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March Bash-ness 2017 – Final Four!

Hello bashers! Here we are, the Final Four! Remember back when we started this, I mentioned that something unexpected happens every year? Well this year is a first for matching finals. To determine who goes to the final round, it’s Traxxas vs Traxxas and ARRMA vs ARRMA! None of us here predicted this one! So lets get to it, vote [...]


Spektrum Ryan Dunford Interview

Interview With Spektrum’s Ryan Dunford

A few weeks ago Spektrum announced their innovative S6240RX Servo. Servos don’t usually get a lot of attention, but the Spektrum unit is quite unique as it features a built in receiver. The BigSquidRC Bash Crew decided to get with Spektrum to learn more about it, and while we had them at our ear, to ask a number of other [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 – Round 2

Hello bash fans! Welcome to Round 2 of March Bash-ness 2017! Round two is where things start to get really interesting. I think we have had a few small surprises already, but now we are getting serious. There are 8 vehicles going head to head, and you know how it works. Vote for what vehicle you think needs to make [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 – Sweet 16

Welcome to the March Bash-ness Sweet 16! Thank you to everyone who posted and voted for what vehicles deserved to make it to the sweet 16 bracket this year! Every year there are a few surprises, not only in the bracket nominations, but in who goes to the final four. Each year the Big Squid RC crew fills out our [...]


CEN Colossus XT Unboxing

Unboxing – CEN Colossus XT Monster Truck

The CEN Colossus XT is ready to make a big splash at your local bashing grounds. Before we started our review, we took a bunch of unboxing pictures to give you readers at home a good look at what comes inside the box. The big CEN was a bit different from a normal unboxing. It came with a sleeve on the [...]


Paul Willhite Pro-Line

Interview With Pro-Line’s Scale Guru Paul Willhite

With Pro-Line putting out more scale and rock crawling gear every day, we decided to reach out to Paul Willhite for an interview. Paul is the scale guru over at Pro-Line and we got with him to learn more about some of Pro-Line’s crawling tires, as well as their new Pro-Forge wheels and their upcoming “By The Fire” scale event. [...]


March BASH-NESS 2017 – It Begins!

So by now most of you know the drill, but for those that don’t.. this is the start of our 7th annual March Bash-ness competition! This is where our readers get to nominate and vote for who they think is the best of the best! This is the selection round. Use the comment section below, our Facebook page, or [...]


Matt LeMay Redcat Racing

Interview With Matt LeMay & FC Brigham From Redcat Racing

Right about a month ago we posted a video that Redcat Racing had worked up showing them durability testing their TR-MT8E BE6S monster truck. The video was truly no holds barred as the Redcat crew put their test truck through an incredible beating, the type of beating that you just don’t see every day. Our entire Bash Crew was pretty [...]


Kyosho Zephyr Drone Racer Unboxing

Unboxing The Kyosho Zephyr Drone Racer

The Kysho Zephyr is a big deal. Why is that? The first reason is because it is the first ” real drone” from Kyosho. The second reason is because it isn’t like a typical drone. The Zephyr is controlled by a pistol style radio. While flying you can turn left, right, and go faster or slower, but you aren’t constantly [...]


Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Unboxing

Unboxing The Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Monster Truck

The new and improved Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Monster Truck is getting ready to hit stores so we took a bunch of pictures while we pulled our test unit out of the box. The 8S version of the X-Maxx comes with loads of upgrades over the previous version, making it even more of a beast. As you can see in the [...]


Losi EIGHT Nitro Buggy EIGHT-T Nitro Truggy Unboxing

Unboxing – Losi 8IGHT Buggy & 8IGHT-T Nitro RTRs

Remember the sound of nitro? What about the smell? Oh yes, nitro is something that every rc enthusiast should experience. We have been thrashing the living daylights out of a Losi 8IGHT Nitro RTR Buggy and the 8IGHT-T Nitro RTR Truggy while working on our reviews. And yes, our bash crew has been having a blast remembering how fun nitro [...]


Attila Kiss Mammuth Works

Interview – Mammuth Works’ Attila Kiss

The Mammuth Works Rewarron 1/3 Scale Off-Road Truck has been making some serious waves in the rc industry. It looks to be the biggest, baddest, machine to ever hit the market. No, the Rewarron isn’t shipping quite yet, but for a bunch of eager large scale buyers, that day isn’t far away. We recently had a chance to talk with [...]


Unboxing Traxxas 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Unboxing – Traxxas 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

At the SEMA 2016 show we got our first look at the Traxxas 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. The Raptor made some big news for good reason, it was a step forward in scale realism for the Slash based trucks. Injection molded plastic parts are used along with the polycarbonate body to make this model one of the most scale realistic [...]


Unboxing RC4WD Gelande II RTR Cruiser

Unboxing – RC4WD Gelande II Cruiser RTR

The latest hot release from RC4WD is the RTR Gelande II w/ Cruiser Body. We’ve been working on a review for our test unit, but before it goes live, here are some unboxing pictures to show you at home what it looks like to open one up. First off, we have to say that the newest G2 is absolutely stunning to [...]


Tekno MT410 Unboxing

Unboxing – Tekno MT410 Monster Truck

Ready to set the bashing world on fire, the Tekno MT410 Monster Truck Kit is now shipping to eager bashers just like you. As we pulled out test unit out of the box, we grabbed a camera to give you a look inside. As you can see by the pictures, the MT410 is a kit so you guys that like [...]