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cubby’ Category

Traxxas TellurideNo, it isn’t December 31st quite yet, but I decided to bust out my annual year end summary a couple of weeks early. Overall, 2014 will not go down as a banner year for rc sales, but it certainly saw a bunch of innovative products released. The whole 8th scale gasoline powered monster truck thing sounded great on paper but went over like a lead balloon in hobby shops. However… where gas faltered scale realism and monster/basher type trucks were flying out the door. And, more importantly for us bashers, 2014 proved to be a year when manufacturers put out more bashing product than “race” oriented vehicles, which is certainly awesome to see.

So here ya go folks, this is how I saw the year in rc for 2014…

Traxxas- 2014 was a quiet year for Traxxas but that didn’t deter them from still crushing it on the sales floor. Consumers still love those old platforms and all the replacement parts sitting on hobby shop pegs, so while the Texas Titan didn’t put out anything of note in ’14, they are still on top of the vehicle sales heap. Oh and, all those rumors of their impending demise were greatly exaggerated, they are still here with new rumors they are going to blow everyone’s mind with gnarly gear in ’15.

Pro-Line- Ya know, you would think that one of these years Pro-Line would make a misstep of some sort, but once again PL proved they are the top of the tire/body hill and they crushed it again in ’14. They won the only race really worth winning (the IFMAR 8th Scale Worlds) and put out a plethora of great products this year. And even better, they showed they aren’t just about winning world titles, they are cool with bashers too by putting out the PRO-MT, arguably the best 2wd bash truck on planet Earth. Where can I buy Pro-Line stock? I want in, they are are just super solid, year in and year out.

RC4WD- With the scale movement still going in full force the RC4WD crew had another great year. For sure, they are a different style of company, but seem to be a perfect fit for the genre. They put out insane amounts of uber-scale new gear in ’14, and despite the higher price points still managed to move a ton of product. Hooking up with Great Planes distribution was also a huge move for them, helping to move them from some little internet company to a certain amount of presence in local hobby shops coast to coast.

ECX- The ECX crew bought a new line of affordable 4wds to table in ’14, adding to an already solid line-up. For straight up bashing the ECX line is easy on the wallet and the trucks are solid, resulting in a whole lot of their products showing up at the bashes we attended this year.

Thunder Tiger- Ok, so what happened to TT? I have no idea, but ’14 was not a good year for TT and bashing. Their products were hard to get, nothing new was announced, and all the street cred that TT had built up did nothing but slip away in the last 12 months. Will we see a resurgence for TT in ’15? It doesn’t look like it, but who knows.

Carisma- Carisma brought a nice blend of scale looks and uber durability to the plate in ’14, a great combo for today’s basher. More importantly, they got picked up here in the states, making them mucho easier to lay hands on. The product is solid and their distribution is growing, Carisma could make some waves in ’15.

JConcepts- Ruona and his crew had a solid ’14. They put out a ton of new product, supported a bunch of events, and they are the only people remotely giving Pro-Line a run for their money.

ARRMA- 2014 was a big year for ARRMA, they released their 2wds in a lower price point line, the Mega series, and brought 2 new 8th scalers to the game. Their product is a dream for bashers, it is well designed and is built by arguably the best OEM out there, if they can just come up with a more solid marketing plan they could make a run at the top of the sales heap.

Team Durango- ARRMAs brother, Durango, had a transitional year. Durango is a racing company who ditched their racing factory team, certainly not a good move. Durango has a bunch of new gear on the way for ’15, it better be exceptional if they plan on gaining market share.

Axial- Hey, look who had a banner year, the Axial crew. Their marketing campaign for the Yeti was arguably one of the best of all time, and their scale based product continues to fly out of the door at hobby shops. Industry insiders continue to count the minutes until the scale movement dies off, but due a whole lot to how core the Axial guys are, it remains solid. Lets be honest here, there is no way Axial can top what they pulled off in ’14, but I have no doubt they have a few surprises left in their bag to turn heads in ’15. If there is a company that could actually make a run at Traxxas, right now IMO it would have to Axial.

Kyosho- Ya, normally I have fun ripping on Kyosho any chance I get, but I just can’t do that this year. They got back with America’s favorite hobby shop (Tower Hobbies) and they actually reached out to us at BSRC, showing that they truly do care about the basher market. They have loads of uber products, Kyosho is another company that is a great marketing department away from crushing it in ’15.

Losi- Ya… I haven’t heard how much longer this whole separate “TLR” & “Losi” thing is gonna continue, but it is a concept that has never went over well with general consumers. Besides the marketing snafu, their product was arguably better than ever, filled with uber performance at solid price points. AVC came standard on several of their RTRs, something that bashers loved and the racer types loved to hate on.

HPI- The gasoline powered Octane was supposed to come in and save the day for HPI, but it turned out to be a dud. It was wayyyy too late, too over-hyped, and over-priced. Consumers wanted Baja style performance in a Savage, what they got was an 8th scale truck that cost almost as much as a Baja but had none of its good attributes. Some industry insiders say HPI is in a world of hurt right now (as they have been for a couple of years), the people they have left are solid, here’s to hoping that ’15 is a turn-it-all-around year for HPI.

