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JConcepts Scalpel Body and Front Bumper Conversion Kit for Traxxas Slash 4x4
There are a lot of people out there that like to speed run their Traxxas Slash 4×4′s, including most of the staff here at BigSquidRC. JConcepts recognized that fact and have announced their new Scalpel Body and Front Bumper Conversion for the Slash 4×4. Their new Scalpel body is low slung and made specifically to help you get the most out of your Slash when making high speed passes. Some of the features are-

* A JConcepts oringinal design and concept
* Chiseled front-end with chin-spoiler
* Low-profile roof-line
* Spacious fenders to allow tire clearance
* Shallow bed area
* Truck-line appearance
* Comes with detailed Scalpel decal sheet
* Part # 0240

Street price on the new Scalpel body is $38 and it should be available at your local hobby shop in late October.

JConcepts is also releasing a new Front Bumper Conversion Kit (part # 2173) for the Slash 4×4. The conversion includes a touring car style front bumper and lowered aluminum body mounts to help slam the body. Street price on the bumper conversion is $38 and it will also be available in late October.

For more information on both the Scalpel body and bumper conversion hit up the official JConcepts website.

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JConcepts Ford F-250 SCT Body
For all you short course truck drivers, JConcepts has just announced their latest body, a Ford F-250 SCT. This new body is fully licensed from Ford and has several features to maximize handling on your rc truck. The hood area has 5 cut-out areas to help air escape from under the body, and the bed area also has areas that can be removed. The F-250 also features a low cab height to reduce drag. Some of the other features are-

* Fits most all 1/10th short course trucks
* Scale inspired hood, core, cab and window design
* Hi-Flow regions to minimize parachute affect
* Aggressive, “big rig” headlight and grill treatment
* Performance enhanced number and name plates with mounting hardware
* SuperCab with recessed windows
* Innovative air-out spoiler
* Full fender flares for maximum clearance and detail
* Clear polycarbonate with protective film
* Window masks and detailed Ford F-250 decal sheet

Retail price is $42 and you can get more information on JConcepts official Website.

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JConcepts Choppers SCT Tires
JConcepts have just announced a new high end bashing tire for your short course truck called Choppers. The Choppers feature deep tread to get maximum traction on loose surfaces and recessed lugs with more edges to produce better traction on hard dirt. Some of the other features are-

* Comes in JConcepts soft “Blue” compound
* Comes with closed cell inserts
* Compact tire body
* Large crisp tread and separation
* Recessed lugs with heavy horizontal alignment
* Aggressive Chopper tread
* X-Tread sidewall detail

The new Choppers are available in pairs, or with wheels as pre-mounts for select short course trucks. Retail pricing is $25 a pair, with a retail of $36 for the pre-mounts. Hit up the official JConcepts Website for more information.

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JConcepts Aluminum Bellcranks for Associated B4/T4/SC10
Recently announced are some new JConcepts aluminum upgrade parts for the Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 series of vehicles. Pictured above is their new aluminum CNC machined steering bellcranks. The stock Associated bellcranks are made out of plastic and the stock servo saver only works if constantly serviced, the upgrade JConcepts parts should be much more durable and they eliminate the troublesome servo saver all together. These are available in black or blue, have a retail price of $30 and the part number is #2158

The next upgrade is aluminum wing/body mounts for the B4/T4. I have personally broken dozens of the stock plastic Associated wing mounts over the last ten years so I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple sets of these. These are available in black or blue, retail price is $30 and the part number is #2951-1.

Finally, JConcepts has designed new battery hold down nuts. These are a trick bling part available in either black or blue, have a retail price of $15, and their part number is #2160-1.

For more information on these JConcepts items hit up THIS link on their official blog.

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JConcepts Hazard Wheels for Traxxas Slash
The JConcepts crew has recently announced new Hazard series wheels and pre-mounts for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4. The Hazard wheels are a scale looking ten spoke design that utilize a 12 mm hex and come in yellow, white, and 909 inspired black. Retail price for the wheels are $9 a pair.

You can also get black Hazard wheels pre-mounted with JConcepts Subcultures and 3D tires in green compound. Retail price for those are $36 a pair. Hit up THIS link for more information.

