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Estes Proto X Unboxing
We’ve been bashing and thrashing the new Estes Proto X nano quadcopter for a while now and our review is nearly ready. Before we post the review, we need to post some unboxing pictures, so here they are.

You can’t help but be blown away with just how small the Proto X is when you crack it out of the box. It’s the smallest quad we’ve ever flown. You’ll also notice that it comes with everything you need to get going except a pair of AAA batteries.

To find out what we think of the Proto X you’ll have to wait for our full review, until then hit up This Link to see more flying machines from Estes.

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Nine Eagles Solo Pro 290 Lama SLT Helicopter
Looking for some scale realism in a collective pitch helicopter? Check out the Solo Pro Lama 290 from Nine Eagles. The Solo Pro Lama 290 is nicely detailed and packs a punch under the hood with brushless power. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Collective pitch 3-rotor blade system
* Comes with 3S 1100mAh Lipo
* Shaft drive to tail rotor
* 4 in 1 control unit (gyro/esc/mixer/receiver)
* Main Rotor Diameter: 17.7″
* Length: 18″
* Height: 6.4″
* Weight: 16.5 oz

The Nine Eagles Solo Pro Lama 290 comes in two different colors and in RTF ($399) or w/o transmitter ($349) configurations. Expect them to start hitting your local Hobbico dealer in late December.

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Estes Proto X Nano Quadcopter RTF
There is small, then there is really small. I think the Estes Proto X quadcopter definitely qualifies as really small. The Proto X is a nano sized quadcopter that should be bring big fun to small spaces. The BigSquidRC Bash Crew is already plotting what we are going to do with ours. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Weight: 11.5 grams
* Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8″
* 100mAh 3.7v Lipo w/ USB charge cord
* LED lights to indicate front of quad
* 2.4GHz radio system w/ digital trims
* One piece PCB frame
* Requires two AAA batteries for transmitter

The part number for the Estes Proto X is #4606, it has a street price of $39 and they are available right now.

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Dromida 18th Scale Revell
If you are anything like us, you grew up building Revell models. Now, Hobbico has announced that the famed Revell brand has a new line-up of entry level 1/18th scale vehicles called Dromida.

Dromida is a hobby grade entry level line that makes it easy and affordable for new hobbyists to get their feet wet in rc. They are affordable because they are all priced at $99, and they make it easy to get going because they came RTR with everything you need right in the box. Some of their other features include-

* 2.4 GHz radio systems with dual rate
* Waterproof
* 370 sized brushed motors
* Speeds up to 20+ mph
* Easy to drive 4wd
* Option parts will be available
* Ball bearings
* Gear diffs
* Aluminum motor mount
* Big bore oil shocks
* 6 cell 1300mAh NiMH included

The part numbers are- #DIDC0041 for the SC4.18 short course truck, #DIDC0042 for the MT4.18 mini-monster and #DIDC0043 for the BX4.18 buggy. All are priced at just $99 and should be hitting hobby shops in late October. Hit up This Link to tour the new Dromida website for lots more information.

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Hobbico at HobbyTown USA Convention
Industry leader Hobbico had a large suite showcasing their product lines at the 2013 HobbyTown USA convention. Among their featured lines were Duratrax, Futaba, and Axial, among many others.

One of the highlights of the Hobbico booth was their AirCore technology for airplanes. AirCore is basically a power cartridge that can quickly be popped in and out of various planes. The power cartridge contains a brushless motor, esc, receiver, and 3 digital servos and takes about 2 seconds to pop into an AirCore airplane.

We would like to thank the good folks at Hobbico for allowing us to use some of their gear during our demo at the HobbyTown USA show. I was driving a demonstration, jumping/bashing a Thunder Tiger MT-4 monster truck and Duratrax 835E buggy, while Brian was using an HPI Blitz to hold a “pit stop” contest for the HobbyTown USA dealers. Our gear from Hobbico put on a great show and helped add to the fun for all the dealers.

For more information on everything that Hobbico offers simply hit THIS LINK. To see more Hobbico news here on BigSquidRC THIS is the link you want.

Estes Dart Quadcopter
Mini Quadcopters are still a hot product segment and now the famed rocket company Estes is jumping into the mix with their Dart RTF. The Dart comes RTF at a street price of just $69, needed just four AAA batteries to get up and going. Gyro control makes the Dart easy to fly while small LED lights allow for night flight. Should you do some serious bashing the Dart comes with spare rotors, saving you a trip down to your local hobby shop. For more information hit THIS LINK over on the official Estes website.