Associated- There are a lot of noobs in rc, people who have no clue that AE used to rule the world. When they look at AE now days all they see is a company that releases everything about 2 years (5?? 10??) late and one that looks like they are picking product right off the catalog of an Asian OEM (engine sound module anyone?) instead of designing it themselves. Also, noobs have no clue what kind of company AE is supposed to be, are they a high-tech racing company, or are they all about their low-end “qualifier series”? AE has fallen into the heap of mid-road “manufacturers”, a dreary place of lackluster product and hazy marketing. AE even managed to mess up their latest uber buggy release, the B5, releasing it as two separate buggies instead of just one with all the parts needed to convert it to the style desired. I ate, slept and sh!t AE for 2 decades, hence the reason I feel so ashamed of them now, hopefully they show new focus, clarity, and drive in ’15.

BigSquidRC- Hey, I work here, so of course anything I say about BSRC would be incredibly skewed. However, I can say our site traffic set all new records. The Axial Yeti released crushed all previous records for daily traffic, and our monthly traffic consistently broke records. Once again, when we thought we had gotten as big as we could ever get, we just kept growing, so once again we owe each and every one of you readers a HUGE THANK YOU for reading the little website that could.

That’s it ya maniacs, I have more Christmas shopping to bust out so I gotta wrap up this Cub Report. Ya, I know you already spent your wad on presents, but drop by your LHS just to say hello, and hit up a local bash spot to get in some trigger time if ya get a chance.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby Horizon AVCHello Joe Blows, hello gnar-core hobbyist, and hello industry types, wake the heck up, it’s Monday morning and time for THE Freak’n Cub Report.

Last week I had a 4 hour convo with one of the makers and shakers in rc. He was going on and on about how slow sales had been in ’14. On my end of the phone I was thinking about how mad I was at my financial planner for asking me out to Ruth’s Chris to show me his “appreciation” for my business. I mean, he makes thousands upon thousands of dollars off me every year, and all even though I am huge fan of a Ruth’s Pittsburgh filet, at most I was going to run the bill up to a couple hundy. Anyways, when my attention swung back to Mr RC Industry Guy I had already worked myself into a frenzy and just let it out on him. Sales are down, I get it, but there are numerous marketing avenues that rc is severely lacking in, one of which is a proper industry show. Once my temper wore off, we spent a long time on the phone going over exactly what was needed for a true kick azz rc industry show.

In rc there are 6 “big shows”, iHobby, the Vegas tabletop show, Lincoln, RCX, Nuremburg, and the big Asian show. None of them cater well to consumers, none of them get proper media coverage, and none of them do a very good job of generating a good frenzy like a big show would. And… it’s not impossible to do, CES has been declared dead a half dozen times and now is bigger than ever. And think about all the buzz (read- marketing) generated by Comic Con (or shows like SEMA) that last for weeks before and after. Want more sales? Generate more buzz, and there are very few better ways of doing it than a killer show.

So… if the job of making a kick ass trade show was dropped in my lap, this is what I would do…

1. Based on the incredible success of shows like Comic Con, I would do more to cater to end consumers. Things like… have some uber big names in rc (the Lett/Losi Jr/etc types) put on question and answer sessions with consumers. How freak’n incredible would it be to get a half hour of face time with an rc legend? It would be really cool if a consumer could go home and tell his friends how he got to hear an industry icon talk in-depth about the back workings of the latest hot product, or the earliest beginnings of how they got their feet wet in the industry.

2. More product sales to the public. Manufacturers constantly complain that they can’t justify the cost of doing a show, while consumers complain that it sucks not being able to buy anything. Cubby’s RC Con would encourage sales to consumers.

3. RC Con would have more hands on driving by consumers. Did you see the latest hot truck that was just announced in the Happy Flower booth? Go 3 isles over and actually be able to drive it. Consumers already get an incredible buzz from seeing a just announced product, allowing them to actually pull trigger on it would be even better. Imagine Mr Joe Blow going home and telling all his buddies that not only did he get to touch the latest hot product, but also how he knows exactly how it drives.

4. So what really makes hobby shop owners want to attend a show? Arguably… #1 is simply the chance to get out of the shop, with #2 being business, specifically the chance to place POs that save enough on special show pricing to pay for their trip. Cubby’s RC Con would place emphasis on giving dealers real savings to make it worth their while to attend.

5. On the manufacturers side of things… no matter what type of marketing they do, it boils down to how much it costs to get a set of eyeballs to land on a product. Low booth prices would be a good start on getting more manufacturers to attend. But more importantly, a good relationship with a wide variety of media outlets would give each manufacture more bang for their attendance buck. What makes a booth at CES worth every penny? It’s not the thousands of show goers dropping by the booth, it’s the avalanche of web, dinosaur, and tv coverage that it gets. RC shows get a whole lot of love here on BSRC, but virtually none elsewhere, and while we have a lot of readers, a manufacturer needs (deserves) more eyeballs on their booth than just one big website like BSRC. If a proper show can provide enough eyeballs, the manufacturers will climb over each other to be there.

A truly kick azz show boils down to a lot communication and co-operation. Whoever might want to take an rc show to an entirely new level has to promise a little, deliver a lot, and they have to get the manufacturers to show up in force to benefit the entire industry.

