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Recently we posted our DuraTrax EXT2 Exclusive Spy Shots and now we finally have the actual press release details and official photo.

The DuraTrax Evader EXT2 will be RTR, has the MagnaFlex chassis to make it extra tough, a complete ball bearing set, new precision metal idler gear, and uses the Sprint ESC system. There are plans for plenty of hop-ups based on the original evader series so it’s cool to see the truck will be supported in that respect.

We look forward to getting our hands on one soon, and beating the heck out of it for your viewing pleasure .

Get more info at the DuraTrax web page.

Welcome to day four of DuraTrax Evader DT week here at the Squid.  Today I’m taking out the stock electronics and dropping in some mad power and control.  The stock Sprint 2 ESC, a fine system for beginners, gets the boot in favor of a Castle Creations Sidewinder ESC.  The Photon 2 brushed motor is taken out and put aside in favor of a Castle 4600kv motor.  The Tactic 27Mhz radio is shown the door and replaced with a Futaba R603FF 2.4GHz FASST 3-channel receiver that is compatible with the Futaba 4PK uber transmitter.  Just wait until you see what this combo does for the Evader DT, my initial testing regimen puts the overall speed rating at just above STUPID FAST.  That’s scientific people.  But you’ll have to wait for another video to actually see it in action.  For now, let’s get on with the show.

If you haven’t already done so go read our review of the Evader DT.  As a quick recap, on day one I installed a full set of DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks, day two saw me installing a few chassis mods with some aluminum parts and the graphite chassis, and on day three I put a full set of ball bearings in the truck and an aluminum idler gear in the transmission. To follow this feature week just bookmark this link.  For a full list of optional accessories that are available for the DuraTrax Evader DT be sure to check out the DuraTrax web site.

We’re on day three of DuraTrax Evader DT week.  Today I’m installing one of the best all around hop-ups you can get for your Evader DT, the full ball bearing set (part DTXC1096).  These ball bearings will not just make your ride more durable, they’ll also make it run faster and last longer on the battery.  Ball bearings are an excellent way of increasing the efficiency of your drive train, and when it comes to driving with electricity, efficiency is key.  I’m also installing the aluminum idler gear from the Nitro Evader series (part DTXC8081) to prepare my DT for the major power that will be coming from the Castle Creations Sidewinder brushless ESC and 4600kv motor.  This idler gear is not compatible with the stock bushings and ball bearings on the electric Evaders.  So to use it you’ll need to provide an additional pair of 5mm x 10mm x 4mm (that’s inner diameter, outer diameter, and thickness), and it just so happens that DuraTrax sells the exact set we need as part DTXC1535.  Other than the different sized bearings, this gear fits like a glove in the Evader DT’s transmission.

If you haven’t already done so go read our review of the Evader DT.  As a quick recap, on the first day I installed a full set of DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks and day two saw me installing a few chassis mods with some aluminum parts and the graphite chassis.  To follow this feature week just bookmark this link.  For a full list of optional accessories that are available for the DuraTrax Evader DT be sure to check out the DuraTrax web site.

It’s the second day of DuraTrax Evader DT week.  Yesterday I installed some of DuraTrax’s high-end hard anodized shocks.  Today I tackle the blue anodized aluminum front bulk head (part DTXC6807), the blue anodized aluminum transmission brace (part DTXC9640), and the Evader graphite chassis (part DTXC6999). If you aren’t a fan of blue, all of the aluminum parts are also available in purple, check the DuraTrax web site for a list of option parts and the numbers.  The aluminum parts will add to the overall strength of an already tough truck and the graphite chassis will make it lighter, more nimble, and add a bit of stiffness that the plastic chassis doesn’t have.  All of which will be useful when I install the very powerful Castle Creations Sidewinder brushless system with a 4600Kv motor later down the line.  Watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

Make sure to go back and read our review of the Evader DT.  If you missed the first installment, in which I installed a full set of DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks, then go back now to read and watch.  To follow this feature week just bookmark this link.

It’s a special time here at Big Squid.  We’ve seen how much people want the DuraTrax Evader DT, over the last month it’s been one of the most read reviews we have on the site.  So to help out all of you that are buying this awesome and nearly indestructible truck we’ve decided to do a feature a day.  Every day, starting today and going until we decide to stop, we’ll be posting a new video featuring the Evader DT.  Most of these videos will deal with assembling and installing hop-ups on your Evader DT, making it even tougher and faster.  A few of the mods we are going to make include installing DuraTrax’s optional hard anodized shocks, finding a way to make the aluminum idler gear from the Nitro Evader series work in the DT’s transmission to make it almost bulletproof, and ultimately installing a Castle Creations Sidewinder Sport brushless ESC with a 4600KV brushless motor to make this bad boy fly.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Evader DT review in the RC Reviews section.  To keep tabs on Evader DT Week be sure to bookmark that link or just keep coming back and checking the front page.

Now that the intro is out of the way let’s get on with the first video where I show you how to build and install DuraTrax’s hard anodized shocks on your Evader DT.  Part numbers for the bags you’ll need are DTXC9223 for the front shocks and DTXC9228 for the rears.

Onyx nimh

Looks like the Onyx batteries from DuraTrax are getting a good boost! The popular NiMH packs now go from 4200mah to 5000mah! They have both 7.2v and 8.4v for those looking to get an even bigger boost! To make things even more enticing, they offer versions with Traxxas connectors already attached.

Head over to the DuraTrax web page for info.

Duratrax bruchless esc Duratrax esc

New from DuraTrax is the DuraTrax DE10 Brushless Programmable ESC. It can be used with sensored and sensorless brushless motors down to 5.5 turn and brushed motors down to 4 turns. With the help of the optional Digital Programmer, you can set it up to run on-road, off-road, trucks buggies and even rock crawlers! Watch for these to start shipping in September.

