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Sunset Cubby

THE Cub Report – Where Do We Go From Here?

So it happened, our friends over at Hobbico have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. For you noobies out there, which there are a lot, you might not understand everything in this Cub Report, but it is a sign of the times in our hobby. For those not in the industry, Hobbico is the parent company of Great Planes distributing [...]


Cubby Losi Super Baja Rey

THE Cub Report- Sorry, But We Are The Good Guys

Well hello there. Thanks for joining us at BigSquidRC for THE Cub Report. If this is your first time here, THE Cub Report is a weekly look (satirical) at the wonderful hobby of rc. Sometimes it has a theme, sometimes it is endless rambling, but either way, lets dig right in. Is BigSquidRC the #1 RC Blog? I don’t know about [...]


Statue Cubby

THE Cub Report – Backwards Is The New Forward

Hola folks, and welcome to BigSquidRC version 2018. Holy cow did 2017 fly right on by, hopefully 2018 decides to stick around a little longer. While 2017 could be considered an “ugly” year for rc, there is a whole lot of hope out there for ’18. Sales seem to be coming up, that and companies are really changing their business models [...]


X-Mas Cubby

THE Cub Report – Merry Christmas, Even To You

Merry Christmas to all you rc hobbyists out there. You long term readers will already know what this Cub Report is about. For the noobies, every year at Christmas I walk around the office and ask the Bash Crew what they would like to see under their Christmas tree this year if money were no object. Here are their responses- Hawaiian [...]


Big Cubby

THE Cub Report – Passion Is All There Is

Here we are, just me and you (and a few thousand other people), welcome to this week’s Cub Report. First up is our announcement for BigSquidRC “Bash Vehicle of the Year”. It does indeed look like we’ll be posting up the top five this week, or next. Most of the vehicles that will be posted are straight up bashing BEASTS, but [...]


Cubby Crawler Shootout

THE Cub Report- Shoot It Out

Hello to one and all, welcome to another Cub Report. Last week was a huge one here at BigSquidRC as our 1.9″ RTR scale crawler shootout finally went live. Needless to say, reaction across the web was rather epic. Ya, ya, I’ve been forwarded the threads and various email chains, our shootout brought out a lot of emotion in people, which [...]


Statue Cubby

THE Cub Report – Rewriting The Rulebook

Happy December to you, with holiday season in full swing, so is indoor racing season. If you are a noob to rc, let me explain. During the summer months most people in our hobby like to race outside. During the winter months, things typically move indoors. I don’t race either, because racing sucks. Right now everyone likes to focus on trophy [...]


In N Out Cubby

THE Cub Report – It’s Monday, It’s Cub Report Time

Yo, how ya been? Thanks for joining us on BigSquidRC for another Cub Report. Word from the trenches is that the holiday season is off to a good start. No, stellar numbers aren’t going up, but the numbers are at least solid, with most of the people I talked to indicating that sales are up slightly from last year. That seems [...]


Cubby Optima

THE Cub Report – Life In The Fast Lane

Hey there rc fans, welcome to THE Cub Report. The rc industry is all ramped up for the holiday season, I hope you are too. While BSRC isn’t about racing in any way, shape, or form, I do talk about it once in a while. I mean, even bashers should keep track of at least a little bit of what’s going [...]


Footwear Cubby

THE Cub Report – Freedom Of Choice

Well hello there friends, thanks for dropping by BigSquidRC. Back in the good old days I would do sort of an “introduction” to the website from time to time for new readers. After all, if there is one thing that rc is good about doing, that is bringing in new people. So for those of you who haven’t been reading [...]


Cubby Rocky Mountain Show 2017

THE Cub Report- Word UP!

Well hello there friends, welcome to another week of THE Cub Report. As the most hated person in rc, there has gotta be something good in this week’s report, let’s see… First up is the BigSquidRC 1.9″ RTR Scaler Shootout. We are about 99% done with testing, now comes the hard part, putting it all into words. LOL. Oh my gosh, [...]


Cubby Flying Field

THE Cub Report- Doubling Down

Where are all the posts at? LOL, well, we’ve been out of the office a lot the last few days, so our entire crew is in recovery mode at the moment. No worries though, posting will get back to normal tomorrow. Everyone wants to know, how was the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo? Well, it was better than expected for consumer foot [...]


Statue Of Cubby

THE Cub Report- How Much You Gonna Risk?

Oh yes, here we are, late October. The air is crisper, the leaves are falling, yet we are still outside driving rc cars like we just stole them. Bashing is a good thing, our staff hopes you had a good time over the weekend going huge while getting your bash on. Hey, it’s trade show week!!! It’s been a while since [...]


Track Cubby

THE Cub Report- Going Huge, Bust’n Parts

Whoa, what a crazy time it was last week in the rc biz. There was some epic announcements no doubt, shall we dig right in? Yup, the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 has gotta go at the top of the list for last week. If there ever was a truck solely designed for bashing, I think it has to be the PRO-MT 4×4. [...]


President Cubby

EL informe de cub – Typing Fast, Blasting Rezz

Whoa, big week coming up rc fans, thanks for joining me for yet another Cub Report. This week’s Cub Report is brought to you by Dunder Mifflin, one of the top one hundred paper suppliers in the entire state of Pennsylvania. You want paper products? Then you gotta have some Dunder Mifflin. It is almost here. What might that be? That [...]