That’s it for this week, support your local bash spots and hobby shops when ya can…

YOUR Cub Reporter

cubby chair December is a big month here on BigSquidRC, we get to announce our “Bash Vehicle of the Year”! We literally talk about it all year long as each new review car comes and goes, and no doubt about it, 2014 has been a banner year for bash vehicles. There have been a bunch of new platforms introduced intended just for bashers and the manufacturers have been taking product design and QC to new levels, easily yielding the best products our industry has ever seen. If there ever was a “Year of the Bash Vehicle” it was 2014, and we can’t wait to name the best of the best.

Oh and… the second issue of the FREE BSRC Monthly is out and on counters at local hobby shops. Hit up your LHS to pick up a copy, and if they don’t have them, tell’em to shoot us an email so we can give them the hook-up on FREE issues (and more floor traffic) for their store.

Our review of the Losi 8IGHT-E RTR w/ AVC is headed to the front page later this week, along with a bunch of products news, our regular features, etc. Have a fantastic week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby at Auto Show Monster Energy MustangYears ago, and I don’t remember how many it has been (and I’m far too lazy to look it up), I wrote a Cub Report featuring what our BigSquidRC Bash Crew wanted for Christmas. I wrote it to give you guys a little more insight to what our Bash Crew was thinking, and to what they really truly wanted under the tree that year. Well, this week is Thanksgiving week, the start of the frenzied X-mas buying season, and time for me to do another Cub Report on what our guys want under their trees. I contacted all the members of the Bash Crew and asked them “If money is no object, what rc car or product do you want for Christmas?”, here are their replies…

Hawaiian Chris- Our guy Hawaiian Chris has raced off and on for years, but now days he is busy helping us test products, and he spends his free time bashing 8th and 5th scalers. What did Chris have on his list? First on his list was a Rockdragon crawler from RC4WD, but he also wouldn’t mind finding an Axial Yeti and a Futaba 4PX under his tree. I’ve never known Chris to be a crawler type of guy, so I find it interesting to see the Rockdragon and the Yeti on his list.

Sam “The Noob”- When not busy hitting the school books, Sam is helping out with reviews and photography around our lavish BigSquidRC offices. Btw, Sam is a teenage girl, maybe that is part of the reason she put a Miku Edition Kyosho Sandmaster on her list for X-mas 2014.

Craig “The Uber Ramp Builder Guy”- So ya, Craig is the guy that builds all the ramps for our demos and is generally about as hardcore of a bash-freak as you’ll ever find. Typically on his list you’ll find 5th scale brushless items, but this year all he wants is an rc version of the Ripsaw. What is a Ripsaw you might ask? For those of you too lazy to Google it, it’s basically a crazy fast tank that handles like a TORC truck. And no, there isn’t one available for sale on the rc market, but we can keep on hoping.

Tim “Factory Guy” Mohr- You may have noticed Tim does all our press release posts, plus he puts in some serious hours on the testing and photography end of things here at BigSquidRC. Tim said he already got what he wanted for Christmas, a new Pro-Line PRO-MT monster truck, but if he had to came up with something else he would go for an ARRMA Kraton.

Iron Mikeee- Iron Mike is about as hardcore of a basher as you’ll ever find. He bashes 6 days a week, but it would be 7 if he didn’t save one day for wrenching. What is it that Mikeee wants the most this X-Mas season? That would be a Halix from Vaterra. Mikeee is a HUGE fan of monster trucks, and he drives mine like every day, so I can see why he would want one so bad.

Adam The Intern- I don’t have to explain to you guys who Adam is, he’s the always happy, always peppy, and always hardcore intern of ours. Adam is big into normal bashing gear, but he has also been hardcore into the scaler world for a couple of years now. The only thing Adam had on his list was a Trail Finder 2 Kit from RC4WD.

Brian- Like a few of us here, already has his hands on a Pro-Line Pro MT, so when he had to pick something else for the list, he went with the Vaterra Halix. Brian has been pretty jealous of me every time I’m out bashing the Halix, so I knew this was probably going to make his list.

Wrench- AKA Bill, the fix it guy. He surprised me a little bit this year. This guy has been a large scale and monster truck guy for years and years. Probably since the first one of these, he’s had a MT on his list. Since he already has a Pro-Line Pro MT, this year his answer, XXX SCB! Apparently the short course buggy has the ability to scratch an itch he has.

Tobasco Sauce- You probably know Tobasco Sauce as Kevin, our “air guy” that does the weekly “Raging Rotors” column. I didn’t hear if Tobasco wanted an air product for X-mas, but he did say he wanted an ARRMA Typhon buggy under his X-mas tree.

Doug - You know him from the weekly scale reports here on Fridays. This year he’s hoping for a Kyosho Blizard that he could convert into a monster tank truck. There is something cool about seeing the tracks roll around with a MT on top.

3DBill- sounds like he’s looking forward to a Blade 350 QX3 with all the new bells and whistles, as well as a XXX-SCT with AVC to get his surface fix in.

