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New from Traxxas is the 1/10 Rally! A few weeks ago we mentioned that we had heard about a LCG Slash chassis coming soon from Traxxas. Well it looks like they went ahead and made a Rally car with it!
It will come with the TQi radio system, a Velineon brushless system, and boasts 60mph speeds! The new LCG 4wd chassis and Rally cross suspension should have it ripping up the dirt something fierce.
It will be available in three colors, red, blue, and green, and should be shipping very soon.

Rally is the ‘HOT’ thing right now, and it’s good to see Traxxas be able to react pretty quickly and come out with a product of their own. The lack of a licensed body is a bit surprising, but would of just added on more cost down the line for the consumer.

COMMENTS are ON! Tell us what you think!

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THE Durango DESC210 1/10th Scale RTR 2wd Short Course Truck Review

We just reviewed the Durango DEX210 buggy and lets face it, 2wd 10th scale buggies just aren’t big enough or high enough off the ground to be effective bash machines. Today however we’ll be taking a look at its big brother, the DESC210 RTR short course truck that has more ground clearance and is just bigger all the way around. Is the DESC210 a capable bash machine worthy of being in your rc garage? Lets find out…


Team Associated SC10B Race Spec Brushless Scale Buggy
Team Associated has just announced their new SC10B Race Spec Scale Buggy. The new Associated SC10B is based on their SC10 short course truck platform, and comes with an authentic looking pro buggy body, roll cage, and driver. Some of the other primary features are-

* RTR 2WD short course pro buggy based on SC10 truck
* Roll cage with window nets and integral nerf bars
* Water-resistant XP Brushless ESC with reverse and LiPo cutoff
* XP 2.4GHz radio system
* Metal-gear steering servo
* Reedy 3300 KV brushless motor
* Water-resistant receiver box
* Gear differential
* Two paint schemes to chose from
* KMC™ replica wheels
* Aggressive short-course race tires
* Blue anodized aluminum V2 shocks
* Molded composite chassis
* Realistic front and rear bumpers
* Length- 18.8 inches
* Width- 11.5 inches
* Wheelbase- 12.7 inches
* Weight- 4.01 lbs

Street price is expected to be right around $300 with an expected release date of late October. Hit up the official Associated WEBSITE for more information.

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ecx revenge

ECX just announced two new buggies! The first is the Revenge Type-N 1/8 Nitro Buggy, and the second is the Revenge Type-E 1/8 Electric Buggy.

Update: We have official prices! Check the details of either buggy.

Specs and Details on the Type-E:
Four Wheel Drive
Spektrum 2.4Ghz Radio System
Waterproof Electronics
Fuze 1/8th scale 550 size brushless system
Can handle 4S Lipo
Price: $399.99

Type-E Video

Details on the Type-N:
Four Wheel Drive
Spektrum 2.4Ghz Radio System
Dynamite .21 Nitro Motor
Waterproof electronics
Price: $349.99

Type-N Video

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We have been working hard on this one for a while! The 2WD Monster Truck Shootout is finally completed and ready for your reading pleasure! We get a TON of emails asking us what truck is better, and which one someone should buy. We decided to take some time and actually put them all to the test! Unlike those ‘advertisement’ rags, we actually come up with a winner, and show you how we got there!

The three vehicles we picked are the current ‘most asked about’ 2WD Monster Trucks. We put the Traxxas Stampede, the ARRMA Granite, and the ECX Ruckus all in a room, and said ‘FIGHT!’

While we have reviewed all these trucks separately, it’s always a different story when you can drive the vehicles back to back, and literally feel and see the difference right before you.

Hopefully all the hard work that went into this one is appreciated! Thanks to Tim, Cubby and Craig for all their time getting this one out the door, and special thanks to Slot & Wing for letting us come bash at their new locations just days after their move.

Ok, ok.. enough blabbering, lets get to the 2WD RTR Monster Truck Shootout!

