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iHobby Expo 2012 Random Pictures
Here is a compilation of a few pictures we took while at the iHobby Expo for four days. There are some pictures of the venue, some of the BigSquidRC booth, some of the BigSquidRC Race Track, as well as pics of other neat items we saw while walking the show. Enjoy!

You can find all our show coverage at THIS link.

Every year at the iHobby Expo we have some booth models to help hand out flyers, give away stickers, and for you guys to get your picture taken with. Booth models help make for a more memorial trade show experience for both consumers and also for the people working the show. This year our booth featured Sam, Reyniva, Jax, and Jenette, all of which were a pleasure to work with and a blast to be around. Next time you are at one of the rc trade shows and see the BigSquidRC booth, be sure to drop by and get your picture taken.

Looking for more pictures of BigSquidRC booth models? Try THIS link.

RC Driver at Cleveland  iHobby Expo 2012
The 2012 iHobby Expo received lots of media coverage this year, not only from on-line sources such as us, but also from the rc magazines. Both RC Driver and RC Car Action were in attendance handing out magazines and providing show coverage. Hit THIS link for RC Driver and THIS link for more information on RC Car Action.

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Byrons Nitro Fuel at iHobby
A big supporter of our hobby is Byron Fuels, you see them at all the trade shows and they sponsor lots of rc racing events. If you are looking for a quality nitro blend to run in your bash machine be sure and take a look at their Official Website.

Looking for information on Bryon Fuels here on BigSquidRC? Hit THIS link.

MYLAPS iHobby 2012
The crew at MYLAPS Sports Timing Systems were at iHobby showing their new RC4 timing system. Their new system features a number of upgrades including-

* Choose your own transponder number
* Multiple transponders can share the same unique number
* Acquire ambient temp and connected voltage
* Store all laps on your personal account

For more information on all of MYLAPS timing products check out their Official Website.

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Mark Reed Horizon Hobby iHobby Expo
The largest surface rc booth at iHobby 2012 was from Horizon Hobby. Horizon is one of our hobby’s largest distributors featuring product lines like Losi, ECX, Spektrum, Pro Boat, and Dynamite.

Inside the spacious Horizon booth was a netted area for flying helicopters and a decent sized dirt off road track. Consumers could test drive some of the latest Horizon products like the new ECX 8th scale Revenge buggies and Losi short course trucks.

The hottest items in the Horizon booth this year were the new Dynamite chargers, the ECX Revenge buggies, the TLR 22 SCT, and the latest offerings from Pro Boat. For more information on all the products from Horizon Hobby visit their Official Website.

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Bob Smith Industries Ihobby 2012
One of the biggest names in CA glue is Bob Smith Industries and they had a nice booth at the 2012 iHobby Expo. If you aren’t into CA glue, Bob Smith’s glue is easily found in most hobby shops, and they produce an amazing variety for nearly any application. When our own Adam “The Intern” snapped his Traxxas E-Maxx chassis during one of our high flying demonstrations, the Bob Smith crew hooked him up with the perfect type of glue to get him back in action for the rest of the day. If you are looking for more information on all their quality products hit the link to Bob Smith’s Official Website.

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ihobby group

First, I’d like to thank all the readers and fans who came out to see us at iHobby! It was a huge surprise starting Saturday morning when a group of 3 guys showed up at our booth moments after the show opened and told us they drove over a hour just to come meet the guys at Big Squid! Shortly after, a dad and his kids stopped by, and said he was there to thank us for everything we do for the hobby! The rest of the weekend was more of the same. People kept coming by, saying they were fans of the site, and thanking us! Well, we would like to thank ALL OF YOU! Nothing helps put a spring in our step after a few long days at a trade show like hearing from fans they they were there because of us! You guys made the days much shorter, and easier to keep the smiles and cheer going! Same for all of you that attended our last demo of the weekend! Holy cow you guys were loud! It was easily louder than all three previous demos combined! Thanks for sending us off on a high note!

As always, our little group rocked the iHobby Expo! I wanted to take a moment to thank them all and their families for their support! Everyone did awesome, and the help is appreciated beyond belief. The show wouldn’t of been nearly as good without every single person there! I had heard tons of comments from other manufacturers how we ‘stepped it up again’ and ‘never fail to impress year after year’. I’m so proud of you all!

From left to right:
Tim ‘Pro Driver’ Mohr, Bill ‘Wrench’, Reyniva, Cubby, Brian (me), Adam the Intern, Jax, Craig the Crazy Ramp Builder, and Samantha. Not pictured is Jenette who rocked it every day except picture day, but I’m sure we’ll have some pics of her somewhere. Watch for them.

Special thanks to Adam the Intern’s Family! His whole family came out to support us, and they were driving all over Cleveland to help find things we needed in the booth. (Including TicTacs!) Also thanks to Wrench’s whole family for coming out and helping, as well as letting him hang out and help all those days! You guys are great!

Thank You.

It’s Sunday, the last day of iHobby 2012 and we are up and streaming live at the Big Squid RC Booth.. The camera has been moved for your viewing pleasure.

Click HERE to go to the live feed on UStream now!

OR Click the ‘keep reading’ past the break to see the embedded video on the site.

If it’s not running, try again in a few.. the connection is a little iffy.

Pro-Line iHobby 2012
Our friends over at Pro-Line Racing are here iHobby showcasing all their ultra-trick bodies and tires. New for iHobby is their front and rear Slash bumpers that not only look a lot better than stock, but are engineered to really take a beating.

Also showcased in the Pro-Line booth is their new Bulldog cab-forward style bodies for the Traxxas Stampede and Rustler. The Bulldog bodies for the Traxxas trucks help keep the front end down at high speeds and also enhance steering.

One of the coolest things on display at the show is Pro-Line’s new Chevy Silverado HD clear body for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4. The Chevy body looks good in pictures, but absolutely gorgeous in person.

For more information on all the fine products Pro-Line manufactures hit up their Official Website.

We have truckloads of Pro-Line news right HERE on BigSquidRC.

B&D Enterprises
One of the new exhibitors at the show is B&D Enterprises. B&D specializes in soldering stations and other soldering gear that all of us hobbyists use when getting our trucks ready for a gnarly day of bashing. On display at the show are some very trick Hakko soldering stations that should be just the ticket for working on thick battery and speed control wires. You can visit B&D’s Official Website for complete information on all of their products.

Looking for more soldering information on BigSquidRC? Click right HERE.

Parma SpeedFlo
The crew at Parma/PSE is in full effect here at the show. On display is their new Fifty Five SC body that fits on most popular short course trucks (like the Traxxas Slash). If you are looking for something a little bit different for your SCT, the Fifty Five is it. Parma is also showing their short course racing body, the SpeedFlo. The SpeedFlo utilizes vents to help combat the dreaded parachute effect, thus making your truck easier to jump on windy days. For more information on all of Parma’s products hit up their Official Website.

Looking for more Parma news? HERE it is.

HobbyTown USA Booth iHobby 2012
Many of our readers are quite familiar with HobbyTown USA, for those of you that aren’t, they are a large chain of hobby shops here in the United States. HobbyTown corporate has a booth here at iHobby showing some of their exclusive products like the Helion line-up of vehicles and Radient battery chargers. Of particular interest is their new Helion 10TR truggy, look for a full BigSquidRC review in the next couple of weeks. Hit THIS link for HobbyTown’s website that features much more information on all their products.

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