Yours Truly- If you are reading this and don’t know who I am, go back and read my 5 years + of Cub Reports. You’ll either be appalled or intrigued, but either way you’ll most likely tune in every Monday to see what I have to say next. Anywhos, like Tim above the only thing I really wanted was a Pro-Line PRO-MT and I am a lucky man to have one sitting right here on my desk. That fact makes me have come up with an alternative pick, so here it is- a set of the way-super-doper Zeiss Cinemizer 3D Virtual Reality Glasses. I am big into the FPV scene, so these will come in mighty handy for FPV driving, as well as watching video from my laptop (among other sources).

Ya know, it doesn’t really matter what we want, so feel free to post here, or pretty much any old where, what rc product you have your eye set on for this X-mas season.

That’s it for this week ya freaks. Happy Thanksgiving, go eat wayyyy too much, then get out for some trigger time at your local bash spot, and some face time at your local hobby shop if ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

CubbyFirst up, before I get to the meat of THE Cub Report, I have some good news. Big Squid RC Monthly issue number 2 is shipping today! Yes, they will be on hobby shop counters as early as Tuesday! What does it take to get a FREE copy? It’s gonna take a visit to a local hobby shop. While you are in an LHS that has the FREE BSRC Monthly you can check out what they have new in stock for the holiday season, shoot the bull with the guys behind the counter, and check out fliers that they probably have posted on how to meet up with other hobbyists in your area. How do you find out which hobby shops have them? Hit up THIS LINK, or if you are a hobby shop that wants to distribute our monthly, hit the “Contact Us” link at the top of our site and let us know.

On to the filet mignon…

Most industry types and hardcore hobbyists have heard that Traxxas has been all over the lawsuit bandwagon lately. You probably remember their lawsuit again Horizon/Vaterra over a suspension design. They also filed a lawsuit a few months ago against Redcat/Namero concerning a steering patent, and another a couple months ago against HPI/Hobby Products International over a receiver box design. Their latest lawsuit is against the mighty HobbyKing over patent infringement of a connector.

Yes, absolutely, all these lawsuits have made for some excellent watercooler fodder, and of course there are two camps concerning the issue. The camp against all the lawsuits generally think it isn’t good for the hobby and that it doesn’t look good for Traxxas. These people talk about how much harder it will be to design new products when you have to wade through thousands of patents just to build a new car. These people also know there is a negative connotation that comes along with the word lawsuit, and when it it seen right next to “Traxxas” all the time, it can’t be good for them.

Then you’ve got the type like myself… those that know business in America can not exist without patents and that they need to be strictly protected. Traxxas has taken the time and spent the money to patent many of their designs, they certainly have the right to protect that. And more so, IMO a few lawsuits now will vastly help to keep various companies in general from “stealing” designs in the future. The lawsuits Traxxas is filing now will help fend off illegal use of patents for not just themselves, but for dozens of other rc companies. Hopefully the lawsuits will make companies think twice before mindlessly copying another company’s designs.

Over the years I’ve talked to numerous companies who are sick and tired of their designs and products being copied/stolen/cloned. Most of these companies felt powerless to do anything, and for good reason, it isn’t easy/inexpensive to sue another company, especially one in another country. Once again in just my opinion, I think it is well past time that a few lawsuits got thrown around to wake everyone in the industry up that other company’s patents should not be used without the proper permission. Not just for Traxxas, but for every company out there. Also, I feel it will lead to more innovation. I mean, if one company has a half dozen patents on steering racks, it forces a car designer to come up with a new design, hopefully one that is better than any of those that came before it. Of course everyone has their own thoughts on this matter, feel free to flame it up on your fav message board, FB group, or comment page.

Ok folks, that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be doing my annual “What the bsrc bash crew wants for Christmas” column, hopefully the guys have some cool new picks this year. Have a great week, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

CubbyHola amigos (and amigas) and welcome to yet another satirical look at the rc world, THE Cub Report.

The next issue of Big Squid RC Monthly is just a few days away from shipping. We posted an incomplete listing of hobby shops that will have the monthly on their counters a couple of weeks ago, once issue 2 is shipping we’ll update the list so you’ll know where to lay your shock oil stained fingers on a copy. What’s in this months issue? You are gonna have to lay your hands on an issue to find out. :)

Will this X-mas season be dominated by the micro scene? It’s been a while since the small scalers have been hot, but with the ECX BeatBox/KickFlip and the HPI Q32 hitting shelves at ultra low price points right at X-mas, they just might put the rc world on its ear. In fact, I’ve talked with more than one industry hot shot that thinks the small scalers will be the “Proto-X” of X-mas ’14. We haven’t received any of the three new micros for testing yet, but even we are getting stoked up waiting to lay hands on them.

On a different note…

Several of my good friends are preparing for battle at local indoors tracks this winter. One of them is doing the carpet F1 thing, while two others are prepping their 2wd buggies for racing on indoor dirt tracks. These are the same friends of mine that every year get all gung-ho early in the indoor calender and by X-mas are disgusted and can’t handle it anymore. I learned years ago that I don’t have the temperament for indoor racing. I’m not wired to think that every practice session is the last lap at the IFMAR worlds and that I have to spend $80 per race on new goodies to cut a tenth off my lap time so I can win. Whewwwwww… thank goodness I outgrew that phase in my life (and hopefully my friends figure it out one of these years).

