week’s Cub Report. Kick back, relax, and get ready to get your scroll on. First up… In case you haven’t seen it in the “featured” part of our website directly above, you can still get in an entry for our Pro-Line Wipeout Video Contest. [...]


Cubby Spokemodel

THE Cub Report, Version- The Fast And The Furious

Well hello there rc fans, happy Monday to you and welcome to this week’s Cub Report. As you have already seen on our website, the BSRC Bash Crew hit the world famous SEMA Show last week. Year after year we have talked about going, because every year something big in the rc world seemed to happen there, so this year we [...]


Las Vegas Cubby

THE Cub Report- Winter Is Coming

Just like in “A Game Of Thrones”, Winter Is Coming, it is inevitable. The question is, what are you going to do? For the racing crowd, winter is easy. It means you put away your 8th scale nitro burner and head to the nearest indoor track to race 1/10th scale buggy. For bashers, things aren’t so cut and dried. Bashers won’t [...]


The Cub Report Schaumburg

THE Cub Report- Electrifying Your Monday

Hello out there rc world, it is Monday, thus time for yet again another episode of what’s happening in Cubby’s world… First off… I am coming off a rather hectic weekend. Saturday was Red Bull’s Straight Rhythm motocross event at the Fairplex in Pomona California, while F1 made a stop in Austin Texas. Mercedes dominated the USGP, much like every other [...]


Big Cubby

THE Trump Report – Version 10.17.2016

Regardless of what the title to this week’s Cub Report may read, I am not voting for Trump. Yes, the title is simply click bait of the worst kind and I should be ashamed of myself (but of course I am not). So who will I be pulling the trigger for on November 8th? That would be… wait for it… [...]


Cubby Booth Babe

THE Cub Report, Version- Movin On Up

Happy Monday to one and all, it’s about time to kick off your week with yet another Cub Report. If you are not blind, then you’ve probably already noticed the large A Main Hobbies banner all along the left hand side of our website. We are pretty stoked to have A Main Hobbies on board and look forward to working with [...]


Cubby with big woman

THE Cub Report, Version- Endlessly Qualifying, Rarely Racing

Well hello there friends, my name is Cubby and this is my report. Welcome to yet another week in our beloved hobby of rc. To start off with… If you have read my column for any length of time, then you already know how I feel about IFMAR world’s events. In case you haven’t heard, a bunch of the world’s best are [...]


Cubby Smile

The Cub Report- Wipeout 2097 Edition

Hello there fellow rc fans, it is Monday and welcome to this week’s Cub Report. Up first… hummmm…. how about that new Drone Racer from Kyosho? Ok, so you are a “surface guy” and just skipped that post on our front page, so Here Is The Link to help bring you up to speed. You know, I hate quads/drones/multi-rotors, but even I [...]


Cubby Booth Babe Craig

THE Cub Report, Version- First Time At The Track

I could see it coming a mile away. I have been down that road million times. What am I talking about? I was at the track last week working on a review and a basher showed up who had never driven on a track before. Oh my, it used to be funny to watch a first time track guy blow [...]



THE Cub Report, Version- Just Don’t Do It

No matter if you are at a local bash spot, trail, track, or rock pile, there are just some things you shouldn’t do. Here is a list I have compiled of things that I have seen Joe Blow bashers (and even guys on our Bash Crew) actually do, that probably aren’t a good idea… While at the local track testing… just [...]


Sunglass Cubby

THE Cub Report, Version- Aftermarket Remorse

Hello and happy Labor Day to everyone out in rc land. Ok, if you are an American you are stoked, Labor Day means a three day weekend. If you live outside the states, Labor Day is a day that American’s use to eat loads of BBQ, drink a lot of rot-gut beer, and get one last swim in the pool [...]


rc bashing with Cubby

THE Cub Report, Version- Steppin’ To The A.M.

Hello all and welcome to this week’s Cub Report. I personally had a weekend that pretty much could not be beaten. I got to watch some of the uber pros at the Futaba Nitro Challenge, watched a ton of F1/AMA MX/FIM MXGP/UFC, and got in some much needed trigger time with the new Pro-Line Ambush Scale Crawler. Yes indeed, life [...]