PS: When you guys link this thing all over the web (like we know you will) please use this link so people can find/start off on the first page.. thanks! ( )

pro-line sc contest

So right now we have our Mystery Vehicle Contest happening, but after doing a little research, it turns out, people like FREE STUFF! Who would of guessed? I know right?! So to make ‘those people’ happy, we are giving away more stuff!

This time we have hooked up with Pro-Line to bring you the ‘Pro-Line Short Course Prize Pack with Possible Custom Surprise Body Contest‘. You know.. Cubby may be right.. that contest name is a little long.

So here’s the deal, we have the following awesome prize package!
1 Pro-Line Pit Mat
1 set of Pro-Line Pro Pulls
1 Pro-Line Hat
1 Pro-Line shirt
2x Trencher X Tires (The new ones!)
1 Flo-Tek Chevy Silverado 1500 Body!

And of course a ton of Big Squid RC stickers to cover that body and all your other rides. Now if you were paying attention, I mentioned ‘Possible Custom Surprise Body’ in the contest name.. so we were thinking, we will give the winner of the contest the choice, they can take the body clear, OR let one of our guys paint up a custom one for you. You will have NO SAY in how we paint it, or how we customize it. Maybe we let Manny, our uber scale guy whip something up, or maybe we will let Cubby have at it with crayons and markers. It may get murdered out, or come in a nice shade of pink. It’s a risk you will have to take. :) I honestly hope the winner is brave enough.

Rules and stuff:
So how do you enter? We are going to mix this one up a little bit. You need to LIKE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK, and LEAVE A COMMENT on the Big Squid Facebook Page. That’s it! We are going to open this contest up to the US and Canada only. Sorry to all the people that are not here in the North America, but it would cost more to ship it than if you just bought it local.

You have till Friday, September 14th 2012 (8pm cst) to enter! We will then draw a winner and post it up at 10pm cst. Please, only 1 entry per person.

Special thanks to Pro-Line Racing for helping out on this one. While your at it, go LIKE the Pro-Line Facebook Page as well, as a way of saying thanks for their support to Big Squid RC!

Again.. go to our Big Squid Facebook Page like the Facebook post, leave a Facebook comment, live in the USA or Canada, and keep your fingers crossed!

mystery contest
So it was time to step things up and do something major for the readers. We know what readers want, FREE VEHICLES right? So we have hooked up with a few companies to give a bunch away. We will be giving away vehicles from ARRMA RC, Team Durango, Duratrax, and Thunder Tiger!

We are going to give away one vehicle a week for 12 weeks! How awesome is that?

How’s the contest work, and how do you enter? Every Monday, starting August 20th, we will pick a random person that has left a valid comment and email address in one of our Daily Contest Posts to win a vehicle. You will be allowed to enter once a day during that week. So if you come back each day and leave a comment, you have a better chance to win because you will have more entries. You may ONLY WIN ONCE! So if you won a vehicle the first week, you are not allowed to enter to win any more of the 12 vehicles. You can enter other contests that we will be running during this time, but You can only win in the Dozen Mystery Vehicle Giveaway once. Don’t bother trying to enter with fake names and email addresses, we have the software to track that stuff down. You don’t want to be disqualified from this one, it’s going to be awesome!

Every week we are giving away a new vehicle. To keep it fun and interesting, we are not going to tell you what vehicle you have about to win until we pick a winning entry. The vehicles could be nitro or electric, but mostly electric. Just know that we are giving you brand new ready to run vehicle from ARRMA RC, Team Durango, Duratrax, or Thunder Tiger!

Again, all you need to do is locate the Daily Contest Entry Post, post a comment with a valid email address, and you are entered. Feel free to get creative with your comments to keep us awake, but keep in mind the winner for that week is completely random from valid entries.

Because of shipping issues, this contest is limited to the continental United States Only. Sorry. Getting radio and other equipment overseas and across boarders lately just isn’t that easy any more, and costly.

Comments left on the Facebook page do NOT count. You must enter a comment on the Big Squid RC webpage.

Here are the links so far for the Daily contest entries!