But what are the alternatives? Sadly there aren’t any indoor areas to just go and bash. There are a lot (read- L O T) of people out there that want nothing to do with racing (read- the racing crowd) but still want/need a place to get in trigger time when there is a foot of snow on the ground. Which one of you guys is willing to TOFTT and see if an indoor bash facility can pay its own way? If one of you do count on me as your first paying customer.

That’s it for this week… oh wait… you didn’t think I could finish this Cub Report without talking about the last one did you? :) Yes, it ruffled all sorts of feathers and resulted in some hysterical emails getting tossed around. Amazing how one little pismire like myself can send so many people into epic meltdowns. But hey, those people melting down are the same ones who don’t realize that more bogus numbers just sink their own ship even faster. And… they don’t realize that there are a whole lot of companies in this industry sick and tired of fake numbers, and are even more tired of getting ripped off on a monthly basis.

Ok, so seriously, that is it for this week. If you get a chance drop by your LHS and say hello, and if your local bash spot isn’t frozen solid get outside and pull some trigger.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby Photo BombAs the years have passed I’ve become a grumpy old man (Yes, even grumpier than before). Every day it seems more and more things trip my trigger. It might be something small like how a woman takes 4000% longer to use an ATM than a man does, or something that really truly torques me off, like fake Facebook likes.

Why would fake Facebook likes get me so wound up? Because… wait for it… because the people buying fake Facebook likes think the general public, myself included, were born yesterday. They are lying to the public at large, and paying to do so. For some reason they think buying fake likes makes them look larger and more relevant than they actually are, when all it really makes them look like is what they really are, scum of the Earth.

So how might one tell if a Facebook page has a lot of fake likes? That’s pretty dern easy. Lets look at BigSquidRC’s FB page. As you can see by the first pic in the gallery below, the city with the most engagement is Chicago Illinois. That makes a lot of sense, Chicago is a rabid rc town, a lot of people that live there have enough income to buy rc products, and it is the city that we are based out of. You can also see that the age of the people we are most engaged with is 35-44 year olds. This also makes sense, that age bracket typically makes enough bank to buy rc and many of them have been in the hobby since the Associated glory years.

Hey, lets look at Team Associated’s FB like statistics (Which I have screen capped in the second pic in the gallery below). Guess what? The city most engaged with them is good ole’ Los Angeles California, and their most popular age group is 25-44 years old. The LA metro is huge and there are a lot of people in that area that make good money. LA has also long been a hotbed for the rc hobby, and AE is based out of that location. Their statistics sound perfectly logical to me.

But… look at some of the other screen caps I have put in the gallery below. From looking at some of the screen caps you would think that Bangkok Thailand is a hotbed of rc activity. Have you been to Bangkok? I haven’t been there lately, it has been over 2 years ago, but from spending a couple of weeks there I didn’t even know rc existed in that city. Hey, maybe Bangkok has caught rc fever and ARRMA Granites are more popular than iPhones right now, I can’t tell you first hand, but I highly doubt the average citizen in Bangkok gives a fly’n leap about the rc hobby. If I’m wrong on this one feel free to enlighten me, otherwise I would be more inclined to believe the hundreds of blogs/news reports/etc that say Bangkok is a Hotbed Of Fake Facebook Likes.

So… what’s even worse than fake Facebook likes? Making money off of it, selling posts based on inflated numbers. For example, Happy Flower RC Company may have bought hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes, then they hit up other companies saying that for a fee they will promote them on their FB page. Listen, our hobby is having a rough enough time keeping its head above water, it certainly doesn’t need one rc company ripping off another one. When one rc company wastes hundreds/thousands of dollars marketing to robots, that money isn’t spent marketing to actual human beings that have real dollars in their pockets looking to actually buy real products. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and yes, it makes me #$@%#$ angry.

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Maxxis TiresYou know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when your LHS calls and says the Happy Flower Bashmobile you’ve been waiting on for 3 months just came in.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you show up 4 hours later just to find out they already sold it to someone else.

You know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when your car grinds to a halt and you find out it was only a loose pinion.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you remember you loaned out the 2.0 you need to tighten it to Iron Mike, and he never returns anything, ever.

You know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when you get up on the drivers stand and your favorite middle position is wide open for the taking.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you discover its only open because of a track change. It is now the worst spot to have because some big jump in the middle totally hides a double behind it.

You know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when you accidentally drop your hot soldering iron and you miss your crotch.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when it ends up falling nose first into your shoe instead (true story on this one btw).

You know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when you find out there is a new track opening less than 10 minutes from your house.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you find out they only race classes that you hate with a passion (insert- oval, carpet, short course, 5th scale, etc).

You know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when none of the “fast guys” show up to race your class.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you end up getting hacked every lap and you end up finishing tenth like you do every weekend anyways.

You know it’s gonna be a great day in rc when your nitro engine starts up on the first yank after sitting in your garage for 6 months.

Lets face it, you know it’s gonna flame out the moment you put the truck on the ground and it’ll be 20 minutes of yank’n before it even THINKS about starting again.

You know it’s gonna be a great day in rc when you make a huge roof jump twice in a row without breaking anything.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you hand the vehicle over to Adam The Intern and he promptly runs it into a tree stump, totaling it out.

You know it’s gonna be a great day in rc when you drive 2 hours to a bash spot out in the middle of nowhere that has loads of awesome jumps to hit.

