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Futaba S.Bus 2 Servos
The Futaba crew has added 6 new S.Bus and S.Bus2 servos to their line-up. The new servos can give you an increase in power, they are made to take advantage of the power provided by 2S LiPo packs, and some of the models are water protected.

* S.Bus servos are highly programmable to optimize your install
* High voltage versions (HV) take full advantage of 2S LiPo power
* FUTM0131 – 133 oz-in & .12 speed at 7.4v
* FUTM0144 – 211 oz-in & .07 speed at 7.4v, water protected
* FUTM0719 – 54 oz-in & .16 speed at 7.4v
* FUTM0722 – 233 oz-in & .11 speed at 7.4v, water protected
* FUTM0724 – 111 oz-in & .08 speed at 7.4v, water protected
* FUTM0725 – 76 oz-in & .09 speed at 7.4v

These are available right now and you can get more information on Futaba S.Bus serovs at This Link.

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Futaba 10JA Radio
The new Futaba 10J is packed with features for you flying enthusiasts. It is the first “J” series radio to come with telemetry and it lets you download new software to keep it up to date. The 10J also has voice synthesis that lets you hear the telemetry as you fly, plus special programming for multi-rotor aircraft.

The part number for the airplane version is FUTK9200, the part number for the helicopter version is FUTK9201, and they both have a street price of $349. Both versions are expected to ship later this month and you can get more information at This Link on Futaba’s website.

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Free S3004 Futaba Servo
If you are anything like us, you can never have enough servos. It seems like every time we get in a new car we don’t have a an extra servo laying around to put in it. Such is life around the BigSquidRC offices.

Futaba has a Special Offer going on right now where they will give you a free S3004 servo with the purchase of a select 2.4GHz transmitter. When you buy a new 3PL, 4PLS, 3PM-X, 3PRKA, or 4YF before April 30th the good folks over at Futaba will hook you up with a legendary S3004.

To get all the details on the offer hit up This Link, to read more Futaba news on BigSquidRC just Click Here.

Hydro Dip Futaba Tactic
Most of you already know Brian, he’s our editor here at the BigSquidRC offices. Recently Brian handed me his personal Futaba 4PLS and his sons Tactic TTX240 and said to “surprise him”.

Well here is his surprise, we had them hydro dipped in a Spongebob Squarepants print. Brian is a huge Spongebob fan and we also know how much he likes making fashion statements at the local bash spot, so here they are. We have no doubt these are going to turn some serious heads the next time Brian goes bashing.

Special thanks to DWayne at RC Custom Lab Workz for his excellent work dipping the transmitters, you can check his Facebook page out Here. To learn more about the Futaba 4PLS hit This Link, and you can check out the Tactic TTX240 right HERE.

Team Grid RC Drop Down Futaba 4PLS
The Futaba 4PL/4PLS is an extremely popular radio among the basher crowd. With Team Grid RD’s new mount you can now have a drop down wheel set-up on yours.

The Grid RC drop down mount is CNC machined and uses a unique mounting system so you don’t have to tear your radio apart to install it, which in turn keeps your factory warranty intact. There is no word on pricing, but Grid RC has said a final production version should be available in a few weeks.

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futaba receiver sale
Futaba has just announced a big sale on a bunch of their receivers, and we all know you can never have enough of them.

If you have been a hobbyist for very long, it is likely your rc garage went from one car, to five cars, to a lot more than that very quickly. The process of pulling out and re-installing receivers grows old fast, with the Futaba sale you can save some bucks and some time. Futaba has marked off up to $50 on their receivers. Check out This Link to see how much you can save on the Futaba receivers that you need.

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Futaba S.Bus2 Servos
Always on the forward edge of technology, Futaba has announced their new line-up of S.Bus2 Servos. The S.Bus2 line is designed to be some of the best performing servos that money can buy. Some of their features include-

* The SV (high voltage) servos are designed for running 2S Lipo power without the need of a regulator.
* The BLS (brushless) servos offer 5 times longer life compared to a standard servo, plus extra holding power.
* SVi servos come with a removable connector so you can attach the length of cable that best suits the application.