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Week 4 – Day 1
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Week 5 – Day 1
Week 5 – Day 2
Week 5 – Day 3
Week 5 – Day 4
Week 5 – Day 5
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THE HPI Bullet Monster Truck Flux Review

What seems like a long time ago, HPI announced the Bullet MT Flux in Europe, and it finally made it’s way to the USA. From the first announcement we were interested due to it’s size and power. While bigger is always better, sometimes you just don’t want to drive a huge truck like the Savage Flux, and something smaller is what you are looking for. Was the Bullet what we were looking for? Keep reading to find out..


ken block wr8

The HPI Racing Ken Block WR8 FLUX finally gets official! We have been posting news about the Ken Block vehicle for a while now as bits and pieces were leaked out, but the official PR is finally here. We finally get to see under the body as well. When we saw it in person we couldn’t get our eyes underneath because we were told the ‘official battery straps’ were not final. We were not sure what the HPI spokespeople were talking about, but now we know!

Some details we may or may not of mentioned before:
4WD 1/8th scale based on the HPI WR8
Up to 3S Lipo can be run on the FPI Flux Vektor motor getting you to 60mph
The chassis has side wall/guards to help keep out rocks and other stuff.
Front and rear sway bars
Adjustable battery box with custom Ken Block logo Battery Straps
Waterproof steering servo
Flux Vapor ESC
3mm aluminum chassis
Licensed Replica fifteen53 Tarmac Wheels

The part number is 109313, and it should start to pop up in store computers soon, though an official price has not been announced.

Click MORE to check out the official HPI Ken Block Video..

THE Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission Review

pro-line transmisison

Traxxas has sold roughly 9.412 zillion 2wd Slash’s/Bandit’s/Rustler’s/Stampede’s, and while they are a bashing staple and are generally solid trucks, they aren’t without fault. For example, how many of you Slash owners out there have blown out more than a few (dozen) spur gears? How many of you Stampede owners have cooked a few motors? Hey, you Bandit owners, how many slippers have you melted down when running big brushless power? The stock Traxxas transmission certainly has plenty of room for improvement. Pro-Line saw the need and decided to have a go at fixing all those issues (and more) with their new performance transmission. Did they succeed? Read on…


Well, the Summer Kick Off Bash turned out to be a real blast! We had people from several states show up and partake in some serious bashing fun! The events we ended up doing were the Obstacle Course that ended by slamming into a ton of old transmitters as the finish line, the Sumo event, Demolition Derby, the Shopping Cart Slam, and finally ended with some all out ramp and big air goodness! Below are a bunch of pictures, and hopefully a video to be edited soon.

I’d like to thank Pro-Line and Hobbico for their amazing support of product for the give-aways! We had over 50 items on our prize table, and everyone went home with something.

Keep reading for a TON more pics!

Modding The Helion Dominus Part 4 – Installing A Brushless System

helion dominus

No other single modification will give your Dominus such a dramatic increase in shear power as the installation of a brushless power system. Today I’ll be walking you through what it takes to install a brushless motor and speed controller in your Helion Dominus. If you are an old pro you can do this in your sleep but if you are new to the hobby I hope these instructions help you out.


Well to say that I was excited to see that Kyosho was bringing out a Mini-Z Motorcycle would be a major understatement. Then you toss on the layer of details that Mini-Z is known for and that it was going to be a replica of the Yamaha M1 and I pretty much had to buy a bib cuz I was non-stop drooling at every pic I could find. Being the type that can’t stand running the same rig as everyone else has I had to put my spin on it. For me there is no better rider than Valentino Rossi when it comes to on-road motorcycle racing so I had to pay homage to him on this one. Like most involved in this Hobby I love all things with wheels and details and some of what I collect are scale motorcycles. Maisto is a huge supplier of said bikes that can usually be had for under 5 bucks at you’re favorite toy stop. Doing a quick search I found they made a copy of his 06 ride with Camel being the lead sponsor. Oddly enough I didn’t have these in my stable yet so I ordered up a couple. The details and fit and finish are really good on these scale beauties right out of the box so the only problem was could I make them fit onto the Mini-Z Moto that is already too small to possibly have as much going on as it does. Keep reading to get the details of the build..