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you arrive and remember you forgot your transmitter at home.

You know it’s gonna be a good day in rc when a big box of new test cars show up on your doorstep for review.

Ummmmm…. there certainly is no bad day for that one. :) Support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

cubby chairA decade of bashing down, BSRC is officially 10 years old, even we can’t believe it. Nor can we believe that a lil’ ole website like ours could help change the face of rc, but it has.

So where do we go from here? Ya, for sure it’s hard to top what we’ve done, but being who we are we are going to keep pushing the limits like we always have. I can’t say for sure where the next ten years will take us, all I can say is that we are more dedicated than ever to trying new things and promoting the rc hobby as much as we can. As long as we continue to put out lots of quality original content offering a look at the hobby like nobody else can, we’ll do fine.

More than anything during our look back at the first ten years we are grateful. A website like BSRC doesn’t exist without a TON of help. Help from dozens/hundreds of fellow bashers for helping with the site, on reviews, attending our bashes, and reading every day. It also doesn’t exist without the industry. BigSquidRC isn’t made up of a half dozen bashers/writers, it truly is a culmination of a whole lot of people on the basher side of the hobby that still like to have fun. To everyone that reads and supports BSRC we give you a Huge Thank You. You are the ones that made it possible for BSRC to make the 10 year mark and we salute you.

So… what’s going on this week at BSRC? We have a lot on our plate (as usual). With any luck you’ll read full coverage of our 10 Year Anniversary Bash tomorrow. We are also going to try and have an EPIC week for reviews – the Futaba 4PX transmitter, the Tower Hobbies Cutback SCT, and the Vaterra K-5 Blazer.

So that’s all for this edition of THE Cub Report, I’m back to work on reviews for now. Have a great week and I hope all of you get in some serious trigger time. Oh ya, support your local hobby shops when you can, our hobby can not exist without them.

YOUR Cub Reporter

cubbyHey, first things first, don’t forget that this weekend is our huge, way-over-the-top, 10 Year Anniversary Bash & Party. We’ll be going big, crashing hard, eat’n cake, and giving away some way super dope gear. Like what? Like a brand new nobody-can-buy-yet Axial Yeti XL and a top of the line Futaba 4PX. All you have to do to win is be there and participate, so grab your gear and head to Leisure Hours in Joliet Illinois for a time you will never forget. HERE is the link with all the details.

Also of note here at BSRC, we’ve finally finished up our Pro-Line PRO-MT monster truck review. The PRO-MT review goes up on Tuesday and hopefully later in the week we’ll have our high-zoot Axial Yeti XL video done as well.

And don’t forget, if you work or own a hobby shop and want to receive the next issue of Big Squid RC Monthly, simply send us an email at the contact us link above. Remember it’s free to both you and your customers and will only be available at hobby shops!

On a different note…

The last tone for the IFMAR 8th scale worlds may have sounded, but the race is still making news. Last week AKA put out a press release letting the world know that they had fired/axed/dismissed their driver Martin Bayer for running Pro-Line tires during the final main. If I owned a tire company and one of my hired hands used another product, heck yes, I would have fired them on the spot, but I would never have done it in a public way. Sure, THE Cub Report is all about talk’n smack and stirring the pot, but a tire company is there to sell tires. Going “public” with a driver dismissal can look bad for a company and can make signing drivers in the future more difficult. I mean, what driver wants to be fired then publicly humiliated? None, that’s who.

To compound the mess, Bayer decided to put out his own response to the AKA PR. Those wacky factory drivers sure are fast, but they aren’t internet savvy. If he was, he would have realized that nobody ever “wins” an internet fight and that part of getting free tires is running them, no matter what.

But… heck no, it wasn’t over there, AKA had to issue a response to Bayer’s reply. Seriously? Ok, I would normally be the first to argue that any publicity is good publicity, but in this case it makes AKA look petty and revengeful (two things nobody wants from a tire company). All consumers want from a tire company is kick ass tires, not a bunch of drama. If AKA (or any other tire company) has hopes to knock Pro-Line off the top of the tire hill, they better get their act together, and that right soon.

Ok, it’s short and sweet this week folks, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can, and see you this Sunday at Leisure Hours.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Random IHobby Pic Cubby Teaching a DriverHola everyone and welcome to this week’s iHobby edition of THE Cub Report.

So how was the show? It definitely had its ups and downs…

The downs-

1. Very low dealer attendance on the first industry day (Thurs), and even worse on the second (Fri). Seriously, it was like a ghost town in the expo hall.

2. Incredibly low rc manufacturer attendance.

3. Parking on Sunday was a mess. Mecum has a huge auto auction the week after iHobby so they started setting up huge tents in the parkling lots early Sunday morning. This lead to thousands of people that literally had to park in Connecticut to attend the show. A trade show is generally a lot of walking by itself, you don’t need a 3 mile jaunt to get warmed up.

The ups-

1. Once again the consumers in Chicago showed they care about the hobby with solid attendance on Saturday and Sunday. We were told the “official” number for consumer attendance was right around 20k, but to me it still felt somewhat softer than that. However, at least the aisles were fairly full for hours at a times during the weekend.

2. Lots of manufacturers selling to the public. Last year there were a lot of booths selling, this year there were even more.