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JConcepts Monroe Battery Brace
During extreme use a battery pack can be subject to a lot of g-forces, around the BigSquidRC offices we see battery packs get thrown out of trucks all the time. A good battery brace can help prevent this from happening. JConcepts has two new Monroe battery braces that are stronger and offer more coverage than stock. One brace is designed for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4, while the other fits the Traxxas Stampede 4×4. Some of the features are-

* Made from 2.5mm Carbon Fiber
* Allows battery movement forwards and back
* Uses stock clips and parts for attachment
* Comes with protective foam padding
* Pumps up the bling factor of your truck

Pricing is right around $20 and you can get more information at THIS link on the official JConcepts website.

Mystery LINK, dare you click it?

Apparently some people have spoken and JConcepts has heard these “people” loud and clear.  Due to “numerous requests” they are now offering up a number of their popular tires premounted on the Hazard +3mm offset wheel.  You’ll find the Goose Bumps, Subcultures, Double Dees, Bar Codes and Pressure Points, all in green compound, mounted on black Hazard +3mm wheels.  These premounts are a direct fit for the Associated SC10 RS and SC10 4×4.  They’ll also fit other kits such as the XXX-SCT, XXX-SCB and SC10 FT with optional 12mm hex adapters.

Some of these are available now, others will be soon at a cost of about $30 per pair.  Check out the JConcepts website for more info.

JConcepts has a few new releases today.  This one is for the fans of the ol’ bow-tie, it’s a short course version of the new 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500.  The body is made to fit all of the following trucks: Slash, Slash 4×4, SC10, SC10 4×4, XXX-SCT and TEN-SCTE.  It’s one of JConcepts’ Hi-Flow bodies, so it has a ton of little vents that can be cut or reamed out to reduce the parachute effect that is so prevalent on SCTs.  You’ll also find the requisite decals, window masks and other stuff associated with new bodies.

The 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 is available now with a MSRP of $42.00.  Check out the JConcepts website for more info.  And click past the break for what could possibly be the longest video about a RC car body ever produced.


JConcepts Rulux wheels are a perfect upgrade for your Traxxas vehicle. Available in black or white, and available in front and rear offsets, they will undoubtedly add a bit of style to your ride whilst still maintaining the original 2.8″ wheel size, meaning you can fit stock traxxas tyres with ease. JConcepts also let us know that SC10/sc10 4×4 Hazard wheels are now also available in white!

Jconcepts Rulux Wheel 3340

Jconcepts Rulux Wheel 3341











Head over to the JConcepts website for more details.


Have a SC10 4×4? Have a messy chassis? JConcepts may have a solution to your problems. An answer to your prayers. Some meat for your potatoes. Or any other cliche you can think of. Their new over-tray for the afformentioned SC10 4×4 is made out of some crystal clear polycarbonate so its durable and ready for custom paint. It fits snugly over the 4×4′s chassis while still providing plenty of room for electronics. It also includes louvers which can be cut out for increased airflow to keep you stuff from baking.

JConcepts’ over-tray for the SC10 4×4 is available now for the low, low, INSANELY LOW price of only $17.00. Check out the JConcepts website for more info.

Team Associated have now released an electric version of their RC8.2 FT kit – the RC8.2E Factory Team. It includes a ton of shiny aluminum bling, including Big Bore hard-anodized threaded shocks with Ti-Ni coated shafts, 7075 driveshafts, 7075 steering knuckles, suspension mounts and a cool sliding motor mount for easy adjustment. To top it all off, a slick JConcepts Punisher body and Illuzion wing are included in the kit!


Check out the Associated Website for the full spec.

JConcepts have released an updated version of their Punisher body to accommodate for the slightly longer chassis of the RC8.2 FT. It features the sexy distinctive forward cab design which not only provides extra downforce, but keeps your engine cooler too!

Check out the JConcepts website for full details!

jconcepts finnisher body

We just heard from JConcepts they now have the Illuzion B4.1 Finnisher Worlds Body. It fits the Associated B4.1 and B4 models with the +8mm extended chassis.
It has a increased windshield to help with air flow in the jumps and the spaces between the body and chassis have been tightened up to help keep the air from getting all up in your grill.
The body will also come with 2 of the latest 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance rear wings.

Head over to the JConcepts website for more info.