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Traxxas 1:16 Grave Digger

Traxxas 1/16 Scale Grave Digger

New from Traxxas is the 1/16th scale Grave Digger! We spotted it here at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Looks like it’s going to ship brushed with the Titan 12T, but knowing Traxxas, a VXL version is probably not far behind.You can see it will have the green highlight parts just like it’s big brother. Catch all of our fair [...]


hpi gas apache c1

HPI 1/8th Scale Gas Engine Fits Everything?

Remember a while back when HPI Racing  hinted that they were going to go to gas soon ? Well 5 months later, here we are, and here is HPI’s new 1/8th scale gas engine! What’s really cool, is that it looks like they are planning for it to fit a lot of their 1/8th scale vehicles. They have a Gas Savage [...]


duratrax dxr8 and Mandi

Duratrax DXR8-E Unboxing With Special Guest Mandi!

So I was just getting ready to take some pictures and unbox the new  DuraTrax DXR8-E Buggy when a good friend of ours, Mandi stopped by the office. You may know her as she helps us out from time to time at events and stuff like that. It was perfect timing. I asked if she would mind ‘helping out’, but I’m [...]


Dominus Street Tires

Modding The Helion Dominus Part 2 - Installing Street S…

Modding The Helion Dominus Part 2 – Modding The Helion Dominus Part 2 – Installing Street Shoes, Plus Setting Camber and Proper Ride HeightSome areas of the world are nice and sunny 12 months out of the year. Other places, like where the BSRC bash crew lives, the weather can get downright awful. After two straight weeks of rain and [...]


redcat rampage

Redcat Rampage MT 1/5th Scale Monster Truck Review

Redcat Rampage MT 1/5th Scale Monster Truck Review5th scale monster trucks are the biggest, baddest boys in the rc world. I’ve been giving the Redcat Rampage MT a good old fashioned BigSquid torture test for the last few weeks. How did it hold up? Read on to find out.


Speed Passion RS1

Speed Passion RS1 Touring Car Review

The Speed Passion RS1 ReviewWhen we caught our first glimpse of the Speed Passion RS1 at the RCX Chicago show, we have to admit the $99 sale price is what caught our attention first. From there it was the RTR with a Brushless system and 2.4GHz radio, all for $99!? It was tough to believe, so we picked one up [...]



Traxxas XO-1 Announced!

The Traxxas XO-1 has finally been announced! That’s XO as in XOhh. Pretty sure thats not the Traxxas X0-1 As in X Zero. Also it’s not XO1. Pretty sure they want that dash. It’s an on-road vehicle that Traxxas is claiming will do 100+ MPH with two 3S 5000 packs! It also has a App for the iPhone with telemetry [...]


hpi apache

HPI Apache c1 Buggy!

The HPI Apache C1 is starting to create a buzz. This first pic is with Vaughn Gittin Jr. looking ready to get his bash on! It looks like a totally new re-design 4wd 1/10th 1/8 scale buggy. Turning comments on this post.. what’s everyone think?? update: Here is what we know so far… It’s 1/8th scale, 4WD, and Flux Powered! (Yeah!) 1/8 [...]


New Axial Vehicle

Axial EXO 1/10 Scale Terra Buggy!

Here’s a shot of the brand new Axial EXO Terra Buggy that is being shown at SEMA this week! We don’t have a ton of info just yet, but from what I can tell from the picture it has independent suspension, but some killer scale looks! Stay tuned for more info when we get it! *Update* I have [...]


3d rc video

First RC 3D Video!

Big Squid RC presents the first All 3D RC Video! 1000’s of people were treated to the premiere last week at iHobby 2011, and now it’s live on-line! You will need the red/blue glasses to see it properly in all it’s 3d glory though. It will be in other formats soon (so you can watch it on your 3D [...]


arrma Fury

ARRMA Fury RTR Short Course Truck Review

THE ARRMA Fury RTR Short Course Truck Review Months and months ago when I saw the first pictures of the ARRMA Raider buggy all I could do was think about who I had to bribe to get my hands on one of their products. It’s not very often when a new company pops up with a line of cars/trucks, and muchhhhh [...]


DuraTrax VW Bug

Exclusive: DuraTrax 1/10 VW Baja Bug!!

We have been breaking a lot of RC news lately, and here we are again with another world exclusive! We need to file this all under the ‘rumor mill’ because nothing is official till the press release ships.. but here is the scoop! Coming soon from DuraTrax is an officially licensed VW Bug! It sounds like it’s going to be [...]


ihobby tickets

iHobby Expo Ticket Giveaway

We have had a ton of awesome contests around here lately, and this one is going to be up there with the best of them. We want to help our fans make their way to iHobby Expo 2011 to yell and scream during our demos, enjoy all the cool new RC products, and stop by the booth and say hello! [...]


Big Squid RC Shirt

Design a Big Squid RC T-Shirt Contest!

Every few months we change up t-shirt’s that we wear, sell, and give away. We have been going over a few ideas here, but decided to see if there are any Big Squid RC readers with a little art talent. We are looking for submissions for our next t-shirt design. We are giving people till Sunday September 18th, 2011 12PM [...]


4x4 SC Shootout Trucks

Short Course Shootout! RTR 4×4’s go Head to Head!

It’s shootout time! That’s right.. the story we have been teasing you with for a couple of weeks now is finally here! This time around we decided to test three RTR 4X4 Short Course Trucks! Sure you can read reviews, but nothing tells it like it is till you compare them head to head! In our shootout we feature the [...]