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Dynamite Passport Ultra 100W AC/DC Touch Battery ChargerTouch screens look cool and can make products easier to use. The latest charger from Dynamite, the Passport Ultra 100W, has a touch screen and much more. The Passport features a 400 x 240 pixel TFT Color Touch Screen and can charge LiFe/LiIon/LiPo/NiCd/NiMH/Pb batteries. For power it can charge at up to 10 amps and is rated for a maximum cell count of 6S LiPO. Also, it comes with a JST-XH balance board, 20 spots of battery memory, and a USB port for charging your cell phone or other device.

The part number is #DYNC3000, it is street priced at $109 and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops in late January. Click Here to get more details over on the official Dynamite RC website.

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Dynamite GPS Speed Meter
Every wonder how fast your car goes? Tired of those cheap softball radar guns going bad on you? Dynamite RC has an answer to your problems, their new GPS Speed Meter.

The Dynamite GPS Speed Meter is a compact unit that can measure the speed of your car, or show its location and altitude. The unit’s built in WASS/EGNOS/MSAS/RTCM allows it to be used anywhere in the world, while its 10Hz refresh rate gives it fast response.

* PC Interface for Google map products
* Battery: Lasts up to 4 hours
* Connector Type: Micro USB charging port
* Weight: 1.06 oz
* Length: 2.59″
* Width: 1.56″
* Height: 0.82″

The part number is #DYN4401, they are street priced at $124, and they are expected to start hitting hobby shops early next month. For complete information hit up This Link over on Dynamite’s website.

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Dynamite Reaction 50C Hardcase LiPo
There are tons of choices for LiPo batteries, but maybe you just want a reasonably priced pack that isn’t going to puff the second time you use it. Dynamite RC has just announced a new affordable line-up of 50C LiPo Batteries. All the 50C packs come with a hardcase to help survive big hits, and are available with EC3, EC5, Deans, or Traxxas connectors. Cell counts range from 2-4S, capacities range from 4000-5000mAh, and they can be charged in under 30 minutes at their 3C maximum charge rate. A “shorty” style pack is also available for all you 10th scale racer types.

Prices range from $49 to $109, they have a release date of July, and you can get complete information by hitting up This Link on the official Dynamite website.

Instead of a TGIF Mystery Link, Here is the link to a charity event where you can rub elbows with high-zoot Indy car drivers and get a chance to bash some very slick Vaterra on-road cars. The event is for dyslexia and goes down May 11th in Indianapolis. Will the BSRC Bash Crew be there? You never know!

Dynamite Reaction 80C LiPo Packs
Dynamite RC has announced higher output 80C Reaction series LiPo batteries. The 80C Reaction LiPos are intended for the serious basher or entry level racer and come in 2S, 3S, and 4S cell counts. They all use hard cases for added protection and come in capacities up to 6400mAh.

* 5C charge rate
* Capacities from 5700-6400mAh
* Available with prewired Deans, EC3, EC5, and Traxxas connectors
* XH balance connectors
* New cases for increased durability

Prices range from $95 to $165, they are expected to hit hobby shops in early May, and you can get more information at This Link over on the Dynamite website.

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Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo
The new Prophet Sport Duo from Dynamite is an affordable two channel battery charger. The latest in the Prophet series of chargers can charge at up to 6 amps (50 watts) on each of its channels and has a maximum cell count of 6S.

* Rugged and compact design
* Includes banana to EC3 adapters
* Adjustable current 0.1A-6.0A
* 5 year warranty
* JST-XH balance connector
* AlphaNumeric display
* AC only input power

The part number for the Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo is #DYNC2020 and it has a street price of $99.

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There comes a point in every new hobbyists life when they make the switch from Ni-MH batteries over to Lithium Polymers. It’s an obvious progression, LiPos typically yield more performance for the buck.

The crew over at Horizon Hobby have a couple of affordable products for those looking to make the LiPo switch. Horizon offers a Dynamite Prophet Sport LiPo charger and a Dynamite Reaction 2S 7.4V 30C 5000mAh LiPo battery. We’ve been testing the two for over a month now, today we’ll be sharing what we found out.

The Prophet Sport Lipo charger (part number #DYNC2005) is an AC only charger with a maximum charge rate of 3 amps. It is very affordable with a street price of just $29 and works on 2 and 3S LiPo packs. It doesn’t do Ni-MH or any other chemistry, but we found it did a nice job charging Lithium Polymers. The Prophet was exceptionally easy to use, just press the button to set the charge rate, then hold the button to start the charge. The Prophet does all its charging through the balance leads, which worked well for us, but wished it came with a longer AC cord.

On the battery side of things, the Reaction 2S 30C 5000 (part number #DYN9005EC w/EC3 connector) comes in at a $49 price point. We primarily used it in our review Vaterra Hälix and in an ECX Torment, and found that it powered both quite well. It had plenty of power on tap and never got too hot or puffed. We normally charged it on the Prophet Sport Lipo, but because it is capable of a 3C (15 amp) charge rate we used a Hyperion 720 on it a few times when we were in a big hurry. We found no ill effects from the fast charging and consider it to be a solid pack.

Overall- We found the two Dynamite items to make a great set. They worked well together and would be a good way to make the switch over to LiPo. We also liked their warranties, 1 year on the Reaction pack and 5 years on the Prophet charger. If you are in need of some new LiPo gear we can recommend both of these products to you.