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How does the Dart fly? Check out the video below to see just how easy it is.

top flite giant scale spitfire
The crew over at Top Flite have just posted a new video on their Giant Scale Spitfire ARF. The video showcases the aerial abilities of this huge, perfectly scaled beast. The Giant Scale Spitfire ARF sports a wingspan of over 86″, a street price of right at $750, and it should be hitting your local hobby shop any day now.

Check out THIS LINK for more information on the Spitfire and THIS LINK for more air news right here on BigSquidRC.

THE Duratrax Nissan GT-R Nitro RTR Review

Duratrax Nissan GT-R Review

It is no secret I hate nitro, so I found it quite “interesting” that Brian would drop a nitro car on my desk for review (then he RAN out of my office). The new Duratrax Nissan GT-R has all the makings of a success, it has a big engine, a 2 speed tranny, and ultra hot scale looks. Did we have a good time with it, or did I end up smashing it to bits with a hammer out of frustration? Lets find out…


America's Best RC Sale 2013
The crew over at Hobbico have announced their annual BestRC Sale. This is a sale where a bunch of products from the vast Hobbico family are discounted until June 30th, perfect timing as the weather warms up. Also of note, the discounts are available from local hobby shops, click HERE to find the one nearest you.

There are sale items from Team Durango, TrakPower, Axial, Duratrax, Futaba, and a whole bunch of more manufactures, hit THIS LINK to view some of the specials or view the video below for more information.

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Hobbico Booth Weak Signals Toledo 2013
One of the highlights of the 2013 Weak Signals Toledo RC Expo was the huge booth from Hobbico. Inside were all of Hobbico’s product lines like Futaba, O.S. Engines, Aquacraft, Heli-Max, Flyzone and Tactic.

Perhaps the biggest news in the booth was the announcement of the new Heli-Max 1SQ mini-quad with on-board camera. There are several neat features about the camera- you can adjust its angle, and even cooler, you can snap stills and turn the video on/off from your transmitter. Once done flying you simply load the video on to your computer and relive the action. Price? Around $25 more than the standard 1SQ. We can’t wait to get our hands on one (or two, or five!) of these.

Hobbico was also showing off a number of their latest planes and boats. The Mini-Switch, the ERaze, the P-38 Lightning, and the Rifle 1M were some of the new planes pulling in the crowds. For boats the latest from Aquacraft were on display, including the new Rescue 17 Fireboat that has been creating so much buzz.

For more information on everything Hobbico, HERE is the link to their website.

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So a certain squid was hanging out in Champaign Il. this week with the Hobbico gang while they were working on some photo shoots for some upcoming press stuff. Looks like he had a good time! He’s been in the Axial before, but this may be the first time he’s been in a nitro Duratrax Nissan or a Aquacraft Boat! I know he’s been dying to get his hands on that Thunder Tiger eMTA!

Thanks to the awesome people at Hobbico for letting Squiddy hang out during the shoots!

Duratrax Camaro ZL1 .18 Nitro 2.4GHz RTR
Duratrax is a favorite among the basher crowd and they’ve just announced a new and very scale realistic Camaro ZL1 Nitro RTR. Combine the very realistic Camaro body with features like a .18 nitro engine and 2.4 GHz radio gear and it looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of these at our local bash spot this spring. Some of the other features and specifications on the Duratrax Camaro ZL1 include-

* Three different colors, Red, Orange, and Yellow
* Aluminum chassis
* Four wheel drive
* Duratrax .18 cu in nitro engine
* Super Start hand held starter system
* Dual chamber tuned pipe
* Two speed transmission with adjustable shift point
* Duratrax 2.4GHz FHSS system by Futaba
* Oil-filled shocks
* Three shoe clutch
* Full bearing set
* 2.5oz (75cc) fuel tank
* Metal gear diffs
* Polycarbonate body, painted and trimmed,
* Injection molded wing and mirrors
* Pillow ball front suspension
* Adjustable camber, caster, Ackerman, and droop
* Includes- RTR Camaro ZL1 On-Road Car with .18 Engine with Electric Starter, 2.4GHz Radio, Painted Body, Instruction Manual
* REQUIRES: Glow Fuel: 10-20% car blend nitromethane fuel
* Length: 17.13″ (435mm)
* Width: 7.87″ (200mm)
* Height: 4.72″ (120mm)
* Weight: 4.06lbs (1.84 kg)
* Part #DTXD53**

Expect a street price of $320 with a release date of Mid May. Click on over to the official Duratrax Website for more information.

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Hobbico just posted a great video covering highlights from the eFest 2013 show. If you watch closely, you will even see a small cameo by yours truly.

Click this link for all of the Big Squid RC eFest News.