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HPI Hot Bodies R8Hot Bodies has just announced their first ever 1/8th Scale 4WD Nitro On-Road Car called the R8. Built for serious speed and agility, the R8 should be able to carve up your local track or empty parking lot.

The R8 comes in kit form with a 5mm thick 7075 aluminum chassis. A 2 speed tranny is used to put maximum power to the ground, while quick change hubs make for speedy pit stops. The R8 has a part number of #110754 and you can get more details at This Link over on the HPI/HB website.

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Hot Bodies fans can rejoice. Not only does Hot Bodies have a new WEBPAGE, but it actually looks pretty good. They have added a blog section, featured products, videos and more. We were recently reminiscing about the old HB days, and it’s cool to see they are still staying on top of stuff over there.

If you are interested, head on over to the new HB page by clicking here.
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Hot Bodies TCXX Upgrade Pack
The new Upgrade Pack for the Hot Bodies TCXX was first shown at Nurnberg in January, now HPI/HB has released full details. To boil it down, it comes with a slew of upgrades to make your TCXX touring car the best it can be. Some of the upgrades included with the pack are-

* V2 rebuild-able DCJ set
* One piece servo mount
* Version 2 motor mount
* Big bore shock set
* New front and rear towers
* 2.25mm thick V2 carbon fiber chassis

The part number for the upgrade pack is #112285 and you can get complete details by hitting up This Link over on the HPI website.

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Azarashi D413 Conversion Kit
Looking to uber-out your Hot Bodies D413? If so Azarashi has a very cool looking carbon fiber conversion kit that can help make your buggy the coolest one on the track. The Azarashi conversion kit is set-up to use shorty LiPo packs and a low profile servo mounted vertically. The kit comes with a body, but not body mounts, so you’ll have to formulate your own. To get more information on all the neat upgrades Azarashi makes simply hit up This Link.

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HPI Hot Bodies D413
The newest entry into the 10th scale 4wd buggy wars is the HPI/Hot Bodies D413. The D413 has already proven itself by winning the 2013 ROAR championship in the hands of Ty Tessman, soon you will be able to get your hands on one too.

The D413 definitely isn’t a cookie cutter buggy, it has some unique features. It uses 3 diffs like an 8th scale instead of just 2, and its design allows for two different chassis layouts. Also of note, the shocks come with shaft guards to prevent nicks and scratches, and it uses solid monocoque a-arms for extra strength.

The part number for the D413 is #112723 and you can find more information over on the official HPI website, just hit This Link.

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HPI Hot Bodies HB D413 BuggyThe crew over at HPI Racing/Hot Bodies has put up teaser pic of their upcoming D413 4wd 10th scale buggy. The picture showcases HPI/HB hotshoe Ty Tessmann getting in some practice time with the new D413 in preparation of the ROAR nationals coming up in August. Little is known about the D413, but it’s good to see that Hot Bodies has a new race machine on the way.

To get more information on everything Hot Bodies simply click THIS LINK. To catch up on HPI news hit THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Hot Bodies D812 Nitro Buggy
The old Hot Bodies D8 was not only a world championship winning buggy, but also an affordable and popular bash machine. Never the type to rest on their laurels, Hot Bodies is now introducing the replacement to the D8, their uber new D812. The D812 is loaded with new parts and features to help keep it at the top of the racing charts, as well as make it a fun bash machine. Some of the new stuff and features include-

* Centralized chassis weight for superior handling
* Monocoque style suspension arms for strength, stiffness, and ease of cleaning
* HB Big Bore threaded aluminium shocks
* Race-optimized steering
* Long stroke shocks for long suspension travel
* Lightweight drivetrain gears have less rotational mass for quicker acceleration
* Lightweight aluminium axles
* Graphite steering knuckle arms
* One-piece engine mount for easy engine installation without resetting gear mesh
* Aluminium front and rear shock towers
* CVD boots to retain grease in axles and keep dirt out
* Adjustable hinge pin heights, kickup, and anti-squat angle
* Adjustable rear toe-in (inboard and outboard)
* Steel skid plate in chassis to extend chassis life
* Aluminium front caster blocks
* Aluminium rear hub carriers
* One-piece radio tray
* Fuel clunk for continuous fuel pick-up even when upside down
* Low-profile air filter
* Front and rear anti-roll bars
* Threaded outer hinge pins
* Steel turnbuckles

For more information on all of Hot Bodies fine products hit up their Official Website, and for more HB news on BigSquidRC hit up This link.

