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Big Squid RC Shirt

Design a Big Squid RC T-Shirt Contest!

Every few months we change up t-shirt’s that we wear, sell, and give away. We have been going over a few ideas here, but decided to see if there are any Big Squid RC readers with a little art talent. We are looking for submissions for our next t-shirt design. We are giving people till Sunday September 18th, 2011 12PM [...]


4x4 SC Shootout Trucks

Short Course Shootout! RTR 4×4’s go Head to Head!

It’s shootout time! That’s right.. the story we have been teasing you with for a couple of weeks now is finally here! This time around we decided to test three RTR 4X4 Short Course Trucks! Sure you can read reviews, but nothing tells it like it is till you compare them head to head! In our shootout we feature the [...]


Gt-8 Slash 4x4 Conversion

ST Racing Concepts GT-8/Rally Slash 4×4 Conve…

Recently the folks over at ST Racing Concepts released a GT-8/Rally conversion kit for the Slash 4×4. Is your Traxxas Slash 4×4 already collecting dust, and you think you need to breath some new life into it? Would you rather be driving more of a rally car that a short course vehicle? Can you believe that under the hood these [...]


Traxxas Short Course App

Traxxas Short Course Shootout App Review

Traxxas Short Course Shootout iPhone App Review In an interesting twist for us and the RC world, there are starting to be more and more RC related phone Apps. When we found out there was going to be a Traxxas app, and it was going to be more than a gear checker or wallpaper viewer, it got our attention. So does [...]


jin xing da mini helicopter

Jin Xing DA Mini Helicopter Review

So we normally do not do helicopter reviews, and if we did do them, it would probably be from a major manufacturer, but this review is special in a few ways. Every once in a while we get occasional questions asking us about the mini helicopters people see around. They want to know if they are worth it, are they [...]


Electrix Boost

Electrix Boost Buggy Review

Intro- Who the heck is Electrix and why do they deserve your money? Well, Electrix is Horizons entry level line-up of rc cars, and by entry level I mean you can walk out the door with the Boost completely ready to roll for under $140. But is it worth the cash? Lets jump right in to the worlds most kick [...]


thunder tiger dt12

Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk DT12 Review

Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk DT12 Review Coming fresh off our Sparrowhawk XXT Review it was time to check out the Sparrowhawk DT12. We were interested to see if the 1/12th scale 4×4 DT had any similarities to the XXT, if was as tough, as good in the air, and could it bash with the best of them? Well keep on reading to [...]


Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk

Thunder Tiger – 1/10 Sparrowhawk XXT Review

Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk XXT Review After witnessing first hand Thunder Tigers impressive and aggressive work on the MT4-G3 Monster Truck, we just had to get our hands on some of their other vehicles and put them to the test. Would the Sparrowhawk XXT live up to it’s big brothers reputation? Would it be tougher than nails and have us all [...]


Axial Wraith

Axial Wraith Review

The folks over at Axial did a great job of teasing the Wraith to the world. It started off as some silhouette shots, then we got bits and pieces of news leaked out. Nobody was 100% sure of what the truck was, or what it was meant to be, but the hype was building. When Axial finally made the ‘official’ [...]


Helion Animus

Helion RC – Animus 18SC Review

When BigSquid approached me to the do their review of the Helion Animus I jumped at the chance, its not every day a new 18th scaler hits the market these days, nor is it every day when a big name like Gil Losi Jr introduces an entirely new product line. I’ve spent much of my career racing 18th scales for [...]



ST Racing Concepts – Slash 2WD LCG Kit Review

A while back, ST Racing Concepts released their LCG (Low Center of Gravity) kit for the 2WD Traxxas Slash. We got our hands on a kit and have been beating on it at all the local spots for a while now. Does the kit do what it says it will? Will it lower my Slash as well as breathe some [...]



Losi 1/10 XXX-SCB RTR Review

THE Losi 1/10 XXX-SCB (Short Course Buggy) RTR Review Intro- Yes, I have to admit I’m a biased reviewer on this one folks. When the original gold tubbed RC10 was released I always envisioned the buggy class morphing into something like the Losi XXX-SCB, but for 2 decades it went the way of the Associated B4 and Losi 22. So when [...]


Axial Wraith

Axial Wraith Unboxing Photos

So we finally got our hands on a early version of the Axial Wraith Rock Racer. They should be shipping to the rest of the world in a few weeks. Out of the box, there were a lot of “oooh’s and aaahh’s” for the details and look. It really does look pretty darn cool in person, and we [...]


Thunder Tiger KT8 Review - Opening image

Thunder Tiger KT8 RTR review

So you’ve been bashing and thrashing monster trucks, short course, or 1/8 buggies and truggies, but you’ve grown tired of them and are looking for something different.  Thunder Tiger may have what you’re looking for in their new 1/8 scale Go Kart, the KT8.  It’s packed with a brushless system for high speeds, but is it durable enough to live [...]


Micro Trail Trekker Review BSRC

Losi – Micro Trail Trekker Review

From: Losi Direct Link: Micro Trail Trekker Review by: Evan Losi isn’t exactly new to the micro game. From their Micro-T, Micro SCT, Rally, and Micro Rock Crawler, Losi is at the forefront of the mainstream micro market (say that 5 times fast). Earlier this year, Losi released the Micro Trail Trekker, a 1/24th scale vehicle with the performance of a crawler mixed [...]