FUTM0182 S3270SVi Micro SBus2 Servo- $59.99
FUTM0126 S3174SV Glider Wing HV Servo- $64.99
FUTM0180 S3173SVi Glider SBus2 HV Servo- $64.99
FUTM0137 BLS173SV Mini Airplane SBus2 HV Servo- $137.99
FUTM0184 BLS173SVi Mini Airplane SBus2 HV Servo- $139.99
FUTM0147 BLS274SV SBus2 HV Programmable Tail Servo- $154.99
FUTM0160 BLS671SV Mini 1/12 SBus HV Servo- $159.99
FUTM0186 BLS671SVi Mini 1/12 SBus2 HV Servo- $169.99
FUTM0143 BLS251SB Heli Rudder SBus2 Servo- $169.99
FUTM0148 BLS276SV SBus2 HV Programmable HS Servo- $194.99
FUTM0146 BLS273SV Heli FBL SBus2 HV Servo- $249.99

To hit the official Futaba website HERE is the link you want, to read even more Futaba news here on BigSquidRC simply Click Here.

THE Futaba 4PLS (4PL Super) S-FHSS Telemetry Radio Review

Futaba 4PLS 4PL Super Review

The venerable Futaba 4PL was perhaps the best radio system ever made for the bashing market. Well it’s deceased now, replaced by a newer model, the 4PLS (Super). Does the 4PLS live up to the high expectations? Being Futaba’s first surface radio with telemetry, did they get it right? Can it take an epic beating? Click the “Read More” button to find out… (And see the Durability Testing Video)


Futaba 4PLS Unboxing
The original Futaba 4PL was a hugely popular radio for the bashing crowd, now it’s been updated and is known as the 4PLS. The big update included the ability to do telemetry, yet its street price remained the same as the origin.

We recently received a 4PLS to review so we snapped a few pictures while unboxing it. Enjoy the pictures while we work on the full review. For more information on the Futaba 4PLS simply click THIS LINK.

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Futaba 4 channel 4PLS Telemetry 2.4 GhzThe old Futaba 4PL was known as one of the best basher transmitters of all time. It’s replacement, the new 4PLS is even better yet keeps the same $249 price point.

The big news on the 4PLS is the addition of telemetry, allowing the driver to monitor temperature, voltage, and rpm in real time and the ability to log the data for future use. Some of the other key features include-

* Transmits in T-FHSS, FHSS and S-FHSS
* Huge 40 model memory
* 128 x 64 backlit LCD display
* Gyro, 4ws, dual ESC and brake mixing
* User settable data logging intervals
* Temperature, rpm, receiver voltage and external voltage telemetry

The part number for the new 4PLS is #FUTK1410 and they are said to be available right now. Hit THIS LINK for the official Futaba website.

TGIF, get crazy and check out this BSRC Mystery Link.


While we don’t do a lot of die-hard racing around here, we do mention big events now and then, especially when they are close to home, and include a cool video to go along with the announcement!

This July 19th-21st 2013, the Futaba/O.S. Nitro Challenge in St. Louis, Missouri will be Hosted by the Dirtburners R/C Club, and it’s always an exciting race with a cool track to go along with it.

If you are into the racing scene, check out the video below which should get you really psyched about the race!

Who knows, you may catch Tim or Cubby down there on the lookout for new products being tested.

Speaking of Futaba, have you seen the some of the other recent Futaba news posted recently?

Futaba 4PLS with TelemetryEver since the Futaba 4PL was first introduced it has been a favorite of ours here at BigSquidRC. What was there not to like? It had tons of high-end features (and performance) at a working mans price point.

Information has just been leaked on the new Futaba 4PLS. The 4PLS looks to come with a few upgrades over the older 4PL. For instance the 4PLS is set-up for use with telemetry and comes standard with a 2S LiFe battery. We’ll post more information on the 4PLS as we receive it, until then check out the official Futaba Website to take a look at some of their other fine products.

Have you seen the durability testing video that we did on the Futaba 4PL? If not, you can see it HERE.

Hobbico eFest 2013 Promo Video
The crew over at Hobbico have just released a promo video for eFest 2013. eFest is one of the largest indoor fly-ins in the world, and this year it is being held on February 9th and 10th in the epicenter of the rc universe, Champaign Illinois. Check out the video, and if you’ve never been to a huge indoor flying event feel free to make the trip and see it in person. HERE is the link to the official eFest website for more details.

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