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JConcepts Finnisher C4.2 Body
The latest body from the JConcepts crew is their Finnisher C4.2. The Finnisher C4.2 is made to fit the Associated B4.2 with Centro mid-motor conversion kit. It features an aerodynamic package that is said to add stability and consistency, helping to make your buggy easier to drive fast.

The part number for the Finnisher C4.2 is #0265 and it has a retail price of $27. Hit up This Link for more information.

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JConcepts Nissan Armada SCT body
Tired of the same old short course truck bodies? Yes, we are too. Here’s a fresh one for you, the new Nissan Armada body from JConcepts. This clear body will definitely give your old truck a new look.

JConcepts uses air escape passages to help fight the dreaded parachute effect, while a low profile roof line helps keep the center of gravity low. A rear spoiler is included for more rear traction and greater straight line stability.

* Fits a wide variety of SCT’s
* Scale inspired design
* Officially licensed by Nissan
* Hi-Flow areas to reduce parachute effect
* Fender flares for greater tire clearance

The part number for the JConcepts Nissan Armada is #0263 and it has a retail price of $43.

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Just a heads up that A Main Hobbies is having a sale on many JConcepts and Novak items, with some Novak items up to 50% off. So if you haven’t checked it out, head on over to the A Main Hobbies Website for some deals.

jconcepts honeycomb motor mount
JConcepts has a new lightweight motor mount for select Team Associated vehicles. Their new motor mount features a honeycomb design, making it lightweight yet strong.

The JConcepts honeycomb motor mount for Associated B4/T4/SC10 is available anodized in blue (#2270-1) or in black (#2270-2). Street price is $23 and they should be available in mid-September.

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JConcepts Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Associated B4 T4 SC10
JConcepts has just announced a new Anti-Roll Bar Kit for the very popular Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 vehicles. Why might a basher need an anti-roll bar kit? Anti-roll bars come in very handy on smooth high bite surfaces, they help keep your vehicle flat in the corners, thus increasing corner speed while making your vehicles easier to drive.

The kit comes with everything you need for the install including 3 different thicknesses of roll-bar wire. The part number is #2166 and it has a retail price of $40. For more information simply click THIS LINK.

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JConcepts SC10 Body Mount Grommet with Leash
Isn’t it amazing how you can go out for an easy bash session, barely hit anything, and come back missing one (or more) body clips? Most of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew has made the switch over to Pro-Line Thumbwashers so we don’t have to worry about losing body clips anymore, but for those of you that have not JConcepts might have a way for you to never lose another clip.

The new JConcepts body mount grommets w/ leash are made from silicone to help cushion your body and keep body clips from disappearing. They are available in three different colors (blue, black and clear) and have a retail price of $6. While they were designed to fit the Associated SC10, they should work on other models as well. For more information hit THIS LINK that takes you over to the JConcepts website.

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JConcepts Nissan Titan SCT Body
If you didn’t get the memo, it’s all about scale realism now days and JConcepts has just introduced a new Nissan Titan body for your short course truck. This officially licensed body is inspired by the full size Titan but comes with Hi-Flow body outlets to help keep parachuting down to a minimum. The JConcepts Nissan Titan clear body comes with full window masks and over-spray protection to make painting a snap. Last but not least, the Nissan is made to fit nearly every short course truck on the market.

There are two different part numbers for the JConcepts Nissan Titan, #0250 for normal, and #0250L for the lightweight version. Street pricing should be right around $38 and you can look for them in hobby shops in the next couple of weeks. Check out THIS LINK for more information on everything JConcepts.

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JConcepts RC8.2 Silencer Clear Buggy Body
The new Silencer body for the Associated RC8.2 was designed for optimal performance on high speed tracks. A narrow cockpit area gives better access to the fuel tank and helps airflow back to the engine head. Dual channeling rear air escape and overall low profile also aid in handling.

Part number on the JConcepts Silencer for the Associated RC8.2 is #0256 and it has a street price of $31.

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JConcepts Escape Body for SC10B Associated
JConcepts now gives all you Associated SC10B drivers a choice with the release of their new Escape body. The Escape body has lots of high performance features- narrow design, a reversed hood scoop, raised numbers plates, and rear fender skirts help it perform as good as it looks.

The part number on the new JConcepts body is #0257 and they have a street price of $30. Hit up THIS link for more information over on the JConcepts blog.

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JConcepts Radio Bag
It’s always a good idea to use a padded bag when transporting your high-buck transmitter. JConcepts has just announced several new radio bags. These bags are specifically cut out for popular radios from companies like Futaba, Spektrum, and Airtronics. Each radio bag uses a zipper for quick access and has a pocket inside for extra storage. Expect a street price of right around $40 for one of the JConcepts radio bags.

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JConcepts Titanium Turnbuckles Associated
JConcepts has introduced new Titanium Turnbuckles for the Associated line-up of 10th scaled racers. The new Fin turnbuckles are lightweight, ultra-strong, and look very trick.

* Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling
* High-grade, machined titanium material
* Standardized 3mm thread base
* Left and right hand threads with conveniently marked left
* Aesthetic jewelry
* Part #2225- 6 piece B4 set, retail $40
* Part #2226- 6 piece T4/SC10 set, retail $44
* Part #2227- 6 piece B44 set, retail $40
* Part #2234- JConcepts Turnbuckle Wrench, retail $7

Hit up the official JConcepts Website for more information on these and all their other products.

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JConcepts Pressure Point Tires 10th Scale Buggy
JConcepts has a new set of rear tires for damp indoor tracks and blue groove conditions called Pressure Points. The Pressure Points are a small pin tire designed to give your 10th scale buggy the extra grip you need when going for the win. Some of the other features of the Pressure Points include-

* Available in Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green) and Indoor Soft (Gold)
* Low-height tread, specifically designed to tame high-speed courses
* Inner carcass and side-wall ribbing, limits carcass collapse and increases support
* Includes And-1 inserts

Retail price is $17 and you can get more information on the official JConcepts Website.

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JConcepts Hazard Wheel Dish
If you are a racer and like the dish wheel look, the new Hazard Wheel Dishes from JConcepts just might be up your alley. While getting away from scale appearance is a bad thing for the hobby, some racers prefer the dish look. The new wheel dishes from JConcepts pop right on their Hazard series rims. Retail price is $6 for a set of four and you can get more information on the JConcepts Website.

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