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This is it! The Final Round in our DURATRAX 400 Tire Giveaway! Thank you, to all the readers who have entered, clicked, liked, and jumped through all of our hoops for a chance to win! This is your final chance to take home a set of tires. We have 100 tires left to give away. (25 sets). Remember all those hints [...]



First Winner Picture

Nate was one of the first round winners in the DURATRAX 400 GIVEAWAY, and he was kind enough to send us a picture of his vehicle with the new Duratrax Pistol tires he won! Thanks Nate, and congratulations! Want to see your ride on the front page? Send us a picture with your new Duratrax tires, and we will try [...]



Duratrax 400 Tire Giveaway – Round 3 Winners!

Our random comment picker has chosen the 25 comment’ers below as winners in Round 3 of the Duratrax Tire Giveaway! Not sure what giveaway we are talking about? Check the OFFICIAL DURATRAX 400 GIVEAWAY PAGE. Here is the list of the 25! You will all be contacted via Email in the next day or so. Congratulations! These are the comment names, yea [...]



ROUND 3 in the Duratrax 400 Monster Tire Giveaway Starts Now…

ROUND 3 of the Duratrax 400 Monster Tire Giveaway is on! We just updated the Official Giveaway Page, so here is how Round 3 is going to work! We know some of you aren’t Facebook fans, so none of that stuff this time. To Enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us why [...]



Duratrax 400 – Round 2 Winners!

The random name grabber has picked 25 More Winners for our Duratrax 400 Tire Giveaway! Thank you all as always for entering! We know not everyone likes to do things on Facebook, so we’ll make round 3 a little different! More on that later.. Lets get down to the good stuff! Not sure what giveaway we are talking about? Check the [...]


ROUND 2 in the Duratrax 400 Tire Giveaway Starts NOW!

ROUND 2 of the Duratrax 400 Monster Tire Giveaway starts now! We just updated the Official Giveaway Page with all the rules, so check there if you need details. Here’s the short version. There is a post on the Big Squid RC Facebook Page, and another on the Duratrax Facebook Page. To enter, all we ask is that you LIKE [...]



Duratrax 400 – Round 1 Winners!

Our software has picked the first 25 Winners at random for our Duratrax 400 Tire Giveaway! Thank you all for entering and your support! It was the first time we had used that new software, and we think it worked out pretty well. We had a TON of entries, more than any other contest we have done so far! Seriously, [...]


DURATRAX 400 Tire Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Just a heads up, the first week of entries ends tonight! (Sunday 9/8/2013) We will pick the winners of the first 100 tires which will be posted on Monday. Then Tuesday we will give you the instructions for the next way to sign up and win the next group of tires! It’s still hard to believe Duratrax hooked us up [...]




Yep, you are reading that correctly! With the help of our friends at Duratrax, we are giving away 400 tires. That’s 100 complete sets of four! This is easily the biggest giveaway we have ever done, and it does not end there, because over the next few weeks we will be giving hints towards a GRAND PRIZE! As if 400 [...]


Duratrax Six Pack ST Tires_00006

Duratrax Stadium Truck Tires in Action!

Did you see our reveal of the Duratrax Stadium Truck Tires? Just like the Monster Truck Tires we are bringing you some pictures of the tires in action. We have been using these for a while now, on all sorts of vehicles, and thought we’d post up a few shots. We have been running the Bandito ST, Pistol ST, Picket [...]



Duratrax Stadium Truck Tires

We first broke the news about the new Duratrax Monster Truck Tires, and now it’s time to do the same with the new line of Duratrax Stadium Truck Tires! Just like their Monster Truck line, the Duratrax Performance Stadium Truck Tires come pre-mounted and glued to 2.8″ rims, complete with foam inserts. The rims will be available in black or [...]


Duratrax Six Pack MT Tires 4

Duratrax Monster Truck Tires in Action

So we recently let the cat out of the bag about the new Duratrax Monster Truck Tires coming soon, and we gave you all the details with pricing, sizes, part numbers, but now it’s time to start seeing what they look like on the vehicles! Enjoy the pics! We have been putting them on all sorts of vehicles during our [...]



Duratrax Monster Truck Tires

We have the full scoop on the latest tires from Duratrax! The new Duratrax Performance Monster Truck Tires come pre-mounted and glued to 2.8″ rims, complete with foam inserts. They rims are available in black or chrome, and come with contrasting screws. We have actually been driving/testing these for a while now, and they are holding up well to our [...]


Duratrax 835B 835E Upgrades

Duratrax 835B & 835E Upgrades

The Duratrax 835E and 835B 8th scale buggies have been doing well with the basher crowd. They both have affordable price points and have proven to take a good beating. With their popularity, users are looking to make them even better with hop-up parts. Today Duratrax has announced some affordable parts to beef up and allow more tuning on their [...]


Duratrax Aluminum Hop-ups for 835B 835E

Duratrax Aluminum Hop-ups for 835B & 835E Buggies

The Duratrax 835B and it’s electric brother the 835E have started taking off with the bash crowd. After all they are affordable and can take some abuse. Duratrax has come up with 12 hop-ups made from heat treated 7075 T-6 aluminum which have been beefed up in key areas to make your 835B or 835E even tougher. They also focused on [...]