Keep a eye on the DuraTrax web page for info.

Have I mentioned how much I love Formula 1 racing? Have you heard every race is a giant soap opera? Well today at Hockenheim my favorite F1 team, Ferrari, had a one/two finish all locked up. Massa got a great start off the grid then pulled away with the lead. Later in the race his Ferrari teammate Alonzo started making up time and the Ferrai team essentially asked Massa to let him by. Being the “team” player Massa is, he pulled over and did just that. Team orders suck, even teammates should have to legitimately pass each other. Oh the drama of Formula 1, I guess that’s what keeps me watching. This weeks grand prix- Budapest! Can’t wait.

Have you noticed entry fees for the electric ROAR nats at Leisure Hours is $85 per class? Wow. Let’s say they pull 200 entries, that’s a total of $17,000. It’s cool the venue will make some dough on the race (although it sounded like Leisure Hours didn’t make much last year after their ROAR gas nats event), as tracks have a hard enough time keeping their doors open, but high entry fees are part of the problem. $85 for a single class entry is simply insane.

I got in some wheel time with the new Duratrax Evader DT this week. I’m a racer guy, so that truck really isn’t down my alley, but it’s actually pretty fun to bash around with, and it’s a tank. I also just dig the way it looks running around the yard. One of the best parts of working for BigSquidRC is driving test vehicles like you stole them, and that thing just would not break, a far cry from what us hobbyists normally put up with. Remember having to bring several extras sets of front a-arms to the track if you raced an Associated T4? Or extra front towers (and a lot of other parts! LOL) if you raced a Losi XXX-4? The more rugged the trucks, the easier it is to keep people in our hobby.

You hate mongers are slack’n out there, I haven’t received one hate mail in over a week. Geez, get on it you guys, start mashing your keyboards.

Brian has done an extensive booth babe search for the fall iHobby expo and I think he’s hit the jackpot. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Brian will post a few pics of the eye candy that will be rock’n our booth this year. If not, you’ll have to drop by the booth to take a look and get a few pics shot with her. iHobby is good times, so mark your calenders for late October. Btw, entry fee is only like $8? :)

BigSquidRC helped Craig “Ramp Builder Guy” Nelson with an rc jump contest in Champaign Illinois over the weekend. Dubbed the “Hypergiant Huckfest”, I wasn’t able to attend due to busting out some laps with my Corvette at an SCCA event (no, I didn’t do well, but the car came home in one piece), but I heard it went smoothly, the ramp was spot-on, cars were destroyed and records were set. Maybe Brian will pry himself away from the naked WOW tournament he’s playing in and post some news about it. :) Anyways, way-super-dope to hear another basher type event was put on, the more the better. Oh and lastly, I’m quite certain the entry fee was well under $85. :)

That’s it for this week, as always, support your local hobby shops (they miss you!), your local tracks (they miss you too!) and your local bash spots (can never see you enough!).

YOUR Cub Reporter

Duratrax Evader ext 2 Duratrax Evader ext 2

We always enjoy being able to bring you news first! Check out the first pictures (as far as we know) of the un-announced DuraTrax Evader EXT 2! It looks like some of the modifications that went into bringing us the DuraTrax Evader DT have gone into the Duratrax Evader EXT 2! It looks like it has the same Photon 2 Motor and Sprint 2 ESC, along with metal shock caps and pretty cool looking rims and tires.

We look forward to the official announcement soon.

I’m sure there will be more info at the DuraTrax web page in the coming weeks.

Thanks to our industry spy for the photos!

Here’s some video we shot while we were working on the review of the Duratrax Evader DT truck! This thing can really take a beating!

Click the video, and check it out on youtube for the HD high-res version.

Don’t forget to check out the full review of the truck.

Music is by a awesome group called ROTATION that we have worked with in the past. These guys rock, so check them out.

Duratrax Evader DT Review Duratrax Evader DT Review

Just posted to our RC Reviews section is the Duratrax Evader DT Review! After driving around the lot, then getting in some laps at the track, we gave this truck the worst beating we could dish out! Did is survive? Click Here to find out!

Recently we reviewed the Gatekeeper Mini GC Chassis from Duratrax for the Losi Mini Rock Crawler. Well it looks like Austin “Gatekeeper” Dunn is at it again with his new chassis for the Axial AX-10! The GC-3A is made from CNC-Machined T6 Aluminum, has a axle mounted servo plate and rear axle link plate. It also includes aluminum upper and lower links and center chassis braces along with a Delrin skid plate. The kit comes with everything you need to do the conversion from AX-10 to the new GC-3A.

Go check out the Duratrax website for more info.

Duratrax Evader DT Duratrax Evader DT

Yes, we got our hands on a new DuraTrax Evader DT! While it does not come as dirty as the last time we saw it, it does look pretty good!

Duratrax Evader DT Duratrax Evader DT

We snapped a bunch of pictures while it was still fresh and shinny before we start to put it to the test for the review. First impressions, we really dig the scale look. The materials used for the roll cage, mirrors and rear bumper all connected to the body seem pretty durable! The stickers it comes with are nice, from the little shot guns and bullet holes, to the Illinois Pre Run license plate and windshield whippers are all nice scale touches.

Duratrax Evader DT Duratrax Evader DT

First driving impressions, it handles the street out in front of Big Squid RC headquarters pretty well, and it does not roll over at all. We’ll save the details for the full review coming soon! For now, enjoy the pictures!

Duratrax Evader DT Duratrax Evader DT

Check out the rest of the pictures under the hood: READ MORE