3. I am not going to toot our own horn too much, but we weren’t messing around at the show. We had some epic demos, introduced the Pro-Line Pro-MT and Axial Yeti XL, and busted out our print edition BSRC Monthly. I have no freak’n idea how we are going to top that at the next show we attend.

On a personal note, even with our booth having a HOF show, I left the show with a bad taste in my mouth. The iHobby show in general is a shell of its former self, and is especially sad on the surface rc side of things. It’s truly sad to see how it has withered away. At a time when the industry needs some serious marketing, it’s just another tool that is being laid to waste.

The manufacturers don’t want to support the show anymore, which results in the dealers not showing up, thus destroying the once robust dealer days. On the consumer side of things, I had more than one person come up to me torqued off because they felt ripped off by the show. They went to the effort to come to the show, paid hard earned cash to get in, but there wasn’t much on the surface rc side to see.

Hey, in the past I’ve flamed away at manufacturers that didn’t make the show, but I’ve learned the reasons why they quit coming to iHobby and they do have validity. However, without them the show can not and will not exist. We have been told by more than one source that there will not be an iHobby show in 2015. They are talking about “taking a year off” and perhaps moving it to another city in 2016. There are many other trade shows/conventions that are doing better than ever before (CES, the Comic-Cons, etc), it certainly is possible for the rc version to do the same. Trade shows are a fantastic tool when done right, I seriously hope someone in the rc trade biz gets their act together, our hobby could use it right now.

One more note…

Mark your calenders and pack your truck full of rc gear, our 10 Year Anniversary Bash is going to be EPIC. It happens Sunday October 19th at Leisure Hours in Joilet Illinois. Not only will we be giving one of the super-uber Futaba 4PX transmitters, but we’ll also be giving away an Axial Yeti XL (you will be the first owner on planet Earth!). All proceeds are going to St Judes and it is going to be the biggest bash we’ve ever put on so please come out and join us.

That’s it, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubbys haremYes, the BSRC Bash Crew gets really slammed the weekend before the iHobby Expo, so I’ll keep it short this weekend (read- I always say that, and it never happens… LOL).

Here are the best reasons to attend iHobby this weekend in Schaumburg Illinois.

1. We’ll be world premiering a HUGE new release in our booth on Thursday at 11 am CST. Because Thursday and Friday (morning) are dealer only days, only people working in the hobby will get to see this mega exclusive first. Oh and, just because that isn’t kick a$$ enough, we are even giving away free t-shirts to people standing at our booth to see the new vehicle. The t-shirt has the companies name, the name of the new vehicle, and a commemorative BSRC/iHobby 2104 logo on the back. If you are a dealer/hobby shop, you need to be there!

2. Our booth babes are hot and love having their picture taken with you. Seriously, drop by our booth and get your pic taken with one of our booth babes, that’s what they are there for.

3. Big Squid RC Monthly will be making its premier at the show. This is our first ever free monthly print/fusion/flyer and you’ll seriously want to get your hands on it. Our monthly has some very cool stuff inside and is sure to be a collectors item.

4. The BSRC FPV/Track Drone is back! You’ll be able to get some hands-on FPV truck driving in our booth again this year. If you’ve never driven FPV this a great way for you to get your feet wet without having to spend hundreds of dollars on your own gear.

5. We have another HUGE exclusive world vehicle premier on Saturday at 11 am CST. The vehicle that we reveal for one of the major manufactures is HUGE news that you will not want to miss. FYI, this will be the not-yet-released vehicle that we’ll be giving away October 19th at the BSRC 10 Year Anniversary Bash at Leisure Hours Raceways in Joliet Illinois.

6. For the first time ever, we are bringing the pure uberness that our demos are to the flying cage! Yes, twice a day we’ll be putting on some wild and crazy demos in the air cage, ending of course with us giving away some free quads to random people out in the crowd during our shows on the consumer days!

7. Oh ya, our surface demos are freak’n insane. Maybe you’ve never seen a half dozen crazed bashers destroy their cars for your enjoyment, but we do it twice every day at iHobby. At the end of each of our shows on Sat & Sun, we’ll be giving away 2 ARRMA vehicles to some lucky people out in the crowd!

8. I’m still not done with our surface demo, but this deserves its own bullet point. During two of our shows on the weekend, we will be giving away one of the trucks we exclusively announced that Thursday. So if you make it to our demos you’ll have a chance to win a truck that isn’t available to anyone else on the planet yet!! How freak’n rad is that?

9. Still not done with our surface demos yet. LOL. So we are giving away bash vehicles after every demo on consumer days, plus giving away vehicles you can’t even buy yet, and we have a TON of extra swag to throw out into the crowd (like t-shirts, lanyards, and various items). We have minimally 30 items to give away at each demo on Sat and Sun.

10. Parking is cheap (read- FREE)! And pricing to get in is affordable (and kids are FREE)! And of course we have loads of FREE BSRC stickers in our booth!

11. Ya, the BigSquidRC booth will be off the hook (it’s nearly all new this year), but there are a ton of other cool exhibitors. Companies like Traxxas, PARMA, Killerbody RC and Horizon will have booths will all sorts of cool stuff inside. , It’s also awesome to get to talk to the people that make some of your favorite bashing gear live in person!