HPI Hot Bodies R10 Nitro On Road Touring Car
HPI/Hot Bodies is jumping into the world of 10th scale nitro touring car racing with their new R10. The R10 was designed from the ground up for the rigors of nitro touring car racing, using materials like titanium, aircraft quality aluminum and carbon graphite. If you are looking to go really, really fast on-road, you’ll want to check out the R10 for sure. Some of its key features include-

* Nitro belt driven 4wd
* Centralized, low center of gravity weight distribution
* Titanium tie-rods, rear camber links, middle shafts and rear sway bar joints
* New fuel tank equipped with EZ cap
* 4 piece engine mount, works with both OS and Novarossi
* High precision brake rotor and pads
* Direct fit wing mounts on rear tower
* PTFE coated oil shocks
* High quality universal driveshafts front and rear
* Hard coated aluminum pulleys (except the rear diff pulley)
* Quick and easy diff change and drive belt tension adjustments
* Servo saver with one-touch Ackerman adjustment system
* Multiple suspension pivot point adjustment system allows for fine roll center tuning
* Efficient .08 module gears
* Length: 366mm
* Width: 200mm
* Wheelbase: 261mm
* Weight: 1700g
* Gear ratio: 1st=7.56:1.0 2nd=5.27:1.0
* Does not come with engine, exhaust, body or electronics
* Part #108382 HB R10 KIT

Street price for the R10 will be $600, hit up the official Hot Bodies Website for more information.

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HPI Hot Bodies TCXX Touring Car
For all you on-road fans out there HPI/Hot Bodies is releasing a new high-end 4wd touring car called the TCXX. As you can clearly see from all the carbon fiber and anodized parts it is one trick car from front to back. Some highlights of the new Hot Bodies TCXX are-

*Rear gear diff
*More compact motor mount
*Compact bulkheads
*More narrow chassis
*One piece top deck
*Full set of sway bars
*Upgraded shocks
*Chassis optimized for Lipo batteries
*Flipped belt drivetrain

Priced is listed at $950, and we haven’t received information on a release date yet. HERE is the link you want for complete information.

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hb competition rock crawler

It was recently announced, and now we have some shots from the Nuremberg Toy Fair of the new HB Competition Rock Crawler. These shots show what the crawler looks like in rapid prototype form. This is a quick way to make parts and prototypes while giving you a good idea of what the product will look like, but rapid prototypes are usually pretty fragile.

It’s going to take a while to get used to the HB instead of Hot Bodies, but they are off to a good start under the HB name.

Catch all of our Nuremberg coverage by hitting this Nuremberg Toy Fair Link .

hot bodies rock crawler

A sneak peak from the Nuremberg show, it looks like Hot Bodies is going to throw their hat into the RC Rock Crawling arena with the introduction of their new Competition Rock Crawler. Only time will tell if Axial has some ‘Competition’ on their hands.

The Hot Bodies website other info. Watch for our Nuremberg show coverage this week.

It looks like Hot Bodies is making a special Hara Edition of their 21XZ-B .21 race engine. This engine is supposedly the exact same spec as the engine Atsushi Hara used to take his second 1/8th buggy Worlds podium in Thailand in 2010. First his own buggy, now the engine to go with it!

This hopped up monster features the following:

- Race legal 3.5cc capacity
- Type 21Jslide carburetor (wider range of needle adjustment for easy setup)
- Lightened Hara Edition cooling head
- Hara Editon reducer and DLC coated crankshaft
- Perfect fit for your D8 Atsushi Hara Edition or any top-spec racing buggy

It looks like this will be avaliable exclusively at Hot Bodies Online for $499.98.

Hot Bodies has decided that Atsushi Hara is deserving of his own kit.  The D8 Atsushi Hara Edition features many upgrades over the stock D8, including a thicker, 3mm chassis, lightweight drive train components, aluminum spindles and hubs, and upgraded shock towers and new longer shocks.  It also comes out of the box with all you need to replicate the world champion’s personal setup, including the proper shock oil weights and gear ratios.

Be sure to check out the Hot Bodies web site for complete details.