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JR America at E-Fest 2014
Surface radios are no longer sold under the JR banner now days in America, but their air radios are alive and well. JR America’s booth at E-Fest 2014 was big and filled with electronic goodness. From uber high end transmitters to servos of every size, they have radio gear for all sorts of air applications. Hit up their Official Website to see everything they produce, and check out the pictures below to get a feel for what their booth was like.

Horizon Booth E-Fest 2014
Also in attendance at E-Fest 2014 were the folks from Horizon Hobby. Their large booth was well staffed and the BSRC Bash Crew had a great time picking their brains on some of their new air products. The newest item they had in the their booth was the Blade 200 QX. The 200 was just announced a couple of weeks ago and should be a real blast to fly because it is brushless powered. Horizon had a bunch of other products on display, take a look at the pictures below to get a feel for what it was like to be at their booth, and you can Click This Link to visit their official website.

The Snowbirds Nationals is one of the biggest rc races in the world. Each year hundreds of racers flock to Florida and race 24 hours a day to get their rc fix. All that racing can get stressful, so as a way of blowing off steam they hold a Figure 8 Race. Our friends over at Horizon Hobby took some video of the Figure 8 race this year to show everyone just how crazy it gets. Enjoy the massive collisions and hit up This Link to see all the products that Horizon has to offer. They even have a Valentines special of free shipping on every order for the next couple of days.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, have a go at a BigSquidRC Mystery Link.

Spektrum 1/5 Scale Digital Surface Servo
The Spektrum crew has been showing off a couple of new 5th scale servos at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. Both servos were designed to fix several problems that 5th scale drivers have like servo fade, low holding power, and crowbar effect. Using patent-pending Back EMF technology designed by Paul Beard, the new Spektrum 5th scale servos are designed not to fade, even during the toughest bash sessions.

* Designed to eliminate crowbar effect and reduced heat
* Waterproof
* Hardened steel gears
* Socket-head cap screws
* Can be used on 2S Li-Po
* Strong, removable, servo lead
* Low profile 1/5-scale size
* Weight- 5 oz
* Width- 1.2″
* Length- 3″
* Height- 1.8″

The part number for the S9010 is #SPMSS9010, it has a street price of $199 and you can get more information at This Link. The S9020 has a part number of #SPMSS9020, it also has a street price of $199, and you can Click Here to get more information on it.

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Pro Boat Rockstar 48 Gas Catamaran
If you are looking for a big beast of a boat the new Rockstar 48 from Pro Boat should be something to look at. At 48″ long and powered by a 26cc gas engine, chances are if you are piloting one of these you will rule the waters at the local park.

* Water-cooled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine
* Capable of speeds over 40 MPH
* Push button R.O.S.S. starter system
* Large-scale servo with over 270 oz.-in of torque
* Composite radio tray is removable
* Durable inline rudder
* Wide hull for better stability
* Centrifugal clutch to prevent the prop from spinning at idle

The Rockstar 48 has a part number of #PRB09000 and a street price of $1200. To get more information simply hit up This Link.

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Hangar 9 Inverza 62 ARF
If you are looking for “big” performance the upcoming Hangar 9 Inversa 62 should be a plane to look at. The Inversa 62 is designed to be a versatile mix of style and performance. With acute attention to detail, it is said to be precision made for hardcore 3D action, while its large control surfaces should make it predictable to fly at slow speeds. Some of its specifications include-

* Overall length- 84.8″
* Wingspan- 88″
* Weight- 17 lb
* Wing area- 1,600 sq. in.
* Powerplant- 62cc 2-stroke gas or 360 outrunner

The part number is #HAN5195 and it has a street price of $750. For more information This is the link you want.

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Check it out, we have the ultimate comparison charts of the Losi 5IVE-T vs the Desert Buggy XL for those that just can’t make up their mind. Sizes, weights, you name it.


5IVE-TvsDBXL_Comparison_Chart_02If you need a part number, the Losi Desert Buggy XL is LOS05001, and has a street price of $999. The 5IVE-T number is LOSB0019 and is about $1599.

Having trouble seeing the charts bigger? Right click them and open in a new tab or window.

