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hpi apache

The HPI Apache C1 is starting to create a buzz. This first pic is with Vaughn Gittin Jr. looking ready to get his bash on! It looks like a totally new re-design 4wd 1/10th 1/8 scale buggy. Turning comments on this post.. what’s everyone think??

update: Here is what we know so far…
It’s 1/8th scale, 4WD, and Flux Powered! (Yeah!) 1/8 scale electronics, and will come with a 2.4Ghz system!

We have two more pictures after the break! Hit the Read More!


Here’s a shot of the brand new Axial EXO Terra Buggy that is being shown at SEMA this week! We don’t have a ton of info just yet, but from what I can tell from the picture it has independent suspension, but some killer scale looks! Stay tuned for more info when we get it!

*Update* I have confirmed that it is a 4WD buggy, 1/10 scale..

Added another pic and the direct link of the EXO after the break.. READ MORE

3d rc video 1 3d rc video

Big Squid RC presents the first All 3D RC Video! 1000′s of people were treated to the premiere last week at iHobby 2011, and now it’s live on-line! You will need the red/blue glasses to see it properly in all it’s 3d glory though. It will be in other formats soon (so you can watch it on your 3D TV’s ect.. ) but this was the first edit, so we only have the anaglyph version at the moment. Go grab your 3D glasses, some popcorn and enjoy!

Click through to see the video..

arrma FuryTHE ARRMA Fury RTR Short Course Truck Review

Months and months ago when I saw the first pictures of the ARRMA Raider buggy all I could do was think about who I had to bribe to get my hands on one of their products. It’s not very often when a new company pops up with a line of cars/trucks, and muchhhhh more rare when they are actually radically different from the established norm. Does ARRMA put out a good product? Is their radically different chassis better than what’s currently available? Find out below…

DuraTrax VW Bug

We have been breaking a lot of RC news lately, and here we are again with another world exclusive! We need to file this all under the ‘rumor mill’ because nothing is official till the press release ships.. but here is the scoop! Coming soon from DuraTrax is an officially licensed VW Bug! It sounds like it’s going to be based on the Evader DT which we were pretty big fans of! (Click that link to read all about it). It is going to come with several bodies, but this one is one of my favorites as it already looks dirty right out of the box! The details are great with everything from a roof rack, side mirrors, and a detailed exposed engine in the back! Thanks for listening to us DuraTrax when we ranted last year about how realism is the direction companies need to go! We had to be a little creative with the photo because we didn’t want anyone getting in trouble or finding out where we got it from.
Other information, we hear it’s coming with a 2.4gHz Futaba radio system.. yes a FUTABA system! A 19T brushed motor.. and it gets better for us bashers, it’s going to be waterproof! Aww yea! Call us excited! Of course we will give you more details as they come in, but for now we know a lot of the important stuff!

Get ready to place that order because it’s also rumored to be coming in November.

ihobby tickets

We have had a ton of awesome contests around here lately, and this one is going to be up there with the best of them. We want to help our fans make their way to iHobby Expo 2011 to yell and scream during our demos, enjoy all the cool new RC products, and stop by the booth and say hello! So from now until just a few days before the show, we will be giving away a pair of iHobby Expo 2011 tickets EVERY DAY!

Here is how you enter:
Head over to our Big Squid RC Facebook Page and hit the LIKE button. Once we know you like us, post on our wall (not a comment to the thread, but a wall post) that says something like “I want to WIN iHobby Expo Tickets from !”.. feel free to be creative, just include iHobby and BigSquidRC. We will be keeping track of all the wall posts and randomly pick a winner from all the entries every day. Winners will be contacted and sent a pair of tickets by snail mail.

Starting Monday, September 19th 2011, we will choose a lucky winner at the end of each day! So what are you waiting for? Hit that like button and start tagging that wall!

Big Squid RC Shirt
Every few months we change up t-shirt’s that we wear, sell, and give away. We have been going over a few ideas here, but decided to see if there are any Big Squid RC readers with a little art talent.

We are looking for submissions for our next t-shirt design. We are giving people till Sunday September 18th, 2011 12PM cst to send us your ideas. The shirt must incorporate the BigSquidRC logo in some way or another. You can find a clean photoshop version of our logo RIGHT HERE.

(UPDATE: now with fixed link to file…sorry about that)

We are looking for some serious creativity here, but it also needs to be something we can have screened. So the final file will need to be able to be layered, and colors separated for the screening process. The fewer colors the better with that stuff, too many screens make it complicated.

If we choose a shirt to be created, (we may not see anything we really like) the winner will be credited with the design, as well as (and this is the sweet part) get to choose a vehicle from one of our recent reviews. (exact vehicles to choose from will be determined later). Sweet right? Design a awesome shirt, get a RC Vehicle! So all you artists and designers get those stylists and markers, crayons, whatever going! If you are not the ‘art type’ maybe you know someone that is. So help us come up with something cool to wear! Cubby’s mom is sick of dressing him!

All logos are trademarked and property of Big Squid RC. Any and ALL rights for submitted t-shirt designs will also become property of Big Squid RC. Send all submissions by Sunday September 18th, 2011 12PM cst! You can email them to me. Brian at bigsquidrc dot kom. Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Big Squid RC Shirt

4x4 SC Shootout Trucks

It’s shootout time! That’s right.. the story we have been teasing you with for a couple of weeks now is finally here! This time around we decided to test three RTR 4X4 Short Course Trucks! Sure you can read reviews, but nothing tells it like it is till you compare them head to head! In our shootout we feature the Traxxas Slash 4×4 vs the Hobbyking Trooper vs the Ofna Jammin SCRT-10! Which truck takes home the crown? Which truck had a few surprises for us? Hit the link to find out!

Go read the 4×4 RTR Short Course Shootout!

Gt-8 Slash 4x4 Conversion

Recently the folks over at ST Racing Concepts released a GT-8/Rally conversion kit for the Slash 4×4. Is your Traxxas Slash 4×4 already collecting dust, and you think you need to breath some new life into it? Would you rather be driving more of a rally car that a short course vehicle? Can you believe that under the hood these are almost identical vehicles? Does STRC have another conversion hit? Keep reading to find out our thoughts… READ MORE

Traxxas Short Course Shootout iPhone App Review

In an interesting twist for us and the RC world, there are starting to be more and more RC related phone Apps. When we found out there was going to be a Traxxas app, and it was going to be more than a gear checker or wallpaper viewer, it got our attention. So does Traxxas rule the app market with the Short Course Shootout? Keep reading to find out.. READ MORE

jin xing da mini helicopter

So we normally do not do helicopter reviews, and if we did do them, it would probably be from a major manufacturer, but this review is special in a few ways. Every once in a while we get occasional questions asking us about the mini helicopters people see around. They want to know if they are worth it, are they total junk? And there are a lot of bashers out there that seem to have the ‘flying’ bug. They aren’t looking to get into the hobby of flying, but just want something to satisfy this occasional craving. Will the Jin Xing DA help any of this? Is it worth getting? Keep reading to find out….


Electrix Boost

Intro- Who the heck is Electrix and why do they deserve your money? Well, Electrix is Horizons entry level line-up of rc cars, and by entry level I mean you can walk out the door with the Boost completely ready to roll for under $140. But is it worth the cash? Lets jump right in to the worlds most kick a$# Electrix Boost review…


Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk DT12 Review

thunder tiger dt12

Coming fresh off our Sparrowhawk XXT Review it was time to check out the Sparrowhawk DT12. We were interested to see if the 1/12th scale 4×4 DT had any similarities to the XXT, if was as tough, as good in the air, and could it bash with the best of them? Well keep on reading to find out… READ MORE