12. Many of the booths will be selling this year. Your LHS never keeps diddly squat in stock? Grab your buddies, make the trip, and pick up some iHobby Show Specials!

Ok, so I’ve gone wayyyy long (again) and still haven’t even begin to tap all the reasons to hit the show. All I can say is, if you are a hardcore hobbyist and have never made the trip, why not make this year your first? Or if you’ve already been, why not check it out again?

To get complete details head on over to the Official iHobby 2014 Website, and hopefully see you at the show.

Industry Show Dates- Oct 2nd and 3rd
Consumer Show Dates- Oct 3rd (2-5pm) 4th (9:30 – 5pm) and 5th (9:30 – 3:00pm)

Doors open at 9:30 am on Saturday and Sunday

Support your local hobby shops, trade shows, and bash spots when ya can!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby iHobby Ya know, THE Cub Report is a lot like a box of chocolates too, you just never know what you are gonna get. It can be weeks of boring “ho-hum” stuff with a rare nugget of good stuff buried here or there. This week however, is a “good” one, so keep on reading…

So… I’ve been teasing about some huge news at the 2014 iHobby Expo for weeks. One of the pieces of big news got leaked out late last week, so it is time to fully let the cat out of the bag.

We are releasing our first issue of print at iHobby called Big Squid RC Monthly. No, I am NOT kidding. Yes, us, BigSquidRC, is now doing print. Does that make us the biggest hypocrites in the world? Is this our “jump the shark” moment? Perhaps, but keep reading…

Why would do we do print? We’ve tossed the idea around for years, but we never saw a need to get into a dying media. However… we were at a bash earlier this summer and something happened to change our minds. The BSRC Bash Crew had set up a huge pit area and we were flanked on both sides by normal Joe Blow bashers. During the course of the day, the person pitted to our left came over and asked “What is up with all the BigSquid banners?”. He had no idea who we were and wanted to know what all the buzz was about. Later that day, the Joe Blow basher to our right also came over wondering what BSRC was. We thought it was impossible to not know who we were, but we were very wrong. You see, both the people pitted next to us did not live on the internet. No, I am not kidding. For you or I being on the net is like breathing, it’s just a part of our daily lives, but there are still people out there who are simply not on the net. The Bash Crew had a long discussion later that evening about what we could do to be seen by non-net people, and well, there is really only one way, via print.

So… if mags suck so bad why would BSRC want to do print? I said we are doing print, NOT a magazine. In fact, the LAST thing we would want to do is a mag. So here is what we are doing…

Lets say you go to your local supermarket, remember all those free multi-page flyers as you walk out? That is what we are going. Big Squid RC Monthly has multi-pages and is in color, and the best part is, it is 100% FREE. A reader doesn’t have to pay a cent to pick up our monthly.

We don’t want to be part of the problem with print, we want to be a part of the solution. We want to add excitement to the hobby, we want to give noobs usable information, and we want to get more people into local hobby shops. Our monthly will not be available on-line. It will not be available in grocery or book stores. No, you can not subscribe to our monthly. Our print edition will only be available in local hobby shops. We want our readers to make at least a monthly trip to the LHS if for no other reason than to pick up our print edition. While our first edition will only be available to people that attend the iHobby Expo, we’ll soon have a special page on our website that will list all the hobby shops that carry it, thus making it easy to find a place to pick one up.

What about content? Expect lots of reviews, noob articles, and how-tos. We want the BSRC monthly to help make buying decisions and to also give noobs much needed introductory type information. For instance, perhaps someone is standing in their LHS but doesn’t know if the Happy Flower monster truck on the counter is worth their cash? They can pick up Big Squid RC Monthly and read a quick review. Maybe a noob is in an LHS and just can’t decide on what they want at all. Perhaps they take home our monthly, read it over, and it helps them decide that they would rather have a short course truck instead of a race buggy.

To boil it down… we are doing Big Squid RC Monthly to help noobs with buying decisions, to help local hobby shops get more foot traffic, to help expose non-net people to BigSquidRC, and to help add excitement to the hobby as a whole.

Ok, that cat is out of the bag but we are FAR from being done, we’ve still got not one, but TWO other huge pieces of news at iHobby 2014. Both are new vehicles from major manufactures that will debut in our booth at the show.

The first big unveil will go down Thursday October 2nd at 11 am CST in our booth at iHobby. This will be the biggest vehicle announcement of the year for the manufacture it is from, and it is 100% basher oriented. The second big vehicle unveil takes place in our iHobby booth at 11 am CST on Saturday October 4th. This will be the biggest release for arguably the hottest name is rc right now, and just might make the internet explode. These are exclusive vehicle unveils that you will ONLY see on BSRC. If you are at the show you can see them in person, if not we’ll post info on them within minutes on our dot com. We do expect for these to crush the servers, so might I remind you that if our dot com is down, we will be posting information on both vehicles to our FB, G+, and Tumblr accounts also within minutes of the announcements.

There ya have it folks, BigSquidRC is going EPIC huge at the iHobby Expo this year and we have YOU, yes YOU to thank for it. If it wasn’t for all you guys visiting our website every day, none of the things above would be possible, so Thank You!

That’s gotta be enough for one week right? Have a fantastic week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter