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THE Cub Report – Country Road, Take Me Home…

It’s been one heck of a year so far hasn’t it? Personally, and professionally, 2018 will go down as the wildest year that I’ve ever seen, and I think a lot of people in our industry can say the same thing. Yet, here we are, and here is this week’s Cub Report. Well how about that, the Denver show is blowing [...]


President Cubby

THE Cub Report – Lamborghini Shih Tzu

Hello there rc fanatics, thanks for joining us on BigSquidRC. I am Cubby and this is my Cub Report, which can vary a bunch, but this week I am going to go over some of the big releases from last week. Here we go... Ya know, there was a LOT of cool gear announced last week, but my personal favorite has [...]



THE Cub Report – Kick’n It Jackie Chan

Well hey there, thanks for finding us. Why not strap in for yet another funtabulous edition of THE Cub Report? Hey, I promise not to talk too much about the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo this week, but there is some pretty huge news for the event. Traxxas is IN! That is great to hear as they will be bringing it Traxxas [...]


Cubby Helmet

THE Cub Report – Labor Day Fun

Well hello there fellow rc fans, thanks for reading BigSquidRC and THE Cub Report. Labor Day is generally a time for fun here in the USA. Most people don’t have to work that day, and for most of us, it brings an end to summer. Vacations are mostly over and all the kids are back in school. It signifies that it [...]


Big Cubby

Le ole’ Cub El’ Reporto – Scud Missiling Foward…

Hey folks, isn’t rc a wonderful hobby? Heck yes it is! That’s why you and I are both here. THE Cub Report is pretty much a weekly smorgasbord of rc talk, but this week is gonna be industry focused. If you are a consumer, you can just tune out (but that wouldn’t be any fun, LOL), or you can keep [...]


Hawaiian Chris Cubby

THE Cub Report – Showing Up For Work Late

Hey, happy Tuesday you guys! It is pretty rare for me to be writing on a Tues, but my travel schedule got derailed over the weekend, so here I finally am. First up, Horizon Hobby Europe had a Huge Event last weekend that our own German reporter Tommy Chong Wielgomas attended. Tommy hosted our official BigSquidRC booth and put on a [...]


Workn Man Cubby

The Cub Report – Sending It Since the 70s

Ya know, it is Monday and time for yet another funtabulous week in rc. Thanks for joining us here on Big Squid, here are my news and notes from last week. Once again, last week proved busy as a number of companies announced new products for the fall season. The biggest hitter from last week had to be the new green [...]


THE Cub Reporter

THE Cub Report – Cities In Dust

Here we are folks, past the half-way point of the year, looking down the final stretch of 2018. Thanks for making a click over to BigSquidRC, here’s some banter about the last week in the rc industry. Shall we dive right in? First off, after a rather slow Q1 (and 2) for product announcements, there was a ton of new products [...]


Fat Cubby 2

THE Cub Report- Bitter Sweet Symphony

Well hello there fellow rc enthusiast, welcome to THE Cub Report. The entire staff at BigSquidRC would like to thank you for dropping by and for giving us a click. Here is some news and notes from the world of rc last week... First up, our Rage RC RZX review. I was able to log a number of packs with the [...]


Hobbico Natalie Cubby

THE Cub Report- Long, Heartfelt Messages

Hello there rc people, thanks for finding our little corner of the world wide web. I am Cubby and this is BigSquidRC, a website dedicated to the basher side of the rc hobby. Over the years, I have received a number of long, heartfelt messages. Some come from industry folks, but most have come from consumers. Just like your “normal” job, [...]


Cubby BBQ

THE Cub Report – Freewill

Hello rc enthusiasts, welcome to another lovely week in rc. My name is Cubby and I would like to personally thank you for spending a few minutes on BigSquidRC. I had originally thought about naming this Cub Report “80 pages”, but even I thought that was a bit extreme (I know, a handful of you “get it” and are giggling right [...]


Cubby Dirt

THE Joe Dirt Report – Who Do You Love?

Hello there friends and fellow hobbyists, welcome to THE Cub Report. Now that you’ve found us, thanks for the click, here is some news and happens from the world of rc... Can you believe it, we are already up to podcast #7! My how time flies! Tim Gluth from RCNewb has been doing a great job, but I think his best [...]


Thursday Night Cubby

THE Cub Report – Where The River Flows

Well hello there, my name is Cubby and this is my “report”. I generally talk about the rc industry, or F1, or SX, or whatever really. So here we go... Pricing. Back in the day (read early 90s) a high-end RC10 Team Car kit was just over $200. Today, their B6.1 Team kit is priced at just over 300. So after [...]


Flying Cubby

THE Cub Report – In The Meantime…

Well hello there rc people, here we are in June, half the year down, half to go (can ya believe it??)! There is no doubt that the first half of 2018 has been action filled, we can’t wait to see what the X-Mas rush of 2018 brings from our industry. And yes, it will be here before we all know [...]


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THE Cub Report – Poetic Justice

Hey there everyone, thanks for making the click over to Big Squid. This is THE Cub Report, a weekly column about the rc industry. First off I would like to thank Pro-Line’s Matt Wallace for the title of this week’s Cub Report. Over on Matt’s social media he was using the #poeticjustic hashtag to express the feelings of the PL crew [...]