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Dynamite Prophet Sport Charger
For all you guys looking for an affordable battery charger, Dynamite has just announced three new units for their product line-up.

The Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus is an AC/DC charger that can charge up to 5 amps. Rated for up to 6S Lipo it has a part number of #DYNC2010 and a street price of $49.

The Prophet Sport Lipo is an AC charger made just for Lipo. It can charge up to 3 amps and up to a 3S Lipo cell count. It has a part number of #DYNC2005 and a street price of $29.

The third charger Dynamite has just announced is the Prophet Sport NiMH. The Sport NiMH can charge up to an 8 cell NiMH pack and has a maximum charge rate of 4 amps. The part number of the Sport NiMH is #DYNC2000 and it has a street price of $29.

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Dynamite DPS 1/10 Sensored 13.5T ESC/Motor Combo
The guys over at Dynamite have two new brushless combos made to be ROAR legal and affordable. These Dynamite Platinum Sensored Combos come in two different winds, 17.5 and 13.5. Some of their features include-

* Sensored for smooth take offs and no cogging
* Comes with EC3 connector
* Low voltage protection for use with Lipo batteries
* Different timing modes for performance or use in “Blinky” classes

The part numbers are #DYNP1213 for the 13.5 combo and #DYNP1217 for the 17.5. Street price is $169 and you can get more information by hitting up THIS LINK.

Happy Friday Everyone! Check out a BigSquidRC Mystery Link.

Dynamite 2S Lipo for Vaterra Kemora Kalahari

The two new Vaterra 14th scaled vehicles, the Kemora and the Kalahari, come with an old school, low current, Ni-MH pack. If you really want to boost your new Vaterra’s performance a Lipo battery should be your first step.

Dynamite has announced a new Lipo that pops right into the Kemora and Kalahari. This “long” form factor Lipo is a 2 cell (7.4 volt) 2000 mAh pack that gives more power off the line as well as higher top speeds.

Part number for the new “long” Dynamite Lipo is #DYN1476 and they have a street price of $40. For more detailed information click THIS link which takes you to the official Horizon website. Don’t forget that you’ll need a Lipo charger for this battery as the one included with the Kemora and Kalahari is only for Ni-MH.

Thinking about getting a new Vaterra? Check out THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

Dynamite Reaction 20C 30C Lithium Polymer Batteries
The crew over at Dynamite RC have announced a new line of Lithium Polymer batteries called the Reaction series. This is an affordable line-up of Lipo’s with 20C to 30C discharge rates. Capacities range from 4000 to 5000 mah, and they are available in 2 and 3S cell counts. Hard cases are used to protect the cells and you can get the Reaction packs with either EC3 or Traxxas connectors. A 1 year warranty now comes standard on all Dynamite packs just to sweeten the deal.

Prices for the new Reaction series Lipo’s range from $29 for a 2S 20C 4000 mah up to $69 for a 3S 30C 5000. Hit up the official Dynamite Website for more information. Hit up THIS link for more Dynamite news right here on BigSquidRC.

Dynamite Prophet Sport Quatro 4 x 100W AC/DC Charger
The latest battery charger from the guys over at Dynamite is their huge Prophet Sport Quatro 4 x 100 watt AC/DC. This monster can charge 4 batteries at once, with a maximum charge rate of 8 amps per channel. Some of the other features and specifications include-

* 100W charge power per output
* Li-Po/Li-Fe & Ni-MH battery types
* Charges 1-6S Li-Po, 1-6S Li-Fe, 1-8C Ni-MH
* 500W power supply
* Adjustable 0.1–8.0A charger current per channel
* Ability to charge different battery types at different currents simultaneously
* 4 internal cooling fans
* Short-circuit protection
* Over-current protection
* Reverse-polarity protection
* Low-input voltage protection
* Over-temperature protection
* Includes (4) insulated banana-to-EC3™ connectors
* Includes (4) JST XH type balance boards (2-6S)
* Detachable AC and DC power cords
* 100-240 VAC (50/60Hz) or 11-18V DC input voltage
* Length- 10.62 in (270mm)
* Width- 7.48 in (190mm)
* Height- 3.35 in (85mm)
* Part #DYN4110

Expect a street price of $280 on this one, and you can hit up the Dynamite RC Website for more information.

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ddynamite speedpack 2000mah

Looking to add some bigger milliamps to your smaller vehicles? The new Dynamite Speedpack 7.4V 2000mAh 30c Lipi Mini can help. This new mini lipo packs 2000mAh into a small footprint that can be run in your mini Losi, ECX, and even Pro-Boat vehicles. It comes with a EC3 plug, JST_XH connector, and boasts a 30C discharge rate.
Part number on the new mini is DYN1475, and will have a street price of about $45.

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dynamite fuze 70a

Looks like the folks from Dynamite are keeping us bashers in mind with the new Dynamite Fuze 70A Brushless Waterproof ESC. It’s designed to fit more 1/10th scale vehicles, is Lipo (up to 3s) and NiMH compatable, and is programmable via the Dynamite Fuze programming card. Part number is DYN4850 on the ESC and DYN3745 on the programming card.
Street price is about $90.

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