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The 2WD Monster Truck Shootout is Ready!

We have been working hard on this one for a while! The 2WD Monster Truck Shootout is finally completed and ready for your reading pleasure! We get a TON of emails asking us what truck is better, and which one someone should buy. We decided to take some time and actually put them all to the test! Unlike those ‘advertisement’ [...]


pro-line sc contest

Big Squid RC & Pro-Line – Short Course Contest Pack!

So right now we have our Mystery Vehicle Contest happening, but after doing a little research, it turns out, people like FREE STUFF! Who would of guessed? I know right?! So to make ‘those people’ happy, we are giving away more stuff! This time we have hooked up with Pro-Line to bring you the ‘Pro-Line Short Course Prize Pack with Possible [...]


mystery contest

Dozen Mystery Vehicle Weekly Giveaway - Rules and Infor…

So it was time to step things up and do something major for the readers. We know what readers want, FREE VEHICLES right? So we have hooked up with a few companies to give a bunch away. We will be giving away vehicles from ARRMA RC, Team Durango, Duratrax, and Thunder Tiger! We are going to give away one vehicle a [...]



HPI Bullet MT Flux Review

THE HPI Bullet Monster Truck Flux ReviewWhat seems like a long time ago, HPI announced the Bullet MT Flux in Europe, and it finally made it’s way to the USA. From the first announcement we were interested due to it’s size and power. While bigger is always better, sometimes you just don’t want to drive a huge truck like the [...]


ken block wr8

Ken Block WR8 FLUX – with Video

The HPI Racing Ken Block WR8 FLUX finally gets official! We have been posting news about the Ken Block vehicle for a while now as bits and pieces were leaked out, but the official PR is finally here. We finally get to see under the body as well. When we saw it in person we couldn’t get our eyes underneath [...]


pro-line transmisison

Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission Review

THE Pro-Line Traxxas Performance Transmission ReviewTraxxas has sold roughly 9.412 zillion 2wd Slash’s/Bandit’s/Rustler’s/Stampede’s, and while they are a bashing staple and are generally solid trucks, they aren’t without fault. For example, how many of you Slash owners out there have blown out more than a few (dozen) spur gears? How many of you Stampede owners have cooked a few motors? [...]



Summer Kick Off Bash Pictures

Well, the Summer Kick Off Bash turned out to be a real blast! We had people from several states show up and partake in some serious bashing fun! The events we ended up doing were the Obstacle Course that ended by slamming into a ton of old transmitters as the finish line, the Sumo event, Demolition Derby, the Shopping Cart [...]


helion dominus

Modding The Helion Dominus Part 4 - Installing A Brushl…

Modding The Helion Dominus Part 4 – Installing A Brushless SystemNo other single modification will give your Dominus such a dramatic increase in shear power as the installation of a brushless power system. Today I’ll be walking you through what it takes to install a brushless motor and speed controller in your Helion Dominus. If you are an old pro [...]


Mini-Z Moto Valentino Rossi 1

Building the Mini-Rossi - Modding the Kyosho Mini Z Mot…

Well to say that I was excited to see that Kyosho was bringing out a Mini-Z Motorcycle would be a major understatement. Then you toss on the layer of details that Mini-Z is known for and that it was going to be a replica of the Yamaha M1 and I pretty much had to buy a bib cuz I was non-stop [...]


lipo shootout 4

Lipo Battery Shootout 4 – Now Online!

It’s finally here! After a TON of work, and several unforeseen delays, the Lipo Battery Shootout 4 is finally live and online! I can’t thank everyone enough that helps make this happen. The amount of time and effort to make these shootouts happen is insane. Special thanks to Cubby who did most of the text and number crunching this year. [...]


squid group 3

Need More Squids! (or Writers)

Here we are again. Every few months we put out a casting call because we are looking to grow a little more, and add on to the Big Squid RC crew! We need help for our ever expanding groups of fans and readers, to our insane demos and shows and events. At the moment we are looking for writers, and [...]



Traxxas XO-1 Review

The Traxxas XO-1 ReviewWe finally got our hands on the Traxxas XO-1, easily one of the most talked about car releases of the year. This was Traxxas’s answer for a Supercar. There was controversy from the beginning, and there was also a lot of praise. This is probably the most anticipated and honest reviews of the Traxxas XO-1 you [...]


Traxxas 1:16 Grave Digger

Traxxas 1/16 Scale Grave Digger

New from Traxxas is the 1/16th scale Grave Digger! We spotted it here at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Looks like it’s going to ship brushed with the Titan 12T, but knowing Traxxas, a VXL version is probably not far behind.You can see it will have the green highlight parts just like it’s big brother. Catch all of our fair [...]


hpi gas apache c1

HPI 1/8th Scale Gas Engine Fits Everything?

Remember a while back when HPI Racing  hinted that they were going to go to gas soon ? Well 5 months later, here we are, and here is HPI’s new 1/8th scale gas engine! What’s really cool, is that it looks like they are planning for it to fit a lot of their 1/8th scale vehicles. They have a Gas Savage [...]


duratrax dxr8 and Mandi

Duratrax DXR8-E Unboxing With Special Guest Mandi!

So I was just getting ready to take some pictures and unbox the new  DuraTrax DXR8-E Buggy when a good friend of ours, Mandi stopped by the office. You may know her as she helps us out from time to time at events and stuff like that. It was perfect timing. I asked if she would mind ‘helping out’, but I’m [...]