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Hangar 9 Spitfire Mk IXc ARF
It’s all about scale realism in rc now days, and it doesn’t matter if its surface or air. For example, the latest offering from Hangar 9 is loaded with scale detailing. The Spitfire Mk IXc 30cc ARF looks just like the classic warbird that flew in WW2 with its accurate scale outline and markings.

* Comes with printed, flat finish UltraCote
* Scale details- carburetor intake, compressor intake and molded engine exhaust
* Balsa and plywood construction
* Scale tires with 4-spoke Spitfire wheels
* Comes with painted aluminum spinner
* Removable wing cannons and radio antenna
* Three-piece, plug-in wings for easy transport and assembly
* Magnetic top-hatch
* Comes set-up for gas engine, but can be built electric w/ optional kit
* Wingspan: 81.0″
* Length: 64.5″
* Flying Weight: 16.5-18.5 lb

The part number on the Spitfire is #HAN4495, it has a street price of $629, and they should start hitting hobby shops sometime in February. For more information hit up This Link.

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THE Vaterra Halix 4wd Monster Truck Review

Vaterra Halix Review

Vaterra has made quite a name for itself in a short amount of time. The relatively new name from Horizon has been putting out solid performing vehicles that offer stellar scale appearance. Today we’ll be giving you the scoop on the Vaterra Halix (officially Hälix for those looking for the official name). The Halix has already made waves being one of the first two vehicles to roll out from under the Horizon banner sporting AVC/Active Vehicle Control, a system that uses electronics to help make the truck easier to drive. Is the Halix in the same league as a Traxxas Stampede 4×4? Is the AVC a help or a hindrance? Hit that “Read More” button to find out…


horizon ihobby 2013 In industry news, we just saw a press release that says Horizon Hobby is being sold to an investor group led by Joe Ambrose. (Horizon’s Chief Executive Officer). The investors in the new endevor are Armory Capital LLC, and Mill City Capital L.P.

We have reached out to a few people for comment on this, but odds are this won’t effect the Horizon Hobby that you know right now. Since it’s pretty much an internal buy, things really shouldn’t change too much. If anything, it’s a way to help get some more cash coming in so they can keep advancing and improving.

Hit the Horizon Hobby webpage for any more info.

Need more Horizon News? Hit that link.

You can read the full press release below by pressing READ MORE.

Vaterra Halix RTR Unboxing
The Vaterra Halix 4wd Monster Truck is one of the most eagerly anticipated bash truck releases in quite some time. Why? Because 4wd tenth scale monster trucks typically make great all around bash machines.

We are still in the middle of our review process on the Vaterra Halix, but while you wait for our full review you can check out the unboxing pictures. Below are four galleries that show you exactly what it looks like when you crack the box open on a brand new Halix.

To get more information on the Halix simply click This Link, to read more Vaterra news on BigSquidRC just Click Here.

Hit the “Read More” button for two more galleries after the break…


THE ECX Ruckus 1/18 4WD RTR Monster Truck Review

ECX 1/18 Ruckus Review

We were big fans of the 10th scale ECX Ruckus. It was tough, it drove well, and we had a blast thrashing it like we stole it. Today we are putting its little brother, the 1/18th ECX Ruckus Monster Truck, through its paces. Hit the “Read More” button to find out if it has enough power to be fun, to find out how well it handles, and see if it is worth your hard earned cash…


TLD Troy Lee Designs Horizon Hobby 5ive-T
If you are into motocross, or really any sport that requires a helmet, then you already know who Troy Lee Designs is. For those of you that don’t, they paint the coolest custom helmets on planet Earth, they have a full line-up of motocross gear, and they have a fairly successful motocross team.

Yesterday TLD announced a new partnership with Horizon Hobby. In case you are not aware, Horizon is a huge rc distributor, as well as the owner of Losi, Vaterra, and ECX. The new collaboration is said to be leading to “limited-edition TLD collaborative products”, which might be something like the TLD livery on the Losi 5IVE-T shown above. The TLD motocross team is known for having some of the best looking bikes in the pits, we would image that any Losi adorning the same look would look pretty trick too.

To read the full press release simply click This Link. To read more Losi news, just Click Here.